flustered parents

Someone come up with some context for this one, because I’m not too sure. I happened to see Allura cross her arms and I instantly thought of the iconic Crossed Arms Shiro™.

I swear to god, these just happen on accident. I don’t really plan these out.

Shallura Manip Collection

Courting Headcanons

-More traditional families won’t allow their Omega child to be courted by an Alpha unless the Alpha first meets with the Omega’s Alpha parent and formally requests permission to do so

-When Alphas are courting an Omega they will bring them soft stuffed animals for their nests or books as a subtle way to compliment their intelligence

-Despite popular belief, it is just as possible for an Omega to start trying to court an Alpha as it is the other way around. Although a lot of people see these Omegas as being “too bold” for their dynamic and criticize them for it

-Omegas trying to court an Alpha will give them food they made themselves, in order to show off their abilities, or they give the Alpha small, sometimes overly-practical gifts like a pair of socks or dental floss

-An Omega who is a terrible cook trying to court an Alpha so they buy premade food and put it in a different container and pretend they made it. The Alpha knowing exactly what the Omega is doing but going along with it anyway because they really like the Omega and they don’t want to embarrass them

-An Alpha randomly receiving a thing of dental floss from a blushing Omega but the Omega runs off right away and they spend the rest of the day being very puzzled by it until they ask a friend who just rolls their eyes and goes “you’re being courted you idiot” and the Alpha being so confused because…dental floss?

-An Alpha thinking an Omega is adorable and hearing that books are a great courting gift but while they are out shopping for a suitable one they see a really cute children’s book and it reminds them of how cute the Omega is, so they buy it…only to be thoroughly thrown off when the Omega gets mad when they try to give it to them. Because the Omega sees it as an insult to their intelligence to be given a book meant for children, so the Alpha has to try and explain their reasoning as they become more and more flustered

-Strict parents that won’t allow their Omega child to go out on dates with an Alpha without a chaperone, so the Omega’s Alpha parent will decide to be the chaperone and they take great joy in making the date as unromantic and awkward as possible

-If an Alpha wants to give an Omega flowers they have to be very careful what kind they choose because most Omegas take the meanings of the flowers very seriously

-Two Alphas trying to court the same Omega so they compete to see who can buy the better gifts and the Omega just thinks they are both idiots


Sequel to this imagine.

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“You must be J’s Uncle.”  you greeted, standing up from your desk to shake Craig’s hand as he walked in for your meeting.  He shook it, eyes quickly taking in your pencil skirt and blouse before you both sat down.

“Call me Craig.”  He smiled, smoothing back his hair.  You smiled softly, shuffling the papers around in front of you a little bit.

“Craig.  I’m sorry, I thought J’s grandmother was going to come in for this meeting.”  Craig gave you a dazzling smile before shrugging.

“She was a little busy so she sent me instead.  You complaining about me coming instead?”  He teased.  You felt your cheeks go red as you quickly shook your head.

“No- I mean that’s… I didn’t mean that.”  You stuttered, laughing awkwardly as Craig started to laugh.  “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.  But if you really feel sorry how about you take me out to dinner to make up for it?”  He grinned, causing you to get flustered all over again.

first days are the worst;

aka cade shepard is an Embarrassing Dad and he doesn’t know it yet

for @homoryder because i made him watch the control ending, im sorry </3

Reapers have absolutely nothing on a class of kindergarten kids, Cade decides, hand firmly closed around Tommy’s own. They’ve both been standing by the school gate for a completely unnecessary amount of time, dithering around between the groups of kids screaming ahead of a myriad of equally stressed and flustered parents.

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Imagine Person A has an overprotective parent and the parent goes through Person A’s phone. They find out that Person A has a crush on Person B and send embarrassing messages to Person B on their own account. Person B later messages Person A to ask if they knew their parent said anything. Person A did not and is extremely embarrassed.

Cat and Mouse

Yixing watched as she closed her eyes tight, hands above her head gripping the sheets tight. His teeth hurt, his toes were digging into the mattress, he was so close. Her soft groans issued through clenched teeth, only made him that much more excited. His right hand skidding down her side, the left hand grabbing hers entangled their fingers together. If he could stay on the precipice of this feeling forever, he’d kill for it. However; the moment of ecstasy was something to live for.  

“I’m gonna-” He cut her off, placing his mouth over hers, and speeding up his movements.

And just like that, she came apart underneath him. He could practically see every cord that wound her so tight, popping free. He let the feeling take him over, and like a wave it crashed on it, slowly ebbing away. In the aftermath of their lovemaking, he held her to his chest, her head on his arm. Yixing rubbed his nose on the back of her neck, taking a deep breath of her. 

“Are you still mad at me?” He asked softly, knowing she wasn’t asleep yet.

“I’m not mad. I was annoyed. Highly irritated.” She moved from his grasp, and he was sorry he even asked, laying on his back now, watching her. 

She sat at her vanity and began to twist her hair in chunky twists. He watched her with rapt  fascination. He loved her curls, loved how they bounce and how shiny they were. How many different styles she came up with, and then how she could make it straight. Shrinkage is what she called the length difference between her hair curly and straight. He was always fascinated by that.

Sighing, he sat up in the bed, adjusting himself between his legs. “We have class tomorrow but this weekend lets go meet my parents.” 

She turned on the bench, staring at him for awhile before she spoke. “What?” 

He knew that she heard him. “Let’s meet my parents. This Friday. Is that ok with you?” 

She just finished the last twist, wrapping is around itself then pinning it down on her head. “Isn’t that something serious?” 

Usually, you didn’t meet parents unless you thought this was the one. “Yes. I’m serious with you. So, why not?” He climbed out of the bed, grabbing his boxers walking to the bathroom. 

Melat sat quietly on the bench, biting her lower lip as she placed her bonnet on her head. He was serious about her. At least he was saying that. His parents? She had to have the right outfit. Should she introduce him to her father? No, he was much too busy right now. This was exactly what she wanted. 

Yixing came from the bathroom, sliding back in her bed. “Yes? No?” He propped his arms behind his head. 

Getting off the bench, she picked up her shirt and placed it back on then climbed into her bed with him. “Yes.” 

 The rest of the school week passed by uneventfully. She hung out with Anna a few times after school, and met up with Yixing. Chuntao wasn’t at school that week and so she didn’t see the Art teacher near Yixing. Thursday, however she was in Yixing’s class again. Innocent, this time trying to get him to at least help her study. 

 “You want answers and I won’t. Your Mandarin is improving. Your reading is barely 4th grade but it’s better.” He laughed and she flicked some paper at him.  

“You’re so rude, I know English, Oromo and some French. Mandarin is nothing like these.” She watched as he sat on his desk in front of her. 

“You do a good enough job on the curse words, and the dirty things you whisper in my ear.” He winked at her. 

“You’re embarrassing me.” She stood up, gathering her books into her backpack.  

“Come now Baobei, be sweet to me. I’ll be at my house around 7pm I have a meeting with the other language teachers.” He grabbed her around her waist, kissing the side of her neck. “If I give you the key will you be waiting for me?” He pushed her hair aside, kissing her neck as his hands roamed over her breasts. 

He was getting bold. 

 “An Hinbeeku, why should I?” (I don’t know) She smiled as his lips touched under her ear. An erogenous zone. 

“Cause if you cook for me, I’ll personally tutor you for this test. You have a 70% in my class. Barely passing.” She leaned her head back eyes closed as he pulled her into his pelvis. 

“I hate you. That’s not fair.” Turning around in his arms, she sighs. “Give me the key.“ 

 Yixing let her go, removing his house key from the ring. "What’s the magic word?“ 

Grinning, she held her hand out palm up. "Please." 

 Dropping it into her hand, Yixing leaned in giving her cheek a gentle kiss, when his door opened and Junmyeon entered. "Hey Yixing, let me tell you what-oh I’m sorry.” Junmyeon smiled, leaving the door ajar. 

Melat and Yixing pushed away from each other, with Melat talking first. “It’s ok Professor, I’m done.” “Thank you Professor Zhang.” She quickly left the room. 

Junmyeon bowed slightly at her as she left, then made his way over to Yixing. “She’s here quite often." 

"She cares about her grades.” Yixing replied, hoping that Junmyeon didn’t see him kiss her. He was breaking out into a sweat at the mere thought. 

“I was gonna tell you about how Professor Huang, fell through that open floor board for like the 3rd time this week. It’s sectioned off and everything. I mean how does he do that? Guy is a magnet for holes. It’s funny but it’s not.” Junmyeon sat on the edge of Yixing’s desk. 

“You’re mean. The guy is quiet and nice.” Yixing tried to look busy straightening his desk. 

 "Didn’t say it was funny. So, coming out this weekend?“ Junmyeon looked from the door back to Yixing noticing how his friend seemed to be flustered. 

"I’m visiting my parents this weekend. My mother says I never come home. You know how it is.” Yixing looked up at him smiling. “We can go bowling this coming week or something." 

Junmyeon grinned. "I’ve got a nice girl to set you up with. A girl I’ve been talking to, her older sister." 

 Yixing shook his head. "No, I’ve been meaning to tell you as well. I’m in a relationship. It’s kinda new so, I’ll introduce you later, but I’m out of the game." 

That made Junmyeon stand up. "Really? What is she like?" 

"Beautiful, intelligent. Classy but feisty.” He grinned describing Melat. 

“And your dimple is showing hardcore, you’re blushing. Falling in love so fast?” Junmyeon reached across the table, poking Yixing’s dimple. 

“Stop. I don’t know. She’s just amazing.” Grabbing his essentials for home, Yixing moved toward the door. “I’ve got a teachers meeting, are you busy tonight? I can call you." 

"No. I’ll talk to you later, I’ve got work to do.” Yixing followed him out the class. 

As Junmyeon was walking to the teachers lot, he mused over what he saw. He was sure he saw Yixing kiss that woman’s cheek. He was quite sure, no Yixing wouldn’t date a student. He crossed the lot and looked up hearing the laughter of some girls, it was her. Melat was her name right? She was leaning on a car talking to another girl, then got inside. He watched as her silver car with bright pink fluff balls on the mirror, left the parking lot.

Junmyeon walked to his own car and drove home, thinking about the possibilities. 

After the meeting, Yixing made his way home. He was tired, he didn’t want to hear the other professors complain about the lack of gumption in their students. If the students weren’t interested in learning that was their fault, they had to make teaching interesting. He sighed, finally pulling into his spot for his building, spotting Melat’s car in his visitors spot. The building allowed two spots, one for the resident and one for visitors. He took the elevator from the garage, and into the building. Then past the door man and up to the fifth floor.

As he pulled his spare key from his pocket, he opened the door to a variety of smells. He saw the rice steamer going, she was currently putting down some bread he knew as Injera, when she looked up. 

“I made a few Chinese dishes, fried some chicken, and made injera as well as atkilt wot.” She put the last piece of bread down, and washed her hands.

“Is that the dish wish cabbage, potatoes and carrots?” He removed his shoes, putting them in the closet, then set his bag down. 

“Yes.” Coming over to him, she touched his face gently, kissing his cheek. “I haven’t forgot about my tutoring session.”  

He grinned, at her moving past her to go to his room. “No free answers, Melat.” He noticed she had cleaned up as well. 

After putting on some more comfortable clothes, he came back into the living room, sitting down at the table. “Thank you for cleaning up.” 

“No problem.” She sat food down in front of him, and watched as he began to eat.

Like he was supposed to, Ethiopian cuisine rarely used utensils, instead the spongy injera bread was used in place of a spoon or fork. As they ate, she mused over the idea that she was going to meet his parents tomorrow. 

“How many days are we staying?” He had a mouthful of food, as he answered. 

“My parents? We can leave in the morning, or that evening if-” A knock at the door caught his attention and he looked at it.

Another knock. “Yixing, it’s Junmyeon.”

Getting up, Yixing looked at her. “I’m sorry, just…”

“Yea, yea.” She picked up her plate and placed it in the sink with her cup. “I’m gonna shower and change my clothes.”

As she walked to the back, Yixing answered the door. “Hey, whats up?”

Junmyeon rolled his eyes. “You used to open the door, now you crack it. Don’t be weird, let me in. I have a flash drive here, and I put one of my exams on it.” 

“Sorry.” Yixing opened the door, hearing Melat close the door to his room gently.

“It’s a bright green one. Remember? I brought it here when we were going to watch movies.” He went for the TV, knowing he set it on the stand when he discovered movies weren’t on it.

“Yea, but I cleaned recently, so I’m not sure where I could have put it.” Just then Yixing’s cell phone vibrated, taking it out of his pocket it was a text from Melat.

Look in the coffee table drawer with the remotes.

He slid the phone back in his pocket, and opened the drawer. “Here it is.” 

Handing the flash drive to Junmyeon, the other male thanked him. “Say, listen Yixing. Are you ok? I mean you’ve been acting weird, kinda secretive.”

Yixing raised an eyebrow at him. “Really? I haven’t noticed.” 

“Of course you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t notice how you were acting. Are you sick? Is there something going on?” Junmyeon stood looking at Yixing. He wanted his friend to tell him something if he needed to know.

“OK..actually there is something.” Yixing rubbed a hand over his face. “I uh…I’m a spy.” He stood with a straight face, nodding his head yes.” 

“You’re an ass sometimes you know that?” Junmyeon turned around and started walking towards the door. “I worry about you Yixing, you get so clueless sometimes, and quiet.” 

“I don’t mean to be. I just get like that, or maybe it’s just who I am.” Yixing shrugged, and his hand clasped on Junmyeon’s shoulder. “You’re a good friend to worry though, thank you.” 

Junmyeon shrugged, giving a brief glance into Yixing’s closet. “You should be a better friend and come out with me more often, be my wingman or something. Bring ladies to me.” 

“We’ll see what I can do.” Yixing grinned. “Going home?” 

“Yea, I’ll text you when I get there.” 

As he left, Melat came from the room, in her pajamas. “Secretive, ohh.” 

“Stop. I hate lying. It’s unnecessary.” He made sure the door was locked and went back to the table sitting down. “Are you sure, you’re done?” 

“Yea, I was kinda snacking as I went along.” She started to put away some of the food, as he finished.

“No class tomorrow, what are you wanting to get into tonight?” Yixing bit into his chicken, savoring the crunch. 

“I don’t care, we can do whatever you want.” She sat back down at the table.

“Sleep? Good idea.” He stood up, going to the sink to wash his plate.

“Oh my god, Yixing…”

As Junmyeon got out into the parking lot, he was in such a rush that he didn’t notice he didn’t even park in the right space. He was in someone else. That car, it couldn’t be. Walking over to the visitors spot for Yixing, Junmyeon looked at the numbers on the ground. This was Yixing’s area, he walked around to the front of the car, looking in the windshield. The same bright pink fluff balls. 

The next day was raining. It was a cold rain mixed with sleet and she shivered in her jacket as they walked up the driveway to his parents home. The car ride was long, and she slept on some of the ride, not knowing how early they would have to get up. Apparently, Yixing’s mother wanted them there for lunch. 

As he stepped into the gate surrounding their home, a small brown and white dog ran up to Yixing barking happily. He patted the dogs head, and looked back at Melat.

“Nervous?” He rang the doorbell not giving her time to answer.

“Yes. Have you at least told them about us?” Yixing kissed her cheek.

“Contrary to what you think, yes I have told my parents I was dating a wonderful young woman.” He put his arm around her waist as he heard his father telling him to hold on and opened the door. 

“Yixing.” His father clasped his hand around the back of his sons neck. “My son the teacher.” Yixing hugged his father, then turned and brought Melat forward. 

“Baba, this is Melat Avtau, my girlfriend.” Melat bowed at his father, coming to a stand smiling at him. 

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.” Taking in the young, brown woman before him, his father was quiet, assessing her. 

She was short, lithe, with wide hips. Her neck was long, oval shaped head, and full lips. 

“So this is the woman, my son is so enamored with. You are a beautiful girl, please come inside.” He moved out of the way, bowing at Melat as well.

As they walked inside, Yixing pulled her closer to him again, removing her coat from her shoulders, hanging it up. Once they stepped inside the dry part of the home, shoes came off and Yixing followed his father, leading Melat up a few stairs and into the common room of the home. It was warm and cozy, with pictures of Yixing from various ages all around. Any trophies that he had were polished and dust free. She stopped and looked at a picture of a young Yixing as he posed with a basketball on his knee. 

“Yixing loved sports as a child.” His father commented from his seated position. “Do you play sports?” 

Melat prayed, her Mandarin didn’t come out sounding shaky. “I played volleyball in high school, but that’s about it.” 

His father smiled nodding his head, as his mother came from the kitchen. “Your Mandarin sounds good from what I hear. My Yixing is doing a good job teaching you. His pupils must excel at their speaking.” 

His mother came in holding a tray of many different foods on it, setting it down on the low table. Melat came over, bowing at her. “He is doing well, thank you. I am Melat Avtau.” 

His mother grinned, taking her hands. “You are quite the pretty girl aren’t you? What is your major? What job will you take?”

“Mother.” Yixing started, looking over the food. 

Melat sat down next to him. “No, it’s fine. I will be taking a job at my father’s company in Human Resources. He has a branch here in China, one in Ethiopia and one in the United States. I will be working at the Shanghai branch.” 

His parents nodded. A good job it seemed as them hmm and ohh’d. She heard Yixing’s phone vibrate in his pocket but he ignored it. After lunch his parents sat around with baby books and videos of little Yixing. 

They asked about her family and his mother inquired as to how many siblings she had. When she said none, his mother said that it was alright, she would be there to help with the baby after. The statement took Melat by surprise and she was embarrassed at his mothers candid talk. At one point when they were alone in the living room, Yixing took his phone from his pocket texting. 

 What is it Junmyeon? I’m at my parents.

 I know. We are friends aren’t we, Yixing? 

 You asked me this yesterday. What’s going on? 

 You’d tell me, if something was going on right? 

 Yixing sighed, trying to figure out what was wrong with Junmyeon. It wasn’t like him to ask cryptic questions like this. 

 Yes, I’d tell you. 

 Ok…so are you and Melat Avtau dating?

Chapter Six

Super Dad

Anonymous said: not a prompt so much as look how cute this is who does it remind you of imgur/./com/gallery/4id5IrE

The Picture 

I made it a prompt anyway because I could not help myself

“This place is a breeding ground for MRSA,” Kurt says, watching with a shudder as Libby presses her face to the side of the bounce house she’s currently shrieking and jumping in. “Remind me to hose her down with antibacterial gel before we leave.”

Blaine nods, though he less worried about Libby right now, she’s brassy and tough and is rarely slowed down by illness or injury or—anything, really. She runs by the picnic bench they’re seated backwards on, her dark curls flying behind her, and shouts above the chaotic din of the indoor play area, “Daddies watch! Daddies did you see? Daddies watch me watch look look!”

“We see you, honey,” Kurt says.

“Great job,” Blaine adds, when she does a sort of sideways half flip into a different bounce house.

No, Libby is fine. It’s Devon he’s concerned about.

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Hayley prompted: Snow and Charming dancing in the kitchen. Emma and Henry walk in. Its adorable


When it comes to the kitchen, Emma has grown used to walking in on all sorts of things.

There was the morning she walked in on her parents personally trying to make her the perfect birthday cake and messing up the frosting, and she loved it even more for that.

There was the evening where they were holding each other tightly, her mother crying into her father’s shoulder and grief etched into both their faces. She could feel herself tear up watching them, and without a word, they pulled her into their embrace too.

There was the day she walked in to see her baby brother crawl between them, her mother glowing between tears and her father grinning stupidly.

There was the night where she snuck downstairs to get a snack, and discovered her father making a meal of her mother’s neck and crowding her against the fridge while pulling her dress down; she hurried upstairs before they could see her with flaming cheeks.

There was the morning she found Hook there making pleasant small-talk with her parents and winking at her while being patched up by a very grumpy Mary Margaret; she only discovers later that her mother actually saved her pirate’s life and knew it was for her sake.

There was the day she found her father comforting a fussy Neal with sheep stories, and she knew that if not for the Dark Curse, that would have been her too, comforted as a baby in her father’s – and mother’s arms. 

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saniiisbackx3  asked:

Okay I'm new on ur blog BUT I ALREADY LOVE IT!!! Sooooooo could I request how embarassing and awful the RFA + Saeran would be, if they would meet MC parents? If it's fem. MC or M!MC i don't mind ^^ Sorry for my Bad english! It's not my 1. language..

* Yoosung would have his hands in his lap or behind his back the entire time, and anytime you tried to make a move to touch him or kiss him, he’d just look at you horrified like “MC! Your parents are right there…” Will not so much as touch you in front of your parents, he desperately wants to make a good impression. Highkey flustered. When your parents ask him what he does in his spare time, he blushes really hard, and when you try to answer “he likes to play LO-” he cuts you off hurriedly and is like “t-that’s more of a hobby! I like to read a-and study in my free time!” And you just stare at him like you fucking liar. 

* Seven will be making all the dad jokes. He appeals to your father so much, laughing hysterically over the dinner table. When your parents ask him what he does for a living, he says something really dumb like “hairdresser” and you’re just like I would never trust you to cut my hair. You’re sitting there, glaring at him while he’s smiling and completely charming your parents even though he’s a filthy liar. Honestly he didn’t even stress about meeting your parents, but once he stepped in the door it hit him like a train and he was like oh shit how can I drastically change my personality so they don’t know I’m a huge piece of shit. 

* Jumin knows how to charm anybody’s parents. His etiquette table manners alone earned him points with your parents. Everything that comes out of his mouth is so posh and perfect. You literally have to explain to your parents after that yes, he’s pretty much like this all of the time, because they just assumed he was trying too hard. 

* Jaehee would be so nervous to meet your parents, she’d be asking you constantly what she should do to get on their good side, and you’re like “Jaehee just be yourself.” Your parents love her the moment they laid their eyes on her, they thought she was so adorable, and were further impressed by her personality and hard work ethic. You also told your parents beforehand that if they didn’t approve of her, you would literally disown them because she is the most perfect person ever and there is no way that you could honestly ever disapprove of a woman like her. 

* Zen wasn’t even afraid to meet your parents, he was so convinced that they would immediately like him because of how handsome he is. You were like “they aren’t swayed by looks you know.” and he didn’t believe you. When you brought him to your parents, he was very surprised to find that they actually recognized him, and proceeded to drill him about the sort of show off-y characters that he played. You had to butt in and convince your parents that he wasn’t like that in real life even though he is. He certainly hadn’t been expecting that, though. 

* Saeran was absolutely dreading meeting your parents, he was convinced that they would hate him. “MC, I look like a retired emo kid.” You literally are a retired emo kid though. You have to thoroughly convince him that your parents will like him because you like him, and that will be enough for him. When he meets them, he’s so awkward, leaning against the doorframe rather than actually coming in the house. Someone actually has to give him permission to step inside. During dinner, when your parents ask him questions that you can tell make him uncomfortable, he suddenly looks up and says “I’m sorry, I’m just not used to this. I didn’t really have parents, this is new.” You look at him with sympathy, and then your parents, who obviously feel bad for him, and then you see the subtle twitch of his lip. He fucking used the sympathy card on your parents. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm not actually on Tumblr but I just finished reading your baker Derek fic and I super loved it! I saw that you're taking prompts so I'm hoping that you'll be able to fill my request for kid Derek being super taken with kid Stiles. And their interactions. I also wouldn't say no to seeing how it played out as they grew up. Please and thank you! 💜💜

Hey Nonnie! I hope you like this. I find kid!fic really hard to write. So this is my take on how they met as kids. I hope you like it. :D


He’s so bored.

The most bored-est he’s ever been in his whole entire life.

And that’s saying something. After all, Cora likes the Teletubbies and he thought nothing could be boring-er than that.

Turns out he was wrong. His Mom has taken Laura and Cora out, (one to soccer practice and the other to a friend’s birthday party.)

His Dad is upstairs trying to fix a busted pipe.

Derek’s spent the last half hour skulking round the house and almost wishing his sisters were back.

He slouches into the den and turns on the TV. There’s nothing on, except boring cartoons that he’s seen before. He slouches out again, leaving the TV blaring.

None of the board games he has are any good without someone to play with.

He doesn’t want to read a book or do coloring in.

He sighs loudly.

Sometimes life is so hard

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Lunch Date || Klaine

[Blaine was answering a few emails to kill time before his lunch break when his secretary came into his office. He raised a brow at Barbara when she told him someone was at the front desk wanting to talk to him. He closed out his emails before starting to head over there. He expected it to be a flustered parent needing him for something, so he walked with urgency. He walked right up to the front desk to whisper to the woman behind it.] Terri, who’s looking for me? [The blonde woman giggled since she was staring at Kurt who was sitting on a chair behind him.] Turn around. [She laughed again.] 

It’s incredibly liberating … We’re free to do what we want. Every two weeks I get my nails done, I do yoga every week. The hardest part of kids must be the absolute exhaustion. I’m very high maintenance. I need a lot of time to take care of myself. If I had to give that up and be responsible for a child, I think I might be a short-tempered, mean and nasty person. I’m not built that way and neither is my husband…

“When we got to be about 35 or so … I said something to my husband like, ‘Well, if we’re going to do this, we need to pull the trigger.’ Truthfully, I told him that having kids was scary, that the enormity of it was almost overwhelming…

"We were at the zoo recently, walking around holding hands. We talk, we take pictures, we stop and look at things. We’re very connected and happy. At times I notice other couples chasing a kid, pushing strollers, reffing a fight. They seem very flustered. I don’t see a lot of them being happy. I never had a burning desire to have kids and, the more I see couples with children, the more convinced I am that we made the right decision…

—  Cheryl Klein, age 43. “A World Without Kids: ‘Childfree’ is the new byword for many young couples.” Durham Magazine, Feb/Mar 2013, pp. 68-70.

“It’s nice when you see a little kid who has been impacted by what you’ve done… Like once at this meet and greet, this boy, no older than 8 years old, walked up to me with a t-shirt to sign and then he asked me right off the bat ‘What kind of car do you have?’, so I just muttered something about not being into cars, then he goes ‘Well, are you a millionaire? What about a billionaire?’ ‘til he was dragged away by his flustered parent. Then, a new mother showed up with her baby strapped to her front, and almost as soon as she approached the table, the baby latched on to my hair. And didn’t let go. The younger fans are so great, I love this stuff.”

Ship Hate

Like I literally don’t fucking get it.
I literally don’t understand how a fucking site that’s so anti harassment and shaming can then turn around and fling shit at other people over what they choose to ship fictional characters with.
And what gets me is that in order for these people to feel better about flinging crap at others they need to make tumblr esque sjw posts that may or may not have any basis in what actually happens to characters in the respective fandom to justify being an asshole.

Maybe it’s because I’m and adult. Or maybe it’s because I’m not over sensitive tissue paper. But hating on people for different opinions of fictional characters just really gets under my skin. It’s so fucking immature. Like if the same crap happens to you, how would you feel?
People who ship these characters are able to separate fantasy and fucking reality.
The reality is that a ship like Pewey probably won’t happen in the show. The people who contribute to the tag know this. But like with all ships they want to explore how two characters interact with each other in a fictional setting.

If you think it’s gross, than fine. If you think it represents something negative to you than fine. But unless those things have an actual basis in the show, why make vicious and/or long ship hate posts claiming this is fact when it isn’t true?
Just keep it to yourself and your blog. But they don’t WANT to do that. They want to make sure the target of their ire also sees it as well.
Yet the moment some of these people get any kind of anon hate or harassment it’s all fucking tears and crying to followers.

Fucking gross.

I implore you guys that if you don’t like a ship simply ignore it and move on. Focus on the ships you do like and contribute positivity in the community.
Don’t be an ass and add negative vibes to parts of the fandom you don’t care for. That can really sour someone’s day

I personally don’t even care for Pewey. I just think they both have a lot of similarities that equate to the ultimate duo of flustered panicky flustered parents.
But when I see shitty ship hate I’m going to fight that like no ones business.

No one should have to feel like crap because of a ship they like.

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what would chanyeol kai d.o and sehun do if they got a boner whilst having dinner with their gf's parents?

What would Chanyeol, Kai, D.O and Sehun do if they got a boner whilst having dinner with their GF’s parents?

Chanyeol *flustered*

Kai *gets frisky under the table*

D.O “Oh fuck…”

Sehun “Let’s get it oooon.”

that last gif… i don’t even know XD

gifs not mine.

New Kid (MATURE CONTENT)---Luke Imagine for Anon


“Ha! Nerd.. You think you’re so tough, huh? Sticking up for the younger kids?” the oversized gorilla barked at the smaller nerdy boy who trembled at the others thundering tone.


“W-Well.. I-It’s wrong to p-p-pick on younger kids!” he squeaked out, his body tense. I had never seen him around before. I guess he’s new..


“Yeah. But you’re my age,” the bull dog growled, pinning the noodle of a kid to the locker with a handful of his collar. His dress shoes slowly rose off the floor and I saw the color drain entirely from his face, his eyes clenched as he awaited his fate.


I realized what I had to do and I started walking towards them hastily. What happened next is in a haze. But this is what witnesses said happened when the security guards asked:


“As the junior girl walked to the two guys, the larger of the two punched the smaller one hard in the face repeatedly. In a fit of anger, the girl yanked the two apart and threw the larger guy to the ground, placing her foot on his chest and getting in his face. She proceeded to yell, "How fucking dare you hit him! What did he EVER do to YOU!? NOTHING! That’s what! Now stop being a prick who beats up people less meaty than you cause all it does is make you look like a BIG SMELLY CUNT! Now get the fuck out of here and stop being such a little pussy bitch!” She climbed off of him just as security arrived.“


I remember the security coming in. I dashed to the boy, his face covered in blood and bruised badly. His frame was in a heap on the floor and his eye was beginning to swell. I knelt next to him and took a fresh tissue from my backpack. I sat him upright and dabbed the blood away carefully, him cringing as I did so. He gave a pained smile in my general direction and tried to open his eyes.


"Don’t. Don’t try, okay? It’s almost the end of the day. I’m gonna to take you home. My mom is a Nurse,” I said. He nodded and I helped him up. I grabbed his books and my bag and we walked to the school exit.



I snap back to reality when the car behind me presses the horn. I roll past the stop sign and onward to my house, a bleeding boy next to me. He hasn’t said a word yet and there’s a possibility that he’s crying. I pull into my driveway and help him inside. I think he was crying…


I sit him down on my couch. “I dont think my mom’s home. I’m gonna get the first aid kit.” I say sympathetically.


I come back and sit next to him, opening up the kit. I take out a cotton ball and dip it in rubbing alcohol. I warn him then dab it on his cuts. He yelps from the pain and digs his nails into the couch cushion. “Sorry..”


I put an ice pack on his eye to lessen the swelling. I look at the gash in his forehead. “Crap it’s still bleeding. I’m gonna have to stitch it up. Is that okay?” I ask.


He nods slowly. “Yeah.. How did he cut me?”


I put numbing cream on the cut and reply, “He had on a ring.” I take out the needle and medical thread. I put on gloves and put neat, small stitches into his face. I finish off and cut off the string. I examine his face and brush my thumb on his cheek.


‘He’s really cute!’ I think to myself blushing. I notice a hole where I assume a lip ring usually resides.


“Y-You’re all patched up..” I say with a soft smile. He touches it softly.


“Nice work..” he says with a grin. “Thanks.. Really. Thank you for everything.”


I smile. “It was nothing! Really! I mean it,” I say. “I’m (Y/N).”


He grins at me. “I’m Luke. I’m new here.” For the first time I notice his accent. It’s thick and Australian. My stomach flops.


“I-I uh..” I stumble, giggling like a fool. He blushes a deep crimson. We look in each others eyes. He puts my hair behind my ear. My heart stops for a moment.


“I-I um… H-Hi!” I say, mentally face palming.


“You know, when I lived in Australia, I was actually popular,” he says with a cheeky grin.


“I’m not really noticed here,” I reply with a giggle.


He bites his lip softly. My heart pounds through my chest as he leans in, slowly closing the space between our lips. Our eyes flutter shut and his hand finds its way to my knee. My arms slink around his neck as I pull him closer to me. He runs one hand up my thigh a bit, the other resting on the small of my back.


He licks my bottom lip softly, asking permission to enter. I open my mouth slowly and his tongue dances with mine as we explore each others mouth. He lays me on my back and kisses me passionately, straddling my waist between his knees.


I find my hands slipping up his shirt. To my surprise, he’s ripped. He smirks and kisses my neck hungrily, sucking and nibbling at my tender skin. I moan softly, despite my efforts to stay quiet.

He bites the nape of my neck and sucks lightly, leaving a love mark. My back arcs at the feeling. I feel up his shirt more, slowly pulling off his shirt. He looks into my eyes. His eyes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. He had a quirky smile and the way he was glowing I got the feeling he thought he was dreaming.


“Do you want to take this somewhere more private?” I ask him. His eyes widen for a second.

“S-Sure! I-I uh.. I’ve never really done anything like this before…” he says to me.

I smile softly. I peck his lips and answer, “Neither have I..”


He takes off his glasses and places them with his shirt on the coffee table. He climbs off of me and picks me up so my legs are wrapped around his waist. He kisses me passionately for another minute. “Where do we take this?” he asks me.


“Upstairs, make a left after the first door, second door on your right,” I say. He nods and starts bringing me upstairs.


I take the opportunity to kiss his neck. I suck lightly, working my way from under his chin to his collar bone and back on the other side. I find his soft spot and suck ferociously, leaving a mark to match mine.


We get to my room and he lays me on my bed. He gets ontop of me and pulls my shirt off in between kisses. He looks at me in awe.


“You, (Y/N), are the most gorgeous person I have ever met. Did you know that?” he says with a sincere smile.


“And you, Luke, are the cutest, kindest, most considerate person I have met. I’m glad that you’re going to be my first.”


His face turns a deep crimson. “I’m glad you’re going to be my first too, (Y/N),” he says. After a moment’s pause he asks, “Do you have a condom?” he asks flustered.


I nod. “My parents make sure I have a few just in case. I usually use them as water balloons to throw at my older brother,” I say with a grin. “They’re in the drawer right there,” I explain, motioning to the nightstand.


“You have an older brother?” He grabs a condom and opens it, leaving it on the nightstand, ready to be put into action. Or is it.. into me?


“Yeah. He shouldn’t be home for a while though,” I say smiling, adding an eyebrow wiggle for effect.


He chuckles and kisses me again. I find myself engrossed in his kiss, wanting him with me forever. I turn off the lamp quickly, dimming the room. He starts to undo his pants and slides them off his long legs. He’s wearing Australian Flag boxers that hug his hips tight. He slides his hands up my skirt, sending goosebumps down my spine. He slides my skirt off my body, leaving me in my dark blue bra and panties set.


He starts to pull off my panties, being tender yet determined. He smiles and takes off his boxers, rolling on the condom. I don’t know all that much about the male genitalia, but how is THAT gonna fit into ANYTHING!? I take a deep breath.


“You’re sure about this?” he asks, making sure I’m still okay.


I bite my lip and nod yes. He kisses me passionately, positioning himself.


He starts off slow, but it doesn’t do much for the pain. I grip the sheets tightly, the pain and pleasure mixing in all kinds of ways. He picks up speed, moaning softly. After one last striking blow of pain, I adjust to his size and start enjoying myself. I wrap my arms around him and buck my hips in time with him. He starts moving even faster and harder, moans escaping both our mouths. He kisses me with fire and passion, neither of us ever wanting to stop.


“Faster~!” I gasp out, breathlessly. My nails dig into his skin as he complies. I can feel my walls clench around him and I cry out in ecstasy, as does he.


He rolls off of me and we lay there, panting. He pulls off the condom and pulls his boxers on. I put my panties back on as he does so. We climb under the covers with grins plastered on our faces. He kisses me with fire and passion. He pulls away and he wraps his arms around me. He holds me as we slowly drift to sleep in eachothers arms…



“(Y/N)! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWN HERE PRONTO!” a voice bellows from downstairs.

I wake up scared and throw on sweats before running downstairs. “Y-Yes Ashton?” I ask my big brother.


“Who the fuck is upstairs?!” he asks. He seems worried as well as pissed.


“What do you mean?” I ask him.


“This polo shirt on the table? The eyeglasses? The hickey? The bloody medical crap everywhere?! Did you sacrifice some poor guy?!”


I sigh. “Luke! Come downstairs and meet my brother!” I call up to my lover.


A few seconds later I hear Luke coming down the steps. His pants are back on but his shirt is in Ash’s hand.


“Did you two….?”


“N-No!” we both say in unison.


“Dammit (Y/N)!” Ash yells at his sister.


“How did you even know?!” she asks defensively.


“You just told me,” he says with a smirk. “Was it at least good?”


My face turns red. “THAT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!” I yell shocked.


He directs his attention to Luke. “Take care of my sister. I’m sure you’re shocked so no formal introductions now. But maybe we can be friends,” Ashton says with a grin. He throws the shirt and glasses to Luke. “Mom will be home in an hour,” and with that he leaves.


I walk over to Luke who now has his shirt on. I kiss him deeply and passionately. When I pull away he smiles at me.


“Do you want to go somewhere Friday? Like a date?” he asks.


I smile and nod, “Of course!” I place my hand on his eye. It’s still a bit swollen.


“Don’t worry about me. Really! I should probably get home. Bye (Y/N),” he says. He walks to the door and before I can protest, he walks outside and next door. “I forgot to mention!” he calls over. “We’re neighbors now!”

Authors Note: I wrote this with parents and 8 year old cousins over my shoulder the whole time. I hope it came out okay! :D Tell me what you guys think and don’t forget to tell a friend!

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Owen Grady x Reader-Good News-

Request:What would you think about the idea of Owen and the reader being married for 2 years? And now Owen gives little hints that he is ready for having a baby with her.. You can also switch roles if you want, so that the reader gives hints about it.. Cute and fluffy pretty please? :) xx

A/N: Sorry I kept this one pretty short. I don’t really have any experience with kids so I kinda just winged the whole wanting of it x3 Thanks for your request doll <3 Hope it was good!

-Good News-
Today was your first day off in quite sometime. You and your husband Owen had decided you would walk around the park and check out the exhibits since the last time you had seen them was when you first started working on the island 4 years ago.  Since then you had met the love of your life, gotten married and (sorta) made a bond with the raptors.
It was as hot as it always was on the Central American Island but it was worth it to finally spend time alone with your husband.
All around you were screaming children, un-amused teenagers and flustered parents. It was actually kind of funny to watch.
“You know, it must suck to have to watch a child twenty four, seven” You told Owen as he sat down next you on a bench  opening his newly bought water.
“I don’t know. I’ve heard it can be pretty rewarding.” He shrugged his shoulders.
“I guess. But eighteen years of it?” You grabbed his spare hand and held it in yours.
“Yeah but it’s also eighteen years of ‘I love you mom’ and feeling a love greater then anything else.”
“You usually agree with me on this? What’s the deal?” You asked him.
“Guess I’m  just trying to get a different few of it.” He watched a child run in front of you and then smiled.
“It’s weird. Stop it.” You laughed.
The day grew shorter as you and Owen made your way around the park. You saw exhibit after exhibit and you and Owen both agreed none of them were as great as  the Raptors.
The park was closing and you stood in line to get one last lemonade before you’s head back to the bungalow. Owen stood at a gift shop to stay out of the way while you waited. You looked at your surroundings one last time taking it all in but you spotted something strange. There was a young boy crying on a bench and you didn’t see any adults around him.
What in the world?
You gave up your spot in line and walked over to him, behind you Owen watched you confused.
“Hey, are you alright?” You walked up to the boy who looked no older then 6. He shook his head slowly.
“Do you know where your parents are?” You asked. He gave the same response. You knew you couldn’t just leave him there. You sat down next to him as Owen walked up.
“I know you’re probably really scared but it’ll be okay. We’re going to go find a security guard and he’ll find your mom for you.” He looked at you and nodded as you smiled at him reassuringly. You asked Owen to go find a guard while you sat therewith the boy talked about all the dinosaurs he had seen today. A few minutes your husband had returned with a guard and a relieved looking mother.  You watched her as she scooped her son into her arms.
Owen wrapped his arm around your waist.
“You handled that really well. You know, you’d make a good mom one day.”
You just shrugged your shoulders.

It was quiet in your bungalow. Much different from the park. Other then the TV all that made a sound was Owens quiet breathing.
You were tired and sore from walking around all day. You laid there cuddled up with Owen when he rubbed your shoulder.
“You still up?” He asked.
“Yeah.” You said softly, sitting up.
“This characters name, Dean, I like it.” He nodded towards the TV.
You laughed a little.
“If we get a dog we’ll name it that.” You smiled.
“Well, actually, I was thinking, maybe it’s time for something new.” He looked at you. His face was serious yet kind.
“Something new?” You looked at him confused.
“(Y/N), I love you so much. And you make me the happiest man in the world. I want to start a family. I want to have a baby.”
Your heart stopped. A family? You weren’t ready for a family. You could hardly take care of yourself. Let alone another human being. You loved Owen, with all of your heart but was it time?
You took a deep breath and placed your hand on your stomach.
“Well, Owen Grady, I have some good news for you.”