At home workout

Someone asked for this so here’s my at home workout routine. This is what I do when I don’t feel like doing anything special like going to the gym or running. 

I often divide these exercises into several reps so that I don’t get as tired. If I’m going to do for example 50 crunches, I will cut into 2 reps - doing 25 each rep. I will do one rep first and the other one later, after doing some other exercises. It makes the whole workout less boring and more easy to proceed with! But of course, if you want to finish those 100 crunches and then move on to the next one - go ahead! Do what’s easier for you :)


  • Situps, leg pull-ins, 90° crunches, regular crunches and leg lifts (50 of each)
  • 1 minute of planking (2 reps, 2x1 minute)
  • 1 minute of flutter kicks (2 reps, 2x1 minute)


I just do this workout from Youtube

Legs and butt

  • Sideway leg raises (25 on each leg)
  • Leg circles (25 on each leg)
  • Regular squats (20, I get way too tired of squats…)
  • Jump squats (20, same goes with these bastards)
  • 1 minute of this (2 reps, 2x1 minute)
  • Lunges (25 on each leg)

30 Day Total Abs Challenge

Strong abs help you perform better in daily activities and sports. It also looks great when bikini season rolls around ;) ;)

This 30 day total abs fitness challenge consists of 3 great ab exercise moves:

  1. Sit-Ups
  2. Planks (My very favorite)
  3. Flutter Kicks (this moves also works your legs)

Click on each exercise above to see a photo and video demonstration.

Perform each exercise for the specified reps and/or time count for the next 30 days to get strong abs and core.

I just completed Day 1.

Join me!

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These 3 Total Abs Exercises work your entire core:

- Flutter Kicks

- Plank

- Sit-ups

Follow this 30 Total Abs Challenge to get a strong a core and sculpt sexy abs. 

I’m currently on Day#7.

Try it!

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My daughter has been into exercising because she’s seen daddy doing future soldier stuff and mommy exercising trying to get healthier. One day she called flutterkicks fluttershy kicks and it turned into a whole thing. “Flutttershy” flutter kicks, “Applejack” jumping jacks, “Pinkie Pie” pushups, “Twilight Sparkle” Situps, and “Spike the Dragon” squats all pictured. There are also “Rainbow Dash” running when she goes jogging with me and “Rarity” Russian Twists.