fluids as art

Sorry for the lack of art this Friday. Mod’s been busy with last minute visits with friends and preparing to go back down to college. So here’s an animation of Agny forever attempting to pack away her 3DS, pillow, and assortment of stolen clothing.

Flower Embroidery jacket buddies!!! 🐙🐚🌊🌸🌻🌷🌼

Suri and Lante are uni students and best friends!
They have very different schedules but they try to meet up once a week for chit chat.

Suri is an oc, a female octoling I never introduced even tho she has been around for a long time! She is really busy with uni studies and works but she is a cheery helpful octoling. When she plays she likes to use the octobrush to run all over the place for fun.
tho her lack of direction sense makes her always lost…

LANTE use he/him!!

Alex Fierro, first try

This is for @alexfierroaf, a new friend of mine <3 

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I will update this section soon!