fluffy sabriel aus are my specialty

lindsayjillians  asked:

sabriel. grocery store. sam is behind gabriel in line and gabriel is only buying a bunch of candy.

(adjkfhadklfh I love this wow)

Sam looks up from his own hand basket full of lettuce, protein bars, and some fruit to see the short (well, everyone’s short to him) guy in front of him unloading a full cartload of sweets.

Candies of all sorts- a practical mass of brightly-colored sweets that Sam’s getting a toothache just looking at- even going so far as to add some from the stacks by the counter.

Without realizing it, Sam’s pulling a face at the selection ahead of him when the guy turns around and smirks at him - and damn he’s actually really gorgeous - and asks “say, kiddo, can you loan me a buck?”