flush magazine

  • Interviewer: You look people in the eye at gigs and I know you've got a good memory with faces, how does it feel to see the same people coming back to see you again and again?
  • Justin: For me THAT is the most important thing: continued emotional investment in what we do. Loyalty is one of my favourite qualities in human beings. I love that we mean more than just a drunken night out to people. That's fun too but I want us to mean so much to people and I think coming back again and again is sign that we DO to those people. So it's very special to us.
  • Interviewer: 'Nobody's Hero' became 'Teenage Icon', 'What's Your Perception' became 'Wolf Pack' and I still mistakenly refer to 'Under Your Thumb' with its original title 'European Sun' - why the changes?
  • Justin: That last one - I ALWAYS mistake it. I still don't know its name. I suppose when you came to the record you look at the way everything fits together, like a puzzle. You only really see what fits when you start putting it together.

Franchi Llama

A Spanish made pistol that was commissioned and sold through the Italian firearm manufacturer Franchi, who are known mostly for their shotguns. The Llama was available in .22 LR and .32 ACP. It’s based on the American 1911, hence the slight similarity in appearance. The magazines sit flush when inserted, I think the one in the photo is just being used to prop it up on the box. (GRH)

  • Interviewer: The original lineup was you, Freddie and someone else. So there's someone out there whose life has turned out quite differently from yours and Freddie's. If you weren't in The Vaccines what would you be doing now?
  • Justin: He's actually coming on tour with us soon. I won't tell you in what band or on what tour. I'd still be a musician I hope! It's just something you do.