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In Which I Endorse A Product

My whole life I had always had perfect skin. I rarely had acne and when I did, it was just one small colorless pimple that was almost completely invisible.

When I was 15, I was put on the birth control pill to help control my incredibly painful cramps. I stayed on the pills, in various forms, until January of 2013. I decided to go off the pill because they were having other side effects in my ph balance that I wasn’t willing to live with anymore.

Within months of going off the pill, my face exploded. With cystic acne on my forehead, and something that looked like a huge red rash across my cheeks. Sometimes the red rash would include big red bumps. But when I used acne medication on it, it would get worse and itch, and burn.

Pretty obvious I had developed Rosacea, and I had to come to terms with the fact that it was permanent. But I could never find a product that would completely cover the redness. Friends and co-workers always thought I looked super tired or sunburned.

Until a co-worker who worked at Ulta suggested It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness:

It comes in one color and it looks dark, it also looks dark when you put it on but it quickly blends into your own skin tone. I would say that it might be too dark for someone who is extremely pale (I’m pretty fair, but it still looks fine). I love it because it’s a liquid foundation instead of a weird green or yellow colored cream that never actually looks right.

This stuff seriously makes me feel so much better about myself. Even though I have to put it on every day, sometimes I just wear it alone without putting my Bareminerals on top, and it still looks fine. It completely erases my severe redness, smooths the big angry bumps, and I honestly believe that it soothes and treats the Rosacea also, because when I take it off at night sometimes the bumps have gone down.

Here’s 2 befores:

Here’s the after:

I haven’t retouched any of these. I am standing under a fluorescent bright kitchen light.

This shit works. Ladies, if you have rosacea, BUY IT.

I love you It Cosmetics.

sleepover! / accepting / @blackbloodedinnocence

maka’s spine is pressed against soul’s, both of them soundly asleep when the door creaks open, revealing a slouching crona. blinking awake, maka doesn’t wait for any explanation, or any nervous requests, simply pulling back the blankets in front of her and scooting over with open arms. soul only stirs to shift against maka’s back, snuggling further into the blankets. 

c’mere,  she invites, eyes lidded in her state of between consciousness. 

crona climbs in, and maka tucks the blankets around them, nuzzling her face into their shoulder, arms wrapped around their ribs. 

thank you,  crona whispers, and a soft hushing is her response, giving them a squeeze. 

don’t thank me, you’re keeping me warm.  

she’s already drifted back into sleep when crona covers their mouth over their smile. 

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: How did Will Smith manage to conduct the research that he did in "I Am Legend" while all alone in Manhattan without contacting anyone? How did he get chemicals and reagents? If he already had them beforehand, how did he keep them from expiring after a year into his research? If he was working on a virus, then he would have needed fresh primers and plasmids for PCR. If he was working on a bacteria he would have needed fresh media and supplements. And sterile EVERYTHING. It would have taken him months at least just to scavenge up the chemicals he'd need to do one single step of his research. Plus, Manhattan doesn't have any top notch chemical or medical research facilities that would have that kind of stuff laying around. There's no way.