The Parent's Plot part 2

“Hey fluffygirl, c'mear,” Gilda says endearingly to her daughter.

“What is it mommy?” Rainy trots over.

“Well, Dash and I have been talking….”

“And we think,” the pegasus adds, “That it’d be a good idea for you to get a taste of some hard work!”


“We’ve noticed you haven’t been applying yourself as hard to your studies… I mean, you worked hard for a bit once you recovered your magic to try and keep up with Quartz, but that’s kinda died down and, well… you’ve been slacking. In magic and flight.”

“And Dash knows slacking,” says Gilda, getting a tongue stuck out in return.

“Anyway, I called in some favors….” the element gestures.

“We’re going to send you for a week to work a job with some of Dash’s friends,” serious mom finishes the thought.

Feather’s beak drops in shock, “Whaaaat?