Catching prey using Vortices

I was reading about Vortices and after hours of research online, out of the blue I stumbled upon this amazing bird. This is the Red Necked Phalarope and from the looks of it seems to have put vortices to a really productive use - catching its prey.

By rotating around ~60-80 times a minute, it produces an upward vortex that sucks out insects/bugs/crustaceans from the water, which it swiftly picks up with its beak and eats. ( This one would have aced the Fluids class for sure :D)

This is analogous to tornadoes sweeping up cars and houses along its way in an upward swirl.

Mind Blown!

** The actual dynamics of vortices of course is waay more complicated. ;)

*** There are three species of phalarope (red-necked, red/grey, and Wilson’s), and they can all feed like that.            

How to be an Ally to a bisexual, pansexual or fluid person

1. Believe that I exist.

2. Don’t try to talk me into redefining my identity. 

3. Celebrate bisexual, pansexual and fluid culture with me.

4. Don’t try to convince me that people who lived bisexual, pansexual or fluid lives in the past would have been gay.

5. Validate my frustration within the gay and lesbian community.

6. Ask me, if appropriate, about my other-sex relationships and my same-sex relationships. 

7. Don’t use scandals related to bisexual+ people in the news as an opportunity to make derisive remarks about us generally.

8. Speak up when bisexual, pansexual and fluid people are being defamed or excluded. 


Gotta Tell You Something About My Gender