I made both Nyte and Fluke back in 2010, but only just now realized that they’re actually both children… which means it’s about time I finally design their adult selves too! These two are involved in a pretty cool story that’s really only in my own head at the moment, but through a series of weird events they end up growing up together!

I also made a canon height chart in relation to each other…but don’t bring up the fact that Nyte’s much shorter, he doesn’t like to talk about it.

PS- and yes, there is a “bad” timeline too… ‘x’


Around The World In 80 Days: Antarctica

Humpback Whale Watching
Photo Credit: (Tony Beck)
Alto: 40 Metros….
Photo Credit: (bitas27)
Photo Credit: (Michelle Valberg)
Frozen Wave 2
Photo Credit: (Jasmine Rossi)
Killer Whale
Photo Credit: (Christian Sanchez)
Air Time
Photo Credit: (David Merron)
Sailing Antarctica
Photo Credit: (Álvaro Blanchard)

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OK I LIED I DIDNT REALLY FINISH MY FILM BUT I SURE AS HECK TRIED but yeah here’s my (really weird) third year film that i’m honestly abandoning for a while but i had fun with this idea!!

i only had seven weeks for this film (that time including coming up w idea and planning) so i felt super rushed and made up a lot of things as i went a long, which was stressful and not how i roll but i think all things considered i did my best ^O^;;

the story of a guy who could probs save the universe


“The Generous Seal” is finished!! Still have some minor editing to do, but here it is. :) This is very different from how I normally do comics, but it was fun and I definitely want to do more stories with these two characters. 

This will be available with an extra thing at Fluke in Athens GA on April 19th! If I have extra copies left, I’ll put them up for sale online afterward.