flush set


Laurel was the first one she told.

Naturally Laurel knew something was up - the way Cassia strutted around preening herself like a peacock was enough to tell her that. She wasn’t even picking fights with anyone, which was highly unusual. So when Cassia asked to speak to Laurel alone she was hardly surprised.

“Hassan and I are a thing now,” Cassia said without any preamble. “It was some Romeo and Juliet type shit, Laurel! You wouldn’t believe it. He threw stones at my window and everything.”

“What?!” Laurel demanded. “And it just worked out? You’ve had a lucky break, Cass, that’s… amazing. But I’m happy for you.”

Cassia eyed her warily, sucking on the inside of her cheek. “So now I’ve told my crush how I feel, what about you? You gonna talk to Tessy or will I have to drag you to her by the hair myself?”

Flushing madly, Laurel set her jaw and huffed, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”



You lay on your couch, your feet resting on the topmost part of it. You were smiling at the selfie you had taken of you and Deerre last time you had visited his hive. Things were going nicely, and you really enjoyed being around him. You still had no idea if he might be interested in you in a more flushed setting, but you had just met each other a few lunar cycles ago. You were happy with the friendship that was growing between you, and your own flush feelings were budding slowly. This was the first time you’ve ever had a flush crush, so you didn’t really know how to go about this all, but you were going with your gut feeling.

You smile softly to yourself, remembering that fateful blind date. You had done most the talking, talking about your garden and flowers. You had worried that you’d bored him to death, but he had seemed to enjoy himself. You thought back to your embarrassing pester-messages and felt your face flush slightly. You had been so awkward, it had been painful going back and reading your messages as you waited for him to respond. It had taken him a while, but you suppose that was your fault. After all he had warned you that he barely ever checked his messages, so you guess you were lucky that answered at all.

You sit up with a sigh, swinging your legs over the edge. You had been so happy to get a message back from him. He had actually agreed and you guys started hanging out more. You really liked it. You had discovered that he really liked food, and so had started looking up simple but tasty recipes. You had plenty from Annale. You were mostly just doing snacks and tidbits. You hadn’t cooked him a meal yet since you tended to not really stay over through meal times, but you brought a lot of snacks, some hive-made and some store bought.

Your phone let out a soft hum, and you quickly look over at it. Oh! Deerre had messaged you! He was wondering if you were coming over tonight, and you typed out a quick and cheerful greeting. You smiled at the phone, a blush rising once again on your cheeks. You typed that you didn’t have any plans for tonight and that if he was ok with it, you would make the trip out to see him. He replied that that sounded nice, and you had to hold in a squeal of delight.

You immediately started packing up a few things, like your husktop, some snacks, and the like. You let Possum-mom out for the night, and slid on your hiking boots and flannel. You were pretty much ready to go. You locked up your hive, and started off.


You sat on Deerre’s couch, nibbling on a cookie, and waited for him to come back from wherever he had gone in his hive. You noticed that his hive was messy like usual, and you wondered why he kept it that way. Maybe he just didn’t care? It was cleaner than the first time you’d come over but the couch had still had some stuff on it. Deerre had taken the stuff and said he’d be back.

You had noticed that the metal pieces that he’d had in him were gone, and that his breathing seemed easier now and you were happy for him. It seemed like the removal of those pieces had really helped him out a lot health wise. And not only that, but you could cuddle him a little easier now without fear of being poked or scratched.

You wondered what he wanted to do tonight, maybe you’d go for a walk, or watch another movie? Maybe both! That’d be great. You hear his footsteps and smile at him from the couch. You pat the couch next to you, waiting for him to come sit down. He smiled his usual nervous smile at you, and sat down. What he said next surprised you.

You sat there, looking at him, you entire face flushing orange. He asked you to the perigee ball. Deerre asked you to go to the ball with him. Like a Date! You opened and closed your mouth briefly, before smiling shyly.

“I would love to go with you, Deerre. I think this could be really fun!” You lean forward and hug him gently. You couldn’t believe that he’d asked you on another date essentially! This was going to be the best night of your life.




Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And this pink aesthetic that characterizes the holiday will augment the atmosphere you’ve established for you and your boyfriend as a means of celebrating. You’ve coated the walls in a slick roseate hue. Scattered across the floor are myriads of tiny carnation petals all in the adorned shade of pink. A few balloons of the salmon aspect drift languidly within the room. Each item in the complexion of pink. Including the outfit you’ve decided to showcase for your boyfriend: a flushed lingerie set in the shade of flamingo pink, that hugs your body exquisitely, exhibiting all your most attractive features, from your smooth curves to your supple breasts. Your boyfriend sits upon the ivory stool, his face illustrating enchantment, as if Cupid’s potent arrows have taken their toll on him. He murmurs saccharine words of amazement at the grace you harbor in your lingerie set, now wholly immersed in the aesthetic of pink. 

Approaching you with a yearning gaze, he’ll pull you towards him for a rapturous kiss, much to your satisfaction. You’ll feel his hands wander up and down your sides, while your tongues enter a zealous melee, prolonging the kiss. As you pull away from the kiss, the sound of affectionate compliments will envelop your ears, as he murmurs how much he loves you and how beautiful you are to him. Caught off guard with hot pink euphoria surging throughout your body, your breath is drawn in sharply as you feel his hand make way below your naval, cupping your clothed core. Still showering you with compliments, his digits manage to make way past the fabric and deftly trace the outlines of your damp folds. As you whine against him, gently, he’ll permit entry into your core, pushing in and out, eliciting shrill mewls from you. “So perfect baobei,” he’ll murmur softly as he continues to slick your entrance wet with his digits. Whining his name aloud, your walls gradually tighten with each pump he grants your core, prompting him to quicken his pace. He relishes in watching as your climax consumes your body wholly. Magenta sparks of palpable pleasure channel throughout your body as you stridently call out for your boyfriend, gripping his shoulders tightly, while you ride out your high upon his digits. Extracting his digits from you, he’ll peck you contentedly, while whispering to you: “Happy Valentine’s day baobei.” 

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