Wow, aren't you Nobs and Foofs Cold.

Aleks and Tiffany break up and you’re happy about it? You’re supposed to be his or her or their freaking fans!! 

Now I don’t know a lot about Tiffany, but for Aleks to date her that long, she can’t be that bad.

You don’t know, but this might be a tough time for both of them.

You guys suck, get out of your own stupid fantasies about you cradling either of their heads in your arms and whispering the theme song to whatever other creepy fandom you’re a part of in their ear, and think about them for a minute, huh?!

I know its your blog and you can say what you want, but that’s just a terrible thing to do. Keep it to yourself, and stop giving the people who actually care a bad name.