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*smiles* Well...if you insist... -FluffyJae

I do! I really do! *jumps off the couch and scurries to Becky’s room, almost slipping due to my haste*

Hm, nope! Nope! Nope! Dammit Jongup, why so small? Nope! No- YES! *runs back out with a pair of green and black plaid pajamas and a white T-shirt in hand*

H-here! The pants may be a bit small since Jongup is kinda…short. You can go change in the bathroom, it’s down that hall over there, on the left *points you to the bathroom*

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*looks down at his outfit* Aaahh.. Well, I have a tank top under my shirt but.. *blushes slightly* I think I'll just sleep in what I'm wearing -FluffyJae

It’s ok, you can take your clothes off!…I m-mean…I-I m-meant, if y-you…since y-you might get u-uncomfortable…Never mind *shakes head, covers face with my hands to hide my embarrassment*