flushing queens ny


High school Victory Corps. By the time these boys are old enough to join America’s fighting forces they will be toughened to commando standards. Flushing High School, Queens, New York, has expanded its physical education activities to include the type of training made necessary by wartime. 1942.

Just came back from Flushing! It was amazing. And today was the day of Sara, Haeun, and my bet (the next Flushing trip we’d dress each other up in a triangle [Haeun dresses me up, I dress Sara up, Sara dresses Haeun up]. We were classy casual). After going to Sushi Family for lunch (which was really good), we went to Toto’s, which we haven’t been to in a long time, to take pictures (today’s is on the right side of the Dance necklace). Unfortunately, they’re closing down at the end of next month, which doesn’t make any sense since they’re always full and obviously make a lot of money. Oh, well. All the other pictures are from other trips that were like last year and before this school year. Then we went to pool for an hour. My team won the first 2 games and we would’ve won the last one except my partner at the time hit the 8 ball, thinking we won, then realized the last stripe ball was still on the table. Went to Valentine’s (was the only one to buy something); immediately saw this Dance necklace and said “Gotta have it”. Love it. After 2 hours at karaoke (in Murray Hill) we just made the train. One animal-noise-making train ride and one talkative car ride later, we’re all home. Of course, throughout our trip we made our Quickly (bubble tea) and snack stops. I had about $40 and was left with 50 cents at the end of the day (top right corner). Now I’m just in my PJs, with my make up still on, watching The Boondocks, one of my favorite shows. Pretty awesome day, I’d say! :D

I decided to include my Broadway Dance Center membership card as a reminder to myself to actually start going back ASAP! Ugh, next Sunday! Must! Remember!