flute squad

Literally just a bunch of bmc headcanons

- Brooke is always eating or always has some some food (like Ron from AVPM)
- Michael is really good at the hand jive and other clapping games and Jeremy sucks at it and is super salty
- Jeremy had a space phase in middle school and still doodles little stars and planets on EVERYTHING
- Chloe does random high kicks when she’s bored just cuz
- Michael (just to be a dick) likes to get Jeremy horny in the worst situations (oh was that my hand on your ass? We’ll never know)
- All the bros like to get together and watch really bad 60’s beach movies
- Jeremy is really fucking ticklish
- Michael is trilingual (English, Spanish, Filipino) but also great at other languages
- Christine’s favorite musical is Heathers and everybody’s like “wait what I thought it would be the Sound Of Music or something”
- Rich has a bi flag muscle shirt and he wears it like every day
- When Michael has his music too loud Jeremy will kiss him to get his attention
- Jake is in the knitting club at school and nobody knows until one Christmas they all get sweaters
- Jeremy wears socks to sleep bc he’s a beanpole and has 0 body fat to retain heat
- Michael and Chloe love pineapple pizza and buy whole pizzas ~just for them~ bc everybody else in the squad hates it
- Brooke and Chloe wear matching costumes every Halloween
- Michael dips food into his drinks all the time
- Michael and Jeremy have tropical fish named Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Claude
- Christine plays the ukulele and Rich plays the flute
- Jake rickrolls the squad almost every day nobody knows how he does it just all of the sudden Never Gonna Give You Up is playing and they’re all like “goddamn Jake wtf”
- Jenna has a banana sticker on her phone and yell/sings “RING RING RING RING RING RING RING RING BANANAPHONE” every time she gets a call
- Jeremy hates pears

so i saw one of those draw the squad memes and…..

mostly i just wanted to do this because i couldn’t not picture flute girl in this 

and at first i was like ‘could howard even carry randy i mean randy can carry howard but…’ and then i realized that randy is a fucking twig and anyone could lift him if they were dedicated enough so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i didn’t make howard chub enough rip me