Project 365 - Day 30 06/10/11

This is mine and my Dad’s score board at bowling. It is quite an unusual sight as somehow I am winning. The family beside us allowed us to take one of their games as they got bored as well and I went to win that one too. Along with winning two games of pool. Apparently once every blue moon I have aim. Get in. 

Project 365 - Day 26 12/09/11

As requested, this is my Kathryn and Katie. We went out to celebrate our friend’s return from her month away travelling. Although she got her plane times mixed up and came back at 8pm rather than 8am, so wasn’t actually there but we ploughed on through regardless. So, after one too many sex on the beaches, my friend Kathryn (the one on the right) demanded to be put on here so yes. That’s the story, and the scarf.

OH and that drunk man who just sat there swaying the whole night. We decided he was a pirate.


Project 365 - Day 33 14-10-11 x2

Sorry for all of this. Trip to Thorpe Park with the Father. The top picture is Stealth, 0-80mph in 2.3 seconds and shot up 208 feet I think. Taking all that into consideration, it’s hardly surprising that after we went on this my Dad became rather silent and in need of a cuppa. It may have something to do with the G force, it may have something to do with being 17 degrees and going on tidal wave twice, OR it may have something to do with the health warnings which he ignored.

Project 365 - Day 2 08/08/11

This is a sum up of my pretty uneventful day. This morning I received a package from some family over in the US of A. The yellow envelope has a beautiful little scarf which has the pattern you can see and some oriental writing on it. And also the green necklace is a lotus leaf.  Both from Taiwan and I love both!! Good choice American family.

The tea is there for 2 reasons:

  1. as my drink of the day, alongside orange juice to attempt to beat a cold.
  2. for the bloody rioters in London.  I mean for fucks sake, don’t pretend that you are rioting because some gang member got shot. If that were the case why would you be targeting retail outlets and residential areas? Makes me actually angry. Bloody idiots just being violent for violence sake. Oh you got some new Nike trainers? Awesome, I hope they come in handy when you end up in prison you fucking waste of space.


Project 365 - Day 5 12/08/11

This is Queen (I want to say Mary’s) bed in Hampton Court. I’ve decided this bed is the kind I want for my future palace. Although a bit more comfortable and bit less dusty. 

On a side note, Henry VIII had a painting created of his offspring, including an 11 year old son and his favourite wife Jane Seymour. Seymour was only alive for the first 2 weeks of the son’s life. Photoshop, not a new creation….

Day 01: 07/08/11

As an attempt to waste time and use my day some what progressively, I have stolen the Project 365 from a tumblr crush

After a morning of filling out applications as to why I’m a benefit to any company that is employing, me and the Mother decided to go to a local lavender field before the season was out. This is said lavender field. It’s lovely if you’re one for nature and don’t mind bees, wasps and hornet flying around fairly frantically, but if not then I’d advise avoidance. 

However, if you are feeling a bit wound up or bothered and like being outdoors, sitting down in the little lanes of the purple plants does chill you out. I nearly bought a little jar with dried lavender leaves for whenever I have my angry agitated moments. Hopefully, when a job is attained these moments will decrease. 

Anyway, doesn’t it look pretty.