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just read the new cheeky bird imagine and let me tell ya... omg, like srlsy wow. Could you another one please? Like fionn teasing again or smthing idk. Pleasee? I understand if you don't want tooo.. thank youu♡

Edging on Punishments
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1661 word count
It was a lazy rainy day for you and Fionn so you decided to stay in, watch movies, and have soup delivered. You’d been cuddled up in the bed all day under a big, fluffy, white duvet, you and Fionn taking turns of who got to lay on who and who got to have their hair played with by the other.
“Muuunch, dont stop scratching my scalp please, your nails feel good, relaxing”.
He would whine anytime your fingers would start to get tired.
Munch is usually what he called you when he was being extremely cuddly or whiny. Love was what he used on a day to day basis. And finally Baby girl, now if he called you this you knew you were to either be punished or you were making him feel incredible.
And of course Fionn being Fionn, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, they started low on your thigh and slowly made their way up to the top and underneath the button up you were borrowing from him.
“Fionn stop it! Are you gonna watch the movie or be cheeky all day?”
“Mmmm I like the last one”.
You rolled your eyes at the cheeky boy,
“But, I will stop if you give me a kiss”.
Fionn knew that one kiss would end up being two and then a whole make out session, it always was with you, he had you right where he wanted you.

You lean in placing your hand on the side of his face and you intertwine your lips, Fionn slides his tongue in your taking control over the kiss. Just as the kiss is intensifying you hear Fionns phone go off,
“Just ignore it”.
Fionn mumbles, his lips still on yours, the phone continues to ring.
“Ugh, ok one second love”.
Fionn breaks the kiss as he reaches for his phone, its Harry.
Ugh you knew that this was going to be more than a second, anytime Fionn and Harry get to talking- they get to talking. You sat back hoping that it wasn’t going to take as long as expected, you were just starting to feel Fionn get excited and so were you.
“Yea mate I’d love to get lunch tomorrow…. Yea yea yea how about you come over tomorrow night for dinner and Y/N and I will cook ?”
Ok you had had enough you wanted to continue with what y'all were doing. You roughly pushed Fionn down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. Fionn looked up at you with nervous eyes wondering what the hell were you doing as you placed hot, wet, slow kisses down his neck.
“Fionn? Fionn? Are you still there mate?”
Fionn wasn’t listening to anything Harry had been saying due to being distracted by your behavior.
“Uh yea I’m still here, sorry zoned out”.
You made your way down his bare chest with your lips slipping your hand down his pants grabbing his semi hard length.
“Mmmm no boxers today baby?”
“What was that Y/N?”
You could see the conflict between panic and pleasure in Fionns eyes when Harry heard you.
“Yea. Um no love I don’t want any. She was just wanting to know if I wanted any tea”.
Fionn gave you a warning look to stop. You stopped pumping his now hard length and started to slowly and teasingly grind on it. Fionn took a sharp intake of breath.
“Fionn, mate are you ok?”
“Y-yea yea I’m fine just…just getting into an ice bath, um worked out too h-hard this morning”.
“Mmm something’s hard”.
You smirked down at Fionn as you continued to grind on him, taking your hand and playing with his balls through his pants. Every time you were sure he was about to cum in his pants and he sounded more and more suspicious to Harry, coming up with a lie each time you stopped. You were edging him, he now had tears running down his face from the intense feelings you were refusing him.
“Baby will you tie me up later for teasing you?”
“Fionn, are you a little busy with something?”
“N-no Harry, s’just the TV”.
You pulled his hard cock from the confines of his pants, stopping to admire it, all the little veins running up it, how pink his head was and the precum oozing from it. You lick a broad stripe from the base to the tip, laughing when Fionn moans out a “shit” then explaining himself to Harry. You then strock his hard length while sucking and tugging on his balls, going back to the tip to suck up all the Precum and swipe your tongue over the slit.
“Fuck me!”
“Fionn are you doing what I think you’re doing while I’m on the phone?”
“Sorry mate gotta go”.
Stuttering your name
“Y/N, please please stop”.
Little whimpers coming from his lips with quick breaths.
“I need to cum baby girl, please”.
You continued teasing him with your mouth sucking him to nearly orgasm and stopping.
He quickly flipped you over, now straddling you and quickly grabbing the tie he had your wrist knotted to the headboard with last night and doing it again.
“That was very naughty of you baby girl, edging me while I’m on the phone with Harry”.
You’re now smiling up at him, happy to receive your punishment.
“What’d I do baby?”
You ask innocently.
“Oh you’re about to see”.
Fionn unbuttons your shirt, spreads your legs and immediately places his mouth on your clit, sucking harshly.
“Oh looks like you’re already wet from all the teasing you did to me, already on the edge of cumming, just like I was 7 times”.
“F-Fionn please feels so good, your mouths so warm please”.
Fionn immediately stops his actions letting your high go down so he can do the same thing to you 6 more times. You are now the one with tears running down your face and little whimpers leaving your lips. Fionns lips and tongue are back at work on your clit, two fingers inserted inside you pumping in and out at a quick pace. He’s now humming around your clit,
“F-fuuuck baby please please let me cum, I wanna cum so bad please”.
You were whimpering and writhing under him, sweat matting your hair to your neck. Just as you think he’s gonna let you cum again he stops.
“Listen, I’m gonna let you cum if your a good girl, but you’re cumming with me in you”.
Fionn quickly pulls off his pants and lines himself up with you , slowly sliding in,
“S-shit Y/N your so fucking tight and wet and warm”.
You start to move your hips against him,
“Fuck stop or I’ll cum right here”.
Fionn waits a second before he slowly and deeply starts pumping into you, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck and growling in your ear.
“Baby girl your pussy feels so good around me, squeezing me so tight”.
You’re whimpering at the feeling of pleasure he’s giving you The intensity stronger than ever.
“Why did you do that baby girl while I was o-on the phone huh, why’d you make me punish you?”
“I like it when you punish me baby, shit”.
Fionn starts moving his hips faster deeper,
“F-fuck baby girl you’re gonna make me cum, please make me cum”.
“Fionn you’re s-so fucking deep, hitting just the right spot, please don’t stop”.
“I won’t baby girl, but can you feel me all the way in your tummy? Can you feel me all the way up here? Does it feel good?”
Fionn slid his hand up your stomach pressing down with his thumb into your flesh letting you know just how deep he was.

Fionns now thrusting harder into you, his pelvic bone rubbing your clit just right as his cock is buried deep inside you, the feeling overwhelming.
“Fuck me baby girl I’m gonna cum, but I need you to cum please”.
You’re now both whimpering and moaning you screaming his name as you cum around him milking him of all his cum. Fionns now shivering, sweat on his forehead as he kisses you,
Fionns mouth is now level with your pussy, him lapping up both of your juices,
“ god we taste so good, so sweet”.
Fionn continues licking at your fold, you overly sensitive from the edging and the intense orgasm you just had.
“Fionn, baby stop, please stop, s-sensitive”.
“No want yeh to cum one more time, cum one more time for me”.
“Baby I can't”.
“Yes you can, I know you can, I can feel you about to explode”.
Fionn continues flicking his tongue over your clit while pumping his long fingers in and out of you. Just as you were about to cum he started rubbing your clit in circles with his thumb, and fucking you with his tongue.
“F-fuck me Fionn I’m cumming you’re making me cum so hard, shit!”
Your legs shaking around his head, he’s holding your hips down with his big hands, and your convulsing through your orgasm, it being extremely intense from the overstimulation. Your head is pressed into the pillow, eyes clamped shut, and your gripping the headboard as hard as you can. You feel your juices leave your body and the sheets soaking, you can hear Fionn lapping up every drop. Looking down you can see Fionns face soaked in your juices and him licking his lips.
“You taste so amazing, could eat you out everyday”.
You’re out of breath and still shaking, sweat coating your skin,
“Look baby girl you’re fucking blissed out, so bloody beautiful like this”.
“You too baby, I’m sorry I was bad, just wanted some attention”.
“Well you definitely got it and in 15 if your up for another round, you’ll get it again.”
“Oh I’m definitely up for it”.

Our End/E.D. Imagine

As soon as his eyes opened from their slumber, he clenched them shut, his nose, and eyebrows scrunching up in distaste. He breathed in and out, his bare chest moving up in down in a rhythm my eyes watched religiously. This would be the last time I could do this; Stare at him just to remember him.

His mouth set into a frown, as he swallowed, his throat bobbing up and down. His long, nimble, fingers scrubbed at his face, as he groaned into his hands, the raspy sound clinging to my ears, a sound I hoped I would never forget.

He dropped his hands onto the fluffy white duvet, his fingers twitching anxiously, until he finally looked my way.

“You don’t have to go, you know.” He whispered. “We can work this out, if you just give it a chance.” The shake of my head was a clear indication of what we both knew.

We were goners.

Last night was evidence enough.

We didn’t love each other like we used to. The feelings were vague, blurry, distant. A memory that was meant to be looked upon every once in awhile, and not one that we need to reenact. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t my fault. You can fall out of love just as easily as you can fall in it. That’s the scary part about loving someone. Not the fact that you’re literally giving a piece of yourself to someone else, in hopes of their trust and respect in return. No. It’s the fear that they won’t love you as much as they used to.

That they’ll look at you, at the flaws that they used to call unique, at you’re stubbornness that they used to find so damn attractive, but now they just see it as you being thick headed. That they’ll see you’re fears as pathetic instead of endearing like they used to.

Last night we tried to test it; to see if everything really was gone. All of my things were packed, ready to be put into a moving truck first thing in the morning, and I stood in the apartment that I shared-no longer after tonight-with Ethan. My original plan was to go back to my new apartment, and bring my stuff over tomorrow.

But as I packed up the last box, placing the tape gun on the counter, Ethan approached me, hands in his pockets, bottom lip between his teeth. “Can we at least see…” he trailed off quietly, shaking his head in dismissal.

“See what?” I asked, eyeing his burgundy SnapBack, his black v-neck shirt, and adidas sweatpants. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, his fingers trailing up my jaw, as he tucked my hair behind my ears.

“See if it’s still there?” His request was clear by the look in his dark eyes. The way they drooped sadly, his face blank of any expression. But his eyes said it all; he wanted to see if all feelings were lost by doing the most intimate, most thought consuming, thing.

At first I was hesitant. What if It didn’t work? Wouldn’t this just be getting our hopes up? But what if it did work. What if our feelings were blocked, and the only way to prove it was by showing each other in a way we haven’t in what felt like forever?

“Please?” He rested his forehead against mine, his dark eyes beaming. I used to look adoringly into his eyes, the same way he did too. But now, I looked away in embarrassment, in fear because it wasn’t the same.

“Say we do. So what? It won’t change anything.” I shook my head, knowing that my words were crushing him.

It’s not that he’s in love with me anymore. He’s just too scared to lose something that’s been such a constant in his life. Too scared that he won’t be the same once I’m gone. And I know I won’t be. Without him, I’m lost, and confused, but it’s the same way when I’m with him. I don’t know where we stand, both of us too scared to admit that we loved each other when we had the chance. Now we don’t, and we’re both holding onto a lifeline that was cut, with nothing holding onto it.

“Just…Try.” His lips hovered over mine, waiting for me to deny him, to crush him like I had countless times before when he offered to love me. When I didn’t push him away, he pressed his lips to mine, the lightest of kisses, gauging the waters before fully entering, deepening the kiss, and parting my lips with his.

I did feel something. But it wasn’t love. It was wanting, and probably lust. Wanting because I wanted to make this work. I wanted to be with him. But I couldn’t be with a memory. I couldn’t pretend like things were all peachy, when all o really wanted to do was to cry, and leave the room. My eyelids fluttered closed, the vaguely familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach was enough indication that even if I didn’t love him, my body sure did.

I had missed the way his breaths came out in little pants as he trailed kisses up my chin. I had missed the way his arms would lock around my waist, bringing me closer to his toned body. His touches lingered, soft and smooth, and I knew that just like me, he was trying to remember.

What the hell. One last time before I hit the road.

I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the bedroom, resting me on the edge of the bed, his fingers tugging the hen of my shirt up and over my head, throwing it somewhere in the room. His hat fell to the floor, as my fingers tangles in his dark locks, feeling the texture between my fingers.

I scooted to the headboard, watching as he slowly crawled towards me, a hungry glint in his eyes, one that I recognized, one that sent a chill down my spine, a chill that wasn’t at all due to the cold air around us. Ethan liked to keep the apartment at a cool temperature, something we used to argue about a lot.

His body melted against mine, our legs tangling together, getting into the rhythm that we had created back when we did these kinds of things religiously. Clothes were stripped away, revealing parts of me that I hadn’t shown him in a long time. Maybe this is part of the problem; we haven’t been this intimate with each other in who knows how long? Maybe this can fix everything.

The way we moved against each other was intoxicating, proving how much we craved the others touch. His strong arms cage me against the mattress, the golden light from the street lamp outside illuminating the sweat on his shoulder blades.

His hands gripped my thighs, motioning for me to open my legs wider, so he could bury himself in me further. My fists gripped the sheets tightly, head falling back onto the pillows, eyes clenched shut tightly to rid them of the thoughts in my head that were telling me that I shouldn’t be doing this, that I shouldn’t let him get my hopes up.

“Y/n,” he muttered my name against my skin, his thrusts getting sloppier, but not losing his momentum. I moaned loudly, feeling his skin move against mine, his fingers pushing against the soft flesh of my back.

Tears leaked from my eyes onto my cheeks as I realized that this wasn’t doing anything. All i felt at the moment was pure lost, ecstasy, and rage as he slowed his pace, noticing my angry tears.

“Hey, hey.” He wiped my tears, shushing me as he laid his forehead against mine. He lay between my knees, his stomach flexing as he sat up on his elbows that caged both sides of my head. “It’s okay…” he whispered.

“I don’t love you anymore, Ethan, it’s not okay!” I slapped my hands against the fluffy white duvet, staring at the ceiling intently, trying to calm myself.

I felt his hair brush against the skin of my collarbones as he laid his head onto my chest. “Do you want to stop?” He asked gently, his voice full of concern.

“No.” I shook my head. I didn’t want to stop. I wanted him. Physically, and emotionally. I wanted to feel him clenched around me, I wanted to hear him call me baby, I wanted him to collapse on top of me, muttering about how good it was, I wanted to dance with him in the kitchen, I wanted to make food with him, I wanted…

I wanted a memory.

We couldn’t keep doing this to each other; telling ourselves to hold on for just a little bit longer, because maybe it’ll get better soon, and we didn’t want it to end too soon. Those hopeful thoughts are long for now. All we wanted now was to feel each other, one last time before we had to say goodbye.

Ethan went slow, watching me carefully, making sure I didn’t change my mind. I kissed his shoulders, his neck, his jawline, and finally his lips, feeling them tremble against mine as he realized that this was it.

This was our end.

“I have to go,” I told him, the sunlight streaking in through the blinds, giving his dark hair a golden tint.

Ethan’s eyes searched my face, as he leaned in and kissed me once. Twice. A third time, lingering just a little bit longer, but there was no meaning behind it. No feelings, just a gesture that he was sad to see me go.

I untangled myself from the sheets, hiding my body self consciously, as I located my clothes. He didn’t look at me, giving me my privacy, as I quickly got dressed. He couldn’t look because it was too intimate, too sentimental of an action. Something he used to do, but couldn’t bow because the thought of looking at my naked body only saddened him more.

He sat up, the sheets wrapped around his waist, hiding his bottom half, as he ran a hand through his rumpled hair. Our eyes locked, a blush forming on my cheeks as I realized that we were looking at each other. Actually looking at each other for the first time in a long time.

“Bye, E.” I waved, looking over my shoulder as he clenched his jaw, and looked out the window. I saw a single tear roll down his cheek, but I didn’t acknowledge it. He didn’t need that right now.

“Bye.” I heard him mutter, after I had left the room. I gathered my belongings, and left my key on the counter, taking one last look in the direction of our-his- bedroom. His head lay in his hands, fingers pulling his hair, as he flopped back onto the mattress, long legs falling over the side.

This may be our end, but it was a new beginning for both of us. Something, I think, we both need, even if we don’t want it.

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MTNW fluffy headcanon request- McKirk waking up the first morning as a married couple.

Originally posted by crivil

Jim sighs lazily, squinting his eyes against the brightness that filters in through the bedroom window. He rolls, reaches, comes up empty.


“Bones?” he murmurs, sitting up on his elbow now, fingers working their way outward, dancing at the far corner of the bed. 

The sheets are cold. 

Jim is alone. 

He wonders why. They never get to spend their mornings together on the Enterprise. Maybe it was silly, but he’d thought that maybe, just this once, his wedding morning might be different.

Jim settles on his side, tells himself he’s being ridiculous. He is a grown man with a career. Bones is a doctor, for god’s sakes. 

They can’t be wasting all their daylight twined between the sheets. 

“Goddammit, you’re awake!” 

Jim rolls his eyes and flops over to Bones’ side of the bed. “Well that’s a lovely way to greet your sleeping husband, Bo -”

Jim stops and sniffs, one long, deep breath. He keeps his eyes shut, and turns toward Bones, brow furrowed. “You brought me bacon??” 

Len sets the tray down on the nightstand with a solid thunk. “I brought you bacon, yeah,” he starts in a slow drawl, folding his arms across his chest as he watches Jim spring upright. “Brought you bacon and those godawful pancakes that you eat, and I’ve got me some biscuits with sawmill gravy.”

Jim’s shooting Len a skeptical eyeball now. “In the bed?” 

Len rolls his eyes good naturally and settles beside Jim beneath the fluffy white duvet. “Just this once,” he growls, delicately scraping his teeth down the underside of Jim’s jaw. 

Jim shudders. 

Len smiles into Jim’s skin. “After all,” he whispers, tugging on Jim’s earlobe just so. “We only get one wedding morning, don’t we?”

Promise Me You’ll Stay

Daniel staying in Florida for an extra week for the traditional Lester Family Holiday™ was not planned. Only packing for the cold air conditioned rooms that was Playlist Live, he wasn’t expecting to stay longer than a few short days and then traveling home alone to gather up his creative ideas. But things change, the temperature rises, and feelings begin to boil when needs aren’t met. Things couldn’t end the way they should have, and Phil knew that wasn’t how they were going to part ways.

word count: 3.7k

a/n: Super duper fluff, little bit of ~domestic arguments~, mentions of alcohol but that’s basically it. Wrote this on a whim and it took me 3 hours whoop. inspiration: this post

ao3 link

There were no panels to be worried about, no more days that had to be stretched out, and certainly no more stressful day of meeting people who were roaming the convention halls every minute. Phil woke to the sound of people outside near the pool area. Soft music being lofted in through the open window Dan had forgotten to shut. He slammed his head back down into his pillow in defeat, expecting Dan to come out of the bathroom with a toothbrush dripped from the corner of his mouth. Minutes passed by, and still no sound of running water, no extra cough to add reassurance, no presence of another being felt within the room.

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Saturdays with Harry: Part II

A/N: Boyyyyyy I’m feelin’ it this weekend, huh? Husband!Harry is….truly messing with me and I really wanted to get it all out before the long weekend is over, so part 3 will probably be up tomorrow. Bye @harryspeakingfrench I just wanted to kill you a little more before the weekend was over. 

There are busy Saturdays, when you spend all day cleaning and doing laundry and grocery shopping for the week.

Then there are lazy Saturdays when you just say ‘screw it’ and watch netflix all day.

And there are the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ Saturdays. Those magical ones when you jump in the car, pick a place, and let time tell where you’ll end up.

All Saturdays with Harry are the best.

It spreads over you like the sun peeking out through a passing cloud. The warmth. You take a deep breath in and hold it. When you let it out, you swear your lungs have a heartbeat of their own. You open your eyes and turn your head to Harry, where he’s sleeping soundly, belly down and facing you. You want to run your finger through his eyelashes but you stop yourself and admire him without touching instead. You lay there, smitten, for a few long minutes.

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Austin Carlile: Flawless


  • can I have an Austin Carlile imagine where he comes home from tour and I’m rocking out to Restoring Force and he gets turned on? Super smutty where we frick frack to the music? Then welcome home fluff after? I love your writing and thank you so much! Xoxo
  • Hi can you do an austin carlile where youre dating him, and he comes home from tour an misses you a lot so smutt? I really really love ur writing…

A/N:  ♡ S M U T  ♡ 

Sorry for the absence everyone, but I hope you enjoy this imagine❁!-H

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plastic scooby doo backpack, the smell of a brand new kiddie pool, strawberry shortcake lunchbox and matching plastic water bottle, smiley face stickers, iridescent animal stickers, candy bar stickers, beaten up roald dahl books, cuddling up in a white fluffy duvet with a big white canopy net surrounding it covered in pink cotton butterflies at 9pm and watching snow white, eating milky ways and drinking capri suns, heart shaped fairy lights illuminating the room in a soft red

Late Night Love

Shawn Mendes X reader


Number prompt list

Word count:

Rated: PG-13


“It’s 3am, what do you want?”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”

Sleep. What a beautiful thing. It really is a gift from God.

Sleep is one of your favorite things. Of course it takes third behind Shawn and margaritas by the pool in the summer. You have a queen sized bed with a big, white fluffy duvet. You are only wearing a p air of Lacey underwear  and one of Shawn’s big black t-shirts. You aren’t wearing it becuase you miss him more he is on tour, it’s because it is comfortable and it smells like him. Besides, he thinks it’s hot when you wear his clothes. It like his way of branding you as his girl.

You are currently in a deep sleep. It is one of those good ones that you don’t even dream. Nothing could get you out of sleep like this.

Except for a phone ringing.

Upon hearing the familiar ringtone that is specifically for Shawn you groan. Not becuase of the sound of the ringtone, which is XO by John Mayer. It’s kind of you and Shawn’s song.

You roll over from your comfortable position and struggle to reach for your phone. You groan when you drop your phone into the crevice between your nightstand and your bed. You finally fish your phone out from the ground and slide your finger on the screen to answer.

“Its 3am, what do you want?” You decide to ask instead of saying hello. 

“Well good morning to you too.” Shawn says. 

“I hardly think its morning.” You retort.

Shawn laughs on the other side of the line before saying, “Its 3:00.”

“I don’t call it morning until the sun is out.” You whine, “Call me in five hours, then we can talk.”

“No come on (Y/N) talk to me.” Shawn pleads.

With just the tone of his voice you begin to wake up, “Yeah, Yeah whats up?” You rub your eyes and take a sip of the water sitting on your nightstand. 

“Can I come over?” Shawn asks. 

“Yeah of course.” You begin, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I have been tossing and turning for hours and now I’m bored.” Shawn says, “There is nobody else that I would rather hand out with on a night like this.”

“Aw you are too cute!” You smile. “When will you be here?”

“About two minutes.” Shawn says. You can hear the soft melody of Shawn’s driving music in the background.

“Your that close?” You ask surprised.

“I was on my way to you before I even called.” Shawn laughs.

“I should have known.” You say, “I’m going to go downstairs. I will see you in a few minutes. Just buzz in when you get here.”

You and Shawn have been dating of about a year. You met when you were bartending in New York City and he was partying after an album release. You were only bartending to get you through college. You served him and some of his friends some drinks until you got off of your shift. On your way home your car broke down on the highway. Went you went out to check your engine, Shawn saw you and pulled over. You left the car on the side of the road to be dealt with in the morning and Shawn drove you the rest of the way home. You sat in your driveway until dawn. You talked and laughed for hours and agreed to go on a real date a few days later than that. Now you have graduated college, found a steady job and you and Shawn are still happily together. 

You hear the buzz of the line coming in from the lobby of your apartment building and you press the button and say, “Come on up baby.” Into the microphone. 

A couple of minutes later the door opens and Shawn walks in. He has a key of course. You are sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket wrapped around your torso.

“Hi beautiful.” Shawn says as he walks over to you and kisses your cheek, “Thank you for letting me come over.”

“Anything for you.” You reply. Shawn sits down next to you and you turn to place your legs on his lap. 

“So what do you want to do?” Shawn asks as he repeatedly runs his hand up and down your thigh.

“Just shut up and kiss me.” You say sternly and grab a hold of cheeks while pulling them toward you. Shawn’s arm slides up your thigh as his lips dance on your neck. One hand sliding back and forth on your thigh as the other is underneath your shirt resting on the skin of your lower back. You place your hand on the back of his neck and carefully urge his lips back to yours. Once he realizes what you are doing he smiles and meets your craving by connecting your lips. Your lips move in sync until he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You then open your mouth and allow your tongues to dance together. You move your hands to the bottom of his neck at his hair line to the hair on the top of his head. Your hands roam his hair, making him moan, as his hands slowly travel up your back and his thumbs draw circles on your skin. You move a pillow out of the way so you can close the space between the two of you. Your hands travel back to his hair as he starts to kiss your jawline. You wrap your legs around his waist as he lays on top of you.

In the heat of the moment the two of you accidentally roll onto the floor and you laugh. Shawn leans his head into your neck and says, “This is going to be a good night isn’t it?” 

You laugh and instead of replying you pull him in for another sweet kiss. 

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things you said while driving with Alex and/or things you said on our honeymoon with Peter, thank you!!!

Things you said on our honeymoon

My first idea for this wasn’t smut but like… Peter…Also I’m not sure if I like this.

The light shone brightly through the curtains of the hotel room, the sun wasn’t the one who woke you up as you felt Peter squirm behind you, his arms still tightly wrapped around you like they always were; you doubt you’d ever get used to having him so close. His chest was warm as your back was tightly pressed up against it.

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Imagine being in that intimate moment with Taron - It's been a long day & you two return home from a night out and head off to bed. You're on a big bed underneath a fluffy white duvet cover. You're straddled over him, noses touching as your face hovers over his. He can't stop smiling, biting his bottom lip as he pushes your hair back and tucks it behind your ear as he looks up at you. He just looks love drunk on you. "You're so damn beautiful," he whispers before he pulls you in for a kiss.

welp, i’m dead. how is everyone else?

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"you can hear it in the silence/you can feel it on the way home/you can see it with the lights out" 3 situations when you know you're in love with harry (request inspired on the peace/the pain prompt you wrote last monday) thank u autumn :*

You can hear it in the silence. 

Love was a word that you heard often and it wasn’t always said by the people around you. Instead, it created a jumbled mess inside of your head, leaving you with the job of unscrambling words and putting them back together again. You heard it when you woke up on lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings, whispered softly by a voice that wasn’t your own, and the anagram drifted above the curly hair of a boy who occupied the opposite side of the bed, an area that once used to be so cold. 

Harry was quiet in the mornings. He was a mixture of long limbs stretching out in silence and sleepy eyelids peeking out from underneath a fluffy white duvet. It took him a few moments to remove the lodged feeling in his throat and open his mouth, offering you a smile small with a outstretched hand coming towards you. When he found your fingers and clasped them into safety within his own, only then did he murmur a quiet hello, a good morning, a kiss upon your heated cheek, a thank you for letting him stay the night after his drunken rendezvouses. 

You loved him in the morning, even when he was all rumpled hair and closed eyes and languid actions that took up more room on your bed than you ever could. You loved him despite the pillow and blanket hogging; you loved him throughout the whiskey on his breath and the new names from the club in his phone. 

“Did you have a nice night?” It was whispered across a shared pillow that had begun to smell like his citrus shampoo. 

“Yeah, brill. Met a bird with these incredible legs, a pretty smile, too. I think I might call her, dunno.” 

You wondered if Harry heard the love you had for him in your silence as all color drained from your face. You downed your tea only a few moments later and didn’t say another word. 

You can feel it on the way home. 

Sometimes Harry did the rescuing. It would occur on a Friday or Saturday night, often in the middle of the early hours, and he would have to lift you by cupping his hands underneath your arms and hauling you off the ground. A friend would have been near you throughout the whole ordeal, telling Harry it was only a bit too much to drink, nothing serious, that you would be alright in the morning, and your rescuer would just scowl in response. 

The luxurious leather of the Range Rover’s interior became a sensation beneath your fingertips, one you were all too familiar with. It was accompanied by the fabric of Harry’s jumper being draped over your shoulders and warm air washing over your face. 

"Did you pull tonight?" 

"No,” you whispered. You resisted letting your gaze flit over to him and instead shrugged your shoulders against the assaulting cold that was coursing through your veins. “I can’t find anyone right." 

Harry let a small frown breeze over his face as he switched gears and slung his arm around the back of the passenger seat to be able to look over his shoulder. 

"You alright?” he asked gently, eyes focused on the road, although on most occasions, they wished to be trained on your face to gauge your expression. 

For a brief moment, you wondered if you ever would be - if the unrequited love between the two of you would ever stop and allow you to breathe. 

“Yeah,” you lied through your teeth; pulled his hoodie closer to your body; tried not to cry when his hand rested chastely along your knee and soothingly gave you a squeeze. “Thank you for picking me up." 

It was the moment Harry stopped at a green light just to look at you that made you realize you would never fall out of love with him. A speeding passerby shouted an obscenity from the next lane before racing through the light, but Harry was still motionless in his seat, his mouth forming the words that he had thought of countless times before:  

"You know I’d do anything for you." 

…and he meant it. That was the worst part. 

You can see it with the lights out

The nights when Harry slept sober ended in tangled sheets and limbs falling off the edges of the mattress by the proximity of each other. There was no room to disperse your personal space; Harry’s snores sounded off right into your ear and your cold toes constantly jabbed him in the calves. 

You began to wonder if you would ever have it any other way, but it would never be formed in a question, because you already knew the answer by the time he rolled over in the middle of the night to sling his heavy arm over your waist. 

Love began to etch its way into the underside of your wrist and the inside of your elbow. It tattooed itself against your chest and throat, the backside of your ear and ankle, the fine lines in your palms and the scrunches inbetween your eyebrows that Harry always smoothed with his thumb when you were deep in thought. 

Although it was dark, you had an idea of where the other half of love was hiding. If you were to guess any place in the world, it wouldn’t be Paris, or Spain, or the beautiful scenery of Greece. The feeling that you were seeking, feeling, seeing - it rested above the head of the boy you head learned to love like a demented halo. 

Somewhere on the opposite end of the universe, Cupid was laughing. Next to you, your soulmate was unknowing. 

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Can you do this one pleeeease? :) "we’re strictly ‘platonic’ but we’re snowed in omg we’re gonna have to repopulate the earth”

jily + muggle/modern AU

“Shit,” says James, shivering. “We’re out of blankets.”

Lily’s green eyes peer up at him from amidst fluffy white hills of duvet. “Come on, then,” she says, nose pink. “Bed’s big enough for two.”

James just manages to stop himself from shivering again, albeit for an entirely different reason. “No,” he says, trying to steel himself. “I’ll take the couch. There are more blankets in the closet.”

Lily just blinks at him. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

Oh, and how easily his resolve breaks.

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Nightmares. Ashton Imagine

Summary: Ashton has nightmares when he’s away from you.  Basically just a lot of cute moments and fluff idk :) (longer than I expected it to be but  also constructive criticism on my writing is more than welcome!!) 

Your flight had landed at nine that morning.  You ubered to the venue the boys would be playing this week, hoping to catch them at soundcheck.  Once you showed up, the bodyguards immediately recognized you and let you into the back entrance.

Entering the backstage area you see Michael. “Hey y/n!” he yells enthusiastically waving like he hasn’t see you in years.  “Hey Mike” you respond walking into his embrace. He hugs you tight before letting go.  “Ashton’s on stage having the drum tech’s meddle with his kit some more, you know how he is.”  You laugh knowing all too well how Ash constantly wants his drums to be perfect.  Adjusting and re-adjusting them until every cymbal is tight enough and every drum exactly how he wants it.  You tell Mikey thanks before heading to find Ashton.

Pushing through the curtains you walk onto the side of the stage stopping to watch Ashton for a moment; you couldn’t help it.  He’s sat on his stool behind his kit while two of the technicians work on fixing the snare drum.  Ash is tapping away on the ride cymbal making slight adjustments.  His face is one of focus as he obviously hears something is off.  You come out of your hiding place and start walking over to him.  At the sound of your feet approaching he snaps from his thoughts.  A huge smile crosses his face as he jumps from his seat rushing towards you.  Ashton crashes into you pulling you tightly to his chest.  “Y/n” he mumbles into your hair.  You stand like that for a while hugging each other and rocking back and forth, just glad to be in each others presence again.  Finally you two pull away.  Ashton’s hands are on either side of your face, as he pulls back to look at you.  “Ok, no major changes to report, subject still looks the same after three months, might have obtained a few more freckles.” “Oh stop it.” you say laughing at his attempted humor while jokingly pushing him away.  Ashton leans in kissing your forehead.  “You want me to come show you around?” he offers.  “No, no its ok I’ll figure it out. Go ahead and finish fixing your drums.” He smiles at you before reluctantly returning back to his stool and starting to test out the drum that the tech’s had just fixed.

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Six Months Later...

AKA how I would like to find Fitzsimmons at the beginning of Season 4. High T/Light M rating.

The first rays of mornings light streamed through the windows, basking the small bedroom in its golden light.   The room, the master bedroom of a quaint cottage on the outskirts of Perthshire, was nearly empty.  Its aged wood floors littered with wilting rose petals, spent candles, red velvet box, and a trail of clothes leading to the bed.  The lone piece of furniture in the room.  

It was an antique, iron, distressed and chipped as layer upon layer of paint gave way over the years giving it its character.  A bright white fluffy duvet covered the bed with more wilted red rose petals.  A mountain of pillows and thick covers hiding its occupants.  

Leopold Fitz lay in the bed, happier than he could ever remember being in his entire life, simply watching the woman, the love of his life that he held in his arms.  Jemma’s eyes were still closed, fast asleep with the smallest of smiles playing on her lips.  Her bare chest pressed against his own bare side, legs tangled together, her head notched perfectly in the crook of his neck, her hand resting on his chest.   The ring on her finger glittered in the sun’s rays, hundreds of tiny rainbows dotting his chest from it.  

Six months from the fall of Hive and the devastating loss of Lincoln.

Five months from an unforgettable week in the Seychelles their first vacation together where they got the first taste of what life together would be like away from Shield.

Four Months from Daisy disappearing in the dead of night and stories of the rouge vigilante Quake splashing the news a few days later.

Three months from Coulson’s fall, demotion, and the new Director taking over.

Two months from Coulson and Mack taking up the chase, having not returned to the Playground since.   From May assuming her position at the New Directors side.  And from Fitzsimmons questioning what they were doing with the agency they had dedicated their lives too.

One month from Doctor Radcliffe’s offer to come work with him, in his lab, turning their brilliant minds back to discovery, back to helping people, and away from hunting and containing Inhumans.  For a real chance at having a normal life together.  

And he had acted on that.   As soon as Jemma had agreed to follow Fitz to Radcliffe’s lab, just as he had agreed to follow her onto the Bus what seemed like a life time ago.  He’d set the wheels in motion that culminated in his surprise for Jemma last night.  A candlelight picnic in a meadow where he brought a telescope he’d especially built for her.  A carriage through Perthshire as they had dessert and sipped her favorite tea.  The carriage dropping them off at the cottage.  The cottage he had signed the papers on just hours before.  

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