thefineblueline asked:

Hello. I'm trying to find a good ground cover/carpet plant. I tried dwarf hair grass and it didn't really work. Lasted about 3 weeks then started to die and I'm not sure what was wrong. I have a 75g with a finnex Ray 2 48" light, pressurized co2, flourite, and I use diy tabs and a cap of liquids fert once a week. Advice?

I really like riccia fluitans as a carpeting plant, other plants that will carpet are baby tears, glosso, and java moss. 

The reason your plants died probably has a lot to do with the fertilizers you are dosing. You should be dosing potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and trace minerals. Dose these nutrients using the beginner’s directions on the bottle. I like to use Flourish brand for my big nutrients, and API leaf zone for my trace minerals.