flute and harp

orchestra/band instruments: top or bottom

violin: needy power bottom

viola: verse

cello: top

bass: bottom passing top

harp: BOTTOM

piano: they’re alone so

piccolo: literally anything anyone wants

flute: your royal pillow prince/princess

oboe: just happy to be there

english horn: say they’re a bottom but definitely a top

bass clarinet: verse

clarinet: bottom

bassoon: top

saxophone: verse, up for anything

contrabasson: top

horn: verse

tuba: power bottom

trombone: top passing bottom

trumpet: you’d think they’re tops but they’re all needy bottoms

percussion: tops, they’re all tops, every single one of them

People who names your instruments, I am genuinely curious as to why you named it. As much as I love my flute, it is an inanimate object that is nonliving. It’s not a cat or a fish or even a cactus.

This being said, I am considering naming my flute Neil. As I’ve previously talked about somewhere on this hellsite, it’s an Armstrong 55. Armstrong flute + my love of space = Neil? Idk. Which is why I’m curious.

Reblog with your instrument(s)’(s) name(s) and why you named it that (or why it doesn’t have a name!)

The Soul of Music

Dear lord it’s been a TON since I last posted in here, I am so sorry! 
I had quite a bad time the lately about drawing so I stopped posting, but now I am back and I wanted to show you what I’ve been working lately.

I love music, I love drawing, why not mixing them? Here are all of them!

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The signs as instruments/What instruments would match the sign

Aries: drums, piano, ukulele, bass guitar

Taurus: acoustic guitar, saxophone, violin

Gemini: piano, acoustic guitar, violin

Cancer: flute, harp, violin

Leo: double bass, harp, trombone

Virgo: piano, acoustic guitar, accordion

Libra: double bass, acoustic guitar, cello, ukulele

Scorpio: drums, saxophone, bass guitar

Sagittarius: drums, violin, ukulele, electric guitar

Capricorn: flute, cello, saxophone, violin

Aquarius: double bass, violin, electric guitar

Pisces: piano, harp, ukulele

the instruments and their noises
  • violins I: laaaaa aaaaa la la lal al ALlaaaaLAAAAAAA I'm centre of attention!! laaaAA
  • violins II: the same as violins I just not as LAAaAA
  • flutes: ftroot foooooooooooot ftoot
  • piccolo: *shattering windows*
  • french horns: solo time!! *BWAARRRRRRR RA BWA BWAB bwa bwAAAAA*
  • oboes: nasal infections
  • violas: indistinguishable from cellos and violins unfortunately
  • trumpets: BFWAAAAAAAAAAAA *shattering of ear drums*
  • trombones: a lower, more friendly trumpet
  • cellos: drunk LAAALa lA
  • bassoons: honkedy honkty hhhhhuonkkk
  • clarinet: hnnnnnng *sQUEAK*
  • timpani: brbrbrbrbrb DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN
  • bass clarinet: hhhhuuhhhhnnnh *SQUeak*
  • tuba: the brass equivalent of a timpani
  • harp: *glissandos n slides n angles*
  • english horn: an extremely congested nasal passage trying to sneeze
  • basses: the equivalent of a bass part in a gregorian chant
  • xylophones: kinda like water dripping from a tap *dink dink dink dink*
  • triangles: *DIIHHHNGG DIIHNG*
  • bass drum: the cannon from the hunger games
  • piano: all of the above