The Will of the People choose Trump to be President in 2016 and I, as an individual, can’t do much about that.

But as an individual, there are things I can do.

  • I can be kinder to those around me, infusing goodness back into the country one person at a time.
  • I can vote to support local government initiatives to make small but important changes where possible in my own community.
  • I can volunteer and donate to charities, to promote acts of goodness and human decency.
  • I can help educate people so that ignorance and fear does not take future elections.
  • I can give my strength to those around me when they need it.
  • I can work with fellow citizens to protest laws and actions that do not and should not define our country.
  • I can encourage tolerance and acceptance in those around me.
  • I can write my government representatives to tell them what I want from them as my stewards in government.

But most importantly, I can get up tomorrow and know that Trump and his flunkies cannot take Hope for the future from me.

They can’t take Hope from anyone not willing to give it up. That’s one victory you can deny them.


Overmunch Cereal Commercial

The future’s greatest heroes need the world’s greatest cereal tie-in!

New, from Blizzard foods, it’s Overmunch! A flavor-assaulted, sugary cereal of epic proportions!

But watch out, because the evil Dr. Reaper and his fiendish flunky, Widowmaker are out to steal all the Overmunch for the annual Talon Summer Hullabaloo!

Find Overmunch in the breakfast isle of your favorite grocer, in useless tiny boxes on a craft services table, or in a Costco three pack with other Blizzard cereals!

Big thanks to the voice actors who lent me their talents for the projects,

@zitoisneato as Reaper

@ghostlykick as Tracer


In the saga of “are we sure that’s the absolute best way to display these multi million dollar costumes”, here’s my favourites:

  1. So when you put Carlotta’s b/w dress on display, make sure to put the backdrape in front. Cause it just makes sense, OK?
  2. Let’s just button the heck out of this waistcoat.
  3. Phantom pants? I think they were sold at the Broadway Flea Market. All of them. Every single pair.
  4. Just because there’s a zipper there doesn’t mean you have to zip it. 

(location in captions)

Flunky - Mike Slott mp3 songs

Mike Slott mp3 download

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Flunky album:

  • Artist - Mike Slott mp3
  • Album - Flunky mp3
  • Year - 2008
  • Genre- Electronic


  • Deux Three
  • Flunky

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60 Minuten exklusive und unverffentlichte Tracks aus den Tiefen des Beatmaker-Universums, prsentiert von Jinna. The show includes acts like BNJMN, Die Maudlin Tiara, RLP, Omnious Cloud, Martyn, Krts, Kratos, Tinavie, Long Arm, Daniel Drumz, Soosh, Gards From KC, Bahir, Wires And Chords, Pavel Dovgal, Mike Slott, Bioniqsoundlab,. dude drops heavy records. Label Lucky Me has represented house artist Jaques Greene, dj extrodinare Hudson Mohawke, and the new find: Mike Slott. No need to over elaborate this one, Martyn (3024) one of the most innovative producers, always fresh and scorning. It;s spring, so crawl out of the dark and dance! Tickets The Mercury Lounge 217 East Houston St. Martyn/Mike Slott, Collabs #1 Little White Earbuds dominant on the American West Coast, All City strikes some interesting territory with its new Collabs series, taking in Dutch bass producer Martyn and Irish weirdo Mike Slott for a surprisingly fluid team effort.. genre: electronic/cape canaveral beats. 2011年06月15日; electronic teachno. Watch Mike Slott Talk Music, Play Live | XLR8ROne of the handful of talented producers that calls Scotland;s LuckyMe label home, Mike Slott recently sat down with director Adam Saewitz in his Brooklyn apartment to wax philosophical about making music and how it. Brooklyn Bass: 05/04/11 Machinedrum, Mike Slott, Futexture. Mike Slott RottenichiMike Slott. featuring. SMASHCARTEL Martyn & Mike Slott Collabs 1Martyn and Mike Slott team up for the first one A two track 12 All Night backed with Pointing Fingers. The Mercury Lounge 217 East Houston St.. FUTEXTURE (Agobi Project). 1. INFINITE GEOMETRY Live painting and an opening DJ set. A Lily - I Am To You · Mike Slott - Amanallah · James Blake - Tell Her. Mike Slott Amanallah | SynconationI like beats like this

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The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.
—  Bertolt Brecht
Space Cadet
  • Space Cadet
  • southspinner
  • Songs From AA's "Mouse Month" Universe

the lyrics “never thought the stars would fall for me/they just bent closer so i could see/god, they’re prettier than i knew they’d be/so i ran straight back to spaceman school/and took my old seat/right where they knew i’d be” are from eren’s song ‘space cadet,’ which is a sequel to ‘nasa flunkie.’ he wrote it after they’d been together a few months, once he finally started to settle comfortably into things.
_avoidingavoidance’s twittr trivia jam

So if avoidingavoidance hasn’t dragged you to Erejeanmarco Hell with This Is Mouse Month yet, you’re seriously missing out. MM!Eren stole my heart, namely because we’re both hippie musicians, and these lyrics that AA put out there really grabbed me. So I wrote more lyrics of my own and expanded them into a full song. I’m planning on writing “NASA Flunkie” and “Shutterbug” and a few of Eren’s other songs mentioned in the fic as well if you guys enjoy this. Lemme know what you think! (album art by hachidraws)