flute stuff

OH MY GOSH. Oh my GOSH. I can't believe this just happened to me

I was last in the student noon recitals today and I’ve worked so hard on this awesome unconventional flute piece.  It was my last one, so I tried to go out with a bang.

And I totally ROCKED it.  I am so proud!

But about a minute after I went offstage, the stage manager guy came back to the doors and said: “Oh my GOD, they’re still clapping, you were supposed to go back out there!”

No one has had an encore in the student nooner recitals, not that I know of.  Nobody!!!! But when I finally put my stuff down to go back out there they stopped but they had been clapping like a minute after I left the stage!!!

This is probably one of the greatest things to ever happen to me … 

You guys, you don’t know how badly I want an open hole flute with a b flat footjoint. I NEED one. It produces so much of a warmer tone and a fuller sound. It’s gorgeous. (I recently played on one, in case you couldn’t tell.) ANYWAYS!! They’re super expensive, and it makes me sad… I should go to bed, goodnight, lovelies. I think you’ve heard enough of my flute ramblings. See you tomorrow.