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What's going to happen if Yahoo buys Tumblr?

I’m glad you asked that question. This is a serious situation that demands attention. 

The first thing that will happen, of course, is a total breakdown of our society as we know it. Every financial market will crash, every government will crumble, laws will become meaningless, and you won’t be able to get Coke Zero at the checkout lane at Target anymore. 

Money will be meaningless, so a new bartering system will be invented where people will exchange Beanie Babies for goods and services. Of course, the people who collected Beanie Babies in the 90’s will be rich beyond their wildest dreams, and soon they will be knee deep in snuggies and Hot Pockets. 

A group of rebels will form, made up of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Firefly, Supernatural, and Adventure Time fans. They will set aside their differences and work together toward the goal they call the “return of the gif”. Generations of children will listen to their elders describe the funny little moving pictures that you could use as a way to react to something, or as an indication of your mood on a given day. 

Or, alternatively, nothing will happen.

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The lovely lady from Zenora on YT posted a sweet video about the thief goin' around the nail art community and gave your instance and a few others a shout out.

I’m watching her video right now and it’s so great! She is so classy and lovely and just TEARING jen down methodically and with evidence, so awesome. Everybody go check out the video here!

Oh, no, he was first in line for first class boarding. To be fair, he did apologize to the agent as he handed over his boarding pass, so he’s not a complete asshole. Just most of one.


Hello friends. Today I have for you my review of my Coco Rocha Fancy Box for the month of December. 

This is the first subscription box I’ve subscribed to and I’ve mainly subscribed to it because I admire Coco very much. Her work in front and behind the camera is remarkable. She has made huge headway in the fashion industry not only as a model but as a role model for girls getting into the industry and as a whole. 

If you don’t know what Fancy is, it’s essentially like any other subscription box only this one has hand picked items from Coco herself. Things she found in the month that she wants to share with us who subscribe to the service. It can be anything from techy to fashion and anywhere in between. It’s very three dimensional like Coco is, from what little I know of her personally. 

As with most boxes, there are cards included with item descriptions of what you’ve received and on the back is a short description written by Coco on why she chose it. Admittedly this box is one of the more expensive I’ve seen, but as you’ll see, I think it pays for itself quite happily. Along side the title of the item, I’ve put the cost as found on the product website.

Senhoa - Sovanna Earrings $85

I was very pleasantly surprised to see such an item in a box like this. These earrings are from Senhoa, who asked Coco if she would design a line of jewelry for their company. The company takes girls out of human trafficking and off the streets of Cambodia, teaching them to make jewelry once they are of age. Giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. The earrings consist of large clear gold gems and smaller gems at the top with long silver and gold chains. Oh my goodness. I was so taken aback by this as I’d followed the images coming out of the photoshoot that went along with these products. They are incredibly simple with so much sparkle. To know that they were made with such a story behind them makes them incredibly special to me. 

Rifle Paper Co. - You’re the Bees Knees card $4.50

This card made me smile. I love giving cards to loved ones for occasions like birthdays and holidays so this was absolutely perfect. I’ve loved the illustrations that go into Rifle Paper Co. products for a while and there are a few phone cases I’ve looked at getting. Maybe when I upgrade the one I have! It’s blank inside, which makes it all the more customizable for that special someone. 

SuckUK - Emergency Money Box $15

This made me chuckle upon seeing it. There are times when my wallet is so full of change, it won’t close. Sigh. I’m thinking of putting this right at the door when I get in so I can empty out all the smaller coins and save them for an emergency. Or, when there’s enough to put into rolls and cash in!

Quay - Kitty Cat sunglasses $40

First off apologies for the picture of not so great quality of me wearing these shades. They are cat shaped with thick rims and amber lenses that are 100% UV protected. As mentioned on the card, not only do I have sun to worry about but there is glaring snow here on the sunny days of winter that can make walking and driving a blinding task. I do wear glasses full time myself so unfortunately these may not get much use but I do have a couple friends these might make a lovely gift for. One thing I like about these is they are snug fitting. Not so much that they hurt the backs of your ears or bridge of your nose but that they don’t feel like they are going to slide down my nose if I do wear them out. The materials are light so you get the nice big glasses with no worries about it weighing you down, which can add to the nose slippage factor. 

All in all I am very pleased with what I received in my very first Fancy Box. The total of the items, without tax and shipping, came out to $144.50. Considering the price of the box and that my first box was bought with a Black Friday deal which made shipping free, the box and the items are a huge steal. The sunglasses were the only thing I “paid” for in the box and everything else came free with them. I’m looking forward to my January box arriving sometime this month and I will do another review then as well of what I received and if I felt it was worth it. I may keep up with this for the year of 2014 depending on finances and the items I receive and if they are all as great as this one. It’s personal preference and I know not everything will be to my taste but that is part of the fun risk of subscribing to something like this. I never know what I’ll get in the box until I open it, or look at spoilers but where is the fun in that? For me, this makes my mail much more fun and isn’t another bill or bank statement to ignore haha!

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Found out about krokodil today. It amazes me what people do for a high. DON'T LOOK UP PHOTOS. You'll puke. It's a flesh eating/rotting drug that makes addicts turn into a living corpse. Literally. Life expectancy for users is a year at most.


Bright side? We aren’t users! ^___^

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Apart from roadkill boobs via skateboard, the grip tape would hurt! You'd have like, a weird shaped rash all on your front like some kind of alien rug burn or splinters if there is no grip tape. I don't understand how sex has gotten so boring that skateboards need to get involved.


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I joined fitbit. I don't have the thing yet but I'm going to when money happens if they ship to the Great White North. I'm looking forward to feeling better about myself. :D

I’ve had so much more energy since I’ve started exercising more because of this naggy little piece of plastic. It’s a wonderful thing. 


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What is the best way to deal with a coworker that gets on your nerves and makes me want to say "Thanks, DAD." in a heavily sarcastic tone to everything he says, telling me how to do my job and nit picking everything I do.

I have a co-worker who is kind of like this. She’s actually been talked to about this behavior by our boss. Now whenever she starts to tell me what to do, I say “Maybe I should check with [our boss].” She shuts down like a switch was flipped.

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I am thinking of getting a manicure for mah birfday. (I have a gift card my mom gave me ages ago.) I've never been. What colour should I get? Does it hurt? (I'm a weenie when it comes to cuticles.) hah... weenie.

They should have a crapload of colors to choose from, so I’d say just go with whatever speaks to you. I’m a huge fan of blues, purples and greens, but this time of year I like to do orange and coppery colors. I think color choices are all about your own personal preference, though. Pick something that makes you happy when you see it. :) 

If your nail person is good than it won’t hurt. They usually have you soak your fingers for a bit and put stuff on your cuticles to soften em before they do anything with them, so most of the time I barely even notice what they are doing. DOOOOO EEEEEET. And share pics! 

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Hey, you're witty and you have witty friends. I'm honestly thinking of doing a 50 shades of grey blog. Where I basically scan things that are ridiculous (This might end up being the whole book). But I'm trying to think of a funny blog name that would say 50 shades of grey but be a parody. The one about Twilight that I follow is called "Reasoning with Vampires." Anything you and your buds come up with would be awesome.

I love this idea. :) I know Vegkat was playing around with something like this, too. 

Whaddya say, kids? Any thoughts for my friend flumpf?