we went to go see the secret life of pets.

i went in expecting a fairly pleasant “slice of life”-esque movie rather than something plot-heavy, but even then, ultimately the charm that it had fell through because of it’s own messy plot.

there were some enjoyable moments (the fluffy white dog and a hawk that shows up later were pretty fun), but i can’t say i was particularly impressed. there was potential for an emotional scene at one point, but it was addressed once and was never resolved or properly developed.

so yeah, it was okay. 

biberry-sans  asked:

((Hiya! I'm Fede! I have a weakness for cute things and tend to collect/hoard stuffed animals. Especially Care Bears.))


// Heya Fede! Dude I feel you on the cute things, I love baby animals so much it’s criminal.

I’m King, and I work with a toy dog breeder! They’re the small white fluffy dogs I was sending to askinfresh earlier! //

The rules are to say 10 random things about yourself and then pass it on to 15 more people.

The beautiful amazing lovely talented funny kind @earthwaterfiresky tagged me in this. if u can’t tell I love you Charis.

I never do these things but I need to start using this blog more and it’s 2am so I need something to do!

1) I have hardly touched tumblr the past few months and need to do some serious reworking of this blog.

2) I have a small fluffy white dog named Jackie, and I love her more than anything

3) I’m so bad at swimming and my biggest fear is drowning but I frikkin love the ocean

4) I don’t trust girls who love horses. I mean like LOVE horses.

5) the kooks are my all time favorite band

6) I think singing is swell and I do it all the time but boy oh boy do I suck at it

7) One of my pinky toenails has been cracked in half for as long as I can remember (which is fucking weird) it just grows like that I dunno

8) when I’m living on my own I want my apartment/home to be small and cozy, I wouldn’t be able to live in a big house (although I can’t even picture myself completely alone, I imagine I’ll have a roommate or at least a fish)

9) My second biggest fear is inchworms.

10) I love to bake!!! especially cheesecakes, idk what it is about cheesecakes but they’re so fun to make.

11) despite my love for the ocean, strangely I’ve never been to the beach in America. Only ever in Korea, and I’m only there once every few years.

12) I have a really shit memory most of the time, but give me a memory game and I will kill, thanks to my intense need to be seen as intelligent.

13) I love art! doing portraits is probably my favorite.

14) one time I was kissing a boy and he stepped towards me, standing directly on my poor foot. I powered through like a champ.

15) if you show me pictures of dogs, I will straight up start crying 80% of the time

and now I’m not going to tag anyone bc that’s the kind of lazy shithead I am. if you see this and wanna do it then tag! you’re it