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Roses are red (Joker x Reader fan fiction part 2)

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Turning over and looking at your digital clock, the green number display proudly illuminated the ungodly hour of 4:30am against the darkness of your apartment. You were going to be screwed for work today. Gazing over to your windowsill, the fluorescent light of ‘Gotham Tattoos’ flashed on and off beneath your window, flooding your room with an intermittent eerie red glow. Against this backdrop however was the silhouette of a single rose in a slender vase that was slowly loosing its petals, glaring at you and reminding you of the very reason why you couldn’t sleep.

Shit, shit shit! You were in deep shit. Not the least because a psychopathic killer somehow managed to break into your apartment and leave an innocent but no way innocuous gift, but because of who you were. You weren’t supposed to even be in that part of town, you had promised him you wouldn’t. And to put the cherry on the top of this royally messed up situation, you think you may have even had a ‘moment’ with the Joker, feeling something towards him. Still, it had been almost a week since he left the rose and you had heard nothing since then. Perhaps he had gone away and forgotten about you. You were pretty insignificant after all, what could he possibly want with you. Or better yet, perhaps this was just all a bad dream? The soft pitter of a few petals falling onto your windowsill swiftly told you this last proposition was unlikely true, as the rose let out a sigh and relinquished almost the last of its pieces.

You rolled back and fourth, desperately trying to fall back asleep and remove the intrusive images of his intoxicating stare from your mind. But he was there clear as the night you saw him and since then you hadn’t gotten a full nights rest. His high collared purple jacket was as vivid as the chemical green of his hair, strikingly vibrant against the garish white of his skin. You traced his marble features in your mind, thinking longingly of his crimson lips and how they might feel under your fingers, or pressed against your own soft peachy pout.  ‘You are being completely unreasonable!’ you said out loud to your empty bedroom. These kinds of thoughts about such a man were well, for lack of a better term certifiably insane. Kicking your sheets off to cool yourself down from the mix of frustration and desire building inside you, your ivory legs sought relief in the soft breeze that usually flowed through your window. ‘Damn it!’ you cursed as you realised the window was fastened shut. That’s the way you had kept it ever since The Clown Prince of Crime had so effortlessly placed his gift into your home. It was way to hot and stuffy in here to sleep, you were going to have to open the window tonight if you were going to get any sort of desperately needed rest.

Slipping out of bed your silky white nightgown fell lazily around your slender frame.  Parting the glossy curtains, you pushed up the old apartment window and the cold night air of the Gotham Street rushed in. You sighed in relief and were about to turn to go back to bed when you noticed something strange on the wall of the apartment block opposite you. Painted in white, above a third story window just visible in the dim streetlights, was what appeared to be some kind of graffiti that you had never seen before. Your desk faced out this way and you thought you had studied every interesting faucet of this wall but this was something new. Darn it was too dark to see, you’d have to wait until the next day. Just before you were about to turn and head back to bed, a black cab turned the corner onto your street, briefly revealing the mysterious motif that adorned the brick wall. It was a crucifix. A bit strange but not uncommon for this area where gangs were frequently plastering their logos on every city surface. Perhaps it’s a new gang? If only you had known how significant this symbol was to become in a few weeks time…

Where does she work and who is she referring to when she says that he didn’t want her to be there? What does the symbol mean? Follow me to find out! Part 3 coming soon!

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