flume bon iver

calming sleepy playlist

for everyone who is unsettled to help them get some good rest tonight here are some songs I love and are all on spotify to help you get through tonight. I love you & stay safe. (p.s I tried to keep them soft & calming but not sad. also I’m puttng a lil ^ mark if it’s one of my favorite songs) 

  • Machine - Scott Helman 
  • Porcelain Skin - Captain Dipper & The Strawberry Girl
  •  All Is Well - Austin Bashman 
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love - Haley Reinhart 
  • Be Still - Canyon City 
  • First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes 
  • Elysium - Bear’s Den 
  • Above The Clouds Of Pompeii - Bear’s Den 
  • Can I Stay - Ray LaMontagne 
  • Cherry Wine - Hozier 
  • Home - Gabrielle Aplin 
  • Flume - Bon Iver 
  • River and Spout - Rusty Clanton 
  • From Gold - Novo Amor 
  • The Safety Dance - Sleeping At Last 
  • Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine 
  • Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine 
  • Northern Wind - City and Colour 
  • The Moon Song - Karen O 
  • When I Go - Slow Club 
  • Leaves In The River - Sea Wolf 
  • Angela - The Lumineers 
  • Charlie Boy - The Lumineers
  • Collide - Howie Day 
  • Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson 

xlflslx  asked:

Yo si quiero tu playlist de canciones melancolicas Clarita. 🙌❤

Se llamará playlist Melancolía bonita :3

Marshmallow unicorn. Rachel Sermanni
Cherry wine. Hozier
After the storm. Mumford & sons
Kathy’s song. Eva Cassidy
Beautiful thing. Grace VanderWaal
Little green. Joni Mitchell
The moon song. Karen O
Gale song. The lumineers
Such great heights. Iron & wine
Flume. Bon Iver
Touch. Sleeping at last
Life con Mars. Aurora
The blower’s daughter. Damien Rice
Changes. Seu Jorge
Another lonely day. Ben Harper
Little bird. Lisa Hannigan

Una vez alguien me dijo que las canciones que escucho son demasiado deprimentes. Yo creo que es melancolía bonita. Y la melancolía te ayuda a reflexionar y pensar las cosas. Te pone entre triste y feliz de esa tristeza. Y cada uno lo asimila como le gusta…me imagino escuchando eso tirada en el pasto buscando figuritas en las nubes…
Muchas de estas canciones las escuché por el señor de las hojas…me gusta la música que cuenta algo… 🌿

anonymous asked:

Can you do one where you meet dylann by accident (anywhere would do) and you just broke up with your boyfriend and he, even if hes a stranger, tries to comfort you and then he ends up falling for you? Thank you if you do, its ok if you dont want to tho

Wow, my first imagine :) I hope this is okay and I got a bit carried away so I hope it is not too long, sorry!

You meeting Dylann

You looked at the watch on the wall. School did not pass quickly today. You nervously tapped your pencil against the desk in front of you. Two years, two years and it did not even take him 20 seconds to end this relationship. He had not explained anything, simply told you that it was over. You swallowed and tried not to think about it now but it was impossible. Why was it so hard to pull yourself together and not start crying? He hadn’t been the best boyfriend anyway and recently he had treated you like a piece of shit. He had never cared much for your feelings and even cheated on you. What had you done? You had forgiven him and the crazy thing was that you did still love him despite everything that had happened. As soon as the bell rang you grabbed your books and folders and stormed out of the class room, wanting to get home.

You decided to go through the park today. It was the shorter way. You pulled out your phone to check your messages and as you pocketed it again you suddenly ran into something – more into someone. Gravity immediately pulled your folders and books down accompanied by something that did not belong to you. A blue camera. You watched as the camera hit the ground and broke into tiny pieces. You immediately dropped to your knees.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry, I did not mean to run into you.”

You ignored your books and folders and instead desperately tried to pick up all the pieces of the camera while you looked up. There was a boy right in front of you; he was fairly tall and skinny. His skin was pale, only the upper side of his biceps had a light golden tan. Crystal clear blue-grey eyes bored into you, almost hidden by the hair that was hanging into his face.

“Leave it!”

He suddenly growled at you, obviously annoyed and began to pick up the pieces himself.

“I’m so sorry.”

You mumbled and took your books instead, wrapping your arms around them.

“How about you pay attention while walking next time?”

He spat and that was enough for today. You had managed to keep it together until now. Tears welled up in your eyes exactly at the moment when the stranger you had run into looked at you.

“Oh shit. You are not going to cry about that now, will you?”

He asked and you tried one last time to oppress to sob and swallowed around the lump in your throat but trying to hold back was only making it worse and you gave up. A loud sob left your mouth and a few tears began to roll down your cheeks. You gasped for air between your sobs and snuffled.


The guy sighed but his voice did not sound as harsh anymore as before.

“I did everything he wanted and have always been there for him! I invested so much time and nerves in this relationship. How can he leave me after all we have been through? It’s like he never loved me at all.”

The words just poured out, you talked a mile a minute. The boy in front of you was clearly taken aback of your sudden emotional outburst. He starred at you with wide eyes and did not say a word. Great, another one that probably thought you did escape the psychiatric ward.

“I’m sorry, I’m a mess right now. Give me your address, I’ll send you a new camera or money to replace it and stop bothering you.”

He shook his head no.

“No, I am sorry! I shouldn’t have been so rude.”

He motioned to the ruined camera.

“That thing was old anyway. I’m just bad at parting with things, at least now I have a reason to buy a new one. You kind off helped me here.”

He said with a small smile and you noted that he looked quite cute when he smiled. Your sobbing subsided and you snuffled, calming down a bit.

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want me to replace it?”

You watched as he pulled something out of the pockets of his pants, a tissue, and handed it to you.

“Yeah I’m positive.”

You nodded and took the tissue, blowing your nose.

“Thank you.”

You quietly said and wiped away the last tears that were about to dry on your cheeks.

“God I’m so awful and repulsive.”

You murmured, gesturing to your running nose and your eyes that were puffy from crying. He chuckled slightly.

“You are actually the first person I see who does still look very beautiful while crying.”

You laughed slightly.

“You are lying.”

“No I am not.”

He murmured silently and offered you a hand, pulling you up with him as he stood up. The guy seemed to ponder on something while he watched you intensely.

“Look, I know that sounds weird-”

He seemed shy all of the sudden, running his fingers through his hair, wiping the slightly sweaty bangs to the sides.

“-but would you maybe like to, I don’t know, talk about that thing with your boyfriend, I mean ex-boyfriend?”

You were baffled. This stranger whose camera you had just ruined offered to listen to your drama.

“There is a quite beautiful place at the lake over there, I often take photos there. We could sit down and have a talk or-“

It seemed that he had some problems expressing what he wanted to say.

“I mean…You know what forget it, it probably isn’t a good idea anyway.”

That was when you finally had mercy on him and his nervous stuttering and smiled.


You almost shouted.

“It does actually sound pretty damn good.”

His eyes widened. You did not know if he normally wasn’t used to talk to girls and them really talking back but he was clearly more than surprised that you wanted to spend time with him.

“You know you have to lead the way right?”

You said with a grin when he didn’t move.

“Uhm yeah, right. My name’s Dylann by the way and you really don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, it was just a suggestion.”

“My name is (Y/N) and I would gladly talk about it with you Dylann.”

You tried to reassure him and smiled. Then Dylann began to walk and you followed him, walking beside him.

“Did I erase priceless memory by breaking the camera?”

“No, there are mostly only incredibly ugly selfies on there.”

He said and you had to laugh so hard that a light grunt escaped your mouth. You blushed and covered your mouth with your hand. Meeting this stranger was probably the best thing that had happened to you today you thought, not knowing that exactly this stranger walking next to right now had already fallen in love with the way your mouth curled up when you smiled. You had no idea that this stranger had already decided that he would do anything in his power to see you smile more often and maybe let you forget about that asshole that broke your heart. No, you did not know all that but Dylann did and it brought a genuine smile to his face.

Flume by Bon Iver..

Is one of the most beautiful songs ever written..
And I’ll tell you why.

Lyrics: I am my mother’s only one
 It’s enough.

Meaning: He’s saying this because he was abandoned/betrayed by people close to him.

Lyrics: I wear my garment so it show
Now you know.

Meaning: He’s naked and vulnerable, now you know what it looks like to see him without his masks.

Lyrics: Only love is all maroon

Meaning: Maroon is the color of dried blood. Not only does love hurt, but it doesn’t quite look as glorious after it’s done with you.

Lyrics: Gluey feathers on a flume

Meaning: Pieces of himself left behind as he parted ways…

Lyrics: Sky is womb and she’s the moon

Meaning: Womb is new birth, he’s journeying down the flume. Moon - could be guidance.
He’s still attached to whatever he left behind.

Lyrics: I am my mother on the wall, with us all.

Meaning: mother on the wall is a photograph of someone who passed away, she is not “with us all” neither is he.

Lyrics: I move in water, shore to shore;
 Nothing’s more.

Meaning: Again, he is wandering down the river/stream..

Lyrics: Lapping lakes like leary loons.

Meaning: Feeling so alone it’s driving him mad, same idea implied with the moon.

Lyrics: Leaving rope burns
 Reddish rouge.

Meaning: Rope burns don’t happen unless he tried to hold on… he did, it hurt. He had to let go, now he’s wounded reddish rouge.

! YES. he definitely deserved that Grammy folks.

fairytale girl // a love letter to someone soft, someone gentle, someone kind, someone that will hold your heart in their hands and keep it safe and warm.

bright (acoustic live)- echosmith // sacred heart- the civil wars // wonderwall- ed sheeran // flume- bon iver // are we there yet?- ingrid michaelson // cat stevens (live)- fatherson // girls just want to have fun- greg laswell // strange bird (live)- birdy // resolution- matt corby // city- sara bareilles // is there somebody who can watch you? (rainy version)- the 1975 // new morning- alpha rev //

soft and calming, just like the rain / listen here 💧

the universe - gregory alan isakov | hannah hunt - vampire weekend | flume - bon iver | elephant gun - beirut | naked as we came - iron & wine | dusty trails - lucius | the night josh tillman came to our apartment - father john misty | paris - magic man | no diggity - chet faker | apartment - young the giant | track of time - nadia reid | blood - the middle east | malleable beings - the paper kites | I try - the staves | love is all - the tallest man on earth | heartbeats - josé gonzález

//Vemod// {listen}

Flume Bon Iver

You The1975

Satellite Heart Anya Marina

Wash. Bon Iver

Holland Novo Amor

Medicine The1975

Roslyn Bon Iver feat. St. Vincent 

Old Pine Ben Howard 

Im Gonna Be (500 Miles) Sleeping At Last 

Youth Daughter 

Iscariot Walk The Moon

Antichrist The1975

Georgia Vance Joy

I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys 

Life Support Sam Smith

Bon Iver: flume
Matt Corby: Resolution
Birdy: Not about angels
Ben Howard: Evergreen & Oats in the water
James Blake: fall creek boys choir
The dø: Dust it off
James Vincent McMorrow: ghosts
M83: Wait
Lykke Li: No rest for the wicked
Iron&Wine: Flightless bird American mouth

deconstruction and coherence

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - Arcade Fire // Kettering - The Antlers // Youth - Daughter // Crown Of Love - Arcade Fire // Flume - Bon Iver // Like Real People Do - Hozier // Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes // Epilogue - The Antlers // Talk - Kodaline // Cherry Wine - Hozier // Us Against The World - Coldplay // Run - Snow Patrol // See You Soon - Coldplay

I made this playlist straight after I finished reading Ceasefire by @hollyhark.


I wrote this ficlet for @hpfemshipweeks, although it’s not really Linny week anymore. I can’t believe this is my first Linny fic, since I love these two so much.
(note: I do mention Fred dying if that’s upsetting for anybody)

It’s titled “Flume” like the Bon Iver song

The day Ginny kissed Luna for the first time was really no different from any other day. It had been the summer before fourth year, and they had been lying in a meadow, while Luna pointed out the shapes in the clouds. Somehow Luna ended up lying on Ginny’s shoulder, and when she looked up to see Ginny’s reaction to a cloud shaped like a three-legged dog, Ginny had noticed their lips were not far away.

“Can I kiss you?”

The words had tumbled out of her mouth before she knew it, and Luna’s smile and nod had been immediate. Kissing wasn’t how she thought it would be. Their lips were dry, and the position got awkward after some seconds, but Luna’s lips were warm and soft, and when Ginny walked home smiling that night she did it with the taste of a beautiful girl on her lips.

“What are you smiling about?”

Ginny’s head jerked up, to see Hermione, still in her bathrobe, pouring herself a cup of tea.

“You spent the night with Ron?” Ginny said, wiggling her eyebrows.

“If your mother asks I spent the night in your room,” Hermione responded, sitting down at the table. “And you still haven’t answered my question. You didn’t hear me the first time I called your name, and you’ve put your elbow in the butter dish.”

“Well shit.” As Ginny washed her arm off, she turned her head over her shoulder to say, “I was just day-dreaming. It’s so early still, and I haven’t finished my coffee. I was thinking of visiting Luna, and I was thinking about a few summers ago. Before the war started, really started, and everything was just good.”

Hermione made an indistinct noise, then said, “And you usually get happy like that when you think of Luna?”

“Well, she’s a good person,” Ginny said, a little defensively. “And—and yes. There’s nothing weird about that.”

“Were you, by any chance, thinking about the summer when you kissed her?” Hermione asked.

“I knew I would regret telling you that,” Ginny complained.

“Because I’m right,” Hermione said with a triumphant smile.

“It was only once,” Ginny retorted. “And we’re really only friends now. It was just a sort of experimental thing. I was still figuring things out back then, and I didn’t know I could like boys and girls, and it was nice, but never lead to anything.”

“There’s nothing to stop it from leading to anything now,” Hermione pointed out. “At the very least, it would get your mum to stop asking why you and Harry haven’t gotten back together yet.”

“Merlin’s balls,” Ginny cursed. “I—I don’t know Hermione. The war is over, I’m a mess. I don’t know if I can do a relationship at this point.”

“It doesn’t need to be a relationship. It could just be… she makes you happy. You could tell her that and see where it goes from there. You’ll know what’s right. She’ll know what’s right.”

“You’re right,” Ginny grumbled. “As usual. It’s rather annoying, you know.”

“I know,” Hermione said with a smirk.

“I’m going berry picking,” Luna informed Ginny when she arrived, hopping off her broom. “Here’s your basket.”

“You knew I was coming?” Ginny asked, imagining that Hermione sent an owl.

“I hoped you would,” Luna answered. They exchanged a smile, then Luna led Ginny across the fields and down to a spot near the creek where there were plenty of blackberry bushes. “How is your mother?”

“She’s well enough,” Ginny sighed. “I mean, she’s crying almost everyday, but we all are to be honest. George is—he’s never going to be the same I don’t think. But mum—she’s holding it together. We’re all just doing our best.”

Wordlessly, Luna slipped her hand into Ginny’s, and they continued to pick blackberries, not talking, just sharing the comfortable contact and closeness.

“Luna?” Ginny asked after some time. Luna hummed. “I just really like you,” Ginny admitted, rather hurriedly.

Luna turned to her, smiled, and said, “That’s good. I rather like you too.” As she spoke, Luna reached up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind Ginny’s ear. After brushing her hand over Ginny’s cheek, she stood on her toes and pressed her lips against Ginny’s.

Ginny had kissed several people before, but none of them were Luna. He mouth was soft and pliant, her kisses slow and loving. Ginny didn’t know how long they stood there kissing, but at some point she dropped her basket, scattering blackberries over the yellow grass.

“Luna?” Ginny said once they broke away. “Would you—would you maybe want to be my girlfriend or something?”

“I’d love that,” Luna responded


//sunrise–  for those 5am mornings after being up all night, for sitting on your windowsill with the window wide open, fro the cup of tea and the sleepy eyes

i. always summer - adrian johnston // ii. flume - bon iver // iii. dents - the acorn // iv. red wolf - thad kopec // v. cross that line - joshua radin // vi. awake my soul - mumford and sons // vii. re stacks - bon iver // viii. my my love - joshua radin // ix. when i dream of michelangelo - counting for crows // x. home - gabrielle aplin // xi. healah dancing - keaton henson // xii. beautiful girl - william fitzsimmons // xiii. friends and foes - scott matthew // xiv. two men in love - the irrepressibles // xv. you don’t know how lucky you are - keaton henson // xvi. american beauty - thomas newman

sunset//–  for when the day is coming to an end, for the disappearing sun rays, for standing on the balcony, for the beer in your hand and the smile on your face

i. hangover - kate tucker and the sons of sweden // ii. keep your head up - ben howard // iii. eyes closed - the narrative // iv. wishing well - the oh hello’s // v. grew up at midnight - the maccabees // vi. sex (cover) - lauren aquilina // vii. dancing in the moonlight - alt j // viii. i’ll never forget you - birdy // ix. home ii - dotan // x. corpse roads - keaton henson // xi. dog duet - scott matthew // xii. blood bank - bon iver // xiii. would you love me any less - charlie simpson // xiv. snow - sleeping at last // xv. to your health - keaton henson // xvi. is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975