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Drew this to avoid my responsabilities and as a friendly reminder that Rose just watched Kanaya die and stuff

(also i cannot fucking believe i drew some happy pale gamkar prior to this upd8. cannot fucking believe)

Troll Romance Analysis

Hi there, welcome to my analysis on Troll Romance! This is a remake of my previous Romance analysis. I felt it was getting old and that I can write it much better than before. Long post incoming.


  • Troll society and sexuality
  • Troll emotions
  • Troll relationships
  • Troll romance and its social role
  • The Romance Quadrants
  • Matespritship: The flused quadrant
  • Kismesissitude: the caliginous quadrant
  • Moirallegiance: the pale quadrant
  • Auspistism: the ashen quadrant
  • Examples from Homestuck
  • Examples out of the comic

Please note that this analysis has quotes and examples from the comic and thus spoilers. Read only if you are ready for them.

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@bepiscola-official keeps asking for nonbinary Equius and so I figured day 7, quadrant mixing, of @homestuck-ff-month was a good chance to hit two birds with one stone! Equius and Nepeta are both pale and flush for Feferi (and pale for each other) so they’re both propositioning her in both quadrants ♦️♥️

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your askbox seems crowded with johnroxycallie asks today. welllll sorry im going to add another one to the pile! i am intrigued! i used to ship johnroxy because it seemed real & cute but i moved to roxycallie when it was canon. but this is interesting?? sooo im interested but not sold. give me your best sales pitch for this new ot3 and adopt me into that good good 4 person fold?

Okay here’s why I like it.

To start you have to understand my salty relationship with Roxy’s bisexuality. I basically wrote my own god damn narrative for it in my own head because I am just so over homestuck’s completely unwillingness to give women arcs relating to their sexuality. Womens’ queerness is always something treated by the narrative as obvious and unworthy of commentary or exploration or any element of revelation/self-discovery or even an iota of reflection or struggle, which is especially FRUSTRATING when they’ve been shown struggling with the queerness of OTHERS. It’s that last part that gets me w Roxy – I especially hate this with Roxy specifically because her relationship with Dirk was so very fucking fraught with her being bitter at him for being gay and thus unwilling to be with her. Roxy was aggressive about her attraction to Jake and Dirk and I would have really liked to see SOMETHING about like. The narrative there after she meets Callie, especially when Callie expressly tells Roxy that her species can’t experience human romance and blah blah blah blah there are so many things I would have loved to know more about re Roxy and her sexuality but this post is already going to be long so enough said about how mad I am about this specifically

The way I’ve settled on it for my own peace of mind is that Roxy went after Dirk and Jake most aggressively because she had the “save the human species” thing held up as the banner of like, the most important thing she could do to the exclusion of most else. Couple that with her being upset at Dirk for being gay and you get a workable explanation for her suppressing her own bisexuality and being so exuberantly performatively straight. 

So. Callie is the only person outside the other alpha kids that Roxy has had this lifelong close relationship/bond with. They have a conversation where they basically gal pal each other aggressively, with Callie saying her species can’t do redrom/human romance and Roxy being cagey about whether she’d reciprocate because Callie is basically telling her there’s no point to the thought exercise and who likes rejection?? but Roxy is the one who brings it up and is clearly fishing to see if Callie likes her likes her and blah blah blah people have been shipping RoxyCallie long before credits video because of all this, the ring, etc. The closeness of their relationship and the mutual “if only this could work it could be so good” narrative there like all right. 

Then, John. There’s an element to Roxy’s attraction to John that’s rooted in that instinctive thing she has going on that you can see on display in their first meeting, where she sees A Dude and immediately does her mental calculus to determine hey here is A Dude, he’s kind of cute, he’s maybe not gay and/or off-limits b/c my best friend has a huge messy crush on him. And it would be real easy to weigh the scales here and go full RoxyCallie if that were the sum and parts of their relationship, but like, here’s the thing – it’s not. 

I just cannot let go of John and Roxy as the sole survivors of the Game Over timeline. Roxy is Callie’s beacon of optimistic hope, Roxy is the one who acts to save Callie and preserve her in the alpha timeline (with John’s help – John gives Roxy the ring after all. I like that detail in the full scope of them being a Unit in the future.) But JOHN plays that role for Roxy. Roxy watches Rose die and is ready to sit down and throw in the towel. She tells John straight up that her only plan going forward after this is to accept her fate and bury her mom and wait for her miserable doomed timeline to end and take her with it. John is the one who convinces her there might be a better way, there might be hope. JOHN is the one who acts to preserve Roxy’s existence in the alpha timeline. I really love the parallel between Roxy bringing Callie back from the brink of oblivion and John bringing Roxy back from the same via the same mechanism that allows John to get the ring that allows Roxy to bring Callie back in the first place. That is a really tidy loop and I like it a lot.

So, Roxy in Earth C with a boy she likes and has a connection with that literally no one else can understand because no one else went through Game Over, no one else has this dissonant experiences that might not mesh 100% with the people they love, no one else has this potential imposter syndrome. I love the idea of Roxy and John bonding over that and have never really been willing to give it up. I love the idea of Roxy coming to understand that her infatuation with the idea of A Boy, Any Boy and the future she wanted so bad were products of trauma and really examining that and then realizing she fell for John legitimately, that she genuinely finds him charming

Simultaneously, Roxy in Earth C with the alien girl she’s had a crush on for like probably forever, and now she’s free of the burden she always assumed she had to repopulate the human race. Also her entire family is queer and she’s free to explore her own feelings with that context. Maybe to accept that her feelings for Jane were never purely platonic (and her feelings for Callie certainly never were) and half her frustration at Dirk was that he insisted on being “true” to himself while Roxy never felt she could be and imposed straightness on herself out of obligation to the human race. That could make a girl bitter, right? (I have so many god damn feelings about Roxy and Dirk reconciling post-canon)

And here’s Callie with her insistence that cherubs can’t experience redrom, too. Except now she’s living on Earth C with, for example, Karkat, a troll who absolutely experiences romantic feelings the same way humans do despite all his species lore stating Trolls Can’t Feel Like That. And now Callie has eternity to explore HER feelings – and we know part of why Callie just accepted that she couldn’t experience flushed/human romance is because she didn’t think anyone would ever love her like that anyway, right? She thought she was hideous and unloveable. Well now she’s here on Earth C and there’s no way Roxy is going to go on letting her believe that. And without that holding her back from exploring the way she REALLY feels, you can see a path to Callie allowing herself to experience emotions she never thought she could. 

And all of these are positive things and wonderful things for these people to learn about themselves and about each other. 

Roxy caught between the boy she fell for on her journey and the girl she fell for long before her journey even started, just having this realization like, everyone is doing what they want here, this is our universe and our earth and our society and our rules, and she’s kind of unofficially dating them both for awhile but not committing labels-wise to either until eventually she’s just like fuck it??? Here’s how I feel, now how about you??? And I cannot imagine Callie protesting Roxy loving them both or someone else loving Roxy as much as she does, and John’s relationship with romance throughout Homestuck is so bemused and ???? and exploratory, I imagine he’s like well this is kinda weird is this like a troll thing and Roxy is like no this is just an us thing and they deal with it

John and Callie have already been spending tons of time with each other throughout and again, as I referenced in an earlier post, there’s some initial awkwardness that settles out into a balanced arrangement and Callie and John both love Roxy and care about each other very much.

Also like, until there actually is some kind of epilogue that does more with John’s current depression arc and ties in the Masterpiece with everything, I like this alternate reality where John has someone who understands him in a way really no one else can there for him when his shit starts to go south, I like the idea of there being an entire long ass subplot where John tries to isolate himself and Roxy is instrumental in not allowing that to happen, I like Callie’s cheer in the face of her own blisteringly unforgiving history and reality being an inspiration for John, I like a lot of things that canon as it stands doesn’t have a satisfying character-driven arc for at the moment.

And, you know, to cap all this off, I really just like JohnRoxyCallie as an acknowledgement that bisexual woman are not “less” for liking boys, that bisexual woman don’t “count” unless they are exclusively with women, and that bisexual people in real life who ship bisexual characters with people of opposite/other genders are not somehow betraying the queer community by doing so, while simultaneously not sacrificing a potential f/f romance for a m/f one.

The LGBT community’s relationship with bisexual women is MY pet issue, because obviously I’m a bi woman, and there’s obviously an element of that going on as well. It bothers me with the treatment of a lot of fandom/homestuck’s bisexual women (this frenzy by queer fandom to erase every relationship a bisexual woman ever had with a man as being not real or not valid for x, y, z reasons while Straight Fandom is over there doing the same thing, but opposite) but Roxy is by far the Homestuck Canon Bisexual Woman I personally care about the most so SHRUG that’s why you get a million words of my feelings

Anyway that’s why I like them

Moonlight Spotlight - botgal - Hiveswap [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hiveswap, Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Joey Claire/Xefros Tritoh
Characters: Joey Claire, Xefros Tritoh
Additional Tags: Quadrant Confusion, Quadrant Vacillation, Pale-Red Vacillation, Pale Romance | Moirallegiance, Flushed Romance | Matesprits, Crushes, mutual crushing, Dancing, Ballet, Cultural Differences, Culture Sharing, Basically Joey shows Xefros the wonders of ballet, and Xefros falls a little harder for her in he doesn’t even know what way

Have you ever danced with an alien in the pink moonlight?
Well Xefros hasn’t. But he’s certainly content to watch her dance.

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Your Warrant Need - mizzy_yolo - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 18/18
Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Underage
Relationships: Levi/Eren Yeager
Characters: Eren Yeager, Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Darius Zackly, Hange Zoë, Isabel Magnolia, Farlan Church, Erwin Smith, Armin Arlert, everyone makes an appearance eventually
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Verse, Omega Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Alpha Eren Yeager, Bottom Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin), Top Eren Yeager, Solitary Confinement, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Smut, Tooth-Rotting Fluff, m-preg, ALL THE FLUFF, Writer has no limits, anything can happen really, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Self-Lubrication, Rutting, Protective Eren Yeager, LEVI IS A LITTLE OOC, Levi is a Little Shit, Levi Is Bad At Feelings, Mates, Flushed Romance | Matesprits, Eren Is a Tease, Eren is a cheeky shit, Alternate Universe

“He should run.

That’s the single thought that filled Levi Ackerman’s head.”

Levi never believed in the folktales of destined ‘mates’. For he would never bow down to an Alpha. Not even to one that forced him against his will. That is, until a certain sun kissed, teal eyed, shaggy brunet steps into play.

An Omegaverse Au.

A Midtrainride's Dream - botgal - Hiveswap [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hiveswap, Homestuck
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Joey Claire/Xefros Tritoh, Joey Claire & Xefros Tritoh
Characters: Xefros Tritoh, Joey Claire
Additional Tags: Quadrant Confusion, Pale-Red Vacillation, Pale Romance | Moirallegiance, Flushed Romance | Matesprits, Pale Crush, Flush Crush, Xefros experiences the pale equivalent of a wet dream, and then a flushed version, he is very mortified

Xefros experiences some dreams.
They involve Joey.
He isn’t sure how to feel about this.

Really Bad Eggs

Pairing: John Egbert/Terezi Pyrope/Karkat Vantas

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

By: everlind and orangelemonart for saffronheliotrope

Warnings: Alternate Universe, Noir, Flushed Romance | Matesprits, Caliginous Romance | Kismesis, Ashen Romance | Auspistice, Quadrant Confusion, Quadrant Vacillation, Threesome, Xeno, Bulges and Nooks, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Polyamory, Biting, Scratching 


John raises a brow at Terezi. “Do you really want to do this in front of your boyfriend?”

She raises one back. “Do you want to do it in front of yours?”

His shoulders hitch on a soundless laugh. “Good point,” he says and catches your eyes right before he kisses her.

The legislacerator Neophyte Pyrope and the threshecutioner Probationer Vantas had a failing relationship that was vacillating between red and black in a destructive way, until the internationally wanted prankster thief John Egbert swooped in and totally made a mockery of ashen relationships. What kind of auspistice lets it get all the way to the pail? A failed one, that’s what. It still counts if he holds her hands so she cant claw up his pretty human boyfriend TOO much, right? No, no it doesn’t.

Belated, yes, but still! Stay awesome and amazing and awe-inspiring <3<3<3
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Companions react to Sole putting a flower crown on their head? 😊

Oooh! That’s awesome! My first request! Yay!

Here you go, Anon! With both non-romanced AND romanced versions of *almost* all the companions!


“What the hell do ya think ya are doin’?!” She asks Sole in confusion. When sole explains their intent, Cait just tells them to knock it off. She doesn’t like when someone gets too close and she doesn’t see the point of doing such a thing.She will tease Sole for weeks.

Romanced Cait:

“What? What is that?” She asks nervous. When Sole explais her, she laughs at them. After Sole asks her to wear the flower crown for the tenth time in a row, she finally puts it on with her cheeks heavily blushed.


“Oooh, a flower crown! Merci beacoup monsieur/madame!” She wears it joyful, with a slight blush on her cheeks.

Romanced Curie:

“Oh, my love! Merci! Je t'aime!’‘She kisses Sole on the cheek and make another flowery crown for her love! She just loves it so much and can’t top wearing it. When the crown will be inevitable ruined she will be very sad, and Sole will make another one just for her!


He is confused. Very, very confused. “Soldier, this is heavily inappropriate. Stop that!” He will never wear the crown… or admit he kept it hid somewhere.

Romanced Danse:

“Uuumhh… Sole? What are you doing..?” Since Danse finds himself very comfortable having Sole around, he often doesn’t wear his power armor, which is a wonderful opportunity for Sole to put the crown on his head without being noticed. He will keep the crown on his head with a huge heart-warming smile on his face and take it off only when there’s the risk to be seen from someone.


“Woah, thank you very much, pal!” He absolutely loves it, but he teases Sole for loving flowers. Too bad that his face is flushed.

Romanced Deacon:

Just like Curie, he returns tha favor by making another one for Sole. Then he proceeds to cuddle with his love while both wearing their crowns.

Nick Valentine:

“Well done, kid! I like it. Could you make another one for Ellie?” He really likes it, but the prefers keeping his old fedora on.

Romanced Nick Valentine:

He laughs, calling Sole “adorable”. If they are alone, he keeps the crown on, ‘cause he loves it as much as he does with Sole.


“Why puny human offer Strong hat with flowers?! Strong no understand!”


“Oh… well… thank you Blue…” She wears it when no one’s watching, with a huge smile on her face.

Romanced Piper:

She stares at Sole lettin’ go a soft “Aaawww…” and she hugs them tight, whispering them “I love you so much, Blue…”


“Boss! What the fu-fan are you doing!” He immediately takes the crown off. When Sole stares at him slightly pissed off, he’s tearing up:“I’m allergic, damn it!”. Sole will tease him for a while.

Romanced Mac.Cready:

Sole must have forgot that he is allergic to pollens. However, he loves Sole, so he keeps the crown on his head just to make them smile.


He refuses to keep the crown on and throws it away. He really doesn’t see the meaning of that. (come on, he’s a jerk)

Romanced X6-88:

He still can’t see what’s the meaning of the present, but will keep the crown on just to see Sole smile. When some settlers spot him wearing the flowery accessory on, he threatens them to shut their mouth… otherwise he will find them and break all their limbs.


He accepts the crown and claims himself “King of the sexy zombies”. He loves the colors of the flowers, expecially when he’s on some Jet.

Romanced Hancock:

“Hey sunshine! What have you got for me today?” He asks before Sole takes his hat off and puts on the crown. He laughs and Kisses Sole on the forhead:“I’m a flower and you are my Sun. I can’t live without you, trouble.”

Preston Garvey:

“Th-thank you General, but I don’t think this is part of the Minutemen’s attire…” He blushes wildly, asking himself why does he feel his cheeks burning.

Romanced Preston Garvey:

He loves the little crown and stares at Sole:“You are the best gift I could ever recieve, love…”


She loves the crown and wants to keep it forever. She feels sadness when she looses it and begs Sole for another one.

Old Longfellow:

He says thanks, but he really doesn’t wear it. Pretty much like Danse, he hides it somewhere safe and denies that he’s keeping it.


Dogmeat… well… he doesn’t understand the meaning of “gift”, so he’ll probably pretty much end up destroying the crown and eating it. But that’s just fine, 'cause Sole’s laughing out loud.

Here you go! I hope I didn’t mess up or anything! ^^