I cant describe how much I want The Gitrog Toad to be like a vintage staple or some shit when its spoiled. I want vintage players to be like, Alright, 4x Brainstorm, 2 JTMS, 1 Flusterstorm, 3 Gitrog Toad, and they just have this big fuckin ugly blob toad rotting in their deck, this goddamn frog

Playing Magic for Less

Today I’d like to discuss how to play MtG for less money for the rest of 2017. I’ve discussed this in the past but today is a great time to bring the topic back up as we’re at a

Today is the release of Iconic Masters which has a lot of reprints that people have been waiting for including Grove of the Burnwillows, Horizon Canopy and Flusterstorm to name a few.

Prices on these cards are falling quickly with Flustersorm, once an $80 card, possibly reaching as low as $25. I’m sure Iconic Masters will be fun to draft but if you’re looking for singles, I would pick those up instead. Is it as fun? No, but you can complete your decks for future fun. Remember, think of Masters sets as sales on the cards you need to pick up. This largest reductions last for about 45-60 days depending on how spread out the value is for the set so plan accordingly. Prices usually rise back to previous levels eventually so get those deals while you can!

What else is going on? Well, it’s the holiday season which is characterized by sales. C-c-combo! We often think of sales as coming from retailers - and there are plenty of those - but there are plenty of robust groups on Facebook for buying, selling and trading. People need money for the holidays so one of the first things they do is sell excess magic cards. This means you can pick them up for 10-20% off TCG Low! If Flusterstorm hits $25, that means you can get it for $20! If you do venture into Facebook groups, make sure you ask for references. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

eBay is another way to get great deals right now. There are frequently $15 off of $75+ coupons or flash sales. Want to get your friends together for a CNS2 draft? You can end up getting the box for $65 with a coupon!

I hope this advice helps you finish off that deck you’ve been working on or just powers up your brew!

All the additional counterspell summaries you came up with

My post splintered into about a dozen different versions, so I’ll collect all the wonderful things that were added to it in one convenient place. If I forgot or misattributed any, or if you come up with some more, let me know!

Perplex: “What do you like more, your spell or your brain?” (tokenmancy)

Remand: “BZZT! Try again!” (tokenmancy)

                “…Not now.” (stormstouthideout)

Mystic Snake: “Sssssstop that!” (sarkhan-volkswagen)

Counterflux: “All your opinions are invalid! All of them!” (northernweird)

Draining Whelk: “OM NOM NOM NO!” (fresh-prince-of-beleren)

Flusterstorm: “Are you quite finished? Good. No.” (ty-based-keranos)

Voidslime: “Three flavors of fuck you.” (nerdcute)

Dream Fracture: “Haha tempo bitches” (thepeppermintpig)

Absorb: “I can taste the mana!” (missedtrigger)

Arcane Denial: “I hope you remember your draw triggers after your ten minute turn! Hahaha.” (missedtrigger)

Forbid: “I told you NO!” (missedtrigger)

Glen Elendra Archmage: “No so hard I am going to kill myself to stop it and then come back to do it again.” (missedtrigger)

Counterbore: No, and don’t think about trying that again. (ancient-chaos)

Guttural Response: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! (ancient-chaos)

Spell Crumple: “Maybe later.” (kinggeff)

Swan Song: “HONK” (masterofsporks)

     A couple were added to the original post, I think orzhov-fun-police added them but I’m not entirely sure:

Mental Misstep: “Even Wizards says no.”

Delay: “Maybe later.”

Forbid: “Nothing ever again.”

Mana Tithe: “Bet you weren’t expecting ME to say no!”

abelzumi  asked:

Re: a supplementary Commander product - One of the reasons that people feel that they can't get into Commander as much is because of the price tag, even for the starters, and especially if one of the cards becomes the next Flusterstorm or True-Name Nemesis. What if there were Commander products in boosters to increase availability like Modern Masters?

A fine question. Would you prefer the Commander products as is or in booster form?