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Your art is the love of my life and I would give anything in the world for you to draw more leoji because your Guang is such a cutie and your Leo clears my skin and flourishes my crops

I LOVE LEO//JI and i made a promise to my pal, @ohvegeta that leo///ji will be the first thing i draw when I can buy a new tablet! Plus gh ji is suuuuuper fun to draw (his hair is so fluffyyy and the freckless yes) SO DW I GOTCHUUUU FAM

Something To Think About (Part 5) - Newt Imagine (SMUT)

Idk why I added smut to this, I was just feeling like it haha and yes I totally stole the smut part from one of my other imagines and changed it a little (I was lazy at the moment).

This is the last part. Hope you like it! Enjoy! :) 

Pairing: Newt x Reader
Note: Fluffyyy. Kiss and make up. A really short smut part.
Warning: SMUT!
Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 & Info about the series.
Word count: 1688

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Newt´s POV

What have I done? I thought to myself. I was still standing there at the very same spot as Y/N had left me in, surrounded by Thomas and Minho. The other boys had left the room, they had seen and heard enough and wasn’t interested in more drama.

“I made a promise to her…” I murmured and broke the silence.

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I am so happy you open a request... could you do an agent jungkook with ten bad guys that want to kill him because he goes to save his lover... fluffyyy pleaseee 😄😄😄😄

Got a little carried away with this one, so it has a bit of drama and angst. Hope it has the fluff you need though :P Thanks for requesting!

Agent AF7 (Jungkook, You) Scenario

The world seemed to be in slow motion as Jungkook took deep breaths, surveying his surroundings.

There were eight—no ten (there were two snipers on opposites sides of the second floor mezzanine) armed men currently facing him. He stood still, feeling his lover’s presence behind him, which makes it even harder to make a decision whether to engage, or not.

“Y/N… baby, don’t move.” He whispered when he felt her shallow breathing and the slight tremble from her body. He knew she was scared, she had every right to be, and it kills Jungkook on every aspect. But he couldn’t risk one of those snipers going off at her.

“Sorry.” She whispered, which sounded more like a choked sob and Jungkook wanted to turn around and kiss her; to assure her that it was going to be alright and that she shouldn’t be sorry.

It was his fault she was in this mess, after all.


Only One I Have

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Requested by starbooks13

“Could you write an imagine where the reader was also locked in the janitors closet with Alison and Isaac, and when he wolfs out, she freaks out because she has been dating Isaac for a couple of months, and had no clue he was a werewolf. And later after he calms down, he comes back to her freaking out that she’ll hate him, but they make up and it’s all fluffyyy! xxx”

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, fluffff

“That’s a lunch time detention Ms *yln*.” My english teacher spoke causing me to groan.

All I had done was miss one night of homework and I get a detention for it? True I had missed some last week and the week before that and the week before that… ok so English wasn’t my strong point alright?

I sighed and walked as slowly as possible towards the detention room when the lunch bell rang. However eventually I did reach the door. I pushed it open to see who would be joining me in this torture and a smirk lit up my features when I spotted my boyfriend Isaac Lahey and my friend Allison both sitting and looking disgruntled together.

This might not be as bad as I first thought.

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Sam Winchester- Suicide

Title: Suicide

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count:1077

Theme song: Suicide by Rihanna

Reader pushes everyone away but Sam’s determined to stay. Fluffyyy


He stood right in front of you, only inches apart as he watched your every reaction. You and the Winchesters had meet a long time ago. Though it took a lot to persuade you to join them, since you were insanely skilled and could be trusted; since you met through Bobby, you had felt something towards the younger Winchester but you pushed it away, far far away. The Winchesters had to put up with your miserable ass. You were a very snappy angry person. You had been treated crap all your life, you didn’t know how to act nice, you grew up around pain and pain was your life now. You were treated badly, so your going to treat them badly too. You had no idea how Sam had fallen for you since you were nothing but stubborn, selfish and always trying to push them away. And that is what was happening now. Sam had admitted that he was madly in love with you and you feeling the fear swell up inside you, immediately tried to push the grown hunter away. You didn’t do love, In fact, you would never admit it but you were scared of love. You had never received love, it was an unknown feeling for you and to be honest you didn’t think you deserved it. But Sam thought quite the opposite.

Sam had told you he loved you, and he knew you felt something for him. He understood you were scared, that you didn’t know what to do. Your instincts told you to stray away but you wanted to feel love for once. You weren’t going to lie, you grew deeper and deeper in love with Sam.

“I love you (y/n), and I know that your scared, but I promise I won’t ever hurt you, and we can take things slowly” Sam promised as he shuffled closer to you, closing the gap between the pair of you. Your heart started to pound in your chest as you willed yourself to look away from Sam’s gorgeous caring eyes, but you couldn’t. It was like you were fixed on him. 

“S-sam” You croaked out, your eyes welling up. You felt your stomach tighten as your hand instantly reached for you heart, out of fear it might just stop. His eyes softened as he placed his larger hand over your small one, completely enveloping it. “I can’t…I’m scared” You admitted finally being able to pry your eyes from Sam as you felt your cheeks moisten.

“I know baby, I know” He coo’d his fingers bringing your chin up to face him. Your eyes locked again nothing but Love and Awe swimming in his hazel eyes. “Do you trust me?” He whispered his head dipping low. You nodded feeling your breath hitch in your throat as he leaned in, his lips brushing yours. He didn’t dare move. He stayed like that, his lips softly brushing yours, waiting to see if you would move away or press into the kiss. You didn’t pull away but you didn’t press in to the kiss either. Sam knew this was because you were to scared to move forward but at least you didn’t pull away. He moved pressing his lips against yours, softly and gentle, scared you would break. You kissed back, the kiss was slow and gentle and only lasted a little until you pulled away, and Sam knew that was enough for you at the moment. He smiled almost praisingly as he petted your hair. “We can make this work Baby, just please let me try” He whispered his eyes pleading. 

You gulped as he gripped your hands, rubbing his thumb over your knuckles in soothing circles. Licking your lip nervously, you peered back up at the brown haired man. “Sam, this won’t be any good for you. You don’t realize how hard and stressful it will be on you to have to deal with someone who is afraid to let anyone show the slightest bit of love. I will keep pushing you away, yell at you-”

“That’s why I said, if you let me, we can work on it. Okay? we’ll take it step by step and go slow” Sam smiled brushing a stray piece of hair back. You bit your lip but nodded, you knew you should at least try, after all everyone deserved love. 


“Where have you been?” Sam asked as he pecked your cheek. Your cheeks immediately flushed red as you stuttered for a response. Sam tilted his head confused as he looked at you questioningly. You shrugged your coat off as you shrugged.

“Nowhere, just out” You smiled though you knew Sam saw right through it. You jumped on the chair and started to scroll down Sam’s laptop, looking for a hunt. His brows knitted together in confusion as he sat down in the chair opposite you.

“Why can’t you tell me?” He asked. You groaned turning to face your boyfriend.

“Sam damn it!” You snapped feeling guilty as soon as you did. His face morphed into a sad puppy like face as he nodded and walked off into your bedroom. You sighed running your fingers through your brown locks before heading after him. You opened the door seeing Sam sitting on the edge of the double bed. You walked over to him and sat on his lap, wrapping your legs around his waist. He didn’t push you away, yet he didn’t wrap his arms around you and bring you into his chest like he normally did. “Baby, I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean to snap. I know it’s not an excuse but I just hide what I feel and cover it up as anger, I’m sorry” You muttered placing wet kisses all over his face. He looked up nodding and finally wrapping his arms around you.

“I know, it just hurts a little some time” He admitted. You nodded sighing. 

“I was getting therapy” You mumbled under your breath. His eyes widened as he looked at you confused. “She’s teaching me how to let you in, I really want us to work, I love you and you make me feel happy, like I’m actually worth something, and I don’t want to push you away, if your gonna work to help me, then so will I’‘ 

Sam looked at you with wide eyes full of admiration as he smiled widely before pressing his lips upon your own. ’'I love you too”

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literally right as im about to send a request you close 😭 imma send it when you reopen bcuz its fluffyyy

aH i’m sorry omg i only have like 24 requests left (idk how i’ve managed to get down a little less than half) i sHould be open soon?? in 3-5 days?? maybe less if i push myself!! 💓


Confession: 2/7

(Genre: fluffyyy)

(Word Count: 1,049)


It was about 10:00am & the Moon Café had just opened not too long ago.

“Y/N noona!” Minhyuk called.

You looked over your shoulder & saw a group of boys coming your way. The 7 boys were regulars here that you just grew fond of. They were a talkative group. As time went on, you all just got to know one another.

“Good Morning, what can I get for you guys?” You said with a smile.

These boys just really brightened up your morning.

While the 6 rowdy boys were deciding on what to order, you happened to lock eyes with Shownu.

He was a tall, handsome but cute guy. Shownu didn’t speak as much but his presence was very comforting.

“Okay, one caramel frappé, one green tea latte, three americanos & two caramel macchiatos.” Minhyuk said

“Huh? Oh, okay. Coming right up!”


“Here you go, one caramel frappé, one green tea latte, three americanos & two caramel macchiatos.” you said handing the boys their drinks.

“You make the best drinks Y/N.” Jooheon said giving you a fist bump.

“Glad you guys like them! I better get to work now.”

The boys nodded & continued to enjoy their drinks.

You went to the front counter to clean up a bit & you felt a slight tap on your shoulder, it was Shownu.

“H-hey, are you busy tonight?” he asked.

“I’m free.” you said.

“Cool, uh- maybe we could go see a movie?” he said shyly rubbing his neck.

You nodded cheerfully, “Yeah, that’ll be great! How about we meet up at the theater around 7pm?”


Shownu chuckled a bit & headed back to the boys table.


It was now 6:00pm & you were off of work. You had about an hour left to get ready for your date with Shownu.

When you got home, it was 6:35pm. You went & changed out of your work uniform into something more casual but girly. You pulled your hair up into a voluminous messy bun & decided to put a little makeup on.

While you were getting ready, you heard thunder. You quickly ran to a window to check the weather & saw that it was pouring rain.

*Beep Beep*

I pulled out my phone to check my messages.

Shownu: Sorry, I’m gonna have to cancel the movie date.

You felt disappointed reading the text but it was understandable.

“I got dressed for nothing…” you said with a heavy sigh.

You just decided to lay in bed & stare at the ceiling. So many things were crossing through your mind. You couldn’t tell if you were curious or bored.

You thought about if you & Shownu had went on the date. What movie would you two have watched? What would you two have talked about?

You were lost in your thinking & the you heard a knock on your door. You quickly jumped up & checked.

You looked through the peep hole & saw that it was Shownu! You opened the door for him & saw that he was soaked from the rain.


He pulled a bouquet of flowers from behind his back & presented them to you

“You’re legs been running, you must be tired all day in my mind.” he said almost whispering.

You laughed a little at him.

“Oh wait… that’s not it.” he said. He searched his pocket & pulled out a small sheet of paper.

“I-I mean you must be tired all day because your legs, I mean you- uh I uh-…”

“What are you doing here?” you asked him giggling at him trying to fix his mistake.

“I didn’t want you to get soaked in rain while heading out to meet up with me.”

You took the bouquet of flowers & invited him inside.

“Here, dry up.” you said as you handed him a towel.

His hair was wet & the top half of his shirt was soaked. The damp fabric clung onto his body emphasizing his incredibly built body.

“You can choose a movie & I’ll get some snacks.” you said.

Shownu dried up & walked over the shelf of movies. He chuckled once he realized they were mostly Disney movies.

“How about Peter Pan?” Shownu said.

You entered the kitchen and nodded, “Sure.”


You both weren’t even paying attention to the movie once it played. The conversation between you two was so deep. In all honesty… this was the most you’ve ever heard Shownu speak.

You realized that you both a few things in common. You both like swimming and you both love Rain. (the singer… lol) The words he spoke as he looked into your eyes tugged your lips into a smile.

His voice was soothing.

Once the movie ended, Shownu coughed a little and then started the conversation.

“Sorry about tonight… “ he said.

“It’s okay, this was fun!” you said.

He shifted awkwardly and hung his head low, “I’m lost…”

He mumbled so you couldn’t hear him well, he was acting awkwardly cute again.


“I-I’m lost…”

“Uh, you’re at my house?”

You were confused at this point and didn’t know how to respond.

“Which road to your heart can you tell me?” he said.

“What?” you giggled at him.

“Uh…” he said as he pulled out the small sheet of paper again.

This was the second time he pulled out that piece of paper & every time he did, he would be all awkward. You snatched the paper out of Shownu’s hand and he tried to take it back. You ran around the house trying to read what the paper said while he was chasing you.

“Y/N! Don’t read it!” he begged.

“I’m lost. Can you tell me which road leads to your heart?”

“Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.”

“If you were a steak you would be well done.”

The corny pick up lines were endless! I couldn’t help but laugh. I stopped running and faced him. A blush crept onto his face.

You’re cute.” you told him.

Shownu’s eyes lit up.

“If this is your way of trying to impress me… it’s working.” you chuckled light hitting his muscular arm.

“It was Wonho’s and I.M’s lines.”

You couldn’t stand his adorable pout anymore. You tippy toed just a little bit and touched his lips with yours.

“Sooo… these kisses, are they going to be daily?” he asked smirking.






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Troublemaker - Hanbin scenario (Requested)

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Anon said:  Can I request hanbin ikon jealous scenario when you have collaboration with another member like troublemaker and you always spending time with him. Thank you 😉

- I changed it a little bit. Just there will be no collaboration with another member, I just will make that you are hanging out with a member that is a troublemaker. :) Hopeee you don’t mind and enjo

Genre: angst/ fluffyyy ending
Members: Hanbin x You ft. Bobby
Word count: 1733

Hanbin really cared about you. Cared about you as his best friend of course.
He started to get so annoyed of you hanging out with Bobby more. Bobby is a huge troublemaker.
He’s making lot of trouble whenever he’s out, likes to flirt with any girl who he can, drinks, smokes here and there.

Hanbin never wanted to this to happen. He thought he was your best friend and not Bobby.
Whenever he asks you to hang out with him, you are busy hanging out with Bobby. Yeah maybe he had feelings for you, but he doesn’t want to believe in them, he doesn’t want to run this amazing friendship. Well, at least this “good” friendship you guys have now.
If ever Bobby and you get together, he wouldn’t be happy for you at all. He wouldn’t support you two even thought both of you are his friends.

He forgot how your laugh sounds. That is how long he haven’t heard from you, been with you.

“Bobby” you push him away from you, laughing
“Come onn.. One kiss” he lifts one finger up
“No” you laugh as he gets closer again, you push him

Bobby sighs and nods his head.
“Okay” he said, drinking his beer

Two of you were sitting on the edge of one park of the skating park, late at night.
No one was around, funny thing was Bobby and you don’t even skate but come around here often late at night.
“How come you invited me to be with you out here?” you asked
“You know I love your company tho” Bobby smiled looking at you
“I know” you smiled back at him
“Have you heard from Hanbin?” Bobby said drinking beer again. His jawline so sharp, he was seriously good looking. You actually really love Bobby as a friend. Even thought everyone calls him a troublemaker, still he is a good person.

You look at kept looking at him.
“No I haven’t” you look away
“Are you guys even talking?” he asks
“I mean we do… But-“
“It’s not the same?” Bobby finishes your sentence looking at you and you nod your head

Bobby smiles and puts his hand on your cheek. He quickly pressed his lips on yours. You didn’t kiss back.
Bobby moved away looking at you.
“Wow” he laughs being embarrassed
“I think I shouldn’t have d-“ he started but you cup his face and kiss him hard

You don’t know why, but you just needed to kiss him, needed to feel his lips on yours.
Your guys lips moved, until you felt like you need some air, so you pulled away.
Bobby smiled, licking his lips.
“I hate you” you laugh and push him slightly
“Yeah keep on talking” Bobby puts his arm around your shoulders pulling you closer to him. You wrap your hands around his waist.
“Let’s give it a shot” Bobby said and you look up at him
“What?” you asked flipping your hair back
“You get what I mean Y/N…” Bobby looks at you

You look around, thinking should you do it or not? Well hell, how can you resist Bobby?
“Yeah let’s give it a shot” you nod your head and Bobby smiled putting his arm around your shoulders again pulling you closer, giving you kiss on the head.

“YOU what?” Hanbin looks at you in shock while both of you stood in your room
“Y/N do you even know what troublemaker he is? He is a bad person and doesn’t deserve you” he points looking straight into your eyes

–20 minutes before–
Hanbin would usually stay in bed this late. Either being on his phone or sleep. He got woken up by your phone call.
You wanted to talk to him. Right away he puts on his T-shirt and jeans and shoes and sneaks out of the house.

He climbs a tree, then grabs the balcony fence, climbing up till he steps on the tiles of the balcony. He knocks on the window door. You open it and let him in.
“What’s up?” Hanbin plays with his ring looking up at you
“I know. I know we haven’t talked in a long time, I know everything is changed between us since I started to hang out with Bobby.” you said
“Yeah so?” Hanbin kept looking at you
“I am sorry” you said, he looks away and takes a breath
“You are “sorry”? Y/N are you serious right now?” he had a tone
“Yes I am sorry, I just don’t want to lose you” you look at him

Hanbin runs his fingers through his hair.
“Why all of sudden all this?”
“I have been so worried, thinking if he hurts you, does something to you. I know he is my friend, but you don’t know him Y/N” he said
“I know him Hanbin”
He shakes his head, not believing what you are ssaying.
“That is why… I am with him” you quietly said looking down


“I can’t fucking….” Hanbin laughs
“You are… With Bobby.. Wow Y/N.. Did you only bring me here this late at night just to say that?” he looks at you and you keep on looking down
“Listen to me” Hanbin said taking your wrist, and you look up at him
“He will hurt you. And you will come back to me.” He said almost quietly, letting go of your wrist and walks out of the room through the window.

At this time around Hanbin knows Bobby is somewhere in the club.
“Yah where are you?” he called Bobby
“I… I am club.. You know the one I like” Bobby laughs, he was obviously little drunk
“I’ll come”
“Okay man… I am here” Bobby said and hangs up

Hanbin sighs and walks to the club Bobby likes to go.
Maybe he was jealous of Bobby being with you, him being able to kiss you, touch you.
“Jesus Christ” Hanbin said to himself, trying to get all of those thoughts out of his head

He walks into the club, finding Bobby sitting alone.
“Hanbin-ah!” he smiled and hugged him
Hanbin sits next to him.
“Any girl yet?”
“Oh there was a few, but naaah” Bobby waves his hands
“Oh wow, for a guy like you, there is a “no” for girls?” Hanbin was acting
“Well… I got myself I girl” Bobby looks at him and Hanbin acts like he is surprised
“And who is that?” he asks
Bobby smiles and drinks a shot
“Is the girl you like for a long time”
Hanbin licks his lips, taking a breath
“It’s Y/N Hanbin. I can’t belive it” Bobby was smiling shaking his shoulders
“Plus I got her waaaay faster… Like who knows how long would you keep those little feelings inside and not tell them to her” Bobby pokes his chest, Hanbin gets angry and pushes his hand away from him
“Whoa Hanbin” Bobby looks at him and his smile fades away
“If you hurt Y/N…” Hanbin looks at him
“I won’t”
“You are always talking bullshit. You are a liar. Y/N is worth having”
“Whatever Hanbin…” Bobby sighs

Hanbin stands up and walks out, goes home being annoyed, jealous, mad. His feelings were a mix.
He felt disappointed in you, how you easily got with Bobby, started to like him quickly.

First it was great, Bobby and you did stuff together, just like an ordinary couple. He would make you laugh, smile, give you so much attention. Hanbin and you don’t talk anymore. He was in a way a stranger to you now.

Bobby would come home sometimes with few cuts on his face, blood running down his cheek, slowly falling.
Him having bruises over his body.
It was obvious that he likes to get into trouble a lot.
You would go out with Bobby, but now you don’t do it anymore. He tells you he is going out with his friends and wants to be with them.
You would think he is saying the truth, but later on you felt like he was lying to you. Actually you were sick of him doing that.
You got up and went to the club he always goes.
As you were standing in the corner of the club, you could clearly see Bobby with his friends. You thought how stupid you were for thing he’s doing something different. But you thought that just for a second. Girls started to arrive.
Bobby minutes later kissing one. Your heart broke into pieces. You now know you should never fall in love with someone fast.

Hanbin was right all the time. You tear up and walk outside.
What should you do now? You needed Hanbin. Even thought you two don’t talk, you had to see him. He is the only person who can calm you down.

You walked to his house, went around the backyard. There was a ladder that you can climb on that leads you to the garage roof and where his bedroom window is.
You knock on the window, but no response. You knock one more time, before the lamp light turns on.

Hanbin gets out of the bed, only in his pajama with no shirt on.
He moves the curtain seeing you in tears. He opens the window and let’s you come in.

You shaked, had eyes full of tears. Even thought how much he was mad at you for getting with Bobby he still cares and loves you.
“Come here” he said spreading his hands and you walk towards him, wrapping your arms around his waist, his arms wrap around your neck, pulling you closer, hugging you tighter.
“I..I’m sorry” you sobbed
“It’s okay” Hanbin said kissing your head
“Come, let’s lay down” he moves away, holding your hand

You lay down on his bed while he rushes to bring you something to get your makeup off.
You remove the makeup that was ruined.
Hanbin kept looking at you.
“Hanbin just say it.. Tell me “I told you so” …” you look at him
“I won’t… “ he said and pressed his lips against you forehead

You both lay down and he wrapped his arms around you.
“I love you Hanbin” you quietly said, feeling like you will fall asleep, because your head hurts and eyes tired of crying
“I love you too Y/N” he said and kissed your head again

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Hello! Are there any new fics where they have kids together? Like they're married or something along those line? P.s you guys are great! C:

Hello darling I got carried away a bit so I eventually listed a few single parent!aus which I hope it’s okay with you cause what’s important is that they all have a happy ending and kaisoo has a family together <3

Happy reading!^^

- Admin J

Winchester Brothers- Here to help

Title: Here to help

Pairings: Winchester brother x sister reader

Word count:1092

Request: Hi! Would you be willing to maybe write a oneshot where the reader is dating one of the boys and she had a stutter years ago that she overcame but now it’s come back and the boys help her practice difficult words or phrases and keep trying even when she gets mad at herself about it. Please and thank you! As someone who stutters a lot, it would make me very happy..but it’s okay if you don’t want to do it.

A/N: I thought I’d switch it up to sister cause then both of the brothers could help and it could be all fluffyyy cause you guys know how much I love fluff! I hope that’s okay with the requester. 

Warnings: The only one is that I know some people are uncomfortable and cringe at pet names (baby, baby girl, sweetie) so don’t read if don’t like that. 

You had always had a problem with your speech, your father wasn’t exactly one for understanding. You had suffered with stutters, your brothers had never heard it or even know that you had a stutter. It had came around the time that Sam had gone to collage and Dean was away on his own hunt for around a week. As soon as your father heard the slightest bit of your stutter, he yelled at you telling you that you wouldn’t be very scary with a stutter and would only be an easy target. He had taught you how to control it and it had gone,at least you thought it did. 

Your dad was gone now, and you were in the motel with your two older brothers. You turned to Dean wanting to ask him a question when nothing came out of your mouth. Luckily neither noticed until you could finally speak up. 

“D-Dean, C-ca-” You cut yourself off as Sam looked up, looking at you questioningly. His brows knitted together in confusion as you felt your cheeks light up crimson. You coughed, clearing you throat as you tried to start your sentence again. Sam was still watching you wearily as dean had thought you just stumbled over your sentence. 

“I-I W-Wa-was T-th” You sighed in frustration as you felt your cheeks light up even more. Dean finally catching on, looked up at you with the same confused expression. 

“(Y/n) do you have a stutter?” Sam asked his voice kind and soft. 

“N-no” You lied trying to cover it up but failed immediately. Sam’s eyes softened as he stood up and walked over to you. He knelt down as he took your smaller hands in his large ones. 

“Hey’s it okay, (y/n). We’re your brothers, you don’t have to be ashamed” Sam coo’d. You looked down still embarrassed. 

“Yeah (n/n), we’ll help you okay?” Dean reassured smiling just as softly as Sam did. 

“Why didn’t you tell us anyway?’‘Dean asked. You didn’t say anything as you felt your eye’s well up. You had disappointed your dad again. You were weak. 

’'Hey, hey, it’s okay baby” Sam whispered immediately pulling you into his long arms and into his chest. Your head fell on his broad shoulder as he rubbed your back, being able to span your back one handed since you were so small and he was so tall.

“(y/n), hey sweetie, why are you crying?” Dean asked confused but gently. You pulled away from Sam slightly as you sniffled looking down. 

“ D-dad T-told m-me that I-I w-wasn’t all-l-owed t-to S-st-stutt-er” You sniffled as Sam’s face twisted into a fuming expression. 

“That’s stupid (y/n), no one can help a stutter” He stated as he brushed your hair out of your face. You nodded.

“W-will y-you he-elp m-me” You asked looking at your older brothers. 

“Yeah, of course we will, but (n/n) if you stutter that’s not a problem” Dean smiled. 



’’S-sam-my. Ughhh!” You cried out gripping your hair as you heard a soft sigh. Dean’s hands removed your’s from your locks as he petted your head lightly. 

“It’s okay, we’ll keep trying okay?” He added. You nodded as he tried again.



’'Getting better, well done” Dean grinned high fiving you. Deciding to call it a days work, Dean headed off to the pub making sure you were safely nessled into bed before he headed out and telling Sam to keep an eye on you. You knew Dean wouldn’t be back tonight since he was most likely to pick up a girl. The room was dimly lit, the only light coming from Sam’s laptop as brightness flooded from the screen and lightly across the room. Sam knew you couldn’t sleep with the light on so he turned it off for you. Tossing and turning as the sheets tangled around your small frame, you climbed slowly out of bed you made your way over to you older brother sam and climbed into his lap. He didn’t look away from the screen as he wrapped his muscular arm around your small body, pulling you into his chest. 

“Why aren’t you in bed?” He asked as he glanced between you and the screen. 

“I-it’s T-to Ha-hard S-sammy” You sighed nessling your head into the crook of his neck. He pulled you back a bit as he put his full attention on you. 

“Hey, it’s okay. You can do this baby, I know you can. It’s going to take time and a lot of practice, but your already doing so well, and I’ve seen what you can do Baby girl, Dean has too, and we know- if you don’t give up, you can do this” He encouraged as you nodded. He picked you up walking over to the beds as he layed you down gently before pulling the covers up to your chin. Leaning down, he pecked your forehead before whispering a good night. You knew some people would be creeped out or find it strange by the pet names and affection you got from your brothers, but with what your lives were based around, you were as close as ever and tried to spend as much time with each other before anything happened. And with the dim light from Sam’s laptop screen and the feeling of safety that you brother was only a call away, you fell into a peaceful slumber.


Both of your brothers and sometimes Castiel whenever he came around, would help you with your speech. You were doing the dishes when you saw something shiny out of the corner of your eye. Deciding you shouldn’t touch it you decided to get one of your brothers. 

“Dean?!” You called quietly, your eye’s widening when you realized you said his name perfectly. You rushed out jumping on the first person you saw, which happened to be Castiel. He let out an 'Umph’ as he gripped your under arms and held you high in the air with a confused face to see what was going on. “I can speak again Cas!” you cried out happily as he nodded smiling, now understanding. Two figures came in the room, you run up to your over grown brother. You literally leaped into his arms as he stumbled slightly before holding you up. “Sammy I did it!’' 

’'Awh, well done baby, I knew you would” Sam chuckled as you jumped down and bounced over to dean. Dean started to mimic you as he jumped up and down. 

“See, nothing to worry about”