flute knife

The Instruments Arrested
  • Bassoon: neighbor reported maniacal bouts of laughter and crying
  • Oboe: stabbed someone in an alley with a reed knife
  • Flute: "poisoning" an enemy
  • Piccolo: practicing in their apartment at 2AM and refusing to stop
  • Clarinet: murder
  • Bass Clarinet: Public Indecency
  • Saxophone: streaking
  • Horn: drunken escapade that resulted in a tale never to be told again
  • Trumpet: wild house party that got out of hand
  • Trombone: suspicious activity
  • Euphonium: too good to get caught by the police
  • Tuba: drunken ranting
  • Percussion: loitering
  • Violin: had a mental breakdown in public- started screaming about aliens or something
  • Viola: doing something outlandish to get attention whilst unknowingly doing something illegal in the process
  • Cello: being too darned cute
  • Double Bass: an elaborate and convenient mistake in which they are mistaken for a serial killer and are then promptly released