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Why you should watch "This Is Us"

• Non-stereotypical Black characters
• Fat representation (and she’s fucking gorgeous)
•Fat representation WITH A LOVE INTEREST (none of that “no one will love me if I don’t love myself” shit)
• Love interest is super sweet and funny and supportive and doesn’t care if she loses weight or keeps it all
• Canon Bisexual character
• Canon bisexual character WHO IS REFERRED TO AS BI AND IS OPEN ABOUT IT
• NONE OF THAT “IDK what I am” or “I don’t like labels” bullshit that USUALLY surrounds bi characters
• Asserts that sexuality is indeed fluid and not static as most believe
• Randall’s wife is a gift to us all

anonymous asked:

I'm confused about my gender. I was born as a girl but I don't really identify as a girl but neither as a guy. Is there a between? I always thought Genderfluid would be the term to call myself. Is it right? Because I feel more comfortable being both

One small correction before I answer your question: people aren’t born with genders, we’re assigned a gender at birth. So rather than saying “born as a girl” you could say assigned female at birth.


There are tons and tons of nonbinary genders that are inbetween and far beyond just male and female! I’ll list some of them here for you.

Genderfluid is when your gender changes. So if you always feel like you have the same gender, that’s probably not the right label for you.

Androgyne is a gender that’s inbetween male and female. (Or both male and female, though combined into one single gender.)

There’s also bigender, meaning having two genders (can be static or fluid or fluxing). Bigender isn’t limited to being just both male and female, it can be any two genders, but it can be male & female.

Then there’s ambonec, which is a kinda paradoxal gender where you feel both male and female but also feel genderless at the same time.

Maverique is a gender that’s neither male nor female, neither maculine nor feminine, but also not nothing. One way to explain it if you think of male and blue and female as pink, maverique would be yellow.

Agender means not having a gender. Or feeling like your gender is neutral (though I personally don’t define agender that way).

Neutrois is a neutral gender, meaning it’s not male and not female and not a mix of the two. There’s definitely some overlap between neutrois and agender, and I have seen many people who identify as both.

You could also just identify as nonbinary and choose not to specify it any further than that.

Aaand there are many, many, many more nonbinary genders of course. But those are the ones I can think of right now that might suit you. So I’d suggest reading up more on one or a few of these and see if any of these labels feels right for you.