Ya Allah, ich bitte Dich bei den schönsten Namen, die Du in Deinem Buch geschrieben hast, schaff für Mama einen Fluss im Paradies, einen, für jede Träne, die sie meinetwegen geweint hat.

i can’t fall back on you ‘cause that’s not what i do by ivvy million
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mainz (rhineland-palatinate, germany)


second evening in dublin by ivvy million
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dublin (dublin, ireland)


heart of blue por lina zelonka
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lorch (hesse, germany), seen from niederheimbach (rhineland-palatinate, germany)


where the rivers flow by ivvy million
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Bedside Manner - Moriel (fluff/angst)

The armchair was plush and inviting yet the occupant sat stiff and prim upon it, reneging the option of settling fully and comfortably into the cushioning so as to keep a more watchful eye over the scene before her.

The bedroom curtains had been dragged open again, several times by now, in protest of the enchantments keeping house. It may well be four am but they needed to see the sky. He would need to see the sky. It would need to be one of the very first things his eyes beheld, ‘after me,’ she thought whilst reaching to fuss with the doona tucked around his body. The deep navy engulfing the sleeper – she could almost convince herself that he was just sleeping – as the crisp white linen against his bare skin made evident how much colour he’d lost along with the blood.

Mor scooted the chair closer still towards the bed whilst her fingers kept fussing. She’d barely sat still more than 5 minutes since they’d landed, hands constantly tending to injuries and brushing back hair from the foreheads of the wounded. The blood had caked beneath her nails, drying so that she couldn’t scrape it out, yet she couldn’t bring herself to stop what she was doing. The icy sick feeling in her stomach flared whenever she stilled for too long, fearing that her inactivity would be their downfall, and causing her to flit around the room, keeping the environment appropriate, before returning her hands to any part of him within reach.

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Twin Peaks = Outset Island!

Here I come with a new theory regarding Breath of the Wild:

So, not long after I started playing BotW, I thought that if Hyrule was flooded, Twin Peaks would still be visible above the water and that’s how I came to the idea, that maybe Outset Island from Wind Waker IS Twin Peaks.

Of course, they do not look 100% alike but that would be due to the different design. 

Anyway, that was my idea but after a while I thought it might just be a coincidence. 

Now here’s what proves my theory though:

After a few days I noticed this on the map:

You gotta know that I am German. And to all non-Germans of you: you also gotta know that in Wind Waker, Outset Island is called Präludien in German. And if you look at the area around twin peaks on the (german) map of Breath of the Wild, you’ll see that the river that flows between the two mountains is called Präludia-Fluss. (Fluss = river)

I totally freaked out when I noticed that.

I love this fucking game.