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20 Favourite Songs

1. Coldplay - Swallowed In The Sea
2. U2 - Every Breaking Wave
3. The 1975 - Settle Down
4. Coldplay - Warning Sign
5. Coldplay - The Hardest Part
6. The Killers - All These Things That I’ve Done
7. Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
8. Fleetwood Mac - Sentimental Lady
9. M83 - Splendor
10. MGMT - Time to Pretend
11. Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light
12. M83 - Moonchild
13. Coldplay - Ink
14. Arcade Fire - Here Comes the Night Time
15. Coldplay - Square One
16. The Lumineers - Big Parade
17. Lana Del Rey - Ride
18. Crystal Castles - Baptism
19. Vance Joy - Georgia
20. Foals - My Number

(uni’s been kicking my ass recently - i’m in the final term of my final year, so there’s a lot going on - but i managed to get a little something out, anyways. inspired by both the song “real” by years & years and its music video.)

warnings for brief, vague mentions of an abusive parent and self-harm scars


Vax meets her under the neon lights of the Cloudtop district, the preferred nighttime haunt of Emon’s rich and famous – and even there, under the blues and greens and reds of a hundred fluorescent signs, she’s bright enough he almost fears a touch from her would burn.

It’s obvious she belongs here, despite her drunken unsteadiness, how clumsy she is in her designer heels. She has the posture of near-royalty, and the clothes to match, with the kind of half-eccentricity to them that only the wealthy can get away with. She’s all green and gold, the colour of sunlight through spring leaves – a scrap of a dress in deep emerald, the hem well above mid-thigh, and glittering jewellery at her wrists and ears and neck – other than her hair, a thick halo of tightly-curled fire about her head.

It’s just as obvious that he doesn’t belong here. This district is for designer jeans and Rolexes and loafers, and here he is, charity shop leather jacket and stolen surplus combat boots and all. He hopes he looks rugged, edgy, mysterious in his grubby grunge-hipster clothing.

He knows, instead, that his cheap clothes and his lurking and the dusty-brown of his skin likely marks him troublemaker in the eyes of anyone who cares to notice him, skulking in an alley just off the main strip.

And, well. It’s not exactly like they’d be wrong, either.

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Chinatown , San Francisco // Now this Chinatown is the most true to its name Chinatown I have ever been to. Having lived in both China and Hong Kong, this place is incredibly authentic. The little bakeries lining the streets serve the same soft and fluffy buns and cakes, and (from what I heard) amazing dumplings reminiscent of those in the more highly rated restaurants of Hong Kong, which is a level that shoots high above the clouds. It was so vibrant, and so colourful; red and gold lanterns swung from between the buildings, and fluorescent sign posts advertising their own respective restaurants and shops and specialities, from ‘Sichuan style pork’ to 'finest ginseng in San Francisco’, flashed brilliantly in bright whites, yellows, reds- all various colours. The energy and hustle of the little shops reminded me so vividly of Hong Kong; it’s a very business like ordeal - you are in and out; there’s no time for small talk like “So how long have you had this place?”, it’s “Hi I would like two pork buns please to go, thank you.” The tinkling of change from one hand to another. The shouts of the employees (usually family members, I’ve noticed) calling for replenishes. The cracking of plastic bags with two perfectly round white pockets of deliciousness sitting happily at the bottom. “Thank you!” A amiable nod and smile from the employee. “Next!” And you are done within the space of two minutes. Incredible. I love it so much. It practically is a home away from home for those from Hong Kong or China. I highly recommend Chinatown to anyone in San Francisco, and for those of you who inhabit this city, well, I’m extremely jealous.

The signs as things I like

Hi friends sorry I’ve been so lame about posting )): thank you to all 363 who still follow me despite the fact that lately I’ve just been reblogging a bunch of stuff LOL. Anyway, I saw hollastrology do this so it inspired me to do my own. Also! If you guys are interested, my Instagram is arandomruby and my snapchat is rubythesmiley (:

Aries- Fuzzy sweatbands and bold smiles/laughs, winning MVP of something, buying a bunch of new clothes/makeup

Taurus- Daisies in a field or eating your favorite comfort food, big hugs and seeing your favorite movie from when you were a kid

Gemini- Fluorescent signs, dyed hair in french braids, eating ramen noodles on a grey day and adopting a puppy from the shelter 

Cancer- Playing with kittens, baking things, crying happy tears with someone who means a lot to you, grandparents and the first day of school 

Leo- Red glitter, making out with someone, and laughing until you cry, messy curly hair after a fun night, my parents 

Virgo- drinking tea out of your favorite mug, having a clean room, and hanging out with your best friend(s)

Libra- Flower crowns, pastel sunsets/sunrises, and the giddy feeling you get when someone tells you they like you, going to music festivals 

Scorpio- polaroid pictures taken at nights with friends, sneaking out and getting high, falling madly in love with someone and watching indie movies that no one knows about

Sagittarius- Ancient ruins, summer break, swimming in the ocean and those moments when you fully embrace nature and it’s beauty; intricate tapestries  

Capricorn- getting your first pay check, silky pajamas and going out to a fancy dinner with your significant other or good friends, taking care of your family 

Aquarius- Laying naked in bed with your boyfriend/girlfriend while laughing, looking at the stars, filling the side walk with chalk drawings and going on random adventures; watercolors 

Pisces- waking up from a good dream, eating birthday cake and singing in the shower, the color lavender, white lights strung around a room, cloud gazing and having your very first kiss (:

I hope everyone liked this one, I really enjoyed making this because it brought up so many old memories and feelings.. it’s nice to take a minute and remember the little things that bring you joy in life (: What are some things that remind you of certain signs?????? Reblog with your answer or send me a message!

Much love my friends, xoxo


‘ It’s early September, and Irwin is backstage at the 15,000-capacity Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, N.Y., where 5SOS will soon headline the second of two sold-out shows. His girlfriend, 22-year-old model Bryana Holly, sits nearly cheek to cheek with him at an outdoor table, sharing a plate from catering. Hood is sequestered on a small deck, smoking a cigarette and gazing at the water. Guitarist Luke Hemmings, 19, who is nervous and sweet offstage, occasionally pokes his head out of the band’s dressing room. A fluorescent sign on the door reads “5 Seconds of Summer Sex Dungeon.” Clifford, meanwhile, is wandering around shoeless. ‘

It all started in a Vault. Fitting that the course of her life should shift once more the next time she finds herself in one. Through old, battered glass she locked eyes with her unlikely Valentine. She’d found the brightest heart in all of Diamond City and it wasn’t some fluorescent sign, though it was lit by an electric soul.