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Tbh I'm a flute player but I loathe technical stuff. I know playing flute is all about the runs but composers seem to forget that flute players can play slow and lyrical stuff too? I'm tired of playing stuff that tests how fast my fingers can move, I want perform something so beautiful and expressive that it'll break the hearts of the people that hear it (in a good way, of course).

I personally love low flute. So like the flute in its lowest register is my jam. To me it sounds warm. Now as a composer I completely understand what you mean by composers only writing fast technical stuff for flutes, because I exclusively only write fast technical stuff for flute. However there are pieces out there for flute that are extremely slow and lyrical. It’s probably someone’s Adante in a flute sonata or something, but I know they exist!

It had almost escaped my notice that it is now May, the month that dooms to a heartbroken death 99% of characters from folk ballads. So, if you suspect you may be a character from a folk ballad, for your own safety: 

don’t fall in love, don’t go by the river, don’t go to the sea, don’t talk to sailors, don’t gamble, don’t ramble, don’t go North, don’t go North-West, don’t stand in the wind, don’t dance with anyone named Sally, Sue, Mary, Ann, or Barbara, don’t go to the pub (but if you do go to the pub at least don’t drink, and if you do drink at least pay for your own drink, and if you are absolutely broke and have to let someone else pay for your drink then at the very least do try not to forget to toast everyone you know whom you think might be there very loudly and possibly multiple times), don’t lend money, don’t borrow money, don’t wish you had more money, don’t make plans to make more money, don’t start working for a new employer, absolutely do believe anyone who says they will try to kill you, curse you, or maim you, absolutely do believe anyone who says you might die, turn down every invitation to go a-hunting, horse-riding, or a-courting, be wary of flute players you meet on your path, don’t dance with satanic men in black coats, don’t marry off your daughters to the first man who’ll have them, and don’t promise your true love any herbs you can’t readily plant and gather in your own garden. 

There. That should just about cover you for 31 days. Heed the warnings and you may have a chance to last the month. Good luck.


New Video! ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ for flute quartet played by 4x Daniela Mars! ;) 

You know guys.. I get super anxious whenever I upload a video, this one has been ready for over 3 weeks but I kept on making an excuse not to post it…

Hopefully I will overcome this :) Let me know what you guys think pleaaase? 

appreciate musicians in musicals. so much unbelievable talent is on stage that it’s often easy to forget the performers playing the music their vocals accompany. appreciate the orchestra. appreciate wonderful trumpet players and flutes and trombones and clarinets and oboes and tubas and all the other wonderful instruments that are apart of our favorite musicals because they have 8 show weeks like everyone else yet their talent is quite often brushed away. appreciate musicians no matter if it’s their voice or their instrument being heard.