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I'm imagining you and Bucky spending the weekend at your parents house so he can meet them for the first time. You fall asleep the first night, and roll over in the morning expecting him to be sleeping next to you, when he's not there you panic a little. He almost never gets up before you do. You walk downstairs to find both your mom and Bucky cooking breakfast together, and keeping up a casual conversation. (Bonus points if Bucky is wearing a flowery apron or something)

“Good morni-” your words were cut short when you found Bucky’s side of the bed empty. “Bucky?” you called, hoping he was in the bathroom. Climbing out of the bed you search down the hall to no avail. 

You knew your family would scare him off. Your negative thoughts were stopped in their place when you heard a low laugh. Quirking your brows you followed the sound of the laugh down the stairs. Poking your head around the corner, the sight before you made your heart swell. 

Bucky laughed as he flipped a pancake, your mom by his side. “Then she chased the dog all the way down the hill” Bucky bellowed a laugh at the childhood antics your mom told him. You smiled and walked up behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Morning sleepy head” he looks down at you with a smile on his face, the kind that make his eyebrows crease and you smiled back. 

“I love you” you say, kissing him gently. “I love you too, doll” he replies. 

“Bucky, the pancakes are burning!” your mom’s voice cut through and you both chuckle at Bucky’s frantic movements to save them. 

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The morning after sleeping with Bucky the first time. You two are cuddled up together, his arms wrapped around you. You wake up first and in an attempt to get up to make the morning coffee, you carefully try to wriggle out of his arms, very slowly. Only when you make the first move, you feel two very strong arms keeping you in place. "Mmm, where do you think you're going?" A sleepy Bucky asks you.

“Coffee” you say, smiling. 

He simply shakes his head and pulls you closer, “later” he mumbles. 

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Throwback Thursday

Happy Throwback Thursday, Philes!  This week we bring you a beautiful and realistic tale that gives us an AU that centers around Mulder, Scully, and their son William.  A story about three people learning to become a family.  

We think it’s safe to say that if you ask most Philes which story arc was the most bothersome, the answer would be William.  Most would agree that the way the William arc was handled was unjust, unfair, and just plain lazy writing. Today’s fic recommendation basically pretends that the last half of Season Nine did not happen (hallelujah, amirite?), and is set years into the future. John Doggett and Monica Reyes still have the X-Files, Scully is now a full-time mommy, part-time pathologist, and Mulder is about to return.  While MSR is definitely the backbone of this story, this author brings a different relationship to the forefront: Mulder and William’s. 

Title:  Song of Innocence

Author:  Christy

Rating:  PG-13

Length:  162K / word count: 80,000+

Synopsis:    It’s been seven years; can three strangers become a family?

Spoilers:  Through Season 9

Possible Triggers:  None

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you love being warm as you sleep, but you always rotate your pillow to the cold side. When you finally start sharing a bed with Bucky, you cling to his metal arm in your sleep, your cheek always pressed on some part of it. Periodically you shift when you have warmed the metal too much. You often seek out his arm if he's not there. Outwardly Bucky likes to make fun of you for it but if you asked him he'd tell you it makes him feel better about it, less or a monster because you're not scared.

yes yes yes yes love this 

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170427 | hunstagram, live story

“Sehun: i did it, really. Hyung u r getting out for real, you’re on 

Suho: worldwide? 

Sehun: really!! You’re going all over worldwide”

Suho: Hi everyone~ 

Sehun: its live now really. There’s 5,000 10,000 people (watching),look~ 

Suho: oh u really did it hi~ hi. I am exo suho

cr. milkysehun412


watermelon scent!

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Imagine dating Seb and you see in the tabloids that he was out for a run, wearing one of your t-shirts or muscle tanks (especially if they have writing or something nerdy on it) and you're like: "The fuck, babe? Did you steal some of my clothes before you left?" and he just gives you a cheeky response when you ask him about it

“Did you have to wear that one?”

ps. this is actually from my red bubble shop haha it just so happen to be perfect for this ask - find it here

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((birb dad ginjika iS GREAT HHHHHHH))


((AHHHHH-! Look at this handsome man!!! You captured him just right <3 You even have those little subtle wrinkles in there, a product of dad-dum over the centuries XD Thank you SO much!! I’m glad someone could capture him far better than I could ;3;~ ))

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Imagine complaining about the cold so Bucky goes to his room and returns with his hoodie and a blanket. You instantly taking the hoodie and putting it on because not only will you be warm but it's like a second hug from Bucky. "Jeez doll you really are freezing"-Bucky sitting you on his lap as he cuddles you from behind to warm you up. The other avengers walk in to see you both cozy and warm like a burrito

I feel like Bucky would be your personal heater

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when you and Chris start dating your dog is unimpressed by him and is salty that he is taking ur attention away from him but Chris wants your dog to love him so he's always giving him treats and trying to play w him and eventually your dog starts running to the door when Chris comes over and you see them cuddling on your couch together and he's like see babe I'm a dog expert

Omfg I love this hahahah they become attached at the hip after

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Every time you and Seb visit his mom, he ends up translating because while she's been in America so long, she prefers her native tongue in her own home. So at Seb's birthday dinner you surprise them both by announcing that you've been taking lessons and can now hold a decent conversation with little help. He's both extremely proud and extremely touched by it. His mom tells him that night that he'd better marry you or else.

awwwww yes! or you just surprise them by answering a question in Romanian.  

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