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Hannigram/MurderHusbands for "You smell really nice" (hehe Hannibal at it again :p

My dash has been crying out for bottom!Hannibal all week and I couldn’t resist. Have some porn with feelings!

Will was on his back, nails digging into his palms as Hannibal pinned his wrists to the bed and rode him to a slow and filthy end.

The first time Will had dragged him into bed, Hannibal had been so caught off-guard he’d hardly known what to do with himself. Now he was shameless. He grinded down onto Will’s cock, taking his pleasure as though Will were a toy and not a human being aching for release. Showing off his position of control.

Will was so close he could feel in his stomach, in the back of his throat. His pulse pounded in his ears.

“Enough,” he growled and, with a sharp twist of his hips, flipped Hannibal onto his back.

They struggled for a moment, arms and legs in all the wrong places until Will got to his knees. It was better this way. It always was. There was a special thrill that came with fucking Hannibal into the mattress; leaving him boneless and writhing beneath Will.

He drew his hips back, almost pulling out of Hannibal entirely, and then drove himself back in. The sound of skin on skin echoed in the room.

Hannibal reached for his cock. Will slapped his hand away.

“No,” Will panted. “You were so intent on showing off before, so you can show off now. Show me how you’re so desperate for me you don’t even need a hand on you to get off.”

Hannibal sucked in his breath between his teeth. He gripped Will’s forearms so tightly it ached.

It was impossible to tell who reached their end first. Will felt Hannibal’s release hot and wet on his stomach as he spilled into him. He fell forward, forehead coming to rest on Hannibal’s shoulder while he caught his breath.

Cleanup was quick and perfunctory. Hannibal never let him go far afterwards. No matter how rough and quick things started, they always ended tangled up in each other’s arms.

Hannibal tugged Will down into his arms and nuzzled at his throat. For a long moment they stayed that way, silent except for the pounding of their hearts. Hannibal sighed, soft and content.

“You smell good,” he murmured into the top of Will’s head.

Will huffed out a laugh. “I smell like you.”

“Scent is a vital part of the process of determining attraction and compatibility,” Hannibal said. “Humans unconsciously use scent to select a genetically compatible mate.”

Hannibal drew lazy patterns on Will’s back. Will’s eyes threatened to close at his touch.

Through the haze of his mind, he recalled a dimly lit office and Hannibal’s soft footsteps against hardwood floors. Hannibal had smelled him, like a sommelier before they took a sip of wine.

“Not sure what you were thinking when you picked me. When we met I smelled like night-sweats and dogs and the morgue.”

“Yes,” Hannibal said. His nose was buried in Will’s hair. Will absently wondered if he was going to start sniffing at him like a dog.

“But underlying all of that was a certain sweetness I couldn’t help but be drawn to.”

“Love at first sniff.”

“Something like that,” Hannibal said. Will could hear the smile in his voice.

Hannibal brushed the tip of his nose over Will’s jaw. With it he traced the hollow beneath his ear, the line of his throat. He inhaled deeply and pressed a kiss to Will’s shoulder, and Will clung to him tighter in response.

“Though I must admit,” he murmured, lips brushing Will’s skin with every word and sending goosebumps down his arms. “I much prefer you as you are now.”

Will smiled.

“I think I do too.”

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Blood, Sweat, & Tears - Final (1/2)

The Calm Before The Storm 

Since the smut would make this about as long as the first part, I decided to split it in half, don’t worry though the smut part is a little less than half way done so you babes won’t have to wait too long🖤

Genre; Fluff with mentions of smut

Length; 1,300+ words

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Jin’s P.O.V.

As he quietly snuck back into the room toting a tray of freshly cut fruit and a warm cup of hibiscus herbal tea, a bright smile slowly painted across his face as you stirred- slowly awaking from your long nap. 

Strutting over to you and setting the tray down on his night stand, Jin took a seat on the edge of the bed beside you. Gently he rubbed the bruised flesh on your bum and thighs, smirking as his mind suddenly flooded with the gorgeous sounds of your wrecked voice. 

“Wake up babygirl..” He cooed in a hushed tone, massaging you tenderly, “You need to eat something sweet pea.” 

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German vocabulary: Beach

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der Strand - beach
der Sand - sand
die Insel - island
der Urlaub - holiday
das Meer - sea
das Riff - reef
der Ozean - ocean
das Salzwasser - salt water
die Bucht - bay
die Küste - coast
die Lagune - lagoon
die Koralle - coral
die Welle - tide
Ebbe und Flut - falling tide and rising tide
der Badeanzug - bathing suit
der Rettungsschwimmer - lifeguard
die Schwimmweste - life jacket
das Segelboot - sailboat
das Eis am Stiel - popsicle
die Sandburg - sand castle
der Sonnenbrand - sunburn
die Sonnenbrille - sunglasses
der Sonnenschirm - umbrella
das Strandtuch - beach towel

die Möwe - gull
die Muschel - (sea)shell
die Auster - oyster
der Seestern - starfish
die Krabbe - crab
der Pelikan - pelican
der Seetang - kelp
der Fisch - fish
der Hai - shark
der Delfin - dolphin

sonnenbaden - to sunbathe
schwimmen - to swim
tauchen - to dive
fischen - to fish
segeln - to sail
sich bräunen - to get a tan
surfen - to surf