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Fellow Masshole here. We used to do that as a sing-along in my elementary school for some reason I’ve never figured out and I have a bizarre fondness for it. And why couldn’t his wife give him a nickle along with a sandwich?


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We sung that song at the summer camp I worked at this summer! It was one of my faves, and I freaked out when I got to Boston and found out the tickets are called Charlie tickets! Did he ever return?

No, he never returned.  His fate is still unlearned, I hear. 8)

Let us take a moment that the MBTA, in an act of sass so MONUMENTAL that it cannot really be comprehended, took the name for their fare cards from a song PROTESTING THEIR FARE HIKES.  Like, "Aw, man, remember when someone wrote a song protesting our sky high fares, and used it to endorse a mayoral candidate?  Man, that’s totally what we should name our new fare system!  Because "Screw You, Commuters!” just doesn’t have the same ring!“

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I have so many wishes. I want it to be in Boston so badly. I want it to be in Boston and I have a whole list of possible quest titles that tie into local lore (like the Green Monster, Charlie on the MTA, the Freedom Trail, etc.). But really, I want a big sprawling world. That's what I loved most about 3. I like NV, but it fees so much smaller to me.

If You're Not Moving Forward (16528 words) by merriman [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Pacific Rim (2013)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Jazmine Becket, Yancy Becket, Mako Mori, Chuck Hansen, Tendo Choi, Stacker Pentecost
Additional Tags: Yancy Becket Lives, AU

When Knifehead attacks, Raleigh is ripped out of the conn-pod instead of Yancy. Where Raleigh walked away from the PPDC, Yancy forces himself to stick it out while Stacker Pentecost recruits Jazmine Becket in the hope that she will be drift compatible with her brother. But you can’t force things like this and sometimes partnerships are both unexpected and fortuitous.

Alright fandom. Here is an awesome Gen fic written by the lovely flukeoftheuniverse that you should all read. Because it has not received NEARLY enough love and it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I’m not normally one for gen unless it’s really well done, and this FAR AND AWAY exceeded my expectations. EVERYONE, and I do mean, EVERYONE who follows me and considers themselves to be a part of the Pacific Rim fandom should go read this post-haste.

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That there is a genuine early literacy skill. Like, it’s an important step in kids becoming literate and people dismiss it all the time. So yay for him doing it and double yay for you encouraging it!

We’ve done a lot of reading with him, ever since he was super little, because I want him to grow up having favorite books and associate that with good memories, rather than something he’s forced to do. Like, he has his own bookshelf so he can grab down books and bring them over to us to read to him. And he does. Repeatedly. Goodnight Moon had to go on several vacations, because I was done with reading that. >.> 

:3 I’m really proud of him right now. And I’m really glad it seems like he’s on the right track!

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My name is Ry and I'm in my mid 30s. My tumblr name is from a Desiderata parody called Deteriorata. I live in the Boston area and I'm big into action/scifi/fantasy in all formats. I started following you for Avengers stuff. I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary & kind of can't believe it. Question: Your headcanon underwear preferences for members of the Avengers?

Hi, Ry. Wow there seem to be a lot of us around here that are in our mid thirties. Happy Anniversary, my husband and I have a few years on you. I can’t believe that either.

Hmmmm…. Let’s be honest Tony probably doesn’t wear any. He just shoves some pants on and then buries himself in his lab. Bruce probably wears boxers. Clint wears whatever he can find or not at all, there is a lot of purple but he probably doesn’t buy it himself just wears all the freebie merchandise for the Avengers. Natasha wears feminine girly things, silks and satin in soft shades, oh she owns more structured things for undercover work, but the underwear she wears when not on assignment is always beautifully made and makes her feel good. Thor.. hmm I have no idea what he would wear in Asgard, though I’m guessing it’s simple in design. He probably wears red boxers that the team supplied him because he has a tendency to wander around in the nude. Darcy wears ridiculous cotton panties, in obnoxious colours, with silly sayings and cartoon characters on them. Steve… well I’m guessing he doesn’t wear any in that suit, seriously there are no underwear lines to be seen… at all. But out of the suit its probably boxers or boxer briefs, simple and functional. 

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There’s a lot about *her* that’s undeveloped but is there in the background and she’s potentially such an interesting character but the way they did the movie, they could have used an action figure instead of wasting her time.

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Honestly, I found Elektra to be better put together than Daredevil, but I was also distracted by the knowledge that Garner apparently has a fair amount of disdain for the genre. I prefer my comic hero actors to be enthusiastic.

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