Reverend Billy,

the Most Reverend Billy, he of the Church of Life After Shopping, alerted me to the subconscious workings of mind which created this Tumblr account, by following me. I’d no idea it existed.

(Tumblr, Flickr, Fluidr–is there a shortage of e’s I hadn’t heard about? I hereby sprinkle a million e’s from my private stock upon the impoverished keyboards of my peers. I have one of those self-renewing alphabets, like the magic brandy bottle in “The Bishop’s Wife,” that never runs out.)

Perhaps I was suffering from vertigo when I set this up and was too dizzy to remember it. Perhaps I ought now give Billy something to chew on. Next time you’re in town, Rev, dinner’s on me! In the meantime, I’ll get this ball rolling. Uh, tumbling?

le mani da francesco melchionda
Tramite Flickr:
“le mani accarezzano, avvicinano, curano, sfiorano, tranquillizzano, scambiano, emozionano. le mani afferrano la vita per non lasciarla scivolare via le mani sono l'ancora dell'anima nel mondo ” [la Provenza è anche pietra scolpita] _________________ the hands caress, get close, cure, touch lightly, reassure, exchange, excite. the hands grab life so it doesn’t slip away the hands are the anchors of our souls to the world [Provence is also carved out stone] —> ma provence <— —> life of stone <— —> fluidr <— “L” ON BLACK and BIG! Veronique et le Christ Provence, Marseilles, 2015

Night Tress by Daniel Dawn
Via Flickr:
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Spectra by Visual Poetry (Sami) - Away (back in Sept.)
Via Flickr:
Hello friends. It’s been a while…some business & very short holiday travel kept me away from posting. This shot is another intimate view of Rouche Rocks in Beirut, Lebanon. I was chasing the sunset and the goal was to sandwich it between the scaling heights. Don’t think I’ve come across this composition when researching the place, so definitely this will be added to my print collection. The mosquitos were out in full force but I was prepared-long sleeves and plenty of spray. Will visit your streams over the next few days. Thank you for your kind comments and support :) Enjoy! Fluidr | G+ | 500px

Tropea [DSC_5252] da sergio bovi campeggi
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