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“Celestia’s got the right idea. After every candy/treat heavy holiday, she goes incognito so she can go around town and see how much sweets she can get with a set budget. Far more fun than just outright buying whatever she wants.

I forgot about Valentines Day until the afternoon before. I’m sure quite a few of your were in the same boat but with actual significant others and not just a pony blog. Shame. So yeah, that’s why this post is extra sketchy.”

anonymous asked:

flurry was camping at my town! i got her to move in, i love her <3

this is so cute! ♡(ˊ ▿ ˋ人) congrats to you & thank you for sharing this with me~ ♪ flurry is a real sweetie!! I love her lil eyebrow markings!

I’m not very good at drawing animals but here’s a quick flurrball doodle for you anon! ♡