flush the evidence

“Are you serious? You want to stay home? Jasper, we planned–” Pearl started, even as she had to step backwards against the much stronger Gem’s pushing.

For her part, Jasper’s face was flushed, frustration evident in her voice, but her push was as gentle as she ever made it. “I don’t care, you’re not going into town like this!” 

“It can’t possibly look that bad, I made sure–”

“No! You look too good!” Jasper’s entire face was aflame, “I’m not sharing you with those humans!”


@jaspearlbomb Day 2: Date Night!

AKA I have decided Jasper has the social capacity of a Saiyan Prince stranded on Earth, and Pearl just doesn’t have the same kind of pushy personality as Bulma to outvote her. 

The pic fics are back lovelies! They are longer this time, each with a specific theme/kink throughout the story. If you’d like to send me suggestions for future fics, please let me know! Enjoy my loves. <3


The leather jacket and wholly black attire speaks volume each time you come across him. Bad boys are no good for you. Nearly everyone you’ve stumbled across through you life has warned you of hanging around those boys in gangs and the ones who have made compromises with the devil. ‘They’re no good,’ and ‘they’ll break your heart without remorse.’ But this one in particular always struck you as interesting. His gang always shows up to the bar you work at once nightfall blankets the sky. He’s always permitting you looks of enticement, with the lacy seduction palpable in his gaze. And it works. You try to conceal your evident flushes and reciprocation to his alluring advances. 

You’ll take it upon yourself to let this biker know just how well he’s managed to cajole you into taking a chance. With little witnesses around you’ll slyly whisper to him how ‘cool’ you find him, only for him to firmly grasp your wrist, pulling you towards him swiftly. “Is that so?” he’ll query you, maintaining lustful eye contact with you. You feel your heart quickening in pace, slightly thankful that all other patrons in the bar have departed. Emitting a soft moan, you feel your head jerk back slightly as he takes grasp of a fistful of your hair, leaning towards you with enigmatic avidity. “Show me just how fascinated you are with me.” 

Roughly, he’ll shove you down upon your knees, as he rises, still keeping hold of your hair, awaiting your next move. Within seconds, you’ll have him emitting guttural growls and low groans as you carefully take his member within your grasp, permitting small kitten licks to the tip, adroitly. With each maneuver you perform, you can feel him tugging at your hair slightly, with increasing vigor. A strident moan wracks through your throat as you engulf his member whole, prompting the biker to tug even harder at your hair. “Don’t fucking stop,” he commands lowly, a dominating aura enveloping him as you continue bobbing along his substantial length. Without warning, you retract from him, gazing upwards with pleading eyes. You beseech how you desire him in between high pitched begs, only to have him impatiently yank your hair back, eliciting audible cries from you. “You don’t fuckin stop ‘til I’m satisfied kitten,” he explains, eyes glazed with dark sensuality, as his free hand reaches around your neck, slightly taking hold of you. “Is that understood?” 

You merely nod, as he carefully twists the bundle of hair within his grasp into that of a bun, still maintaining a firm hold before allowing you to continue. In between licks and sucks to his length, you moan into his member, allowing the resonating vibrations to seize him, as his groans become noticeably gruff, indicating his high is nearing. Still keeping firm hold of your hair, he’ll hoist you up, lying you prostrate upon a nearby counter, approaching you with a desirous gaze. Roughly removing your undergarments, you feel his hand graze your neck once more in a possessive grasp, as he carefully enters himself within you, resulting in satisfied mewls from you. “I’ll show you exactly how I feel about you kitten,” he’ll growl lowly, now yanking your head back wantonly, a mischievous smirk profound. 

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