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If you’re polyamorous, you should get a flu shot.

Influenza isn’t an STI, but it can be spread through close personal contact, including sex, cuddling, hugging, kissing and holding hands, all of which put you either in contact with bodily fluids or in your partners’ “spray zone” from coughs/sneezes/etc. And if you have three partners, and each of them have 2-5 partners, and so on, one infection can turn into an epidemic.

Some people are unable to take a flu shot, or are particularly susceptible to flu infections/complications. Protect yourself. Protect your partners. Protect their partners.

I Though I Was Coming With a Flu [edited]

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Fem!Reader, Sam, Dr. Blaze (OC)

word count: 2k

Warnings: Bit of angst, fluff, lots of it, unexpected pregnancy!!!

A/N: This is and old story among the firsts pices of SPN fanfiction I ever wrote and posted on Tumblr. Since my brain haven’t been helpful with me and the new stories I have in mind I decided to edit this one. I was about to change the ending a bit, but fuck it. I like it, even if it is dull… Oh, and I’m tagging people.

Anyways this is prompt: ‘The reader was told she was infertile by her doctor a long time ago. She finds out he was wrong when she realizes she’s pregnant… with Dean’s baby.    From “60+ Dean x Pregnant!reader Prompts” that I don’t remember who it was from because I deleted the original post, so sorry!! 

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I Thought I Was Coming With a Flu

The cold water felt wonderful against your hot, flushed face, soothing the feverish sensation. You delicately patted the droplets off of your sensitive skin with a soft fluffy towel. Observing in detail your reflection in the mirror, you didn’t recognize the person looking back at you anymore.

Dark circles around your eyes,cheeks shrunk to half it’s normal size- displaying the cheekbones through thin, pale skin - It’s been, what two, three weeks since you started to feel sick… you didn’t keep count anymore. Your neck looked longer and thinner, not to mention that you’d lost at least 20 lb and all of your jeans were baggy now, even your sweats started to slide down your hip.

You carded your fingers through your dirty hair, moving  it to the side and contemplated your languid face once more before rinsing your mouth with the last of mouthwash; what was the point on brushing your teeth if you were going to throw up again in like 20 minutes?

You made your way down the hall to the kitchen, stopping once or twice to catch your breath; you couldn’t be off bed for more than a few minutes without feeling like you were going to faint. You finally reached your destination and laid against the doorframe, to regain your composure and were immediately greeted by the worried looks of the Winchester brothers.

“Morning to you too,” you said in a sarcastic tone.

“Hi,” they said in the unison.

“Umm… Hun, you know it’s 5 in the afternoon, right?” Dean was getting up so you could seat on his place, even though there were a lot of empty chairs.

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Going off to university is super duper cool. It matures you drastically in a short amount of time. However, there were some specific things I started doing that really helped me out later in class and real life. 

  • Reading the news: my dudes, I know for some this sounds super boring or that social media has all the news that you need, but that is very wrong. Reputable news sources have some very strict standards for sources, evidence and message. Here are the best reputable news sources: 
    • Washington Post (free with an .edu email)
    • NPR (free in general, has great podcasts. see this post.)
    • New York Times (not so free with an .edu email, but cheaper)
    • Wall Street Journal ($4 a month with an .edu email)
    • The Economist (still expensive with an .edu account - useful for those who have a international major like polisci, international relations, spanish majors etc.)
    • Politico
    • The BBC
    • DON’T FORGET YOUR LOCAL AND STATE NEWS WHICH ARE IMPORTANT (and most likely to have funny headlines and stories - for example in Texas this dude ran for mayor of Corpus Christie, won, and then resigned 37 days later. Now this dude is running for Senate lolol). 
    • (There is no cable news on here, because cable news is mostly for entertainment and like 90% trash, sorry not sorry)
  • Have an agenda/planner: Homies, the only reason I was half as responsible as I was last year is due to writing everything down. Due dates for assignments, homework for each day, meetings, when I needed to get my oil changed - it all went into the agenda/planner. 
  • Make a budget: If you are responsible with what little money you have now it will be easier to be responsible with any sum of money later. Pinky Promise. 
  • Stay Healthy: Be as healthy as you can afford. Get your flu shot if you can (sometimes campus clinic will have them for free of for a reduced price), workout (the gym is included in your tuition, btw), take advantage of having pre-cut vegetable with your meal plan, don’t forget to have fun with friends, which is just as important as your flu shot. 
  • Find what relaxes you: For me this is skin care - which I recommend everyone do, but for me washing my face, using toner, a serum, a mask and moisturizing is super relaxing and I always feel like a better person afterwards. If Netflix relaxes you, go for it. Same with music, or running, or reading, or whatever you do to chill. Make time for it. 
  • Start Preparing for Real Life: Real life hits you hard if you are not prepared. Get work experience if you can, any type of work that you can put on your resume is useful, I promise! Intern in your field (to get experience, contacts and to make sure you WANT to work in that field). NETWORK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Get a LinkedIn and connect to literally everyone. It isn’t the same rules as reg social media. If you meet anyone in your field find them on LinkedIn and send them a message about enjoying meeting them. DO IT. 
  • Start Planning for More School: If you have plans for grad school the prep you are doing is different in some ways than above, mainly that you have to do more. Keep your GPA high, you also need to intern if you can, apply for major scholarships (Fullbright, Rhodes, Truman etc) even if you don’t think you’ll get it apply anyways, start looking for grad school and start sucking up to professors so you’ll get a good recommendation. 
  • Speak up in class: I think this is important because it endears you to professors. BUT it also makes sure you are actively thinking about what you’re learning. If you participate in a class debate–even better–because learning how to productively argue is ONE OF THE BEST SKILLS you can learn. 
  • Consider being politically active: To be fair, I am a little biased as a political science major. BUT GOVERNMENT IS SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT OKAY? Especially local government–which (at least in the USA) has the most impact on your life even if you don’t always see it. You don’t have to join a party, just be informed, go to town halls, contact your representatives, and VOTE. I SWEAR TO GOD VOTE. PEOPLE UNDER 30 ARE LEAST LIKELY TO VOTE BUT, MY DUDES, WE ARE LIVING WITH THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE ELECTION A LOT LONGER THAN ANYONE ELSE. ONLY LIKE 30% OF MILLENNIALS VOTED IN THE 2016 USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. WTF. SHAPE UP. 

These are just something that me and my friends and I have done. If you have any questions about how to get politically active in your area or how to contact your reps the best hmu because I interned for my local congressional rep and I run my school’s College Democrat club. 

Things Damian Wayne has Definitely Done at Some Point

- challenged a  pigeon to a duel

- tried taking Goliath to Petsmart

- built a tree house with Colin behind Wayne Manor

- had a 36-hour Disney movie marathon with Dick

- snuck into Selina’s place when she wasn’t home to cuddle with her cats

- couldn’t handle the “Baby Mine” scene in Dumbo and broke down in Bruce’s lap

- punched a computer and broke the screen

- gave Tim a dead spider for Christmas

- bit a woman’s finger when she tried to pinch his cheek

- attempted to adopt a giraffe

- reluctantly dressed as Pinkie and The Brain with Dick for Halloween (he being Brain of course)

- made the mistake of walking in on Dick and Barbara and was thoroughly scarred for life

- got kicked out of class for correcting a teacher numerous times and maybe definitely calling her an “uncultured babbling wench”

- got the nickname Stewie Griffin for obvious reasons

- lost a bet with Steph and had to wear a pink batman onesie for an entire day

- had a nightmare about his death and cuddled with Jason the entire night

- was too short for every roller coaster at Adventureland

- replaced a sleep deprived Tim’s coffee grounds with dirt

- made Bruce get a ticket because he rode in the front without a car seat

- gave a pediatrician a black eye when given his flu shot

- stole Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern ring somehow and used it to make a giant fire sword

- got caught singing along to Whitney Houston

- got mistaken for a seven year-old

- thrust a butterknife through a table when offered a kid’s menu at a restaurant 

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You had only been in bed for a measly 2 hours when a harsh wave of nausea hit you once more and you bolted to the bathroom connected to your room. The soup you had sipped down earlier that afternoon made a gross reappearance as you vomited in the toilet, shaking slightly at the force. You hated throwing up, almost as much as you hated needles, but you’d take the flu any day if it meant you didn’t have to let some shaky handed doctor stick a needle in your arm. The vomiting ceased and you leaned back and groaned. Getting up on extremely shaky legs, you wobbled to the sink and began to brush your teeth. 

It was like the virus had knew exactly when you’d be alone and vulnerable, because the second your parents left for their anniversary vacation and Edward left with his family for an extended hunting mission, you fell ill with a nasty strain of the flu. You’d been throwing up steadily for 2 days and had dealt with the intense migraine and body aches for 3 and you honestly just wanted it all to end. You finished rinsing your mouth and half crawled back to your bed. Wrapping yourself once more under the mountain of blankets, you closed your eyes and attempted to once more gain some shut eye. 

What felt like seconds later, you felt the harsh wave of nausea. You attempted to sit up and climb out of bed, but between your weak muscles and tangled blankets, the task proved much too difficult. Tears built behind your eyes and your situation, but suddenly hands were moving quickly to unravel you and carry you swiftly to the bathroom. You didn’t have time to understand what was going on as bile rose and you leaned over the toilet. There wasn’t much left in your stomach, so it was mostly painful dry heaving that left you breathless. You whimpered as your stomach clenched again and tears pricked your eyes. Firm hands rubbed at your back and moved the sweaty stands of your hair out of the line of fire. A familiar voice soothed your cries and took you into their arms as your heaving stopped. 

“How long have you been sick?” Edward implored as he procured a hair tie and tied your hair back. 

You cuddled more into his arms despite the coolness of his skin, finding comfort in his presence. “Since you left.” You mumbled out. You moved to stand up so you rinse your mouth again and Edward helped you stand. 

“(Y/n) why didn’t you call me?” Edward grumbled, “I could have stayed with you.” 

You were shaking your head before he could finish his sentence, “I know how much you wanted to go, and you haven’t been hunting with your family in so long.” You grabbed a bottle of mouth wash, too tired to scrub at your teeth again, and swished it around. 

“My family would have understood, love.” He said softly. You finished up at the sink and, with Edwards help, shuffled back to bed. He helped swaddle you in the blankets and vanished out of the room before coming back with a plate and several bottles of medicine. 

“Have you ever had the flu shot?” Edward asked as he set down the plate that you discovered held sliced bananas and dry toast. 

You shuddered at his question and shook your head, “You know I don’t like needles.” 

He gave you a disproving look, “(Y/n), you need a flu shot.” 

“I’d rather have the flu.” 

He rolled his eyes and helped you sit up as he helped you swallow one of the pills. He followed it up with a slice of banana that you begrudgingly swallowed. You didn’t bother telling him you didn’t like bananas either. 

The next 24 hours was spent with Edward adorably doting on you as you wore out the rest of your sickness. By evening the next day you could finally hold down solid food without it coming back up later. You spent the rest of your time snuggled up in bed watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix. 

The next week, Edward finally guilted convinced you to let Carlisle give you a flu shot. Your hands were shaking slightly and nerves made you feel like you were going to throw up, but you were trying to keep it under control lest Emmett make fun of you again. You sat down in the chair Carlisle set aside for you and fidgeted. You could see Edward was holding back a smile. 

“I hear a single chuckle out of you and every single relationship privileged you have shall be revoked indefinitely.” You growled at him. He pursed his lips and grabbed your hand, pressing a soft kiss to it. 

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Edward said. Carlisle walked over then, holding some antiseptic and the dreaded needle. “Hey, look at me.” Edward said, tilting your chin towards him, “It’s okay love, just look at me.” 

“Don’t worry (y/n),” Carlisle said, “I have a very steady hand and it will be over before you know it.” 

You could smell the antiseptic as Carlisle wiped down the spot on your arm and you let out a shaky breath. Edward leaned forward and pressed his lips to your temple, rubbing a cold hand up and down your arm. 

“Just focus on my voice (y/n),” Edward said soft, “Just a second and it will be all over and then we can do whatever you want to do for the rest of the day.” 

You let the hypnotic lull of Edward’s voice sooth you, to the point where you barely registered the slight pinch of the needle. 

“There, all done.” Carlisle said he smoothed a band aid over the area. Edward moved back and you blinked a few times before you glanced at your arm.

“Really? Your done?” You said incredulously. 

Carlisle smiled, “Yep, that’s your flu shot for the year. I’ll have to give you another one next year if you’re still human.” 

You grinned at him and gave him a quick hug in thanks before hopping down from the chair.

“All the more incentive for you to change me then, Edward.” 

A PSA from Susie the PreMed Student:

Fall is here and Winter is coming! It’s time to get vaccinated!

I just got back from the clinic, because I was getting my *drum rolls* FLU SHOT!

Yes, that’s right everyone it’s FLU SEASON. We’re all busy people with busy lives so don’t forget to get your influenza shot for the 2017/2018 Winter :) No one has time to get sick or to have their children fall ill. The elderly and children are especially vulnerable to influenza and their demographic groups are most likely to die from the contagious disease.

So, to those who are not allergic to vaccines :) let’s all do our part in our beautiful communities to strengthen our heard immunity!

If insurance and cost are issues please check online to view your areas nearest minute clinics, free clinics, and mobile flu shot vans! There should be sources on government and independent websites (please don’t forget to double check with the hospital various organizations claim they are being sponsored by #IMPORTANT).

College students: check with your campuses for information on free vaccinations for registered students. Parents: check with your child’s school. Also, your job may pay for your flu shot as well. It’s wise to check your company policies.

(quick side note i also received another one of my HPV shots today… get vaxxed. save your life, save A life. xoxo)

Flu symptoms can be more severe when you’re pregnant, landing women in the hospital, threatening their lives and even leading to preterm birth or miscarriage. The virus is a risk to the woman and the baby.

So, it’s particularly important that people who are pregnant get the flu vaccine. And it’s also important that the effects of those vaccines be studied in pregnant women.

But research doesn’t always turn up the information you’re expecting, which is what happened last week when a study was published that found an association between the flu vaccine and early-term miscarriage in some women.

“I believe,” epidemiologist Dr. Edward Belongia says, “the best approach with the public is to be very clear and open and transparent about ‘Here’s what we know; here are the limitations; here’s why we still recommend the flu vaccine during pregnancy.’ ”

Pregnant Women Should Still Get The Flu Vaccine, Doctors Advise

Illustration: Katherine Streeter for NPR

Sensory pain is an experience, not an “interpretation”

Hey, so I read something the other day that used an odd way of wording sensory sensitivities. It said that autistic people can “interpret” some sensations they’re sensitive to as pain. Um, what? I don’t know how this isn’t obvious, but… it is pain. When I hear loud or very high pitched or other sounds that affect me badly, I experience pain. Yes, it is actual pain. It’s not an “interpretation,” it is an *experience*. Let’s use an example: If two people go to get a flu shot, and there is not really any difference between the procedure itself, one of those people may very well experience the shot as more painful than the other person who gets the shot does. Does that mean that the person who had more pain was just interpreting it wrong? No! That’s literally their experience. And if you invalidate them by saying, “Oh, it wasn’t that bad,” you’re being rude, because literally everyone experiences things differently. Anyhow, you wouldn’t typically try to tell a non-autistic person that their pain isn’t real just because it’s not the same as yours (unless you were being very inconsiderate), so why do we reduce the experience of pain that autistic people go through to simply an issue of “interpretation”? Don’t invalidate us just because you can’t imagine the legitimacy of an experience outside your own.