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              “Don’t Hug Me I’m Dexter” Combined addition.   

   Okie doke! Me and AskDeedee did a collab of sorts a short while back where we drew the Dexter and Deedee as the characters from ’ Don’t Hug me I’m scared.“ But we wanted to see how they’d look together.. so I combined them.

The awesome Deedee/Notepad was drawn by AskDeedee

And Dexter/Tony/Background by me.


April 14, 2017


by Fluke

Through the early 90’s birth of the Montreal graffiti scene, a young Fluke found himself being mentored by its pioneers. Taught, as his skills continued to develop, to always respect the foundations of his art form, he approaches each task with both professionalism and creativity. As a trendsetter in Canadian street art he saw a growing need and opportunity and in 2009 founded A'Shop: an artist collective and an agency / production company specializing in graffiti murals, street art, and urban aesthetics—committed to both support of artists and raising the profile of art in the city. Representing A’Shop, Fluke was on hand in Wynwood for Art Basel 2016 to paint this stunning new mural on the side of 24th St. brewery, Concrete Beach—crafting beer in the heart of Wynwood, and whose constantly changing walls reflect the diverse stream of talent passing through one of the world’s most colorful arts districts.  @fluke.art  @ashopcrew  @art.basel  @wynwoodmurals  @concretebeachfl

An anon sent in the scenario suggestion of a giant mermaid meeting a human sized one, and while i was drawing this i got the idea of different species of mermaids being more or less human or fish depending on how deep they live- so this is a deep water giant mermaid coming up to see a smaller (and less sharky) friend!


July 16, 2017


by Fluke

Kim Gingras says from the time she first jumped on a bus from Montreal to audition in NYC, working as a professional dancer has been an unbelieveable ride, culminating with her dream job of standing on stage with Beyoncé. While perfecting skills is important she says developing the right mindset and positive attitude is even more important, leading her to partner with Mel Mah starting “You Got This, Girl” (YGTG) to help cultivate a new generation of determined but kind-hearted young women. In 2015 Fluke, fellow Canadian and founder and artistic director of A˙shop, painted this portrayal of Gingras at The Container Yard on 4th St. in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Fluke, who was mentored from a very young age by the fathers of Montreal graffiti, started A˙shop in 2009 as both agency and artist collective, supporting artists and improving the urban aesthetic at the same time.  @fluke.art  @ashopcrew  @kimgingras  @ygtgofficial