Love when the deleted scenes are better than the actual scenes.




A thing I watch everyday is this deleted scenes version of a Parks and Rec clip with Jean-Ralphio

Sydney is planning to become the second city to offer free tampons to women
Equal rights – period.
By David Nield

File under success stories for equality and social outreach: the Sydney city council is considering a plan to hand out free tampons to women at different points in the city, including libraries, sports venues, and homeless shelters.

Not only do women make up a third of the homeless population in Australia, they earn substantially less on average, too, and there’s a widespread feeling that authorities could be doing more to support women in the country.

“[The] city of Sydney is flush with cash and throws around money like there’s no tomorrow,” Sydney city councillor Edward Mandla told Libby-Jane Charleston at The Huffington Post. “There’s money for everyone and lots of talk about equality. But there’s little in practical leadership solutions.”

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Poor Life Choices

Well, the bad news is my work situation became dire and I’ve been mostly grinding for cash or unconscious. Sorry to the like, three of you who actively follow me. The good news is that means I’m flush with cash and it’s enabled me to make poor financial decisions. So I’ve got about 350 more books than I did the last time I posted what is available to scan. it’s about 2/3 random yuri/het porn and about 1/3 Oofuri BL fluff. I’ll post a group shot of the new stuff soon so you can request whatever. In the mean time I’ll carry on with the Oofuri scans, because I was doing just such a bang up job of doing that daily before I doubled what I had for that series.