I struggled with whether or not I liked Fluttershy as a character for a while because I saw so much of my past self in her. She’s shy, quiet, low self esteem, anxious… I looked at her and I would get really mad because I would think “I bet nerds think this is the perfect fucking moe girlfriend but I have been this character and it is actual mental hell

I think that’s why I tend to only remember I like her when she has episodes about herself, about learning to be confident and believing in herself. Every time she tells a monster to fuck off or tells that little shit-head rabbit of hers to behave himself I feel like high-fiving her little yellow hoof because you can do it, girl. Nerds fetishise helplessness in girls and you’re trying to show them that that’s wrong.


verbirgst du schicht
um schicht

in deiner weichen schale

(wenn es draussen
dunkel ist
wie in dir drin) dann reisst
die flut dich mit

& deine perlen kullern tief

unter meine haut (dort
leg ich sie
zu meinen)