Cellphone Tag

Pink eyes danced across the lunchroom as they searched for…. something. Though of what, she wasn’t sure.

“Babe?” a voice called, breaking her from her trance, “You ok Sarah? You seem out of it today…” Sarah just glanced at the male next to her, fighting to recall his name before nodding.

“Yeah…just tired.” the lie came easily enough, and was accepted just as much. Only Sarah knew that something was bothering her. Something was wrong, and she just couldn’t figure out what.

Ask anyone who knew the overly feisty redhead, and they’d tell you that Sarah wasn’t paranoid. Far from it to be exact. The little sister of the dumbest Ed had nothing to fear. Well known for her temper and pummel-first-ask-questions-later attitude, she was someone most people steered clear of. Except the occasional fool who found fiery redhead’s behavior… attractive. Some liked it dangerous it seemed.

Sarah huffed, playing with the heart charm on her phone subconsciously as she continued to look around the cafeteria. It looked like all the cul-de-sac kids were there. Johnny was…in the garbage can doing who knows what. Kevin and Nazz were talking with the rest of the “in crowd”, Rolf sat with them though he didn’t seem to be paying attention to the conversation. Eddy was (loudly) discussing how he planned on being Homecoming King this year and Ed was asking stupid questions. ‘The usual.’ Sarah noted rolling her eyes. Double D was pointedly ignoring them both in favor of studying for a test he no doubt would ace. And Jimmy….

Pink eyes widened drastically. 'JIMMY ISN’T HERE!’ she screamed mentally. Only now did Sarah realize that her best friend, and other half was missing in action. Even more worrisome was the fact she couldn’t remember having spoken to him that day. How had she managed that? Jimmy and Sarah not being together was like Double D coming to school without his hat. It just didn’t happen.

“Sarah what’s wrong?” the boy beside her asked. Not noticing she had stood up, Sarah glanced down to him. “I gotta go, Duncan. Something came up.” she answered. She didn’t wait for his response, she simply grabbed her stuff, and rushed out the lunchroom.

'Not in the courtyard, the nurses office, or the botanical lab.“ Sarah wouldn’t admit she was starting to panic. Where was her Jimmy? Stopping by the gym doors, she whipped out her cellphone, determine to find him before last class. It only took a minute to send the message, and not a moment longer for the reply to come through.

[Princess]: Where are you??

[Pretty Boy]: Stop walking so fast. You’ll break a sweat.

Wait….what? How did he know she was…? Her fingers flew as she glanced around her, trying to locate the blond curls she was so use too.

[Princess]: Why are you hiding?

No response came to that. At least she was sure he was ok. However, him hiding from her left a bitter taste in her mouth. She liked people fearing her sure, but not Jimmy. He had absolutely no reason to fear her, cause Sarah would never harm him. The ringing of the bell signaled last period, and she huffed. She’d have to wait til after school to get answers, and that annoyed her to no end. With a resigned huff she headed towards her last class, signs of her irritation shining on her face.

It wasn’t until she got home that her phone lit up with a new message. Sarah had somehow made it through her last class without strangling anyone, despite the overwhelming urge to. Seems having Jimmy avoid her put Sarah in a worst mood than she thought. Her phone vibrated to get her attention, and Sarah snatched it up immediately.

[Pretty Boy]: You seemed stressed, Princess. What’s wrong?

Sarah had to keep from throwing the phone across the room. Really? What was wrong? How could he not notice, since it seemed he’d been watching her from afar all day!

[Princess]: Oh…I don’t know. Math homework, life in general…You avoiding me like the plague. You know. The norm.

[Pretty Boy]: Ow…I could feel the venom dripping off every word, Sarah. I wasn’t avoiding you either…I was…steering clear.

[Princess]: Why? What made you want to "steer clear”? I mean…you know I’d never hurt you so…

Her anger had melted. Now left with nothing but sadness and longing. She really didn’t like him avoiding her, and to be blunt, she missed him something awful. The phone lit up again after a few minutes, but her question was only answered with another one. One she could honestly say she wasn’t expecting.

[Pretty Boy]: Who was that pleb clinging to you today?

[Princess]: My boyfriend….

Confused was an understatement for what Sarah was feeling. This wasn’t the first time she had dated this year, and it certainly wouldn’t change anything between them. 'I hope.’ She added quickly. The phone was silent for a moment, and Sarah found herself wondering if she said something wrong. When Jimmy’s next message came through, Sarah found herself unable to do anything other than stare at the phone.

[Pretty Boy]: What am I?

What was he? Her head tossed the three words around, trying to figure out what he meant. Sarah and Jimmy both agreed not to give this…thing a name. It would only serve to make things confusing, plus they both still dated other people. They just liked each other best. After all, Sarah and Jimmy were two halves of a whole. It was an unspoken agreement that they belonged only to the other. No one else would ever fully have them. They even got matching tattoos to seal the deal.

Sarah frowned slightly, her fingers dancing across the keyboard of her phone. She didn’t know what he wanted, but she’d answer the only way she knew how.

[Princess]: You’re my Jimmy.

She held her breath after the message went through. She remembered telling herself that no man could ever make her act like this. 'But this is Jimmy and he’s special.’ Sarah reminded herself, shifting slightly on her bed as waited for a response. After what felt like forever, the phone lit up.

[Pretty Boy]: Outside.

She honestly didn’t know she could run that fast. Without pausing, Sarah tore her front door open and threw herself at the blond standing in her yard. Jimmy hugged her back just as tightly, laughing as she buried her head in his neck. To Sarah, it seemed like all the problems of the day just melted away at the lightest touch of his. She only barely registered Jimmy was speaking, and pulled away slightly.

“I don’t like him. Your boyfriend.” Jimmy stated bluntly, “He’s too clingy. Plus that 'pet-name’ is so lame. Babe? Really?”

Sarah just laughed and hugged him tighter. “Your pet-name is better?” she purred lightly. The teasing glint in her eyes only made Jimmy grin. “Of course. Princess is much, much more fitting.” he cooed. The redhead just laughed and leaned up on her toes, pressing her lips to his. He kissed back eagerly, having missed her just as much as she missed him.

A tiny curious part of Sarah wondered if Duncan would cry when they broke up tomorrow. A bigger part hoped so.