For those of you who write military fics

If you have never been in, or aren’t around people who’ve been in, I would dearly love to give you a few pointers.

Let me preface this: I love it when people write military fics (be they AU or canon-fic). I love the characterizations, the story arcs you create, and the love with which you create the stories.

But I’d like to help you make the actions of military personnel as accurate as possible, so someone who’s actually in doesn’t start to read your fic and roll their eyes at some of the things you unknowingly write.

-First off, you do not salute in civilian clothes. It’s actually unauthorized. There are only two exceptions to this rule: the President is allowed to salute in civvies, and if the national anthem is playing outdoors, combat veterans are now allowed to salute. (That came about in 2010, for accurate reference.)

-Do not salute indoors, unless during a formation (but I doubt people who don’t have intimate knowledge of drill and ceremony would bother writing about a formation, so that point is mostly just thrown in for shits and giggles). 

-The army and air force do not say, “sir, yes sir”. That’s a marine thing (I’m not sure about the navy, since I’m not in the navy, but I’m sure someone else could help out if there’s a question about it).

-Saying “black ops” isn’t really something we do. For the army, you’ve got SF (which is how we refer to special forces–the guys you’re probably thinking about (”green beret” is an old term for them that’s not really used anymore)) and Rangers for the two big special operations forces. SEALS are the navy force, and I apologize, but I don’t know the other branches’ special forces. Again, ask someone who’s served in that branch.

-People don’t usually refer to themselves (or others) by their ranks. Exceptions are usually made if hanging out with people from your unit speaking about a superior, such as “Yeah, LT and I were talking the other day and …”. 

-Sergeants are not referred to as “sarge”. You have no idea how many people got the shit smoked out of them in basic for that error.

-Army goes through Basic Training (or Basic Combat Training now; BCT for short), and marines go through Boot Camp. Yes, there is definitely a difference in terms. Army people tend to refer to their initial training as simply “basic”. I don’t know about marines or other branches.

-Calling someone “Soldier” is really something only done on TV/film. It’s usually mocked by people who are in.

-In the army, it is against regulation to just stick your hands in your pockets. We mockingly call them “Air Force gloves”, though I don’t know if they typically put their hands in their pockets. There is also a big stigma against wearing “snivel gear”: the poly pro cold-weather protection gear worn underneath your uniform.

-The everyday Army uniforms are called ACUs (Army Combat Uniform). They are never called anything else, but especially not fatigues. If you’re going back to 2003 or earlier, the uniform was BDUs, or the Battle Dress Uniform. The tan uniforms worn during the Gulf War and first few years of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF; Afghanistan) were called first chocolate chips (gulf war-era) and then DCUs (Desert Combat Uniform). 

-The dress uniform is called something different depending on what time period you’re going for. Saying “dress uniform” is usually a good bet, because you’ve also got Class A’s, Class B’s, ASUs, Dress Blues, Khakis, etc. 

-Typically when meeting someone else who’s in, the first things you ask are, “What’s your MOS (military occupational specialty–your job)? Where were you stationed?” Giving out rank and deployment backgrounds out of the blue don’t usually happen. 

-Time spent in the military is usually referred to as simply being “in”. “How long were you in for?” is heard way more often than “how long did you serve for?” That question is usually asked by civilians. 

-There are enlisted, and there are officers. Enlisted are those who start out as privates, work their way up through the NCO, or non-commissioned officer ranks: sergeant (called “buck sergeant” in a derogatory term for someone who has been freshly promoted), staff sergeant, sergeant first class, and eventually get to first sergeants and sergeants major after fifteen to thirty years in. Officers also usually start out as privates and specialists, then graduate from college and commission as second lieutenants (the derogatory term is “butter bar” and is usually used in reference to said officer’s lack of experience and knowledge) before working up to first lieutenant, captain, major, lieutenant colonel (”light colonel”), and colonel (”full bird”). The general timeline is making captain (”getting your railroad tracks”) after about 5-8 years for competent officers, and spending 5-10 years as a captain. 

-We do not stand at parade rest unless forced. Ever.

-Or at attention.

-When talking to an NCO, a lower enlisted will stand at parade rest. When talking to an officer, an enlisted will stand at attention.

-The highest ranking NCO is lower ranking than the lowest ranking officer. 

-If you want to throw in some humor, if there is a lower enlisted (E-4 (specialist) or below) joking with an NCO, and the lower enlisted says something, the NCO can snark back with, “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you because you weren’t standing at the position of parade rest.” It’s a dick move usually to call people out for that, but it happens often enough that if you put that in a fic, someone who’s in will likely laugh at that for a few minutes.

-There is a term for a slacker in the army called POG (pronounced “pohg” with a long o). It stands for Personnel Other than Grunt, meaning everyone who’s not infantry. The term has transformed to mean anyone who shirks their duty or is kind of a shitbag and should be kicked out. 

 -There’s also a bit of a stereotype that infantry are made up of dumb guys, because you don’t need a high GT score to get that MOS. Their nomenclature for their MOS is 11B (eleven bravo), which is often referred to as an “eleven bang-bang” when trying to insult them. 

-If someone is making someone else do push-ups, they do not say “drop and give me x number”. They’ll tell them either to push, or tell them to get in the front-leaning rest. The front-leaning rest position is the starting position for the push-up. 

-Usually referring to basic training and AIT (advanced individual training, where you learn your military occupational specialty), you get “smoked” on a regular basis. This refers to PT (physical training), usually in the form of push-ups, flutter kicks, and sprints. It’s not fun. One of the least favorite phrases to hear in basic is, “Platoon, attention! Half-left face! Front leaning rest position, move. In cadence! Exercise!” Because that is the full command for getting people to do push-ups. There is literally no other reason for the half-left face movement. It honestly exists only for push-ups.

-It is awkward as fuck to be told “thank you for your service”. It’s wonderful that people want to show their support, but it is very difficult to respond to that without sounding like a douche.

I know I said a lot about basic training in there, but that’s because I tend to read a lot of fics that are either about basic or about deployments. I can give some pretty firm answers on basic, but everyone’s deployment is different, and I also could be violating a shit-ton of OPSEC (operation security) by telling you guys specific details about deployments. Everything I’ve told you is information you can look up on your own on the internet, but this is a bit more insider’s culture for you to help make your stuff more accurate.

And if you ever find yourself writing a military fic and have questions, by all means, inbox me. I’ve been in for almost nine years and I do have one deployment under my belt, so I can give you accurate army info. I’ve never served in any other branch, though, but I can probably give you a little bit more accurate info than what the movies do if you’ve got general questions.

Also, if you’ve got questions about PTSD, I can help with that. It’s not the cake walk that a good deal of fics portray it as, and it doesn’t always involve nightmares and aversion to touch. It can present as depression, intense anger issues, pulling away from loved ones, driving in the middle of the road, freaking out over pops, bangs, crashes and other unexpected noises, being easily startled by things other than noises, hypervigilance, the inability to sit with one’s back to the room, sudden bouts of anger, depression, tears, silence, or mood swings, among many others.

-Also, please, please, if you’re going to write about someone with a disability, or something that gave them a medical discharge, talk to me about the VA first, unless you’ve got a lot of knowledge about them. Not only am I in, but I’ve also worked professionally for the VA, some of that time in enrollment and eligibility, so I know a lot about disability pensions, who would qualify, what type of benefits they would qualify for, etc. I also know the ways that people can accidentally get screwed over from the VA. (It’s actually one of my long-term professional goals to change some of those things, so I am very passionate and very knowledgeable about it.)

TL;DR: I know shit about the military and the VA. Ask me if you have accuracy questions.

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Hey :) for the prompt thing - number 47 ?? I feel like that would be something Theo would say to Liam

Hey :) I used this for Day 3 of Thiam week.

(sorry my Thiam week is late, had a friend visiting)

Liam hated Theo.

He’d thought, maybe, just maybe there was some small redeeming quality about him, that somewhere deep down in his cold lifeless heart he’d be able to find the tiniest shred of humanity but no. Theo was pure unadulterated evil. He was the devil in disguise, he was hell spawn. He was a vicious, arrogant, manipulative cheater.

And he was winning.

“If you touch it I will kill you.” Liam growled. Theo’s eyebrows raised, lips curling into a smirk. Liam narrowed his eyes as Theo raised a finger to his lips brushing his tongue across it before he moved to flip through his fake money.

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Flutter Kicks * Lower Abs and Hip Flexors | Flat Stomach Exercise

The Town of Forgetting: III

Slow Burn!Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: After a very real nightmare, you conclude that something has happened to Stanley Uris. You try to seek help from Richard Tozier, but instead find that remembering Beverly’s last name is hard. Richard doesn’t seem to remember her or Ben Hansom. You’re worried this memory loss spreading.

Warnings: Violence, burning, smoking? forced vomiting, abuse and implication of suicide (plz read it I swear to god I’m not insane( also tags list is always open).

Words: 1,925

Previous Chapter                                                            Next Chapter

Aunt Lia gave you one last half smile and shut the car door. You watched her taxi leave from your bedroom window, wishing you’d begged her to stay. You didn’t tell her about the nightmares you’d been having every single night, but her company was enough to calm the nightmares, even by a bit. Falling down on the bed, you hated that your eyelids felt heavy, because you knew in the morning you’d wake up in a cold sweat, but they fluttered shut anyway.

Gretta was kicking you in the gut while her friends laughed and pointed. You raised your hands above your head for protection as she continued, the two other girls joining in, delivering blow after blow to the head. Just as your consciousness slipped away, so did the scene, melting into another vision.

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All In The Threads (Part 2)

A/N: Okay so I couldn’t wait until Friday.. lol. This is more of a filler chapter so hang tight. Super ready to show y’all the next few. Feedback is definitely appreciated. What do you wanna see happen? Let me know! For now, enjoy :)

The morning is the same as any other morning. Feed Maddix, get coffee, run errands for Victoria, etc. When Elle finally gets back into her office, she remembers Juliana had left some things on her desk for her to work on. She grabs the message from InStyle first.

InStyle magazine loved a photo shoot that Elle had put together in college and they had been following some of her work ever since. Elle wants to one day be permanently employed with Emporio working as a buyer/editor, and InStyle magazine is a good rep to have behind her.

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Own You Completely

Summary: Requested through Vikings Kink Bingo (E & 2 - Bjorn and Choking/Breath Play) Reader and Bjorn get into a heated argument that leads to hot rough sex

Warnings: NSFW, Choking/Breathe Play kink, rough smut, arguing, 

If there was one viking you couldn’t stand, it was Bjorn Ironside. That manly man that liked rubbing his victories in the faces of others. The one that was way too smug and acted like he was always in control. It made you grit your teeth just thinking about it.

“Something you wanna say Y/N?” Bjorn asked as he turned to look at you.

Everyone that sat around the fire looked up at you. And if that didn’t make you angry. Bjorn just loved putting all the attention on you. He loved making a joke out of you. But this time you decided not to fall for it.

“I’m going to bed.” You announced and stood up.

“Already? The celebration has just begun. Or have you had too much to drink already?” Bjorn replied.

“No, just bored.” You called over your shoulder.

You could hear heavy footsteps following you as you made your way to your own cabin.

“Well if you’re bored why not find something to do? Have some more mead come talk with us.” Bjorn spoke up behind you.

“Not in the mood Bjorn. Just leave me alone.” You replied as you entered your home.

Bjorn didn’t listen. He followed you inside. You rolled your eyes and turned around to look at him.

“And you’re expecting to find entertainment here?” He asked as he dragged his eyes around the cabin.

“Bjorn there are plenty of other women waiting for you to tease them, so go.” You waved your hands at him.

He furrowed his eyebrows. “What you don’t like when I tease you?” He asked.

“Actually no. There is nothing funny about you or your over sized ego.” You replied as you made your way to the table.

“My oversized ego? So you’re insulting me now?” He looks surprised by your words.

“And what if I am Bjorn?” You shoot back.

He lifted a finger and pointed it at you. “I would say be careful. I don’t do well with insults.” He warned in a chillingly calm voice.

“I don’t care, I am my own woman I will speak to you however I please.” You spat.

It had only taken Bjorn one long stride to get to you. His eyes narrowed on your face as he reached up and gripped your throat. He stalked forward, slamming you to the nearest wall.

You widened your eyes and reached up to attempt to remove his hand from you but it only caused him to tighten his grip. You let out a loud gasp and he granted you one last breath before he sealed off your airways, leaned his head down to look you in the eye and closed that one simple inch of space between the two of you.

“I won’t tell you again… Be careful.” He whispered as his lips hovered over yours.

A surprising wave of heat flowed through you and gathered between your legs. You felt a gentle throb grow between your legs as his warm breath hit your face. Your heart fluttered and kicked into a high speed as he leaned down and covered your lips with his.

It wasn’t rough at first, just a quick chaste kiss as if he was testing the waters. He lightened his grip around your throat and you sucked in a quick breath. The sudden oxygen flowed through your mind and made your head buzz with a strangely pleasurable high. The blood rushed to your brain and it felt good.

What was worse of all that just happened, was the fact that you wanted to do it again. He did too. You could see it in his cold blue eyes as they scanned your face for a reaction. Then you felt something hard press into your lower abdomen.

You blinked and opened your mouth to say something but Bjorn goes right back to seizing your mouth with his. His tongue explores your mouth as he picks you up by the back of your thighs and brings you over to the bed. You kept your legs wrapped around his waist and your hands held onto the back of his neck as he tumbled ontop of you.

Everything suddenly became more fierce. His hands ripped your dress up over your shoulders and he quickly sat back on his knees to remove his shirt. You moved to sit up and kiss him again because as crazy as it was, you loved the taste of him on your lips.

But he shot a hand out, grasped your throat and pushed you back down on the bed, while using his other hand to pull down the waistline of his pants.

“Stay down!” He growled as he leaned forward and gripped his erection in his hand.

You eyes watched with lust and hunger and he pumped his huge erection in his hand. Meanwhile, Bjorn was looking down at your face, swallowing his own smug remarks. That would have to come later. He had to have you first.

He lined the head of his erection against your drenched slit and rocked his hips down into yours. “You think you can just insult me and get away with it?”

A loud gratifying cry erupted from your open mouth as Bjorn pulled out almost completely then slammed himself back inside you. He kept one hand snaked around your throat while he used the other to hold himself up. Fuck it felt exquisite. Just knowing that Bjorn had you trapped beneath him with your life in his hands sent a small vibrating pulse right to your clit.

“You know who I am yet you dare insult me. You should be grateful that I’m not gonna kill you for running that pretty little mouth of yours” He growled as he continued with the slow but extremely violent thrusts.

First your hands gripped his shoulders but after you heard his threat it was game on. He had no right speaking to you in your own home in such a way. You reached behind his neck and pulled on his braid.

Bjorn grit his teeth and rolled the both of you over with your hips still locked in place. You released his braid as he landed on his back and straightened his arm out. His hand around your neck tightened again and your back arched as he thrusted deep inside you.

You were stuck now, you could only look down at him and roll your hips as he continued with his violent and harsh thrust. He moved one hand to your waist.

Who would have ever thought the one man you hated could fuck so good? It only deepened your anger to know how good he felt inside you. And when he allowed you to breathe again you felt an intense high that was only growing addicting.

“I should make you my personal slave, so I can fuck you anytime I want.” He bucked his hips up and you moaned as you felt the tip of his erection constantly slam into your g-spot. His lips curled into a smile. “I bet you would like that, wouldn’t you?”

You couldn’t reply you were too busy focusing on the warm tingles that were growing in your core. He drew in a deep breath.

“Oh, fuck. You feel so good.” He groaned.

Your thighs quivered and your hands pressed against his chest as you felt yourself tighten around him.

“Look at me.” He demanded.

You moved your eyes from his chest to his bright blue orbs.

“Maybe not today, but know that one day I’m going to fucking own you completely.”

He tightened his grip around your throat again and hissed in pleasure as your entire body trembled and liquid warmth bursted between your legs. Waves of pleasure sent you higher and higher as Bjorn released your throat and used both hands to keep you locked onto him.

You felt his warm seed burst inside you as he licked his bottom lip and continued to pierce your soul with his eyes. His hands smooth up your spine and cradled the back of your head as he sat up and gently placed a chaste kiss to your lips.

“Bjorn.” You whispered against his lips.

Bjorn scoffed and literally tossed you off his lap. He already knew what you were about to say and he wasn’t in the mood to hear it.  

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Not Again: Part 2

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG13
Summary: See Part 1

Part 2: Returned

Chapter 1, Day 1:

Scully floats into consciousness, first becoming aware of sound and then opening her eyes to white light.  She hears the noise of machines, beeps and ticks and compressed air.  It smells sterile, like rubbing alcohol and bandages.  She blinks away the haze of sleep and tries to move, but she feels too heavy.

“Easy,” she hears Mulder’s voice tell her.  “Just relax.”

“Mm.”  She closes her eyes and nods.  She’s not sure why, but she’s pretty sure now that she’s in a hospital.  And as much as that concerns her, she feels too lethargic to fight it.  His hand is under hers and he’s stroking the side of her thumb.

Scully opens her eyes again and slowly turns her head to look at Mulder.  He’s got the rumpled, disheveled look he gets when he hasn’t slept in awhile.  But, just the slightest look from her makes his eyes light up and he smiles brightly.

“Must be bad,” she murmurs, closing her eyes again and breathing deeply.  She’s definitely been drugged, but she doesn’t remember suffering any injuries.

Mulder chuckles and she lets her eyes drift open again as he lowers his head, bringing her hand up to his cheek, pressing a kiss to her palm.  She hums again and blinks slowly.

“What happened?” she asks.

“What’s the last thing you remember?”

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Mockingjay Manor - Ch 4

Chapter One /// Chapter Two /// Chapter Three

Last week, you voted 21 to 13 for Katniss and Peeta to risk their friends’ ridicule and tell them about the creepy unexplained noises they heard while exploring. This week, our delightful friend @peetamymuse is continuing the adventure. What happens next in Mockingjay Manor? Let’s find out…

A word of warning to our sensitive readers, the creep factor is steadily climbing in this story. For now, we’re still firmly in the T category, but that could change. Caveat emptor…

As always, you have 48 hours to vote (in the comments or reblogs, NOT in the tags!), until Noon EDT on Thursday, September 21st.

“What?” Johanna asks. “Did you two hear a spooky noise? See someone floating around in a white sheet?”

She holds her arms up and makes ghostly moaning sounds. “I’m coming for you.” Outside, the thunder and lightning punctuate her words. With her dark hair and sharp features, Johanna looks especially witchy in the flickering light.

​"We heard bird noises,“ Peeta says. "And something that sounded like knocking.”

“And it couldn’t have been Finnick,” I add. “He was too far away.”

Finnick and Johanna share a look and something passes between them that I don’t catch.  There is a long pause and then, the two of them burst out laughing.

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Hands All Over (X)

Summary: Zhi Zi Zhi Shou, Yu Zi Xie Lao: To hold hands and grow old together.
Thirteen times Matt Murdock touched your hand- and the one time he didn’tcouldn’t. A drabble series.

Matt Murdock x Reader

For @howlingbarnes birthday challenge “Languages of Love”

Warnings: hospitals, birth, brief mentions of stillbirth.

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The scent of disinfectant is so potent, he nearly chokes on it. The chair is too hard, the monitors on the other side of the bed beeping hurts his ears. In the hallway, he can hear footsteps slapping against tiles. Pagers. Pens scratching on clipboards. Some things in the air are so strong, he can almost taste it. Vomit. Baby powder. He can hear people in the waiting room, celebrating the birth of the child in room 1302. The woman in 1307, she’s crying. She’s had a stillborn.

Matt’s lungs constrict, tighten, twist. Each breath is a stab in his chest, the cold air invasive. His bones ache. The back of the chair is digging into the curve of his spine. Goosebumps dot his skin, if he traced them with his fingers, he might read run while you can etched into his skin in braille.

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anonymous asked:

Hi😘omg i loveyour blog so so much and i am so grateful that i found your bolg and your fics you can't even imagine. I was just reading every story in your mastelist and if you don't mind or when you have time can u make a fic where eleana is realy pregnant? Not where she lost another baby or where kaden bought clothes for orphan chids❤️❤️❤️pls and thank you

Since so many people have asked and I keep avoiding it, I guess I can give you a lil something. 

Or a 2k word something. All in the name of fun.

Psst. For some more you can look at my masterlist here if you want.


Eleana watched as Drakon, the almighty and powerful, fluffed the cushions at her feet so she was more comfortable. She was laying on a couch, her long hair tangled around a myriad of pillows and her arms happily twisted in a white velvet blanket.

“Now how is that?” The bronze male asked. His eyebrows had knitted together and his hands were now steadily stationed on his hips. He ran an eye over her, evaluating whether he thought she had sufficient comfort or not.

“Perfect. Thank you.” Eleana offered him a sweet but tired smile.

He grinned at her, and pulled up a chair to sit at her head. Drakon was keeping her company while Kaden was off gallivanting with Miryam, and Eleana was thankful for it. Otherwise, she would be a nervous wreck. Her mate certainly was, no matter how hard he tried to disguise it, and Drakon and Miryam were not only very good distractions, but also wonderful hosts and people.

Eleana ran a hand down her bulging stomach. Only two weeks to go and she would finally be a mother. The pregnancy had been a hard one, she was sick every day and was often too weak to leave the house. Kaden was in ruins over her state, and constantly tried to siphon her pain to him through the bond. She kept reminding him that it’s not how the bond worked – you’d think he’d have it down after so long – but he insisted on trying anyway. She loved him for it, but also worried about how he might fare if… how he might fare if this pregnancy ended the way all their others had.

“There is something I need to tell you.” Drakon placed one hand on her forehead, and the other on her hands now settled on her belly.

“Yes?” Eleana rapidly became nervous, her mind thinking of the worst-case scenarios. It wasn’t Kaden, he was still sending messages of love through the bond every five bloody minutes, and it wasn’t Prythian. She had spies set up so she would know if anything major happened at her homeland while she was gone. So what made Drakon speak with such severity in his voice?

“Rhys and Feyre are coming.” Drakon said, and it was much worse than anything Eleana could’ve predicted.

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1st day

Hi, guys. Let’s do the 1st day of working out. But first things first:

1. I always do abs and arms. 

2. I run 3 times per week (max). But if you guys run twice a week, that’s really good, too.

3. Don’t ever do more than you can. Respect your limits. If there’s something here you can’t do, don’t do it. Better take it slow and progress each and every day, than actually pull a muscle or something else and have to stop everything. That goes for running, too.

4. I follow the Darebee’s workout programmes. So, if you want to complement this a bit more, you can go to their website and get some really good ones. I fully recommend using their resources. And it’s all free.

Okay, now, for the 1st day.

It looks scary, but we’re not doing everything. I only do a line per day, so I can do abs every day and mix it with arms. So, today, I did the second line: leg raises, flutter kicks and hollow hold. You can do as many sets as you’d like, as long as you do at least 3.

Remember to take your time and not rush it. Take a 30 seconds rest between sets and a 2 minute rest between exercises.

For arms:

Use the weights you feel comfortable with. You should be able to do the exercises without extreme effort. That means, you should have a little trouble finishing the exercises (like, you arms are sore during the last set), but not so much that will hurt you. If you don’t feel a bit sore after it, you’re not doing it hard enough. But it’s just a bit sore. Don’t go using weights heavier than you should. Start light and go heavier bit by bit until you find the right weight.

Now, I mix the exercises up so I don’t feel too tired too soon. I also add some more exercises, so to get the results I want. So, what I did today was, in order:

. 5 sets of 20 leg raises
. 4 sets of arnold press (12-10-8-8)
. 5 sets of 20 flutter kicks
. 4 sets of push-ups (12-12-10-10)
. 5 sets of 20 seconds hollow hold
. 4 sets of lateral raises (7-7-6-5-)
. 4 sets of crunches *
. 4 sets of tricep extensions (6-5-5-4)
. 4 sets of V-ups (10-10-8-6)
. 4 sets of bench presses (12-10-10-8) **
. 4 sets of bicep curls (12-10-10-8)

* The 4 sets of crunches go as following:
     . 20 crunches
     . 10 side crunches (per side)
     . 20 sit ups

** You don’t need an actual bench press to do it. Just use the weights as if you were on a bench press.

After all that workout, it’s running day. I’ll tell you what I did, but each person has their own rhythm, so don’t force it. Go as slow as you need and a bit faster each time. 

But remember to run at least 30 min. That’s how long you need for it to actually do its effects.

I did:

. 15 min at 8.5
. 5 min at 6.0
. 5 min at 8.0
. 8 min at 5.5 (until I completed 4km)

Well, this is it for today. It seems like a lot, but it’s not. You should take between an hour to 2 hours to complete this. And this is a full workout, so even if you do this only 2-3 times a week, you already get a full workout.

If you guys have any questions, fell free to PM me. 

And don’t forget: don’t ever force it. Go as light or as slow as you need and then slowly find your own rhythm. Be safe, first and foremost. 

Who I am comes to this
Your notebook filled with pleas to God
Me sneaking in, stealing your thoughts

I know I messed up
Write here what you want me to fix

Who you are can’t be written in
Who understands how you were born
Blank stares solidified, and you blinked
Leaning back into flutter kicks
Better shape in grandpa’s Lazyboy

When will you dream again
Her body relaxes into shrugs
How can anyone hold on
When what you mean stares time


The 'Almost' Kiss

So I’ve always wondered… What IF Sota hadn’t rudely barged in and spoiled their kiss, but instead just showed up a little later? Just a little, like a few minutes later??? I put my own mind to ease u.u

Behold! I made something: (btw I’m basing this off of the English dub of the Final Act)


“I promised Kikyo that I’d fight; that’s why I have to do this, I have no choice.” Her tone was melancholy but determined as her eyes turned farther down to the carpet in front of where she sat against her bed. There was a small moment of silence between them, and the tension of the topic made her arms draw tighter around her raised knees. His eyes were on her; she could feel them. But there was no real comfort to offer when the topic of his once fallen love interest came up. Yet little did she know that just her presence alone was enough to dull the ache in his heart, and with every passing day she was by his side, the spot where Kagome’s presence was in his heart only grew larger, wanting to be acknowledged. He questioned when would be the right time to let Kikyo’s spot in him fade away only enough to where he could think of her and only feel a small sliver of sadness that so wrecked his mind and body the day she floated from his arms from the last time. There was truly no right way to go about doing this, but as he heard Kagome declare her promise to Kikyo despite all she’s endured, he knew he was going in the right direction.

“InuYasha, do you think- I’ll be stronger? Once the seal has been removed?” Her wary voice shook him from his thoughts, and he studied her words once over.

“So you chose to fight? Is that what you’re saying to me?” He was at that moment bewildered that this girl could hold so much bravery and strength for someone who had been cast into his world only a short time prior.

“I wanna see this through but I know I can’t stay with you guys unless I get stronger. Anyway, I should say thanks. It’s sweet that you would worry about me.” She stated at she turned to look at him, a small smile gracing her lips. InuYasha felt a small flicker of warmth light in his belly every time she smiled at him; it made him so nervous, the kind of nervous where it’s safer to say something little in way of blubbering like an idiot. But oh, how he wanted to spill his love for her out onto the floor like a high tide sweeps across the cold sand at night . “Uh, well I… I guess so.” It was all he could manage.

“Please just let me stay with you…” She said softly, and in one easy movement she had pushed herself against him and rested her hands atop her bent knees. To feel his rigid form against her soften quickly settled the turmoil in her heart a bit; she knew the time to chose which world she would stay in was coming, but she never wanted to leave his side. Kagome never wanted to be anywhere that he wasn’t. Her head lolled gently to the side to rest against his shoulder; he was so warm, so calming.

He could see the sadness pooling in her eyes and the busy thoughts plaguing her mind. Her plea to let her stay by him really made him feel foolish; how could he have requested her to stay here? He needed her by him, just like she needed him. And all it once it became glaringly obvious. There was no future he longed for if she wasn’t there, if she wasn’t alive.

“Kagome,” he said her name almost forlornly.

His hand grabbing hers startled her, and she looked up at him with confused eyes, a blush already starting to creep across her cheeks. “If that’s what you want, then I promise I’ll protect you with my life.”

His declaration was almost as solid as an ‘I love you’, but he couldn’t muster the courage to say those words. He hoped she understood why, and that deep down he wanted to shout it at the top of his lungs. “InuYasha…” Her voice shook in the wake of his golden eyes and the holes they were boring into her; she’d never seen this expression on him before. It was similar to that of the look he gave her long ago when he had almost kissed her because he had seen Kikyo, but now, he was seeing her, and only her. Kagome was the only one he saw now, present and future.

The nervous fluttering in her stomach kicked up with a power as suddenly she felt him leaning into her, his eyes still locked on hers. A gentle squeeze from his hand made her breath hitch softly, and she found herself leaning towards him too.

Is he going to kiss me? Yeah, I think he is!

And then, finally, his lips were on hers and her eyes were fluttering shut. Her mind momentarily reeled back to their brief kiss when she had turned corners and found no option to bring him back to her from his demon state, and had kissed him as a last fleeting decision.

This was nothing like that.

This time he was aware and running his hands down her arms as her hands, shaking, found their way up his chest and settled against his cheeks and where his human ears would be. His mouth slid over hers as he readjusted his lips, and for a brief second his lips were gone. It left her letting out a shaky breath and leaning farther into him, her mouth following his to try and find his lips again. Strong arms encircled her small waist and suddenly she was sat sideways in his lap, and after what felt like forever, her arms were around his neck and her mouth had found his. Kagome caught glimpse of his hazy eyes and his fangs peeking out from behind parted lips that sought out hers, and it only made her all the more excited.

Every time they moved their mouths to settle back into another lip lock, their hands would grow a little braver, discovering and memorizing how something felt. As his unwrapped from around her and ran up and down her slender back, her hands were smoothing back his silvery bangs and gripping the back of his head to bring him closer. There was nothing like it, he thought. Nothing could compare to having her settled against him, and to finally kiss her the way he wanted to was ranging from relief to overwhelming ecstasy. She thought when she let her rogue run along his bottom lip that’d he’d glare at her and question just what she was doing, but when he opened his mouth and his tongue danced with hers, she couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her throat. The sound was enough to make shivers roll down his back, and in return he couldn’t stop his own throaty growl that resonated through his chest and into hers.

Another whimper tumbled passed her lips as she broke away for air, but his mouth wandered away and across her cheek, then along her jawline and beginning down her neck. “InuYasha!” She said breathlessly; his lips were so hot against her own feverish skin. If there was anymore euphoria to feel after this, she thought she might die. The seams of her heart that he had made and repaired before might just rip in the wake of the love she felt pooling from from every corner of her mind and body. His arms tightened around her when he felt his mental stability waver; after letting his tongue lap cautiously against her neck, the taste of her skin nearly threw him out of consciousness. Another breathy moan tickled the tops of his ears and they flicked.

“We’re hooome!” Mrs. Higurashi’s voice floated up the stairs, and before Kagome could hear it, InuYasha could hear Sota’s quick steps running down the hall and to her door. In a flash she was back beside him and they were trying to hide the blush on their cheeks.


Nervous 'hellos’ were exchanged between InuYasha and her family, and Kagome had done her best at not sounding hostile when she noted they’re unexpected arrival. But no matter what, the mood had been broken, but they could both still feel the arousal radiating off one another as she walked with him towards the well house.

“So you comin’ back?” He asked, moving to set one foot on the edge of the well before crawling on to perch on it.

“I told you I need to study to take my entrance exams.” She explained, and he glared at her. “How long?” He asked with a sigh.

“Give me ten days with no interruptions and I’m done!” She explained, clasping her hands in front of herself. His ears noticeably flattened against his head and he gave her a 'are-you-kidding-me?’ look. “Ten?!” He nearly yelled, and she shook her head.

“The less you bug me the faster I’ll get done.” She said firmly, and he finally waved his hand. “Fine. Ten days and I’m coming back for you.” He said gruffly, and she tittered a bit. But her smile was wiped clean when he turned away and jumped in. For a second she was shocked; he’s not going to say goodbye?

If it’d not been for their previous, heated moment she wouldn’t have payed much mind to his sudden departure. But now, she found herself a little hurt. With a sigh she turned to walk up the steps, but a rustle of thick robes made her spin back around. He was already lunging back out of the well and walking to her when he muttered, “Almost forgot.”

His hands were the ones to place against her cheeks this time as he graced her lips with a firm kiss. He could feel her smile against his mouth and hear the sigh of relief, and they almost found each other in another heated lip lock as her hands gripped his sleeves, but he pulled away reluctantly, keeping close to her.

“Ten days.” He said hoarsely, and she nodded with sleepy eyes, some pink dusting both of their cheeks.

“Ten days.” She repeated, and her voice cracked. Another lengthened kiss and a peck on the lips later, and his hands were sliding away from her cheeks and her hand slid down his arm all the way to his hand, hesitantly letting him go before he walked back to the well and once again perched on the edge. His eyes met hers, and she smiled shyly. He couldn’t help but grin, and then shook his head. “Ten days.” He groaned, and let himself fall back into the well, the glow of the time slip momentarily lighting the dark well house. She giggled softly, and placed her hands placed over her own cheeks. “I love you.” She whispered, but it felt so loud in her own ears.

As he came back out the other side of the well, he tried to hide the skip in his step and the ridiculous smile he was wearing before anyone saw, but he couldn’t help it. He hadn’t felt this alive since he’s been brought back from the dead, and it was all thanks to Kagome.


There it is, my take on the almost kiss! I so wish they had gone for it, or Sota hadn’t barged in ~_~ it would’ve been beautiful… Please don’t steal this! I’m actually quite proud of it ^.^ thanks to anyone who stops to read it!