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Aesthetics for the Houses

Gryffindor: Sucking on sugar cubes, giggling behind your hand, long car rides with friends, opening windows to let in fresh air, running barefoot through grass, burning your tongue on food that was too hot, the view from tall buildings, the sun warming your skin, doorbells, summer camp, fierce eyeliner and bold lipstick, deep v-necks accessorized with a flirty smile, rough hands and soft hearts, brightly colored cocktails, laughing too hard at a dumb joke, crumpling up paper and throwing it into a trashcan across the room, card games, letting your hair down, opening doors, and skinny dipping.

Ravenclaw: Waking up late on a rainy day, warm coffee on a cold morning, scrunched eyebrows, color-coding everything, bags under your eyes, passing notes to your friends, long fingernails, jumping in puddles, charm bracelets, comfortable silences, orchestras, velvet ribbons, french braids, dark eyelashes, chewing ice cubes, train rides, staring out the window, curling up with a pet, being alone in the forest, the smell of the earth after it rains, staying up late to watch the stars, rearranging your room, biting your tongue, painting your toes different shades, cold glasses, chokers, watching a play, musical compositions, roman numerals, doodling on your hand, and mirrors.

Hufflepuff: Skirts that flow behind you, eyes that sparkle in the light, tea, picking flowers for your mom, laughing so hard you can’t catch your breath, denim shorts and crop tops, forts made out of sheets, pixie cuts, scrunching up your nose, rosy cheeks, freckles across your nose, bohemian tapestries on walls, dancing around the room with friends, apartments with brick walls in the city, sleeping by huge windows, drinking alcohol on rooftops, shirts rolled to the elbows, cute buns, birds sitting on telephone wires, fogged up glass, strumming a guitar, smiling so much that your cheekbones ache, climbing tall trees, contagious laughter, Polaroid pictures, and mosaics with colored glass.

Slytherin: Raising one eyebrow, martinis, marble statues, soft fur blankets on leather couches, tapping your fingernails against a hard surface, perfectly winged eyeliner, sly smirks, champagne flutes, pencil skirts, footprints in fresh snow, tree houses, wandering around the city at night, quotes that describe you perfectly, black and white photography, french perfume, black silk, lingerie, combing wet hair, proving people wrong, shopping with your best friends, mint leaves, keeping a diary, silver rings, staying up all night, black coffee, hand mirrors, little black dresses, pine trees, vanilla scented candles, mascara, stone walls, leather jackets and red lipstick, wine corks, and photo albums.

Character Traits - Elphanse

Fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. Repost & tag away!


-Occasional happiness, maybe.

A single nod with enough space for the Fury to fit between them.


-Light floral lavender
-More lavender to cover up the whiskey and cigarettes


-Long black boots
-White gloves that cover up halfway up her arms to cover her prosthetic
-Skirts. Short skirts, long skirts, pencil skirts, flowing skirts. Skirts skirts skirts!

-Flute, almost always on her side
-Pistol tucked into her left boot with the initials A.D. engraved on it
-Ivory flasks. Several, minimum three on her person at all times

-Ill tempered
-Has a habit of scaring off teachers trying to make her not suck as a mage

-Fold arms
-Clicking of tongue when annoyed
-Runs a hand through her hair when anxious
-Keeps right arm from moving if at all possible to avoid awkwardness


-Snow, ice, winter
-Gold and glamour
-Piano in a dimly lit room

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Le Cirque De La Miraculeuse - Chapter 1

The circus arrives at midnight; a place for mystery and magic, it hosts an unwilling contest between two magicians who are players in a game they can’t control… (Miraculous Ladybug Night Circus AU)

Chapter 1: The pieces on the board

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A/N: This was meant to be a short introductory chapter. Oh well. (thanks again to @miraculer for letting me use this idea for a story!)

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