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Puppy Love - Part 4

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Puppy Love
How to Live With Someone Like You:

“Miyoung!” Luhan shouted at the sight of Jinwoo letting Miyoung’s body fall limp to the ground at his feet.
Jinwoo had kicked and nudged with his foot in attempt to wake her up, but it was useless. Shocked at what had just occurred, Jinwoo and his pack immediately fled. Luhan stood, seeing the blood and her unconscious body on the ground. All he could think to do was run to her, take her into his bare arms, and shake her as an attempt to wake her up.
“Miyoung!”  He screamed, “Don’t do this!”
She didn’t move, making tears shed from his eyes. His fingers brushed against the side of her head, staining his skin with her blood. She was supposed to run. Why didn’t she run away? She was the fastest wolf in the woods. Why couldn’t she run and let him handle it?
“Miyoung,” Luhan cried, “Why don’t you ever listen to me? Why didn’t you run away?”
Why didn’t she ever listen to him? Why did she always have to defy him? Why was it always something he loved about her? Why didn’t he even get a chance to tell her that?
“Luhan!” Minseok yelled in panic as he and Sehun ran over to him. When they reached him, their mouths dropped in shock at the sight.
Sehun looked down at Luhan in shocked disbelief, “What happened?”
“This was Jinwoo. This was Jinwoo! He attacked us!” Luhan yelled in rage as he cried.
“Which way did he go?” Minseok looked around.
“I don’t know.” Luhan sobbed, still holding Miyoung in his arms on the ground, “I don’t know.”
“What are we supposed to tell Kris?” Sehun said worriedly.
“Tell him…Tell him that he better hope I don’t find Jinwoo first.” Luhan’s eyes turned red from heartbroken rage, “Because when I do, I’m tearing him to shreds!”
“Luhan, we all loved Miyoung. I understand your pain, but you’re not thinking straight.” Minseok consoled him, “You have to keep a level head-”
“Don’t you dare try talking me out of it, Minseok! I mean it! He won’t get away with this!”
“Luhan-” Sehun gasped.
“No, Sehun!  I’m going. I’m going to find him and make him pay.”

“No, Luhan! Look!” Sehun pointed down at Miyoung’s lifeless body in Luhan’s arms, “I think she’s breathing.”
“What?” Luhan looked down at his precious Miyoung and saw her head bleeding, but also saw her chest moving up and down in the most faint way possible. “Miyoung? Miyoung! Miyoung, wake up!”
She didn’t stir, but she remained breathing. Thinking fast, Luhan picked her up properly in his arms and stood.
“Where are you going?” Minseok called out to him.
“She’s alive. I’m going to save her before I really lose her.” Luhan replied before running off across the woods with Miyoung. “Don’t worry, Miyoung. I’ll make sure you’re okay. I’ll never let anything happen to you again. Never…”


“Come on. We’re going to figure this out.” Marianne took his hand and pulled him along to get back to the city. “And give me my thirty dollars back.”
“Okay.” Yeolie nodded and held his other hand out with the money.
Marianne stopped at the first department store she could find. It was impossible to let go of his hand since every time she did, he kept getting distracted by things and would almost wander off. Everyone, literally everyone who passed by them stared, wondering why there was a tall man in nothing but a bathrobe wandering around the store with a girl half his size.
“Will you stop acting like you’ve never been in one of these places before?” Marianne whispered to him.
“But I haven’t been in one of these before.” Yeolie pouted. “When you brought me with you, you said I had to wait outside.”
“Well yeah, they don’t allow you to bring your pets in here. That’s the rule.”
“Oh. Well, should I wait outside?”
“Don’t be ridiculous, you’re a person now just like the rest of us.” Marianne assured him, “Plus I need you here if I’m gonna find out what in the world size clothes you are.”
“What do you mean by that?” He looked at her with his eyes big and round while he tilted his head slightly to the side.
“I just mean that I don’t see men your size very often. Still, you have a decent shape so we should be able to find something for you. Don’t touch anything.”
“Okay.” He showed his dimple which she wasn’t going to admit she found completely adorable.
“How’s this one?” Marianne took a shirt off the rack and showed it to him. The shirt was a plain red button down shirt that looked to be about Yeolie’s size, but all Yeolie did was look at it with a nonchalant expression.
“What about it?”
“Do you like it?”
“I don’t know.” He shrugged.
“What do you mean you don’t know?” Marianne whined in annoyance. “How can you not know whether or not you like something?”
“How should I know? I’ve never picked out clothes before.”
“True. How about we get it anyway just in case you like it later?” Marianne draped the shirt over her arm and grabbed another shirt, which was a black turtle neck. She couldn’t help but think it would suit him very well considering his long torso. “What about this one?”
“I guess so.” He shrugged again and proceeded to look away. He became distracted by other things on the racks and not passing on touching everything he could.
“What did I say about not touching anything?” She sighed but he wasn’t listening since he was too busy touching a soft and fluffy white sweater. “Hey, are you listening to me?”
Yeolie responded by lifting a long and thin beige sweater with the corners of his mouth curved into a sweet smile as he showed her. It looked like it would be kind of oversized on him, but she still figured it would look nice on him nonetheless.
“You like this one?” She looked at the sweater then up at him. He hummed in response. “Okay, then we’ll definitely get that one. Now for pants. You-You can just pick the underwear.”
“Okay.” Yeolie walked off for a moment then returned, holding up a pair of pink laced lady panties. “How’s this?”
“Yeolie!” Marianne snatched the panties out of his hands, “You can’t just go flashing panties around. And where did you get these anyway?”
“From over there.” Yeolie pointed behind him. “I figured those are what you meant since that’s what you usually wear.”
Marianne could feel her face turn completely red from embarrassment. Now she remembered and heavily regretted changing with Yeolie in the room.
“Well-” She tried getting herself so she could think of the right words to say, “-Well you can’t wear these. I don’t think they’d even get up your legs anyway. Come on.”
Marianne grabbed his hand and showed him where the mens underwear was. She ended up just grabbing a package of black boxers and handed them to him along with the sweater and a package of socks. Making their way to pants, Yeolie decided on an average pair of light denim jeans.
“Okay. We’ll pay for these then we’ll figure out the shoes.”
She guided him to the cash register line, of course having to show him that they had to wait in line instead of going directly to the front. When it came time for them to pay, Yeolie flinched every time a tag was swiped and a beep sound was made. He stared in absolute confusion yet amazement, observing the machine high and low like he was trying to find out how the sound was being made.
“Okay, now give her the money.” Marianne handed him the money, plus a little extra from her wallet since the total was more than thirty. He handed the money to the cashier with both hands, his lips pouty and cute, his expression obviously being confused if he was doing it right. “Good job.”
His little giggle at her praise had to be too cute for words, but there was no way she was going to say that. That would be a really weird thing to admit, right? When she took him to the changing room, she had him go in by himself since there was no way she was going to see him and all his glory like that again.
“How does the zipper work?” She heard him ask through the door.
“You just pull it up.” She thought quickly and tried to warn him, “Oh wait but be careful because guys get stuck and so-” She was interrupted by Yeolie groaning in pain, “-And yeah, you got stuck.”
“I think I got it now.” She heard him wince with his voice a few octaves higher, making her laugh to herself.
“Are you done?”
“Yeah.” He replied and pushed the door open. When Marianne turned around, she couldn’t help but be blown away by just a smidge. There he was in his light blue denim jeans and his oversized beige sweater. That sweater really did suit him, she had to admit. He was actually, handsome. He noticed her silence. “How is it?”
“You-” What should she say? Cute? Handsome? Would he even understand a compliment like that if she said it? Instead, she just gulped, trying to get herself together and just say, “It looks great.”
“Oh good.” Yeolie grinned, making her heart feel like it were about to burst out of her chest. What was this strange feeling deep inside? Whatever it was, she hoped it would go away.
“Let’s go get you some shoes now. What do you want?”
“I don’t know.”
“You can know if you really want to. You picked out your own clothes, didn’t you? Just look around and see what you like, it’s not that hard.”
“Okay.” He immediately turned around and grabbed the first pair he saw in front of him and showed her.
“Did you even look at them?” She asked and he shook his head. She sighed but smiled. “They look very nice.”
After Marianne paid for the shoes, Yeolie was all ready to be safely out in public. They walked back to the apartment, Yeolie staying right by her side. She had to get home and start doing some research to see if sorcery like this was even possible; which it totally isn’t and it can’t be, but she couldn’t help but find it in herself to actually start believing him. He was so innocent, pure, sunshine, so…Yeolie.
“What’s the earliest you can remember?” She found herself asking him.
“I’m not sure. I know I was really young. When you told me to go back to where I came from, all I could remember was that tree just outside the woods. I think it’s because that’s where I had wandered to when I got lost somehow. I think I was waiting there for someone.”
“Who were you waiting for?”
“I don’t know. I think I remember a brother. Maybe two brothers?” Yeolie looked up in thought. “I remember being in the woods and then I thought I smelled something. I guess I wandered too far and got lost and I ended up on that highway. I think I was staying by that tree waiting for whoever I was with to come find me.”
“The person who picked you up told me they tried finding your family but no one ever claimed you.” Marianne frowned, “Which is why you’re with me.”
“Don’t be sad! That is not a sad thing!” Yeolie smiled with enthusiasm. “I’m so happy you’re with me. I’d much rather be with you than in that prison or by that tree. I like you much better.”
“I’m flattered.” Marianne said with less enthusiasm but still felt just a little bit flattered nonetheless.
“And since I am human now, I would like to upgrade my name.”
“Oh? And what did you have in mind?”
“Chanyeol. Or Channie, or Chan, Chanyeolie! I don’t know, you pick.”
“I think Chanyeol is just fine, Chanyeolie.” Marianne giggled and nudged his side with her elbow.
“Now it’s official. I, Park Chanyeol, formally known and Yeolie, am officially starting my first day being human!” Not even a second later while they were passing the dog park, “Chanyeol” immediately ran off to go run and play with the other dogs.
“A for effort. Sort of.” Marianne said to herself, watching Chanyeol laugh and play with the dogs as if he were still one of them. When she saw him starting to enthusiastically roll in the grass and dirt, that was when she knew she had to put her foot down. “Yeolie, no! How many times have I told you no rolling in the dirt?”
“But, Marianne! Rolling in it is so much more fun than not rolling in it!” Chanyeol giggled, continuing to do it anyway.
“No! Bad boy, that’s a no no!” Marianne pointed her finger at him, “Get up right now.”
“No buts. Let’s go. Say goodbye to your friends.”
Chanyeol pet all the dogs and rubbed his face against theirs as his way of saying goodbye. Once Marianne got him home into the apartment, she noticed he was now covered in dirt with blades of grass in his now messy hair.
“Oh great. Now you have to have another bath.” Marianne whined then noticed Chanyeol’s eyes go big at the sound of the word “bath”.
She looked at him and he looked back at her, both in silence. He looked at her and she looked back at him, none making a single move. She had a feeling of what he was going to do and her hunch was proven right when he suddenly sprinted off towards her bedroom.
“Get back here!” She shouted, running after him.
“No!” Chanyeol ran into her room and dove under the bed, only half his body being able to fit.
“I can still see you!”
“No you can’t! I’m invisible! Ah!” Marianne tugged on his legs to pull him out from underneath her bed.
“What’s wrong with taking a bath?”
“It’s evil!”
“It is not, now go.” Marianne dragged him out of the room and into the bathroom. “I’ll have to wash your clothes now and you’re lucky I bought you pajamas.”
“I don’t know what to do though.” Chanyeol pouted and finally stood up so she would stop dragging him against his will.
“What do you mean?”
“You’re the one who always gave me a bath.”
Marianne could feel the heat rushing to her cheeks again, “As a human, you have to be able to do it yourself. And don’t use the dog shampoo, just use mine. Got it?”
Chanyeol hummed in response, his smile bringing out his cheeks and reaching his eyes so they would squint.
“Good. Just leave your clothes in a pile outside the door so I can wash them and do not, I repeat, do not leave this bathroom without a towel on.”
She was happy when she did as he asked with leaving his clothes outside the door. She brought them to the laundry room down the hall and tossed them into the washing machine. After about a half hour, she began to wonder what was taking him so long. Knocking on the bathroom door, she still heard the shower water running following the faint sound of him giggling.
“Yeolie, what are you doing in there?” She called out to him. When he didn’t answer, she knocked again, “Yeolie!”
“It’s nice in here, Marianne!” He cheerfully replied. “I had no idea hot water felt so good and relaxing!”
“You’ve been in there for over a half hour. I think it’s time to come out.”
“Oh, so you make a big fuss and don’t wanna go in, and now you don’t want to get out?” Marianne rolled her eyes, “I don’t want you wasting my water and running up my bill. Finish up and get out. I brought you your jammies.”
“Okay!” After a few moments she finally heard the water shut off and she opened the door a smidge so she could hand him his pajamas. Once he was fully dressed, he opened the door with his hair dripping wet.
“Here, you need to dry off.” Marianne grabbed the towel and put it on his head to dry his hair. No matter how hard she concentrated, she still couldn’t shake her noticing of him staring at her the entire time. After his hair, she dapped the end of the towel onto his neck and face to rid of the water droplets that remained. Why was that feeling in her heart returning? Why was it racing like crazy? Why was he staring at her like that? It was like he was looking right through her so curiously and intimately yet so innocently. Not able to take whatever atmosphere was growing around them, she stopped drying him and gulped down the lump in her throat. “There, you’re good now.”
She immediately ran off to her room, Chanyeol following. When she got into her room, he didn’t hesitate trying to getting into the bed right next to her.
“What are you doing?” She tried pushing him off, but it was no use since he was so solid.
“You always let me sleep next to you.”
“That was different. You were a dog then. It’s a little weird now.”
“Where should I sleep then? I think my bed down there is a little small for me now.”
“Okay, fine. You can sleep down at the bottom. But if you so much as try coming up here, you’re dead.” She pointed her finger warningly at him.
“Yay! Thank you!” Chanyeol made his way down to the foot of the bed and curled up by her feet. “How’s this?”
“Fine.” She replied, making him all giggly and roll over before curling up his long legs again and shut his eyes. “Goodnight.”
“Goodnight, Marianne.” He said blissfully as he happily fell asleep.
Marianne scoffed and turned out the light. There were still many questions yet to be answered with him. Where did he come from, who was he with? And how did he end up going from her sweet loving beagle to this giant sweet loving man?
“Who are you, Chanyeol?” She whispered, looking down at his sleeping form. “What are you?”

F the Galaxy Cat (9/11/17)

Name: F

Pronouns: She/Her

Age: 209 (she’s only about 20 in human years)

Species: Galaxy Cat

Arts: Light Grey

Magic/Specialties: Space magic, cosmic magic, lunar magic

Preferred communication methods: Telepathy, pendulum, astral travel, oracle cards, and tarot cards (she’s still learning)

F is beautiful! She actually has two forms: her cat form, and a human form. Her cat form is basically the size of an average house cat, but slightly bigger. She also has a fluffy tail, as well as golden eyes. Her coat is a light purple, that has a particular shimmer to it, resembling stars. In her human form, she stands at about 5’4, and she has the same golden eyes, but has soft, shoulder length brown hair. She’s normally seen wearing black boots, with brown pants, and a fluffy white sweater.

F is good for beginners! She has a soft energy that can help soothe her companion in any situation. She would love to have someone who could astral travel though to see her!

F is really sweet. She’s always got a rather positive energy, and an optimistic outlook on things. F is also French! She has a distinguishable accent, and does speak french, but she loves the english language. She’d love a companion who speaks good english and maybe french so she can learn how to better speak it, as she does like to speak in english, but it’s a bit broken, sometimes. F also really loves crystals, and of course, space related things!

F would prefer a small/medium family. No more than 10 spirits, preferably. She can compromise on this if you speak with me (Mod Misty) about it, and we find that you can manage your family fine. She’d like enough to keep her company and socialize with, but not so many that you wouldn’t give her proper attention and such.

If you feel called, please submit an application! Feel free to send in an ask if you have any questions for or about her!
F’s future companion will receive more info on her, including preferences on offerings, and some manifestations I have seen her take.

The Dreamweavers | 1


Genre: Supernatural Shop! AU

Word count: 2,064 words

Chapter 1 | 2

“What’s that?”

Celine smothered a laugh as her roommate, Arine, jumped, almost dropping the small brown pot in her hands. She looked furtively over her shoulder, bringing it closer to her midriff, hoping that Celine somehow hadn’t noticed it. However, it was useless as Celine had obviously seen it, as evidenced by her question. Arine sighed and turned around to face the grinning blonde.

“It’s a flower pot,” Arine said as a-matter-of-factly.

“I can see that,” Celine quipped. “Since when have you been into gardening?”

“Um - I -”

“You’re definitely not good at it,” Celine teased, saving her roommate from answering the question. Both of them looked down at the drooping plant in the packed earth. “How long did it take for you to kill it, one night? I didn’t see it in your room yesterday.”

Arine chewed on her lower lip as she struggled to formulate an answer. Damn Celine and her observant eyes. “Well, yes, it died overnight,” she decided to just go with the truth. “It’s supposed to, though!” She continued indignantly when Celine laughed at her statement.

“You bought a plant that would die overnight on purpose? Why?” Celine asked incredulously.

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you,” pouted Arine.

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Things I associate with BTS (Part 2)

Jin: Hand hearts, white sweaters, fluffy plushies, innocent smiles, doe eyes, your first kiss, cheeky smiles, flower crowns, moonlight, turtle necks, looking into the eyes of someone you love, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, when someone rubs their thumb on your hand, smiling to yourself.

Suga: Walking around barefoot, trespassing on private property, walking along the railroad, silver, the feeling of pavement, cracked sidewalks, sitting on a building ledge, overgrowth, over sized jackets, rings, shy smiles, blurred street lights, driving at night.

J-Hope: Striped clothes, running your fingers through someones hair, intricate bomber jacket designs, listening to music on the subway, leather couches, indoor lights, teasing your friends, pouting, brick walls, red clay, paint stained hands.

Rap Monster: The texture of bulletin boards, half drawn curtains, embroidery, black lace, collared shirts, vintage maps, going to the airport, looking out of a plane window, contemporary architecture, loosening your tie after a long day, photography, carrying around camera equipment.

Jimin: Leather, chokers, black ripped jeans, snakes, silver jewelry, blindfolds, loose shirts, silver hair, lazily buttoned shirts, cross earrings, eclipses, bird feathers, blue contacts, messy hair, white turtlenecks, whispering sweet nothings, smug smiles.

V: Playing with puppies, looking at someone with puppy eyes when you want something, genuine smiles, rubbing your cheek on something soft, laughing wholeheartedly, blonde hair, the feeling of flower petals, long sleeved shirts, hugging someone tightly, playing with someone’s hair.

Jungkook: Innocently trying to get someone’s attention, circle glasses, blushing, talking about your crush to your friends, seeing snow for the first time, having a crush, laying in the grass, cloud gazing, the steam from freshly brewed tea, wicker chairs, eating candy.

anonymous asked:

Hi it's me again: the anon who forgot to name a character with her prompt (oops). Hope it's ok if I ask another? I've never seen fruits basket but that was amazing. :) A (allergic) F (fever) U (unkempt) With Viktor. Pre-Yuuri maybe? Idk just the idea of working himself sick and then dealing with allergies on top of it is so... well, it'd be miserable irl but in fic... Mm. Or with Viktor/Yuuri, if you like the caretaking element. Honestly you could write anything and I'd love it.

After a week of rain, St. Petersburg is lit up with plant life. Every tree that grows flowers is growing them. The grass is tall and green and everywhere. The air is sultry with golden pollen. Victor imagines that the smell would be powerful, but his sinuses are so brutally swollen that he can’t quite tell. 

Getting rained on every day, constant training, and little sleep had joined forces to gift Victor with a terrible cold. Despite the warmth of the day, he’s shivering with fever, wrapped up in a fluffy white sweater meant for winter. His throat is so sore it feels like he’s swallowed an ice skate. His inflated sinuses are throbbing, and his mouth is hanging open because his nose is so horribly stuffy. Up until now, he’s been too congested to sniffle, and he’d had to walk around holding a tissue up to his relentlessly drippy nose.

The pollen has changed that. As soon as Victor steps outside on this beautiful day, and takes a breath of that sticky-sweet air, an itch wildfires its way through his sinuses. He pitches forward in a violent “HEHK-SHIEW!” that loosens his congestion. After another three sneezes, so harsh and scraping that they loose half of his hair from its ponytail, he’s actually able to blow his nose. Ten tissues and twenty-seven sneezes later, he can actually breathe. His nose aches, and it only lasts for about twenty seconds before the congestion comes roaring back–but it was worth it.

Episode 14 Goblin Review: Please, someone save me from this curse...

Damn… episode 14 made me so hopeful only to crush all of my hopes and dreams for Goblin with those previews T.T Sorry for the late review… I just got off work Dx 

Like we needed to be reminded of our sadness from last episode… Shin’s death occurred right before Eun-Tak’s eyes as she watched him disappear into ashes. At that moment, lightning appeared which most likely symbolized the calamity of Shin’s death… as well as God erasing everyone’s memories of him. Upon this realization that Shin was slowly disappearing from her memory, Eun-Tak hurriedly rushed to write down her memories of Shin, “His name is Kim Shin. He is tall and has a sad smile. He will come with the rain. He will come with the first snowfall of the season. He’ll keep his promise to me. You have to remember. You’re that man’s bride.” Realize that what Eun-Tak wrote down was more for her to remember their promise/contract they made; it was impossible for her to write down every memory of Shin. Therefore, she had to at least remember to summon him on the first snowfall because she is his bride. Just as I speculated, Shin appeared in a desert of snow (ex. Gobi Desert) which deserts symbolize death but also rebirth/revelation; you could say deserts represent the world between life and death. For Shin’s case, his death made him realize his choice: to continue on living even if it meant him being alone forever as a goblin in that place, despite God truly releasing him of his punishment and being able to rest in peace. However, Shin could not return right away because 1) he was trapped in between the two worlds for he was no longer considered “living” or “dead,” and 2) he could only return once Eun-Tak summoned him as the conditions of the contract and his promise to her. The reason why God could not bring him back is because even God did not have power over the domain where Shin was trapped between in. 

Nine years later, Eun-Tak has achieved her dreams and is the PD of a radio broadcast station; however, it seems that she was not doing well despite the success of the show. It also looked like her so called “family” is back in contact with her… but she seemed to not take any shit from them (you go girl). We learn more about the grown up Eun-Tak as she always looks lost such as staring endlessly into the rain with unexplainable tears and sadness. It was revealed that she doesn’t remember who GR is as they “run” into each other at the restaurant, but she speculated whether he could be the “ahjussi” that she is trying to find. She also doesn’t remember who gave her the necklace despite still wearing it, wondering if it was her mother’s, as well as the reason for the burnt words in her notebook. What was interesting was how Shin and Eun-Tak were thinking the same thing - the poem of loneliness in the desert - and perhaps this shows that both are equally lonely in their own worlds as they try to hold onto their memories to move forwards (walking backwards in order to see the footsteps in front). On the bright side, Eun-Tak has two loyal and trustable friends to share her worries with and to drink with: Sunny and the class rep. But despite the rain and it being a “nice day,” Eun-Tak returned home grieving in pain due to the incomprehensible deep sadness in her heart.  

Shin continued to walk in the desert holding onto the only thing that was keeping him alive: their contract. At the last brink of his energy, the contract was swept away by the wind though he desperately tried to retrieve it back. At the same moment, the first snowfall occurred and Eun-Tak decided to make a wish, “What is it that I’ve forgotten? Or, who is it that I’ve forgotten? What kind of face is the one that I’ve forgotten? What kind of promise did I forget? Why is it that the only thing that remains is this deep-seated sadness? Please, someone save me from this curse that is plaguing me.” OMFG!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I THEORIZED IT – IT WAS SO EPIC! With this wish, Shin was finally summoned and we see that the contract was stuck at a dandelion which symbolizes communication, overcoming challenges, and the fulfillment of wishes

Shin immediately hugged Eun-Tak in overwhelming happiness, while Eun-Tak was overtaken by tears but she didn’t understand why. But this time, it was Eun-Tak asking the questions while all Shin could tell her was that he was the “contractor,” he was happy to see her successful, and that he was summoned. Afterwards, Shin went to visit Deok-Hwa but he didn’t remember Shin; however, Shin’s appearance aroused CEO Kim’s attention as he questioned DH if his uncle’s name is “Kim Shin.” Shin also visited Sunny, but what’s curious to me is how she reacted… Sunny didn’t look confused but rather more shocked? But perhaps she also doesn’t remember Shin too. And lastly, Shin went to visit GR the same way they first met… however when Shin thought no one remembered him… GR, with tears in his eyes, said something that he would know if he retained his memories, “I guess you weren’t scattered by the dust or winds. And you didn’t turn into a radish (nothingness), either.” This scene killed me guys. T.T Bros for life. 

It was clarified as to why only GR’s memories were left in tack: the heaven’s were by his side (just as Shin had told GR back at Grandpa’s grave) and that Samshin told God to spare Yeo’s memories so that someone else will remember Shin and Eun-Tak’s love. However, what shocked me the most was when God said, “Why does it feel like I’ve discovered the door that will re-open that closed-off world? Maybe I didn’t shut that door well enough?” This suggests that God never intended for Shin to die, but it was up to Shin to come up with the answer himself… thus God throws the question “fate” and it’s up to us to find the answer!! It was touching to have the two reunite and how GR was quick to express his enthusiasm for Shin’s return. He also finally apologizes to Shin and asks for his forgiveness after 900 years - of course Shin forgave him. We learn that GR has been avoiding Sunny for 9 years and that it is his punishment of loneliness, as well as, he listens to Eun-Tak’s radio show (how cute!). What was also refreshing was the reunification of the three boys and DH’s very legitimate questions (Why do I call you “uncle” tenant? lol this was too good)… I loved how Shin hid behind the sofa and GR said he likes to drink double-fisting, lmao (guys… I’ll admit it… it was an indirect kiss >.<). But what was even more hilarious was when GR said goodbye to Shin (payback’s a b*tch lol) and Shin walked out the door to Eun-Tak’s room while GR erased poor DH’s memory. However… it’s so touching how GR didn’t move Eun-Tak’s stuff out but covered them with cloth T.T 

Eun-Tak made a mistake and wrote the temperature as 22 degrees… but of course our one and only Goblin came to her rescue by warming up the temperature and blooming flowers in the middle of winter! They continue to bump into each other’s paths… well more like Eun-Tak unknowingly summoning him, lmao. Notice how every time Eun-Tak and Shin meet, she immediately talks about her medicine… she’s literally trying to give an excuse or cover up her true emotions but Shin just breaks down that barrier and she doesn’t understand why. Shin continues to drop hints about how he’s waiting for her to remember him, but he is already happy with being able to see her, hear her, and be with her. But of course… he ruined the moment by not having any money, lmao, and Eun-Tak paid for his drink (gosh… that white fluffy sweater and turtle neck looks so good on him!). And who does Shin turn to for help? GR! And finally, the secret behind Grandpa’s will was finally revealed, indeed Shin appeared before CEO Kim through the rain and with a blue spark and calling himself “Kim Shin.” I AM FUCKIN AMAZED AT HOW LITERAL GRANDPA’S LETTER WAS!! BUT MOSTLY, HOW DID HE KNOW SHIN WAS COMING BACK?! The world may never know. Shin continued to “purposely” bump into Eun-Tak’s path and even helped her to get the contract with his company - shocking Eun-Tak that he was the President of iloom. For once, we see a glimpse of a smile on Eun-Tak’s face as she was waiting for Shin’s call! 

AND FINALLY!!! The mystery of the Canada letter was finally revealed. Shin entrusted the task to GR by giving him an excuse to finally meet Sunny after 9 years. However, despite his admirable determination, he couldn’t personally hand the letter to her. In the end though, they finally met again after he realized that it was the real “Sunny.” But what caught my attention was the look Sunny gave GR… I couldn’t tell if it was a look of confusion or anger? Did Sunny really lose her memories? Anyways, Sunny gave the letter to Eun-Tak and we learn that even Eun-Tak forgot about working at Sunny’s old restaurant. Most of all, the receiver of the letter was to her mother (OMG I KNEW IT… I JUST FELT THAT THE LETTER WAS WRITTEN FOR HER MOTHER ALL ALONG Dx this is so sad… ugh). What’s important to note is the change in Eun-Tak’s voice: her younger self was filled with positivity, determination, cheerfulness, and liveliness though she was living a hard life… but now her voice is quiet, empty, sad, and dead despite having achieved success. The difference is Shin… she doesn’t remember him and that she is his bride. And what better timing than for Shin to finally call her… and then she fuckin summons him xD (gosh… grown up Eun-Tak just loves to blow out candles without a second thought compared to when she was younger lol). Shin asked her if she was waiting for him and we see Eun-Tak giggle in happiness that he finally called her (how precious). AND OMG!! Shin asked her out on a date and she said YES!! AHH MY BABIES T.T Notice how ever since Shin returned, Eun-Tak has not cried in pain as often and is smiling more… it’s as if Shin has breathed life into her

What’s touching is that Eun-Tak has the perfume that he gave to her and compliments her; this made Eun-Tak a little jealous and Shin immediately eased her worries, “You’re the only woman who knows my phone number, though.” But what broke both mine and Shin’s heart was when Eun-Tak took her pills for depression, “A medication that cures an ailment of the heart?” However, note how this is the first time Eun-Tak was genuinely honest with Shin and Shin accepts her for who she is no matter how different she is from her younger self. We learn that she is taking vacation to go to Canada and this shows how she is taking a step forward to regain her lost memories; it was nice how Sunny was very supportive of her. Most importantly, they were eating mandarin oranges which symbolize wealth, prosperity, and happiness. Since both of them are eating this fruit, this may foreshadow that happiness is within their reach. Also, Sunny told Eun-Tak that she has “sick building syndrome” and I think it’s because this place has fond memories for her such as when 1) she and GR first kissed and 2) GR waiting for her outside her home. I kinda think Sunny’s memories were not erased, but I may be looking into it too deep. 

Eun-Tak is so gorgeous! She finally arrived in Canada and asks for help about the letter. We learn that the letter was caught inside the mail chute and Eun-Tak was shocked to find out it was from 10 years ago. The most shocking thing was when Eun-Tak started quoting herself, but she doesn’t remember that those were her own words, “Someone once told me that there’s a reason for everything God does… Hmm, I wonder who told me that?” Notice how Eun-Tak didn’t get “overly” excited upon seeing the grandeur of the hotel room… if it was her younger self… she would have been jumping all over that bed in excitement. While Eun-Tak is trying to discover her missing past, both GR and Sunny are gloomily looking out into the night sky… perhaps they are both thinking of each other? And last but not least, Eun-Tak noticed the red door that she once travelled through to Canada and who pops out at the right time? Shin! I just realized this, but everything that has connected Shin and Eun-Tak together is red! The red scarf, the red door, and the red Maple leaf. The symbolism of red with these objects represent fated love. And look how this red door leads to what will happen next… Eun-Tak and Shin having dinner! The very future that Shin saw 9 years ago!!! :O

So in conclusion, I still have hope that this will have a happy ending! Why? Despite the previews were really sad… those only make up 20% of the entire 3 hours of the finale. Also, episode 14 served to tie up loose ends and primarily lay a very strong foundation of overcoming challenges, as well as, the concept of fated love. I believe in the finale episode, the biggest challenges for our two couples will finally be introduced and will ultimately decide the ending of this drama. I personally think Sunny did not forget about GR, Shin, and Eun-Tak… if it didn’t work the first time… why would it work the second time either? If anything… I don’t think Sunny has forgotten about GR and she will finally call out to him after seeing him appear before her like that. Not only that, I also think Eun-Tak’s radio project of finding the faces and memories that you’ve forgotten will be used in the next episode to bring Sunny and GR together (Sunny will tell about their story to reach out to GR); this may also happen for Shin and Eun-Tak, but I think this project will be used somehow since it was importantly discussed in this episode. As for Eun-Tak, she will remember Shin and it might be due to the Maple leaf because it’s the first object that represents their “fated love” besides her red scarf (which I think will also make an appearance). AND THAT WILL LEAD UP TO HER AND SHIN’S SEXY KISS (or even more :O)?!! OML!! I don’t want to raise my expectations in case I’m disappointed lmao. 

But… what I’m questioning the most (and dreading of) is if someone will die?? Idk… at the moment… it’s pointing towards Sunny with her monologue, “I hope that, in our next lifetime, our wait will be short, and our time together will be long.” After all, Samshin did say they will have to pay a huge price! … but Shin was crying and Eun-Tak let go of Shin’s hand… NOOOOO IT BETTER NOT BE ANY OF THEM AND THAT IT WAS JUST A FLUKE! Dx PLEASE DON’T DO THIS TO US!!! Perhaps… the only way to save Eun-Tak and Sunny is for GR and Shin to give up their immortal life?? IDK!! Why would they only show sad scenes in the preview??? So I’m thinking there’s more to it than meets the eye. When God said that he didn’t close the door well… perhaps he means they will get a chance for a happy ending?! I’m just honestly trying to make any sense for a happy ending… AND THE MANDARINS!! PLEASE JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY!! 

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