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In this video, the Slow Mo Guys prove that pouring molten copper in slow motion is every bit as satisfying as one would imagine. Because they pour the metal from fairly high up, they get a nice break-up from a jet into a series of droplets; that’s due to the Plateau-Rayleigh instability, in which surface tension drives the fluid to break up into drops. Upon impact, the copper splashes and splatters very nicely, forming the crown-like splash many are familiar with from famous photos like Doc Edgerton’s milk drop. The key difference between the molten copper and any other liquid’s splash comes from cooling; watch closely and you’ll see some of the copper solidifying along the edges and surface of the fluid as it cools. In this respect, watching the molten copper is more like watching lava flow than seeing water splash. (Video and image credit: The Slow Mo Guys)

7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep

It’s back to school time! Here’s a healthy reminder to get your sleep on - consistently & intentionally - this semester. 

Sleep is critical for mind and body health. Without it, the effects can be severe. Below, neuroscientist Claudia Aguirre provides 7 healthy tips for a better night’s sleep:

1. Aim for power hours. Sleep the recommended amount for a restorative night. That is: between 9 and 12 hours for school-aged children, 8 to 10 hours for teenagers, and 7 to 9 hours for adults. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

2. Ban the blue. Filter the blue light of your electronic device and sleep better. Studies show that blue light from electronic devices can delay sleep onset and affect overall circadian rhythm. [Animation by Javier Saldeña/TED-Ed]

3. Spoon. Sleeping on the side may help the brain clear waste more efficiently than sleeping on the back or belly. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

4. Breathe deep. Deep breathing triggers the body’s relaxation response. What’s more, inhaling can drive cerebrospinal fluid flow to help clear brain waste and oxygenate the brain. [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

5. Don’t overdo it. Science is still working this one out, but there are some cases where too much sleep can pose a health risk. Better set that alarm. [Animation by Alan Foreman/TED-Ed]

6. Exercise. Lab experiments show that regular exercise can protect the brain from sleep deprivation-induced memory deficits. [Animation by Andrew Zimbelman/TED-Ed]

7. Keep cool. You just might get a better night’s rest if you sleep in a cool room (or stick your feet out). [Animation by TED-Ed + Josephine Mark]

For more health tips from experts, check out 7 TED-Ed Lessons for a healthier you.

Author bio: Claudia Aguirre is a neuroscientist and the author of several TED-Ed Lessons, including What would happen if you didn’t sleep? and Does stress cause pimples? Check her work and research out on Twitter & Facebook & Instagram.

Preference 21 - I'll Be Gentle - Smut - Requested




I’d confessed that I was ready to lose my virginity with my boyfriend Ashton. He’d been shocked at first since I had been wanting to be careful with it in the sense of I wasn’t going to try to just get it over with until I was sure I was ready and I wasn’t sure even if my whole body was screaming with hormones to just fuck him. The words of the hormones…

“If we’re going to do this, it’s going to be all about you…” Ashton said and I gave him a confused look.

“Isn’t it about us…?” I asked slowly, worrying that everything I had learned and likely idealized wasn’t the way it worked. I mean, it is about two people together right?

“It is but I meant the foreplay… That will be about you.” He said but I was still confused.


“Because girls get off on foreplay and losing your virginity will hurt a lot less if you’re wet and turned on… And you’re sure you’re ready?” he asked and I nodded. He gave a wan smile and reached his hand up dragging his fingers along my arm before interlocking our hands together. I was laying on the bed underneath him. He leaned back down to me and I dropped my eyes closed as our lips came together. Our lips moved naturally in a way that always made me light headed in the most intoxicating way but tonight I would finally succumb to the temptation. I felt his body lightly press against mine but I wanted more. I arched my back from beneath him to push our bodies together. He knew what I wanted. I felt his hand at the hem of my shirt before he slowly pushed it up. As his fingers dragged over my skin, my chest rose up until my breath hitched in my throat. My arms wrapped around his neck bringing him closer just so I could feel him against me. I could feel his hair hanging down and brushing over my face; I could feel the rise and fall of his chest against mine; I could feel his hand moving lightly up my torso until it reached the top. At that point, he’d pushed my shirt all he way up and our lips slipped apart to allow the shirt to come off.

Once it was off and I laid beneath him only in my bra, Ashton brushed his fingers over my cheek staring into my face. I blinked slowly. He smiled for a moment before he leaned back down to bring out lips together. Our tongues ran over each other’s lips before twisting together making me even more lightheaded than before. There was no desperate fervor between us, just slow and gentle kisses. This was romance and it wasn’t lust. Still holding one of my hands in his, he moved it above my head. It would have felt like he was pinning me down if he wasn’t being so gentle. Our legs were naturally tangled together. After another moment, he slowly began to move his lips away from mine. He dropped tender kisses at the corner of my mouth, my cheek, along the curve of my jawline, where my jaw met my neck, down my neck, over my collar bones to the top of my chest. My breath had gotten shaky with the sensation of his lips on skin making all my nerves blissfully tingly. His kisses became more passionate, open-mouthed kisses on the flesh of my breasts left exposed by my bra. My chest rose with my breath as my back arched. Ashton took the moment to slip his hand behind me to unhook my bra. He let my hand go but I knew that since he said it’d be about me, he didn’t want me to do anything to him so I just balled both my hands into fists gripping the sheets.

His hands lifted to my boobs as he sat back for a moment. He brushed his palms over them only pressing against them a little. Truth be told I wanted more and my body responded as such as my back once again rose above the bed to push into him. He smiled with his eyes flicking to meet mine. I whined wanting more. Finally, his hands glided over my torso to hold my breasts from underneath as he squeezed them slightly in his hands. I rolled my hips in a natural response. Slowly, both of his thumbs began to circle lightly around my nipple putting the sensitive on edge in exhilarating anticipation. Ultimately, he held my nipple lightly between his forefinger and thumb as he bent forehead. His mouth closed around one of my nipples with his tongue intoxicatingly circling around it the same teasing way his finger had. I groaned pushing my head back into the pillow. While one hand lightly teased the other breast, his free hand explored my body. He took his time to unbutton my jeans. Still over my clothes, his hand pressed into my inner thigh over my sensitive skin making me dig my teeth into my lip to quell the rising moan in my throat. He continued to drag his rough and calloused hands over my smooth skin. Each time he went to touch me my body rose to meet his hands always and forever wanting the feeling.

Finally he stopped teasing my breasts so diligently and he leaned forward to kiss me again. I wrapped my arms around his neck to bring him against me. One of his hands slipped to my back and pressed in to cup my body tight against his. I got a grip on his shirt and began to tug hoping that it would be obvious that I wanted him to take it off. He smiled leaning back and breaking our kiss for the moment it took him to follow my wishes then he returned to pressing our bodies together and kissing me.

Our bare chests pressing together was a new sensation for me. The warmth radiating off of his body was right against mine and seemed to make my head warm and fuzzy and deliriously filled only with thoughts about him. It was as I couldn’t be aware of anything else in the world except him. I could my sensitive and tender breasts pressing against his chest, pressing against it harder with each breath either of us took. We took a lot of breaths in an effort to breath in each other. We were all either of us wanted in that moment but we were not as interested in having it as we were in making it last.

Slowly as he kissed me, his hands slipped over my curves and began to slide my leggings off. As the fabric went further down on my legs, he got to the point where his arms weren’t long enough to continue taking off my clothes and kissing me. His lips traveled down my jaw and neck and chest once more at the same pace as the fabric slipping away from my skin. As his head went further down my body, his hair dragged down my skin sending tingles in waves throughout my body. He dropped a final kiss on the top of my panties before he leaned back sitting back in between my legs.

“I’m going to be gentle with you, ok?” He said gently stroking his fingers over my panties. I nodded biting my finger as a slight moan came out of my lips. My whole body was trembling with heat and anticipation. He continued to press his fingers up and down my clothed heat making me shake and writhe from his touch.

“You’re getting really wet.” He commented. I squeezed my eyes shut making a moan of embarrassment. He leaned forward again hooking his fingers into the band of my underwear. He slowly tugged them down my legs before taking off his jeans and returning to the space between my legs. My chest quivered with a shaky breath as he leaned forward. He dropped tender kisses down the inside of my thighs letting his shaggy hair brush over my skin. He finally reached what he wanted to with his lips moving over my heat.

I let out a strained moan curling my toes and closing my eyes. Ashton moved his hand on top of my hip holding me steady. At first it was his mouth just closing around my heat almost like an open mouth kiss until things got more heated. He slowly guided my folds open by moving his tongue smoothly up and down between them. I groaned my hips moving up on their own to be closer to him. When I peeked out of my eyes, I could see he had his eyes dropped closed, completely focused on me. I felt his tongue exploring me moving in zig-zags over and through my folds in a slow, fluid movements that were driving me crazy. I squeezed my eyes shut again when he moved his mouth so it was closed around my clit. He expertly flicked his tongue over it and I had to ball my fists into the sheets to keep from crying out. He put more pressure on my hips to keep me still more so than he had before. I groaned when his tongue moved and deftly entered into me. He moved it over my walls, twisting it all around while I steadily became more of trembling mess, trembling in ecstasy.

He didn’t bring me over the edge though, rather he chose to pull away dragging his lips back up my body until we were face to face.

“Ready?” He asked and I nodded meekly holding my hand over my mouth. He reached around and got a condom smoothly sliding it onto his length. I braced myself for what was to come. I felt his tip push against my clit but he didn’t try to enter me. I opened my eyes to see his right before me.
“I’m going to be gentle.” He said cupping my cheek in his large hand. I nodded. He leaned forward and our lips came together. As he kissed me I felt him begin to steadily enter inside me. It didn’t hurt the way I had expected it to so my body relaxed. This was something I could handle. Ashton kept sliding in until he was all the way in.

“You ok?” He asked gently.

“Yeah…” I answered. Steadily, the pain was fading away.

“I’m gonna move now.” He said and I closed my eyes again to prepare myself. He slid out slowly before sliding back in at the same speed. He did that a few more times, never getting harder or passionate, so I peeked at him. His face was tuant as he looked down at me completely focused.

“Are you ok?” I asked and he grunted.

“You’re tight.” He said in a strained voice.

“You can be more rough. It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I said and he nodded. He still slide out slow but this time when he went back in, he thrust into me. I moaned since somehow that felt better than the slow movement he’d been doing before.

After a bit, Ashton grabbed my hips moving me and I groaned as he thrust it in hitting my g-spot. He leaned forward almost as if he was laying on top of me forcefully bringing our lips together with desperation. I couldn’t help but get caught up in his rhythm. I kissed him back wrapping my legs and arms around him. He got faster and the feeling of him ramming it into me was more electrifying than I had expected. Both of us were groaning into the other’s mouth with each thrust, our bodies moving with each one on the bed. As he steadily got faster and harder, he lifted his hand up to squeeze my breast and tease my nipple. I moaned gripping tight onto his hair. That was enough for me to begin to feel my muscles tightening as my orgasm began to form in my stomach. He pulled away from my lips harshly kissing my neck as I buried my face in his to keep from being too loud.

“Come on baby…” He grunted. Apparently that was it as the second after the words left his mouth, I felt my muscles release with my climax. Another second later I felt him release into the condom.

A short while later, I was laying on Ashton’s chest starting to doze off when he spoke.

“Hey, that wasn’t too rough right?” He asked slipping his fingers into my hair.

“No, it wasn’t. Thanks.” I said with a sigh.

I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


We crashed into my bedroom door Calum holding me in his arms with my legs locked around his torso above his hips. My arms were wrapped tight around his neck with my fingers tight in his hair. Our lips were attacking each other hungrily, desperate after our months apart. This had started with light kissing on the couch but it had awoken all the desire we’d had to keep bottled up while he was on tour. Now that we were together there was no reason to hold back. Just as the door that we slammed open slammed closed, Calum spun and pushed me hard into the wall. I felt my whole body get hot and my heat began to throb as he let me slid down the wall until I was straddling his leg. We couldn’t stop though and kept attacking each other with kisses. His body was hot against mine and I couldn’t get enough…

Finally he tore his lips from mine moving to press them hard into my neck with a desperation for me that I was just experiencing for the first time. When he sunk his teeth, albeit lightly, into my neck I couldn’t help but cry out. I felt him smirk against my skin but he didn’t slow down. I balled my fists in his shirt dropping my head against the wall. His body was pinning me but that only seemed to turn me on. With little ceremony about it, I felt his hand slide under my shirt groping me with a passion and hunger that still only made my own hunger for him grow. I moaned, which made him press me into the wall hard just so I could feel his body against mine, which was all I wanted.

“Are you trying to drive me completely insane?” I moaned with my body aching for him.

“You drive me insane.” He growled bringing his head back up to crash our lips together. The kiss lasted for a moment, just until he decided that our shirts were too much of an inconvenience and both of them fell to the floor.  He pushed me higher on the wall trailing steamy kisses along my jawline, down my neck and then down the valley between my breasts as if his hunger was for every inch of me. He reached back with the same desperation to unhook my bra while I felt myself pooling perched on and straddling his knee. He returned to biting and sucking against my skin, this time around my breasts making me moan and groan helplessly pinned against the wall balling my hands in his hair or shirt squeezing my eyes shut. Feeling my bare chest against his bare chest made me feel alive and hungry. I needed him and I needed this.

“Calum please!” I cried when he took my nipple in his mouth twirling his tongue around it. “Please!” I cried again as he pushed his knee up pushing it against my heat.

“What do you want?” He asked breathless with his hunger still evident in his eyes.

“You! Now!” I groaned desperately. He smirked and pulled back from the wall making me lock my legs around him to keep from falling. Then he dropped me on the bed. In another moment, my jeans had come off.

“Is this want you want?” He said with his chest heaving to get the air we were both starved for after seeking each other out more so than air.

“Yes!” I cried reaching for him.

“Really? You’re ready?” he asked faltering for a moment. I hastily nodded. It was more than just a momentary desperation. I’d known that I was ready for a couple weeks or so already, he had just been on tour and I couldn’t lose my virginity until he was back.

“Just remember that I’m a virgin if I’m bad or whatever…” I said in the same breathless voice he’d used.

“Heh, that won’t happen.” He said wiggling out of his own jeans. A single wave of nerves rolled through my stomach. I was thankful that I still had my panties on but soon they’d be off and I’d be more exposed than I’d ever been in front of someone else.

“Calum…” I breathed as his fingers glided down the inside of my open legs until they purposefully brushed over my heat. That was enough to make my muscles tighten in anticipation.

“Come on, you’ll feel better if you’re drenched…” He hummed bending forward dropping kisses along my inner thigh sending shivers throughout my body.

“Shh….” He said a suggestive glint in his eyes as he looked at me from between my legs. He moved my legs and slipped my panties off. He moved to be under my legs bringing his arms out and using one hand to pin my hips down and the other reached out to me our fingers locked together tightly. Then I felt his lips brushing against my heat, warm and wet.
That was nothing compared to what he did next… He felt his tongue begin to search and weave through my folds before beginning to work on me expertly. He would glide his tongue up and down zig-zagging over my heat teasingly occasionally slipping in to swirl once around my walls. My whole body was electrified. When his mouth closed around my clit, I couldn’t help but curl my toes and use both hands to desperately grip onto his hair and arch my back a moan only held back by my teeth in my lips. He was teasing me hungrily as if all he wanted was to get me unraveled beneath him. He was certainly getting that. Nevertheless, I felt my muscles tightening and I knew that I would orgasm but just as I thought that he pulled away. He looked proud, leaning back having denied me my climax.

“Jerk…” I said but my voice was breathless and wavered so the force of my insult was lost. He chuckled and leaned forward to me bringing our lips together for a moment.

“I wanted our first time to be together.” He said pulling back letting his hands drag down my body. I glared at him. “Ready?” He said with his hands hotly resting on my hips. I nodded. “Good, then turn over.” He said and I sighed. Figures he’d like to do it from behind. Once I had my back to him on my hands and knees I felt him bend over me. One of his arms wrapped around me, our bodies pressed together. He was using his other hand to line himself up after putting on a condom.

I felt his breath next to my ear before he spoke. “I’ll be gentle…” He said and I craned my neck for one last desperate kiss. I felt his tip on my heat, brushing my clit and my body tightened either to prepare for the pain of losing my virginity or the ecstasy of sex. Somewhere in there. “I love you.” Calum said his words clinging to his strained breath as he rested his forehead n my back. Then he started to slide into me. As the tip entered my muscles continued to tighten and I closed my eyes tightly my fists balled in the sheets. My teeth dug into my lips as I was determined not to cry out from pain. But he still continued slowly sliding into me giving me enough time to adjust as best as I could as he went. My legs shook and I felt a straining that I definitely didn’t get from tampons but it didn’t hurt much beyond that. My arms gave out not too long after that so I had my face against the bed as my body shook. Calum, to his credit, held me close. My eyes were strained closed as my body struggled to adjust to this new experience. Sure, it wasn’t the most pleasant experience but it wasn’t exactly pain. Eventually, he stopped sliding in and then stopped moving.

“How are you?” He asked and I sighed.

“I think I’m ok…” I said and he sighed.

“You’re tight.” He said running a hand down my back.

“You knew I would be.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, I did. But you feel really good. I can feel you adjusting, do you think I can start moving…?” He asked. I turned back best I could without moving my hips or anything to see him. I could tell from the taunt muscles in his torso that he felt good but his eyes were focused on me.

“Yeah…” I said getting a better grip on the sheets.
“I’ll go slow at first…” he said and I nodded closing my eyes again. Some of the hurt was gone. I felt him slide out and my body tightened to prepare for him thrusting back in. He slid back in at the same speed he’d slid out in. I felt the traces of how good sex could feel and a moan came from the back of my throat.

“You ok?” Calum asked and I nodded.

“It’s starting to feel good…” I said and I knew he nodded even though I couldn’t see him. He used the arm underneath me to reach up and massage one of my breasts in his hands and to tease my nipple. Since I was always sensitive there, I started to get turned on again, getting wet too. He slid in and out a couple more times at the slow speed as I started to feel hot and desperate for him again. Just as my desperation rose, so did his speed. He was still bent over me and was thrusting steadily faster and with each thrust, it started to feel better for me. I felt his sliding in and out against my walls and my body’s sensitivity rose each time. It started to feel really good a short time later and a real moan came out of my lips. Calum groaned with his face pressed against my back. As he continued to both thrust and tease me, I felt my climax building once again and my whole body felt alive.

“Calum I-” I tried to say but his hand had dropped down so he could run his finger over my clit skillfully.

“I know. Me too.” He said in a strained voice with his body working hard to get us both there. He was almost slamming into me but it felt so could I didn’t mind the little bit of pain that came with it. A minute later he came into the condom. After tossing it into the bin he fell onto the bed next to me his body gleaming with sweat and a both exhausted and elated smile on his face.

“That was amazing…” He said and I nodded laughing laying over his chest.

“I missed you.” I said kissing his collarbone. He let out a long laugh reaching his hand up to brush my hair.

“I missed you too…” He said and I smiled.

“Love you…” I said contentedly.

“Love you more.” He said cockily.

“Do not.” I laughed.

Sometimes being both gentle and rough is best.


“Michael…” I said when I opened the door to greet him. His famous cocky smile washed over his face before he pulled me into a hug.

“Hey baby…” He sighed from above my head. It’d been a while since we’d seen each other. I knew that I wanted to lose my virginity with him that night. We spent the afternoon playing video games and making out because we’re teenagers with hormones. Then I laced my fingers with his leaning into his ear letting my lips drag over it.

“Michael… Let’s go up to my room.” I whispered in my most suggestive voice. When I pulled away I saw his eyebrows lifted up in surprise.

“Are you…?” I didn’t bother to answer his incomplete question as I got up off of the couch and headed toward the stairs.

“Tease!” He called after me after I heard the thud of his body slipping off the couch. I giggled opening the door to my room. I used the dimmer, more romantic lights and started some soft music.

“I honestly don’t know why you think you can get away with that kind of shit.” Michael said coming up from behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. From his position, he easily kissed my neck making my mouth slip open from the shivers running up and down my spine.

“Because I’m cute.” I answered with my teasing smile as he moved to sit on the bed in front of me. He shook his head as his hands naturally landed on my hips guiding me to him. I stood between his legs as he looked at me with that spark in his eyes I knew too well.

“You are cute but you are the biggest tease I’ve ever known.” He said letting his fingers brush over the exposed skin down my arms before bringing our fingers to tangle together. I shrugged innocently reaching forward to slip my fingers into his hair.

“Come on, it’s like you know every little thing that you do to me and yet you’re also so innocent…” He groaned pulling me closer to him still until I feel him against me lightly.

“What do I do to you?” I asked still feigning innocence.

“You drive me nuts.” He murmured leaning into me. His lips attached to my exposed collarbone. I lifted my hand up to his shoulder gripping his shirt. His lips continued to glide over my skin. “I mean, even the way you move gets me hooked. I get addicted to the taste and feeling of your skin. There’s nothing I ever want more than you…” He said opening his lips in a kiss over my neck letting his teeth sink in for only a moment.

“Michael…” I sighed the word hitching the back of my throat. My eyes dropped closed and suddenly I could feel him better than before.

“I mean… You can’t possibly know how much I want you and how much it’s driving me crazy.” He said moving his lips over every inch of exposed skin around my neck. I rolled my head back. One of his arms wrapped around to my back pressing in to arch my back and curve my body to his. His other hand glided over my body.

“There’s nothing I want more…” He repeated his words coming out against my skin. I moaned in a hum before raising my head again to face him.

“Michael…” I said and he looked at me with wanting in his eyes under a haze of dazed desire. “I want you too…” I said curling his hair in my fingers and leaned toward him. Our lips came together in a perfectly matched movement. I pushed against him as we kissed guiding him to lay back on the bed. In a hazy movement he went up to lean back on the pillows while I  crawled on top of him our lips never coming apart. I straddled him slowly grinding against him until I began to feel him growing hard underneath me. I moved my hands all over his chest feeling his muscles grow tight in response with anticipation. I pushed my body against his as he arms wound around my back to bring me closer. His lips slipped from mine attaching once again to my skin. His lips glided over my skin dropping hot open mouth kisses while I continued to grind against him. His hands slipped under my shirt moving smoothly over my torso before reaching my bra. He pulled the cups down in a practiced movement. He squeezed my tender breasts in his hands as he kissed my skin trailing his kisses down to my chest. His fingers teased my nipples, where I was most sensitive except for my heat. I moaned through my teeth digging into my lip with my arms wound around his head to keep him close to me. Eventually his mouth went to one of my nipples hungrily sucking while his tongue swirled around it. Knowing I wanted more I took the chance to pull my shirt off and unhook my bra. I left him to get the bra out of his way. He groaned seeing my newly exposed skin. The arm around y back pressed me closer to him so I could feel each breath with my hips against his torso and my back curved so my heat was still over his dick. I was leaning back as to allow him to lean forward to play and suck on my breasts. His every action was making me wetter and more hungry for him, more desperate to do just what I wanted to. His free hand was teasing my nipple while he used his mouth on the other one. In the new position I couldn’t really grind against him to drive as crazy as he was driving me.

“Michael… I want to…” I groaned through my ecstasy. He pulled away from me to meet my eyes.

“Really?” He asked and I nodded. He didn’t ask anything more than that. He just pulled me back to him after tugging his shirt off. Our bare bodies pressed together as we kissed. We moved against each other moving awkwardly to wiggle out of our jeans until we were both in our underwear. I was straddling him with my arms on his shoulders kissing him when he pulled away when I wasn’t expecting him to.

“Come on baby…” He cooed gently. He shifted around reaching underneath me. When his fingers brushed over my clothed heat my whole body jolted. I moaned bending down over him gripping onto the headboard behind me.

“Michael…” I whined. He only pressed against me harder as he adjusted himself underneath me. I figured out why he had moved when I felt his lips on the sensitive skin of my breast.
“You have to be wet.” He said with a hum rubbing up and down my folds over my panties. My legs shook but I still managed to keep myself up. Slowly, he pushed my panties aside and glided his finger into my folds. I moaned in the back of my throat. He lifted his hand up to slowly push my panties down my legs. My whole body was shaking at that point. I felt his fingers skillfully moved through my folds occasionally dipping inside me. His finger moved through my folds and circled around my entrance. His lips continued to wander over my chest as he made me unravel from above him. I felt myself practically dripping down and running my legs. My whole body continued to shake as his moved to finger to circle around my clit slowly closing in on it. When he finally touched the sensitive bundle of nerves my whole body quaked.
“You’re almost flooding.” He commented. I moaned bending over him again gripping onto his shoulder letting my nails dig into his skin.

“I hate you.” I groaned and he chuckled.

“I love you.” He replied slowly dragging his fingers away from my heat. He lowered me down until I was straddling over him again. Once I was settled, he reached over for a condom as I took one deep breath in the hopes of settling my nerves.

“Ok… Ready?” He asked running his hands over my hips. I nodded lifting myself up again. I moved to align my entrance with his length. Slowly, looking down, I began to lower myself onto him. My face screwed up in response to the pain I had been anticipating. His hands glided over my back in the hope of soothing me.

“I’ll be gentle with you, I promise.” He said and I nodded holding onto his shoulder. I leaned down to bring our bodies closer together while I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. Our foreheads came together and we both looked into the other’s eyes. I brought our lips together rising up my shoulders as I rolled my hips a couple times against him. He groaned a little and his mouth opened with his groan.

“I will start thrusting, ok?” He said and I nodded bringing our lips back together again. He began to roll his hips against mine and I pushed closer against him. His arms were wrapped tight around my back and made our bodies move in perfect rhythm together with each and every thrust. I felt our chests rising and pressing against the other and his hair brushing over my forehead. His tongue explored my mouth. We continued to grind against each other. Feeling him inside of me was a completely new experience. With each roll of our hips, his length slide deliciously against my walls sending more electricity and sparks through my body than I’d ever experienced before. The feeling of our bodies together was enough to set my nerves on end. As he started to get a little faster and rougher, I could feel my high building inside of my stomach. I could feel the muscles tightening in his torso and that coupled with him beginning to twitch inside of me I figured he had to be close.

“Oh Michael…” I moaned feeling myself slide right onto my edge and I buried my face into his neck He groaned with his mouth free no longer interlocked with mine.

“I know… God…” He moaned into the heated air. My whole body tensed as I catapulted off of the edge completely losing my grip. Just as I came undone, Michael released into the condom. We both fell back onto the bed tangled together. We spent a lot of time catching our breath before he spoke.

“You know what’s better than the first time?” He said putting his arms around my shoulders.

“What?” I asked resting on his chest.

“The second time.”



“Luke…” I sighed in heavenly bliss as his lips smoothly, intoxicatingly glided over my neck. Knowing that what he was doing was getting to me, he playfully nibbled over my collarbones just enough to make me grab onto his hair. He was getting back at me for straddling him while we made out but I was better at grinding.

“I really do love you, and doing this with you.” He said adding the last bit as an afterthought.

“Hmm… I love you too…” I said before ducking down to kiss neck. He let out a low groan when I ran my tongue over his skin before blowing on it. His fingers dug deeper into me in frustration. I wouldn’t say he was dominant but his dominant side came out when he was frustrated.

“You’re just not fair…” He groaned as I bit into his shoulder pulling the collar of his shirt down. I giggled and began to grind my hips just to drive him closer to the brink of insanity. I raked my fingers through his hair against his scalp to stimulate those nerve endings. I loved feeling the soft strands of his hair weaving through my fingers. I felt him gulping to try and keep from moaning. My sadistic side took way too much satisfaction from getting him like that.

“You can admit you like it to me…” I murmured letting my hot breath hit his skin. With those words I sat back up looking down at him with one raised eyebrow to challenge him. His eyes narrowed.

“You’re just a damn tease.” He finally decided.

“If I’m such a tease then you should tease me back.” I said poking my tongue through my lips.

“That’s what you want me to do.” He said bluntly and I shrugged.

“If you even can.” I said. That was enough to get him to start. His hands and arms slid up the back of my shirt before he dragged them down over my spine. My whole body shuddered against him and it was his turn to get the satisfied, sadistic smile with his blue eyes becoming dark and hooded. Heat began to rise in my whole body as his hands expertly pressed into every curve of my back before moving to the front of it. I sucked in a breath and kept it in in hope of keeping my cool as his hands languidly, far too slowly moved over my stomach and up to my chest. He watched my face as I struggled to keep my anticipation and desire from showing on my face even though we both knew my efforts were going to be in vain.

“Come on, I know you love it…” He whispered in the heated space between us. His hand finally reached one of my breasts closing around it over my bra. I filled his hands, which was something he enjoyed. When he began to squeeze, a squeak slipped from lips.

“Oh just admit it.” Luke said. “You love it. You love every little thing I do to you because I know exactly what to do to you.” He continued.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” I asked sucking in another breathing. I knew I would regret saying that later but I would not regret what it would push him to do to me. He continued to squeeze my breasts in his hands still over my bra but I still loved what he did to me, the way his fingers pressed into my skin, they way he drove me insane like I never could quite do to him.

“You’re being more stubborn than usual today…” He sighed slipping his hands away from my body. I took the meager chance to breathe. Then his hands found the hem of my shirt.

“May I?” He asked and I shook my head. His brow furrowed.

“You too.” I said pointing to his shirt. He rolled his eyes and sat up pushing me further back on his lap. He pulled it off over his head dropping it to the side. Barely a beat later he had pulled me roughly back against him.

“I don’t want you so far away.” He said to explain already twisting his fingers into the hem of my shirt and beginning to tug it off over my head. When the fabric between us fell away, I could feel all of radiating heat coming off of his body. I could feel our chests, mine over his, heaving against each other with every breath. I could feel his body against mine.

He pressed his hands  back into my back, running them up and down my skin. My body pushes against his and I dug my teeth into my lip to keep from crying out. Luke leaned forward and pressed his lips gently, almost too lightly, into my breast trailing his soft little kisses along the edge of my bra. I slipped my fingers back into his hair gripping onto it. He trailed kisses from the center of my breasts back up to my collarbones and neck before pulling away. He leaned back to look at me through his dark eyes, hazy like mine as we had gotten drunk off of each other.

“Don’t forget how well I know you…” He said as I had began grinding again to make him lose his grip at least just a little bit. I raised my eyebrows faking innocence. “I know just what to do…” He said lifting his hands back up to my breasts cupping them in his palms from underneath. I surpressed any reaction showing on my face as he moved his fingers over the cup of my bra.

“Just what are you going to do?” I asked with a raised eyebrow using it to hide the anticipation in my stomach. He just chuckled. I leaned forward dropping my face into his neck and running my hands all over his hot, bare chest. For a second he let out a growl as I pressed hot, hard kisses into his neck. I pushed my body against his teasing him with only the sensation of it and nothing more. He let out a low growl for a second dropping his head back with a frustrated look on his face.

“You’re just playing games…” He groaned. I laughed continuing to kiss the places on his neck and shoulders that I knew were sensitive. Then I felt his hands moving again on my body. His fingers hooked into the cups of my bra and pulling them down. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a sharp intake of breath as his fingers brushed teasingly over my newly exposed skin.

“I can play games too…” He said tracing circles into my flesh. “I know how to make you writhe.” He murmured. At those words alone my whole body tensed up. His fingers found my nipples, where I was regrettably too sensitive, once again tracing their teasing circles on my sensitive flesh. A moan came out of the back of my throat as my fingers gripped onto his hair. He chuckled darkly as he took my nipples between his fingers and began to twist. In a flash my back arched and I was pressing against him like I never had before with my arms wrapped tight around his neck pulling his head against my chest. My hips started moving on their own, desperate for the friction of grinding against him.

“I love how sensitive you are….” He whispered with his warm breath running over my skin. My breath quickened as his lips connected with my skin running over my chest before they closed around my nipple. He ran his tongue over it sucking lightly but it was all enough to get a big reaction out of me as he still worked the other nipple with his fingers. I buried my face into the top of his head, sounds coming out of my mouth only quelled by my teeth dug hard into my lips. With one of his hands now free, he reached around to my back and unhooked my bra. When it fell away from my body, his pulled his face back from my chest giving me smile clearly saying he was very satisfied with himself.

A second later, I had desperately crashed our lips together grinding against him pressing our bare chests together. I had giving up pretending like I wasn’t just as desperate and hungry for him as he was for me. I ran my tongue over his lips prompting him to open them. Once he did, our tongues twisted together in a natural, high-inducing rhythm only continuing to spark the crazed hormones inside each of us. I grinded against him hardly, trying to get his moans to come out. He returned the favor; he raised his hands back to my breasts cupping and kneading one from the sensitive underside while the fingers of his other hand worked the nipple of my other boob. Moans dropped my lips into our kiss where our lips were smashing together a desperate storm of desire. Heat was rising in my body and our breathless chests were heaving against each other while we were far too busy breathing in each other. After a little while his lips tore from mine and hotly attacked my jawline before moving down to my neck. A moan, both surprised and satisfied, slipped from my lips as my arms slipped around his neck.

“Luke…” I groaned. He made a noise of recognition against my neck not even bothering to pull away from the task at hand.

“I want to.” I said simply rising up from my position. My fingers hooked into my jeans going to pull them off until Luke’s hands reached out and held my wrists still.

“Are you sure?” He asked with sincerity filling his eyes instead of his love-drunk haze. I nodded. He sucked a shaky breath taking his moment to think.

“Luke, I know I’m ready and I love you and I want to. Ok?” I said and he finally nodded.

“Let me.” He said dropping my wrists and undoing the button of my jeans with his own hands as I stood above him. He slowly pulled the fabric away from my skin gently sliding it away. When my jeans were gone, I fell lightly back into my former position. There was less desperation between us as I pressed my lips into his neck pushing against him. I was letting him think until his finger caught my jaw and brought my face up to his.

“I love you.” He said honestly.

“I love you, too.” I answered. He nodded and I brought our lips together. After a moment, his hands were pressing into my back pushing me harder against him. When I felt his hardness from beneath me, I couldn’t help but beginning to grind against him again. He kept one arm around me holding me so tight against him that whenever I breathed, my breasts pushed against his chest in such a way that sparks went down my spine. My arms were tight around his neck holding him to me too. He groaned again when I grinded against him harder. In response, he lifted his free hand to one of my breasts holding it from underneath like before, kneading it in the way he knew made me writhe. After a few moments I lifted off of him again dropping my hands to his jeans. He dropped and rolled his head back with a groan coming from his lips.

“Damn you…” He groaned leaning back to reach the condoms he had as I pulled his jeans off. “Go ahead.” He said when he noticed I’d left his briefs. I pulled those off too. I took the condom from him as he moved the way I was standing. As I put the condom off of him, he pulled off my panties.

“You’re really wet.” He commented.

“Thanks.” I said with an edge out of embarrassment.

Newly exposed, I went back into straddling him in his lap with his hard shaft between us. He rubbed the small of my back above my hips looking at me as I breathed deeply for a few moments.

“I’ll be gentle…” He said in a low voice. I nodded. While I wouldn’t say I was inexperienced, I just hadn’t ever had sex with someone before. Luke would be my first. “Don’t force yourself.” He said after another short while. I shook my head lifting my hips. His hand dropped to his shaft alining with my entrance. I put my arms loosely around his neck tangling my fingers into his hair. I took one more moment to steady myself before I lowered myself onto him. I didn’t stop until he was all the way in but once he was, I sunk against him resting my head in his neck. My face was screwed up in response to the sorta pain I was experiencing as I adjusted to his size losing my virginity. I had enough sense to be thankful that it wasn’t all out pain. He was breathing hard from above me.

“You’re tight.” He said in a strained voice.

“Sorry…” I sighed against him.

“No, it’s really good…” He said shifting a little. I let out a sharp noise in response. “Sorry.”

“How should I start?” I asked sitting up to face him. He smiled.

“Start slow.” He said and I nodded. I dropped my head down to bring our lips together before I began to roll my hips letting his length slide in and out of me little by little and little by little the pain went away. As the pain left, I started to go faster using more pressure. I had a grip on his shoulder to keep me steady. Eventually, I got to the point where I couldn’t roll my hips anymore and from our position with our foreheads pressed together Luke could see my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You can go up and down.” He said and I nodded. I rose up until just the tip was inside. I could feel my insides shaking with sparks and desire for him and I dropped back down onto him. We both dropped moans from our lips. I closed my eyes to focus on what I was doing as I rose up from him then dropped back down. Each time it felt better so each time I did it harder. The room filled the sound of our bodies coming together, our breaths and our moans. I felt his hand push against my hips adjusting the angle and suddenly he was hitting some part of me that felt incredible. My whole body felt incredible and my muscles tightened together as I felt him twitching inside me. A couple moments later, all the tension in my body exploded and released as I climaxed. A beat later I felt Luke release into the condom and we both sank against each other in a tangle of arms and legs with hot breaths of air filling the space between.

“Oh wow…” I sighed from against him.

“Yeah… Wow…” Luke echoed and I smiled giggling faintly.

Can I do that again?

A Pirate Christmas

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 1

Character A and Character B, sworn enemies, are chosen to prepare the company Christmas Party.

A Pirate Christmas; ~ 3, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3


“Excuse me?”

Her eyes don’t boggle. Not exactly. But the message in them is plain to see anyway – you are a nutjob.

“I said ‘Pirates’, Swan,” he actually has the gall to roll his eyes at her after doing little more than hissing out her name.

And everyone knows the eyeroll is her patent move. His is… the stupid eyebrow thing.

Like you can literally tell what he is thinking by the way his freaking eyebrows move. When he is amused but trying to hold in his laughter, it’s this gradual, semi-seductive, semi-impressed arch. When he is annoyed, it’s this sharp thing, his eyebrow spiking in the middle, fast and unforgiving. When he is genuinely worried or offended, it’s this slow, barely there twitch, almost like he wants to keep his face completely frozen and impassive but the damn thing doesn’t listen even to him. And when he is being an ass, plain and simple, it’s his wiggly, taunting and fluid motion that drives Emma up the bloody wall. The others she has seen on occasion but that last one, some deity above help her, she has to deal with that every time she sees him.

“I heard what you said, Jones,” she makes sure to enunciate his name as clearly and evenly as possible, just to show that she not petty enough to hiss at him. “I just decided to give you a chance to realize how fucking ridiculous it is on your own.”

Alright, so maybe she is a little petty.

“Oh, I see. Of course. And what brilliant ideas does Her Pretentiousness have exactly?”

At this Emma has to close her eyes for a solid 5 seconds. She has to count those seconds, breathe them in and remind herself that once upon a time she didn’t want to strangle Killian Jones. Once upon a time she actually quite liked him.


4 months earlier

He is… well, he is damn nice is what he is.

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1941 Chrysler Windsor Barrel back 9 seater station wagon. 121 in wheelbase with a 112 bhp 6 cylinder ‘Spitfire’ engine and fluid drive Vacumatic gearbox. This one, of very few and even fewer survivors, was delivered to Warner Brothers and appeared in several films. It’s been awarded a first class at Pebble Beach and it cost $1,475 new. Quite special I think.

What Happens in Romania...

Description: Bucky x Reader. Angst/fluff. Set after Bucky pulls Steve from the wreckage of the hellicarrier, the Reader, a friend of the Black Widow, is looking for a new job opportunity after the collapse of SHIELD, yet ends up in going a rather different direction that she expected. No plot spoilers for civil war, but would lead onto it.

Words: 4,415

Warnings: Comic book violence but that’s about it.

Author’s Note: Blaming @winchester-with-wings @castihelloboys @thinkwritexpress and @autoblocked for perpetuating my Bucky fangirling on a daily basis, then @bovaria and @imagines-all-day-everyday as a declaration of love for their bucky fics. Between all of this, I’m so far down the rabbit hole with Bucky/Seb Stan at the moment, it’s actually embarrassing so I had to do something to get it out my system (was worth a shot at least). This ended up so much longer than I expected, anyway, enjoy!

—- 2005 —-

You could remember the attack as clear as day. Brains work strangely like that, death defying situations mean it must process things much quicker than usual, your senses feeling hyper alert. Connections are made at incredible speed yet time physically seems to pass slower. It clocks everything in terrifying detail, making a minute feel like an hour.

Curtains blew out through window frames, flying around and getting hooked on shards of glass that hadn’t fallen out with the initial blast. You popped your head out from behind the doorway to see the man, clambering in through one without a care for any cuts and scrapes he received for it. He stood tall, shaggy hair damp with either sweat or rain, you weren’t entirely sure. It was as he straightened up that the low dusk light glinted off of his metal arm, and that was when you knew it was time to react. One colleague silently signaled for you to head upstairs. You knew that if this was the man you thought he was, running wouldn’t save you but it was your job to call in. Your team could buy you time… even if only a minute or so.

You turned your back and slipped up the stairs, carefully avoiding any creaky steps. With how long your team had been stationed at this safe house, you knew it like the back of your hand. You gave an encouraging nod to the agent at the top of the stairs, the poor woman looked terrified as it was then that you heard the first shot. And the second. You swallowed hard as one of the agents downstairs let out a shout before a third shot cut him off dead in his tracks. The woman nodded at you and glided down the stairs, pistol outstretched, leaving you to head for the furthest room beginning to fumble with your coms device.

Calling up the screen, you knew speaking would give you away so you typed the appropriate code knowing they’d have your coordinates already. You heard another shot and did the only thing you could think to do. Ducking into a closet, you eased the door shut as silently possible, closed your eyes and waited. Another two shots and bit down hard on your lip, if they were all one shot kills that left only you and one other left. Heavy footfalls up the stairs. Three doors slammed open and another shot echoed out.

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