fluke fanzine


Fluke Fanzine #11.

This is a fanzine the likes of which you don’t see much these days. They just don’t make fanzines like they used to - hey kids, get off my lawn. Ahem. No, really though. It’s a fanzine that’s better than most because it is so clearly a labor of love: a lot of effort goes into this fanzine, from both the editor and the contributors, the layout is old-school enough to appeal to a sort of nostalgic zine-punk aesthetic, but done so well that it’s clean and readable. The covers are printed on cardstock, and it’s saddle-stitch-stapled. And that’s saying nothing of the content. The cover story in this issue is a long - and very interesting - interview with buZblurr, aka Russell Butler, aka Colossus of Roads. If you know anything about train graf, that name should definitely ring a bell for you. Other things in this issue include an interview with Ed from Ohio (who, you know, just happens to have been in the band fIREHOSE with Mike Watt and George Hurley), an interview with Barker Gee (guitarist of Neon Piss), an interview with Negative Approach, a piece by Mark Howe where he talks about hardcore saving his life, and even more! Everyone that works on this fanzine is so passionate about what they do, that even if you’re not a fan of any of the people/topics presented inside, you’ll find your interest piqued by the sheer fact of the passion involved. (Order/contact Fluke Fanzine here.)