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Quick tip from an early animator, in After Effects if you select a key frame and hit F9, you'll easy ease it. This gives you nice fluid transitions between motion. Keep doing what you're doing, you're a wonderful inspiration to me! Thank you ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Thanks! I’ve been manually right clicking all this time (facepalm). And thank you for the kind words, it’s really encouraging to hear :D

Bad Day - Sherlock x Reader

Imagine Sherlock having a bad day and ignoring you, but you’re having none of it.
Kind of based off a roleplay I once did (but then reader would be Clara Oswald).

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“Sherlock, please!” You yelled, covering your ears in defense against the screeching violin.

Sherlock ignored you, staring out the window as he ran the bow haphazardly over the strings. You stood up from the couch, closing your book and dropping it on the wooden floor with a loud slam. Still, Sherlock didn’t react.

You stormed over to him, reaching to grab his right hand, but Sherlock turned in one fluid motion away from you, still not looking at you. 

“Sherlock!” You cried in frustration, striding after him around the flat.

He continued striding around the flat, screeching on the violin, but when he accidentally turned towards you you noticed the flash of a smirk on his lips before it darted away.

This caused a smirk to appear on your own lips as you left the room to go to your bedroom. When you came back, Sherlock was sitting in his chair, pondering.

“Sherlock?” You asked, taking a tentative step towards him. He ignored you, forcing an exasperated sigh from you. 

“Sherlock!” You said again, crouching on the floor in front of him and resting a hand on each of his knees. His lips twitched slightly but his eyes remained firmly shut.

You pushed yourself up, standing behind his chair now, you placed your hands on either side of his face. You gently tilted his chin back so, if his eyes were open, he would be looking at you. 
“Sherlock.” You whispered. Pressing the tip of your nose to his. Sherlock’s muscles twitched, and a smile crept on your lips.

“Mr Holmes!” You called in a sing song voice, releasing him you walked to be on the side of him. Softly, you pressed your nose to his cheek so your eyelashes tickled his cheekbones and your words brushed his skin.
“Mr Holmes I require your assistance for I am bored.” You whispered.

Still, Sherlock kept up ignoring you, but the corners of his lips twitched, hinting at a smile.

“Oh Mr Holmes!” You cried, dramatically pressing a hand to your forehead you fell backwards onto his lap from the side so you lay across him, “I do believe my condition is fatal.”

Sherlock gave up, and the smile bloomed fully on his lips and face, “Oh good. Perhaps now I can think in peace.”

You frowned, looking up his grin.

“You are a bully, Mr Holmes.”

“And you,” he said, placing his hands on your shoulders, “Are a childish nuisance, but I have become rather fond of you.” He pecked your nose with a kiss, causing you to scrunch up your nose and close your eyes.

“Really?” You tilted your head, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Sherlock chuckled, “You should be more observant.”


“Seventeen Days” (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Fantasy/College AU)

Summary: An angel from heaven is sent back to Earth to prevent college senior Bucky Barnes from ending his life. But here’s the catch - she only has seventeen days to do it.

A/N: from this point on, i’ll be doing an extended author’s note at the end of every chapter so i’m not ruining the chapter in this note. tags have been kooky with me, but the tagging list for this story is still open! -j. x

“Seventeen Days” (Masterlist)

He easily pulls you up onto your feet in a fluid motion. “Hey, sorry about that. I wasn’t looking where I was going,” he apologizes.

“Oh no, I’m the idiot looking at my phone and - oh, thank you,” you beam as he bends over to picks up both your phone and suitcase for you. You suppress the appreciative sigh bubbling up your throat as you get a good view of his butt.

Thank you, indeed.

“Why are you lugging around a huge suitcase in the middle of the -” He pauses as he catches your expression of admiration. “Hold up, were you just checking out my ass?”

Rapidly blinking doesn’t help your brain come up with an excuse, so you own up to the question with a sheepish shrug. “Sorry, but it’s a really nice ass,” you confess. “You must do, like, a million squats a day or something.”

A pleased look crosses his face. One hand goes on his hip while the other coquettishly bats the air. “Stop, girl. You’re making me blush,” he unabashedly grins.

Outstretching two thumbs-up, you flash him a radiant smile. “Whatever you’re doing, continue it,” you encourage. “And sorry to bother you, but could you tell me where Pym Hall is? I was looking at the map on the school app, but it’s -”

“- Really small, like it’s made for ants, right?”

Your jaw slightly drops while your eyes arch upwards. “Those were my exact thoughts!” you exclaim with surprise.

“Good to know I’m not the only one who hates the map,” he chuckles. “Pym Hall is just across the quad. It’s the second building with the statue of the lion.” He pauses, his eyes dropping to your huge, green suitcase. “I could take you there if you want.”

“Oh, you really don’t have to.”

“Pym Hall doesn’t have any elevators.”

The polite rejection you’re about to deliver stops at your throat as you recall your room is on the third floor. A sheepish smile curls up and you push the suitcase his way. “I really appreciate it.”

“Hey, no problem. I have nothing better to do, might as well help out a pretty girl,” he winks.

Are all Earth boys super nice? With a smile big enough to light up a city, you hold out your hand, enthusiasm glittering from your eyes. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), by the way. I’m a transfer student.”

He grabs your hand and energetically pumps it up and down. “Sam Wilson, at your service.”

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Crystal Music: Gem Musical Motifs

Each Gem in Steven Universe possesses a certain musical motif that plays during certain parts of the show. When Gems fuse, their musical motifs merge into a completely different genre of music. We’re going to look at each one in detail today. Since we’ve only seen detailed dances from the Crystal Gems, only there dance motifs will be looked at. When “Cry for Help” reveals Sardonyx in her entirety, I will update this post with her musical motif.

EDIT: Updated Lapis Lazuli’s motif to include her String themes!

EDIT2: Updated many character’s motifs, added pictures to all segments, added Greg, Sour Cream, Lion, Sadie, Ronaldo, Desert Glass, Dogcopter, Sardonyx, and Stevonnie.

NOTE: When selecting a track to listen to, please right-click and select “Open Link in New Tab” so you don’t lose your spot in the post!


Garnet’s Motif: Hip-Hop (Waka Waka) Bass

Garnet’s musical and dance themes are very much centered around hip-hop movement (specifically the Waka Waka style of dancing). Waka Waka is characterized by very thick and bouncy bass tones and robotic movement of the limbs with fluid motions in between dance poses.


Take a listen to some of Garnet’s tracks. Here’s “Future Vision” from the official Steven Universe OST. Note that very present bass and “funky flow” of the tracks.

Pearl’s Motif: Classical and Swing Piano

Although Pearl has been shown playing the violin, her main musical motif is a piano played both classically and in the swing style. Both styles are played at a slow tempo in the show (around 90 to 110 BPM, depending on the song), giving Pearl an elegant, classy musical feel. Her dance theme, fittingly enough, is classical ballet as evidenced by her propensity to strike graceful poses both during fusion dances and combat.


Give one of Pearl’s most important themes, “Pearl’s Room”, a listen. Take note of the transition from classic piano to swing piano at the 0:11 mark. During this scene, Pearl is performing swan-like ballet poses in the privacy of her room, matching the grace and form of the piano.

Amethyst’s Motif: On-The-Floor Drum Beats (On-Time and Off-Time)

Amethyst’s motif consists primarily of drum beats that can either follow a time signature or occur erratically and randomly depending on the song. Amethyst’s reckless party-girl attitude is reflected both in her energetic drum motif and her simplistic club-like dancing style. Amethyst’s musical motif also utilizes strike and sting samples erratically (think 90s era music or, more recently, Splatoon)


Here’s one of the more fun musical themes, “Gimme Gimme”, heard when Amethyst is chasing Steven down to eat his Together Breakfast. The use of loud drum beats and sting samples can clearly be heard as she tries to get her hands on those panned cakes.

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smh as things i've done
  • bitty: shown up at my friend's house and made her mini muffins from scratch without asking or being asked
  • jack: refused to eat anything but chicken nuggets at mcdonald's since i was 11
  • shitty: ranted about the deep flaws of the public school system to my government teacher
  • lardo: said "pussy" in front of that same government teacher
  • ransom: excitedly lectured my friends on my favorite historical characters at one in the morning
  • holster: was banned from constantly singing legally blonde the musical in the chorus room before thursdays by my music teacher because she "just can't handle that in the first half of the week"
  • chowder: done splits randomly just to fuck with people
  • nursey: had a conversation walking down the hall with someone, tripped, rolled and got up in one fluid motion and continued to converse without breaking stride
  • dex: live-snapchatted my fixing a towel rack with captions like "+10 dad points"
  • tango: become deeply upset when i found out i found out sweet potatoes and yams aren't actually the same thing
  • whiskey: responded to a lengthy and emotional message from my ex telling me how they missed me with "K."

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“Yes you do!” Y/N huffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

Dean shook his head, his hands on his hips. “C’mon, when was the last time—?”



“Yesterday, you left to go get a snack, so I paused our movie. An hour later, you weren’t back, so I went looking for you,” she explained with a calm rage that was scarier than her screaming and shouting. “I found you in the kitchen, eating an entire pie by yourself.”

He threw his hands up. “That doesn’t mean that I always pick pie over you, sweetheart!”

With a deadpan expression, she simply said, “You ate that pie like you eat me.”

“Okay!” Sam slammed his laptop shut, grabbing it and getting up from the table in the same fluid motion. “I will be…not here.” With that, he spirited away to a portion of the Bunker that didn’t have his brother and his brother’s girlfriend talking about their sex life.

Y/N had the decency to flush a little, having forgotten that the younger Winchester was in the library with them.

Dean, however, simply reached down and grabbed her hand, pulling her to her feet.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?” she frowned, not appreciating the manhandling.

He gave her a soft, apologetic smile and twined their fingers together. Then he began dragging her to their room. “I’m gonna show you how much better you taste than pie.”

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A Short Christmas Newt Drabble

Word Count: 539

Warnings: None

“Sweetheart! Where are you?” Newt called from the other end of the house.

“I’m here.” You replied from the living room, starting to decorate the Christmas tree; flicking your wand softly as the lights floated around it in a fluid yet calm motion. It positioned itself perfectly, suddenly becoming still, then lighting up.

Newt turned the corner and looked stunned. “Traitor.” He whispered with wide eyes. “How dare you begin setting up the tree without me?” He spoke as he feigned disgust, crossing his arms as he walked over to you. You giggled, turning your face to him with big pleading eyes.

“I’m sorry Newt.” You said poking your bottom lip out. His expression broke into a wide grin as he scooped you up in a flash, spinning you around.

“I forgive you.” He breathed, leaning his face in dangerously close to yours. “But you’ll have to be punished for this heinous crime.” He said suddenly pulling back before you could kiss him.

“Is that so?” You huffed in amusement. “What are my consequences?”

“No kisses.” He exhaled, giving you a sly grin.

“No kisses?” You replied exasperated.

“No kisses.” He repeated, walking past you back towards the kitchen.

You drunk in the sight of him with his sleeves rolled up and his top buttons undone. He wore a Christmas themed apron that was enchanted to make the embroidered deer and sleighs fly across the surface. His freckled face a bit pink from the heat of the oven, along with sprinkles of flour speckled all throughout his hair. He turned back to you, silently questioning your intent gaze. You got up hastily and followed him into the kitchen, where he was cooking up a batch of gingerbread cookies. He wanted to be fully prepared for Christmas day tomorrow, wanting to make it perfect as it was the first one he was spending with you, since he met you this year during one of his adventures.

You wrapped your arms around the tall man, his back turned to you as he was icing the cookies. You took in his comforting natural musk, and rested your head against his strong back. He turned, interrupting your embrace. He smiled cheekily, and you could see by the icing on the corner of his mouth that he was not doing his job correctly.

“Newt, the general idea is to get the icing on the cookie.” You said and he giggled. A most wondrous sound.

“I suppose you’re right.” He replied, taking his piping bag and squeezing out some frosting onto your nose. You laughed at his innocent act.

“Can this cookie have a kiss?” You asked hopefully, smiling as he licked the icing from the tip of your small nose.

“Hmm… it depends. Will this cookie let me set up the tree with her?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes.” You whispered, pulling him by his apron to come down and meet your lips with his. It was a quick kiss, but proved to be sweeter than the prior consumed icing. Newt stared into your eyes, wondering to himself how he had ever gotten so lucky.

“Looks like I’ve received my Christmas present early this year.” He said, leaning in for another sugary kiss.

Imagine: teasing Sam while he’s hacking.

Sam X Reader

Content: Smut: Dry Humping

Sam’s fingers flew over the suspect’s keyboard. Flashes of color flickered over his face as he cycled between screens quickly with a shortcut maneuver. You watched as he licked his lips, intently focused on hacking into a zipped folder. His eyes narrowed catching some detail of significance. When he swallowed, your eyes followed the shift of his throat greedily. You pulled your eyes away attempting to continue through a pile of paper on the suspect’s end table. A slip of paper dropped from the stack in your hands, catching the air to flutter to the floor behind you. You turned to pick it up, eyes drifting over an accent mirror near the far wall. You paused. Sam’s eyes had lifted from the monitor to your form. You ducked your head hiding a smirk. Keeping a secret eye on the mirror, you stood, lifting your ass first in fluid motion you often used when dancing. He licked his lips, shifting lower in his seat. Shuffling the papers in hand, you turned just in time to see his head snap back to the computer.

“Got it.” He cleared his throat after a minute.

You dropped the papers on the end table, sauntering to the desk with renewed confidence.

“It looks like there’s a thread of emails here and-” His explanation was cut short as he glanced up at you.

You slid onto his lap, resting your elbows on the thin strip of cleared table before the keyboard keeping your back arched forward. You could hear him gulp audibly and feel him shift awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

“What emails?” You asked innocently, seeing full well the emails in a smaller window behind the main one.

Sam released a shaky breath. He moved forward, chest pressing against your back as he reached for the mouse. You leaned against him, tilting your head to the side to give him view of the monitor. His breath touched your neck bringing a tingle to travel across your skin. You didn’t suppress the light shudder it caused.

“It’s, uh, here.” He replied breathlessly.

You responded with a deep hum. A smirk curled your lips as he shifted beneath your thighs. You scrolled through the emails, which would have been painfully dull if not for the pleasant distraction hardening every time you slid forward or back to “readjust” your reading position. Finally, you finished. Making a show of stretching your arms upward, you unleashed a satisfied moan and turned to face Sam. For his effort, he attempted to look unaffected. A muscle twitched in his jaw and his nails dug into the leather armrests.

“So, it doesn’t seem like the emails contained much, did they?” You asked in hushed tones.

He glanced between you and the monitor quickly, obviously having no idea what was in the emails. You twisted in his lap, grinding against an evident bulge between your legs.

“Sam?” You lowered your eyelashes, “You okay?”

“Yeah.” His eyes darkened briefly lowering to your lips before he found composure. “Yeah, fine.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’re having a… hard time focusing.”

His hand paused halfway to the mouse.

“I know these emails can be… lengthy,” You continued finding it increasingly difficult to hide a smirk, “and having to sort through them is… really shafty…”

Sam sat back, embarrassment coloring his features.

“I know it would really… grind… my gears if I had to hack into every dude’s computer while Dean gets to take a break at the bar.”

“Are you done?” Sam interrupted.

“No, no… wait! I think I can come up with something for penetration and erection-”

Hot lips met the juncture of your shoulder and neck with leisurely-paced open-mouthed kissed, effectively transforming your teasing words into a sharp inhale. His fingers wrapped around your hips, gripping your pelvis firmly before pulling it back. A flash of sudden pleasure surged through your core. His nose dragged against your shoulder inching closer to your neck, heat building between your flushed bodies. A shiver ripped up your spine as he found a sensitive spot. He paused, pressing a kiss there. Your head lolled back against his shoulder. His hands slipped up your body, sliding under your shirt. His rough fingers pressed and caressed in disorganized trails, drawing each nerve to maximum stimulation. You gasped, unable to stop an onslaught of shivers from his touch. He sucked at the spot on your neck, locking his arm around your waist as you squirmed with assailing pleasure. His tongue flicked against the spot, his teeth following immediately. A cry broke from your lips. You slapped a hand over your mouth, surprised by the outburst. Sam chuckled darkly against your skin, the deep rumble sending an aching between your thighs.

“Oh, fuck…” You breathed, heat enveloping your body with a savage ferocity.

His hands grabbed your chest, barely restraining his strength as he kneaded. He closed his fingers over hardening nubs sending your hips to jerk forward in response. You bit your tongue holding back a moan, as your clit rubbed along his impossibly hard shaft. He moved quickly, grabbing your hips with a near bruising force. Every nerve in your body seeped with the heat building between you, overreacting with every little stimulus. Pleasure pulsed through your body with every breath hitting the tiny hairs along the nape of your neck, each finger digging against your hips, and every inch where your center rubbed against his.

He thrust up pulling your hips back. Sparks of unadulterated ecstasy exploded from the friction. Before the sensation could cool, he pushed you forward. White flashed before your vision. A helpless moan left your lips, an animalistic need for contact infecting every cell in your brain. You jerked against him, heat blazing, pleasure mounting endlessly. He grunted desperately against your ear, whimpers rising from your throat as you grinded together fueling an erotic fire threatening to consume your entity. There was nothing but sharp concentrated pleasure coursing through your core like live electricity. A strangled cry broke the room as he thrust against your sliding bodies finding an edge so high, you couldn’t believe a pleasure could be so intense, but it kept building, growing until you found a new edge before the other could finish. Your body shuddered, head falling to his shoulder, completely at his mercy.

He embraced your body, crushing you against him as he stiffened, broken groans tumbling from his chest as he shuddered against your back.You squeezed your legs together, his hold slackening as you felt a warm stickness in the apex of your jeans. You slid to his knees, turning to see Sam’s face. Surprise, mirroring your own expression, bloomed from a devastatingly sexy look of contentment. You jerked off his lap, stumbling to your feet.

“S-sorry!” You yelped, yanking your head away from the dark patch on his jeans.

“N-no, I’m…” The chair crashed into the wall as he pushed to his feet. He skirted around the opposite side of the desk muttering something you couldn’t catch over the blood pounding in your ears.

He retreated from the room. Your hands trembled, pleasure still lingering along your skin from his contact, as you hugged yourself close. It seemed the heat would never cool and you wouldn’t have it any other way.