flula is the best


What is one of your favourite scenes when you
think back on the first two, you’re like ‘’ooh, hmm that reminds me of tasty brownies in the night time.’’ 

Went to my first VidCon this week and it was incredible!!! I’m already planning on going back next year! 

My main goal for VidCon had been to meet the wonderfully talented and super sweet Olan Rogers and I did!! That was one of the best highlights of being YouTube fan. I’m still not over meeting Olan and most likely won’t be for a while. Olan’s friend Coty Galloway was there as well and I can’t even begin to explain how insanely nice and kind he was. 

For meet and greets I got the lottery for Flula, Marcus Butler, Josh Sundquist, and Kingsley. They were all great but Flula was the best! When I found out I got picked to meet Flula I freaked out. He is so adorable and really tall in person, haha. 

I also got to meet Olga Kay and Chris Ballinger who both happened to be walking around the convention floor at one point. 

I had such a blast at VidCon. It was amazing to be surrounded by thousands of YouTube fans and to be on line for meet and greets or to be at panels with others who are fans of the same content creators I like. I felt like I belonged and that is the best feeling ever. 


Guys have you seen this?! OMG! I’m DYING!

Welcome to Team Internet
  • Friend: My romantic life is a mess
  • Me: *E-mails "internet file" filled with 7 pages of links to Grace, Chester, Hannah, Tyler, Mamrie, Sawyer, Jenna... etc and appropriate ships because why not*
  • Friend: (6 Hours Later) What did you do to me?!?!?
  • Me: Welcome we've been waiting for you