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7!!! For the Drabble list , cutest way for Shawn to ask his so to move in with him 😊

7. “Could you be happy here with me?”

a/n: i’m crying holy fuck also idk how to end things lmao soz

After a long time of waiting for Shawn to finish his tour, you finally get to fly up to Toronto to see his new condo. 

“So yeah, this is the kitchen and the living room, this is my studio in here and then that’s a guest bedroom, and, finally, this is the master bedroom.” He tells you as he leads you through his new space. When he opens the door to the master, you waltz right in and throw yourself onto the bed, making the fluffy comforter ruffle and the pillows bounce.

“This is a sweet place, babe! Look at you being all adult!” You tease, throwing a pillow at him, which he catches before hopping onto the bed next to you. “You should get like… a fish… or something, you know. So it’s not so empty.”

Shawn laughs and rolls over to look at you on the bed, so you mimic him. He reaches for your waist and pulls you closer to him, so that you are chest to chest and nose to nose.

“I’m glad you’re here with me for the first night of my new adulthood.” He whispers to you with a little breathy laugh at the end. You smile and lift your lips to kiss him on the nose.

“Me too.” You whisper back, and you nuzzle into his chest.

“So, you really like the place?” He asks you, pulling away a little to see your reaction.

You nod your head, “I love it! It’s very… Shawn. I think you’re gonna be really happy here.”

“Do you think…” He starts, but he stops himself. “Could you be happy here with me?”

You perk up from your cozy position in his arms and flip onto your stomach, leaning up on your forearms.

“Do you mean…?” you ask, not sure what he is implying.

“What if this wasn’t just my place? What if it was yours, too?” He asks, struggling to meet your eyes.

A small smile appears on your lips. “You mean like… move in here?”

He finally connects your gaze with his and he nods shyly. “I mean, you’re going to be here all the time, and we’ve already designated the spot for your toothbrush, and half the things you wear are mine anyways, so we wouldn’t have to worry about there not being enough closet space…I just want you with me all the time.”

You bite your lip before leaning close to Shawn and pressing your lips to his.

“So is that a yes?” He asks when he finally pulls back from your kiss. You nod your head and kiss him again to give him your answer.


One has a lot of ruffles, white fluffiness and bows (as well as a big-BIG-hat). The other wears discreet black and white vest and shirt.

If I didn’t know that these two were married, I would have never thought of putting the portraits together.

Portraits of Mary and William Boteler by John Hoppner at the time of their marriage in 1785.

playing with fire (6) | taehyung

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genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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A new friend

can you please do a reaction to you surprising them with a new dog?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by bangthebae

Namjoon would honestly be in shock. Ok well not in total shock but taken a back just a bit. He’d walk in the quiet apartment expecting to just get some rest but then he’d here you laughing from the room. Curiosity strikes him and he kinda rushes to the room not sure what to expect, but when he opens the door ans sees you playing with a random dog he’s not sure what to think. “Uh, y/n?” Simultaneously you and the dog turn your heads to look up at your confused boyfriend. You stare at him and the dog and back at him again. “Surprise?” *cue awkward jazz hands* Namjoon stares for a moment, still trying to comprehend what’s happening. “Babe, you know we can’t have a dog,” “Awe but look at him,” you held the dogs face in your hands. “He’s so cute and plus I thought it be great to have one you know, me, you and him, one happy little family.” He can’t help but smile by what you said and the fact the dog was now trying to practically climb on him. “Well when you put it that way…ok we can keep him.”


Originally posted by xxjoohoney

Jin wouldn’t know what to do at the moment when coming home to find your little surprise. Or big shall I say. He just doesn’t know what to think and since he’s too caught up in his thoughts he doesn’t notice the large dog getting ready to pounce on him. “AHHH,” your head perks from the sound of your boyfriends scream and you scurry out of the room a little worried for what could of happened. You find him on he floor laughing  with your new friend on top of him licking his face vigorously and you laugh at the two. “Surprise babe,” you laugh. The dog would hear you and run over to you finally letting jin have time to catch his breath. “Y/n when did- how-” he’d continue to laugh. “So do you like her?” you giggle. “Yes but she scared me a little,” he lets out a long and loud sigh before turning his head to look at the dog. “Ah, but she’s so cute.”


Originally posted by mn-yg

He wouldn’t be so hyped about it at first. Yoongi would probably think that it’d be a little more trouble some to have a dog around since you two are busy most of the time. But after getting used to his new furry friend within the first few hours he’s had him he wouldn’t want to part with it. “I see you two are getting along,” you say from behind yoongi, who is cradling the puppy in his arms. He spins looking at you a bit flustered “he’s really cute ok,” he pouts a little. “Don’t judge me.”


Originally posted by btsleepy

Hobi would actually be pretty excited when he sees that you got a dog. He’d get all giddy and feel a warm inside when begins to play with it. The dog would probably become his new bestfriend. “AH look at you you’re so fluffy!” he ruffles the dogs head. “I take it you like her?” “How could I not she’s cute!” The dog would begin to jump on it’s hind legs wanting to play more with hobi and he would explode with joy. “I am going to love you forever.”


Originally posted by bwipsul

Like hoseok jimin would be quite happy, but he’d try to hide the fact that’s he is when he sees you and a new companion sitting on your lap. He’ll act casual coming over to with a grin that begins to form when the pup starts to get up and reach for him. “Who’s this little fella?” he asks as he crouches down and scratches the pups head. “It’s our new friend,” you smile and pet the dog along with him. “He’s really cute huh?” Jimin continues to grin and nods a little. “Hi there buddy, so you wanna be my friend?” The pup barks a little then licks his face causing you and him to laugh. “I think this is going to be nice.”


Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Tae would be flipping thrilled to max when finds out you got a new dog. He loves dogs so damn much.  So expect this puppy to be really happy for the other. “Y/N I’m back!” “TAETAE,” you run to him excitedly and give him a quick kiss. “You’re here early?” “Yeah?” he seemed a little confused by your reaction. “I have something to show you.” You hold his hand and lead him to the living room and have him sit down. “What’s going on?” he’ll ask smiling at how excited you look to show him whatever it is you wanted to. You scramble to the door of the bathroom and let the dog walk out. When taehyung finally sees him he gasps so loud and hugs the dog immediately after it runs to him. “You got a dog?” you chuckle at his joyful expression. “Yeah, I thought it’d be cool to have one here with us.” “You got a dog, I can’t believe you got a dog OH I already love you SOO much!” he kisses the top of the dogs head and looks back to you. “Thank you!”


Originally posted by hohbi

He’d be happy about you getting a dog. The second he sees it he’d be like HELL YEAH and quickly get along with it to. “Hey y/n do you-” he stop in his tracks when he sees you sitting next to a random dog that laid half it’s body onto your lap. He points at it and looks at you “Who’s that?” “He’s our new dog.” Jungkook,s eyes widened a bit. “New dog? Ours?” you nod. He looks at the dog again. “YAY, come here boy!” The dog jumps from your lap and onto jungkook. “You’re going to be the coolest dog ever.”

Hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖


I’ve chosen a favourite of mine for today’s edit 😍❤

We have our staff awards tonight, and I’ve been invited as a new member of the arts team, who are up for an award. Not really my scene to be honest but it would be rude to pass up a free bar 😉🍻

So I wish you all a lovely day and a fabulous weekend ✌🏻😎

Peace. Love. Ruffle the Fluffle Xx

The Dashing Florist. CS AU.

So this is my first shot at a one shot - since the word count is 11,579, I guess I didn’t succeed all that well. Sorry! 

Anyway, this fic is gifted to @lenfaz for her birthday, Happy Birthday shipmate, as she mentioned she would like this to happen in her reblog of the original prompt post  I hope you enjoy it Lena. 

Thanks as always to my incredible beta @ilovemesomekillianjones and her continuing encouragement for me to write whatever my crazy muses throw at me. You’re the best!

Also available on AO3 and FFN

The door jingled as it was roughly pulled open, the sweltering heat followed Graham Humbert as he stormed into the office.

“He’s done it again,” an accented voice rang through the space.

“Done what?” a muffled voice called back. Graham followed the sound and found a very pert ass sticking out from under a desk.

“He’s parked his delivery van in one of our bays. August is looking for somewhere to park that doesn’t involve a three-block hike.”

The body under the desk wriggled back a little, then there was a sharp crack, followed by a ‘fuck’, and finally his boss pulled her lithe body from under the furniture.

Emma rubbed her head where it had collided with the desk as she stood. “This is the third time this week,” she grumbled. “And it’s only Tuesday.”

“I know. You have to do something about it, Em. We need our vehicles on hand, not miles away.”

“I know,” Emma agreed on a tired exhale, brushing her hands off on her black skinny jeans. “And I’ve told him this as many times as I can remember. I pay way too much for the privilege of those parking bays and he thinks he can just…” she stopped mid-rant. “You know, I’ve had enough of his shit. Maybe it’s time to do something that will get the message through his thick hair.”

“His what?” Graham asked.

“What?” Emma responded, unclear on what he was asking her.

“You said thick hair.” Maybe she hit her head harder than I thought, he mused.

You know what I mean, Graham. Time to get the message through his thick skull,” Emma exaggerated the word, nodding once in self assurance before she marched for the door.

“Hey, now, Swan. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“Like what?”

“Like flash him your boobs. Not everyone is pulled toward their magnificence.”

Emma protectively cupped her breasts. “Don’t listen to him girls, there isn’t a man alive able to resist your charms.”

Graham laughed at her as she left.

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He knows how to roll his hips and I'm having all kind of dirty thoughts about it,don't know if you are taking requests but a blurb about Ni showing you his dancing skills ending in him showing you his "dancings skills" in a steamy way would be lovely

have you ever written something about dry humping niall? if not could you do one?(:

A/N: Combined these two because I have very little self control.  Enjoy!

“It’s starting!”  You snuggled into the deep cushions of the couch and pulled the cozy blanket around your lap.  Niall shuffled back into the room hauling a bowl of popcorn and some beers with him.  He collapsed onto the sofa in a huff and rolled his head to the side to peer at you.  

“How come every time I end up on the telly, you insist on making us watch it together?”  He shoved a handful of popcorn in his mouth and you snorted a laugh as some stray pieces tumbled down his chest.

“You’re a fuckin’ slob, Horan.”  

“Yeah, but I’m your slob, and yer stuck with me.”  You scoffed at him, rolling your eyes as Niall smirked mischievously and jammed a handful of popcorn in your face.  

As the episode got started you leaned into Niall’s shoulder and tangled your feet on top of his.  “Look how blonde your hair was!  You look cute though.”  

Niall pulled at his hair, ruffling the fluffy tips with his fingers.  The dark roots were starting to take over, and he glanced over at you with a bit of uncertainty in his eyes.  “Think I should go back?  S’gettin’ pretty dark lately.”  You tipped your head back and ran your fingertips along the short dark hairs around his ears.  He tipped his head into your hand and closed his eyes.  You tugged playfully at his earlobe and smiled.  “No, I like it this way.  You look handsome.”  Niall lifted his arm up and tucked you into his chest, pressing a kiss to your hair.

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(Newt Scamander x Reader) Back Massages [SMUT Alternate Route]

Title : Back Massages

Request : Yes? Maybe?

Smut : Yes

Word count : 3,646 (bear with me lmao)

Warnings : heavy make out sessions, sex, handjob, attempts of strip dancing

A/N : As promised, the alternate route, with smut :)) I hope you enjoy it as much as the first, if there are grammatical, vocab, or other sorts of mistake, please point it out so I can fix. Building critiques and messages are highly appreciated, please tell me what you think and what should I write next? Anyways, enjoy!

The original story : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154037441604/newt-scamander-x-reader-back-massages ———————————-

“Newt, get off, this is important!” I said, pushing him off my laptop.

“But this is fascinating! This device doesn’t have any magic on it but it can project images of the beasts! What are they called?”

“Well.. this is Geographic Information System. It can project images from far away from the satellite so you can study thr object without being close to them”

“Is it because muggles can’t use magic?”

“Yes Newt, we can’t use magic to teleport ourselves,” you said as you watch him amused, as his eyes fixed on the screen.

Tomorrow is the fourth day of your final exam, it’s 11PM, and you’ve been studying until Newt decided to pay you a visit. He was going to tell you about some new beast he discovered but the subject was long abandoned when you accidentally opened a site where it shows live stream of wild animals.

He said he had never seen those “beasts” before and he wanted yo study it. The “beasts” he refers to are actually Australian Golden Kangaroo from Papua. “Why have I not seen them before? They are ordinary animals, are they? But they look so unique! Unlike any other animal back in England!” he exclaimed. 

You chuckle as you see him still examining the creature in awe, his cute features getting ahead of you.

See, you’ve met Newt a year ago, when you stumbled into him in a Sumatran forest, travelling by yourself with the purpose of photographing wild animals.

You were taking a picture of a Sumatran tiger on a tree when he appeared out of nowhere and decided to approach the creature.

You screamed at him to run. He didn’t.

On instinct, you jumped off the tree and ran to him. But to your surprise, the tiger was curled up against him as he scratched its ears.


Anyway. Back to the moment.

“[Name]? Are you alright? You seem to be in a daze there,” he asked.

“I’m fine, I was just remembering something,” you smiled, assuring him you’re okay.

“Humm alright then. By the way, did you say this was important?“ 

“Yup. It’s a part of my final exam,”

“Merlin’s beard! I’m so, so sorry. I got carried away… I’ll leave you to it, [Name], I am terribly sorry,”

His face shifted to guilt and he takes out his wand, ready to teleport out of your room.

“Newt wait! It’s okay!”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re not bothering me, it’s okay. In fact, perhaps you can help me with some of them?”

“Does the subject you are studying also includes a study on beasts?” he asked, delighted with curiosity.

“Umm.. Yeah! I’ll take out my book. Hold on.”

You lied. The subject you are studying does not include a study on beasts. It’s Geography. A study on earth.

You take out one of those animals encyclopedia you keep for yourself and hand it to him.

“Interesting,” he said.

He opens the book and you can see a smile begin to form on his face.

“[Name]! This is just like my book! They are describing beasts of the muggle world!” “Yup, do you want to borrow it? I still have lots of them,” you replied, holding back an urge to pinch those rosy cheeks. “May I? Oh, yes please! I’d love to study new beasts of the muggle world!”

Without realizing it, you ruffle his fluffy hair, and he looks up at you, surprised. And as soon as those green orbs meet yours, you pull back your hand.

“Oh my God, Newt, I’m so sorry. It was so rude, I didnt kno-”

“[Name],” he cuts you.


He then stands up, towering over you, and takes one step towards you. Your smaller figure backs up and you stumbled and sit on your chair as his eyes never leaves yours.

‘What the fuck is this, Slytherin Newt?!’ you screamed in your mind.

Newt rarely looks at you in the eye unless it’s something important or something he’s passionate about. With blood pumping in your veins, you can feel your face getting redder and redder like a tomato.

He suddenly kneels in front of you and say, 

“If you want to ruffle it, it’s fine! Some beasts consider it very soft, so I understand!”

Aaaand back to Hufflepuff Newt. What did you expect? Him to kiss you?? The last thing he kisses will be Douglas. Not you. You bet on the stars his love for his beasts is bigger than anything else.

“Ah, okay Newt, thanks,” you sighed, a bit disappointed but still take on his offer.

Your hand goes back to his head, ruffling and petting the light brown hair. And man, it is soft. No wonder even those beasts of his are fond on his head. ‘I bet I can do things with it too,’ you said in your mind.

You decided to test the water and tug on his hair a little bit. 

He freezes. But you keep petting, with a little pull and tug in between, not realizing his reaction.

You tangle your fingers between the hair, again, tugging harder. This is like a little game to you, pulling here and there, making sure you don’t leave any hair unpulled/untugged.

Then, you hear it.

“Ah… [Name]…” moaned Newt.

You immediately pull your hand to your chest, not expecting that kind of reaction or that kind of sound from him. 

Newt has never been the typical person that depicts pure, untainted, kindness. And the moan that he just did, was not pure at all.

Well, it is pure…

Purely sexy.

He looks up to you, face flushed pink, with beads of sweat on his forehead. As he covers his face with his hand, he silently asks,

“P-Please don’t do that… I… I am extremely sensitive to hair pulling… Especially when it’s done by an opposite sex…”

He looks so adorable right now that you can just pounce on him like a cat on heat. But you wouldn’t do that.

Or would you?

“Oh, I’m so sorry Newt… I thought it might be nice, you know, like, my mom used to do that to me, gently pulling the roots, as a form of massage…?”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of it…”

The atmosphere in the room feels like it’s sucking you in. You can even smell the awkwardness in the room. 
He just stated that hair pulling turns him on, and it’s only you and him in your room. 

Hoo boy.

You decided to ignore the situation you are in, and continue your study. “Newt, um… I’ll continue studying, and… if you’d like, you can read my books there,” you said.

“Oh, alright, thank you [Name].”


You try to focus on your study, trying to get your eyes and mind fixed on the screen and the book in front of you, but all you can think of was the moan he made. It’s like a broken record, playing itself over and over in your head.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see Newt reading your books, his eyes following every sentence and scanning each animal on the pages. He really is a passionate man about animals and beasts. And that’s what you love about him.

A deafening screeching sound suddenly emanates from your laptop, and you lower the volume. Apparently, the Geographic Information System has caught sightings of a mating dance of a male bowerbird courting the female one. You sigh at the coincidence and lower the laptop screen.

As the screeching continues, Newt recognizes the sound and snaps his head towards the laptop’s screen and then scrambles on his feet towards you. He carefully open the “muggle device” and look at the bird with fascination.

“What sort of bird is this? Those vibrant colors surely are mesmerizing!”

“Um, it’s a bowerbird, a native bird of the Papua New Guinea, considered rare and endangered. Why, do you like it?”

“Yes, yes, very much so! I actually learned how to perform the Erumpent’s mating dance from various beasts, such as this bird! But only little parts of it,” he smiled brightly.

“Oh? How about human mating dance?” you tease him.

He glances at you for a moment before casting his eyes down, then up, and say, “I- I can show you if you want…?”

Your eyes widen and you swallow your spit.

“Entertain me, Mr.Scamander.”


What you have expected as a human mating call was apparently strip dancing. He said that a girl he met couple months ago in some bar in England taught him how to do that. The thought made you boil with jealousy, but it subsides as he adds that the girl slapped him in the face for not being ‘turned on’.

“Perhaps she figured I had a light bulb with me, or something to turn on. Isn’t it [Name]?”

You thank heavens for this man’s innocence.

“Yeah Newt, probably,” you laugh.

Your laughter stops when he takes off his coat, leaving him in his white shirt and brown vest which shapes his body nicely. You drink the sight before you. He then ruffles his hair, making it slightly messy, but not decreasing his appeal.

“Now [Name], before I start… I warn you that this might not be as good as my beasts’ mating dance… Since an opposite sex showed me theirs and I don’t know how to do the male ones, and–“

“Newt,” you cut him.


“You’ll do fine, just start already!”

“Alright, alright.”

He snaps his finger and Earned It by The Weekend starts playing out of nowhere. The lighting in your room is also reduced to a pink, soft glow.

“Didn’t know you like this kind of music, Newt,” you say.

He puts a finger on your lip, which indicates you to be quiet. You lick your lips at his actions. This is not the Newt you know at all.

Newt starts his ‘mating dance’ with unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt, exposing his toned chest. His right hand very slowly travels to his neck, while the other, down to his stomach, then his crotch. He then moves his body, following every beat without missing any of it. Once in a while taking a step, making his way towards you.

You glance at his crotch, face bright red when you see his manhood rising slowly beneath the tight fabric. His hands never stop moving, from the neck, to his hair, then to his face. All he does while his eyes are fixed on you.

You can feel the burn under his gaze, slowly melting away on your wheelie chair. He then turns around, so his back and his ass are facing you. Again, he unbuttons his vest, all the way down, and taking it off. He throws the vest to his right, then with an agonizing pace, he hugs himself and then squat on the floor.

‘Holy fuck, holy fuck,’ you thought, never expecting this to happen. Both of your palms are sweaty, and you can feel sweat trickling down your back.

He then turns towards you, still on the floor, then crawls on all four to you.

Once he reaches you, he touches your knee and you tense up at his touch. His burning touch. He smiles and mouths, ‘Relax.’

You close your eyes, too embarrassed to see him, and imagine something else.

But before you know it, he then sits on your lap with a bounce.

A whimper escapes your mouth at the contact. His eyes show a glint of worry, afraid if he is too heavy for your smaller figure. But you just nod for him to continue.

He takes both of your hand in his, guiding them to his shirt, which clung to his shoulder.

“P-Please undress me,” he says.

The music fades from your ear and is replaced by the hammering drums of your heartbeat. Shakily, your hands slide his shirt off his shoulder, exposing the cool skin to your skin, brushing against them eventually.

You look down your lap – his thighs – in the whole process, unable to face him in your position. He is your best friend, well, crush, and what will happen after this is over? For him, it might be the same, but you. You can never look at him the same way again.

When the shirt reaches his wrists, you help Newt to take it off him. His breath softens as he leans down to your ear. He then whispers, “I-I’m sorry for this [Name],” before kissing you on the lips. He seems hesitant at first, afraid of your response of his actions. But when you kiss him back, he slowly loses control.

Your hand instinctively goes to his face, cupping him, and deepening the kiss. He does the same, still gentle with a little tenseness between the kisses.

Breathless, your right hand goes to his hair while the other one still cupping his cheek. You do what you did before, but with a little more strength. And with that, he cries out your name, and bites your neck, trying to suppress the sounds he is making.

“You like it, don’t you Newt?”


You pull his hair again, this time exposing his neck. Licking your lips, you kiss the skin of his neck, looking for a spot that makes him whimper the most. You can feel the bulge in his pants growing even more.

“Newt…” you moaned.


“Do you really want this…?”

“[Name]… I-I want you…”

“How much do you want me? Do you think you’re enough?”

"I want you so much… I want all of you… But I-I’m so scared I’ll never be enough and I-I’m not good enough, and- and I-“ he can’t seem to be able to finish his sentence before you feel your left hand getting wet, wet from his tears.

“Oh no, Newt, please don’t cry… I’m so sorry I asked that… It was very stupid of me”

Despite your efforts of trying to calm him down, he can’t stop the tears from flowing down. Those emotions he has been hiding pours out of his head when you kiss him. He never thought that someone would like him back. All those years of rejection…

Newt then feels your hands around him, hugging him tightly. His breath hitches on his throat.

“Newt. You are enough. You have always been and you will always be,” you say.

“B-But those people…”

“Who cares what those people say? You are Newt Scamander and you are perfect. I would never think that you are never good enough for me because you. Are. Enough,”


“I’ve never told anyone this before…  Except maybe Queenie who can read my mind, but I love you. I love you so much. And I would trade anything in the world just to be yours, and you to be mine,”

The looks on his face writes dumbfounded, by your confession. Your face is visibly red and warm, even in the pink, soft glow. You decided to kiss his forehead, but before you do, he lifts his face so his lips meet yours again.

“And I, you, my love”

As you kiss him, you can feel his hands going up and down your sides, to your shoulder, then your arm, feeling every inch of you.

“This-This situation reminded me of a beast…” he said.


“Where the female is the dominant one. And the male is the submissive one,”

“Are you saying that we are like those beasts?” you ask.


“Or are you saying that you want me to be dominant?” you add.

“May- No! No, no. I- I want to try to be dominant… For once… Is that okay?”

“Of course Newt. Let’s get up first, my thighs are getting sore,”

“Ah! Right, right! I’m sorry, I’m sorry,”

Newt stands up and your thighs relax. Standing next to him, you stretch your legs then plop down your bed. You pat the spot next to you, inviting him to your personal space.

He obliges and sits next to you, the bed sinking down on his weight. You cup his cheek, wanting another kiss. But he stops you.

You raise your right eyebrow in confusion. “C-Can I dominate you…?”

A smile begins to form on your face as you take off your t-shirt, leaving you in a bra and a pair of shorts.

“Please do, Mr.Scamander.”


He lies on top of you as his hands touch the skin on your body, feeling every part of you. Newt’s expression shows adoration, love, curiosity, and a hint of lust. In return, you also want to feel him. Your hands roam the bare, toned torso of his, feeling the warmth radiating from his skin.


“Yes, Newt?”

“This, this is actually my first time…”

He blushes then looks away, completely ashamed.

“Newt,” you say, tilting his head to face you. “It’s my first time too. And… I trust you.”

“I-I trust you too, [Name]”

He begins by trying to unclasp your bra with both hands, and seem to have a little difficulty. You smile and help him. In one swift motion, the bra is tossed aside, and your nipple hardens as it hits the cold air.

“May I..?”

You nod. His hands gently play with your breasts, occasionally fiddling the nipple. He also gives it an experimental lick and suck between every touch. You moan and sigh at each touch, every one of them leaving you wanting more.

As he plays with your breasts, your hands sneakily go down to his crotch, zipping down the fly and pulling down his boxer, releasing his hard manhood. Your right hand wrap itself around the shaft, while your left go his tip, which is leaking with precum.

Your hand begin to work its magic, the right pumping up and down, and the other rubbing the tip, making a circling motion. He moans onto your breasts, the vibration sending chills down your spine. This goes on for a minute until you decided to pick up the pace.

As you pump his cock faster, he also sucks on your nipples harder, each one of them getting the same attention he’s giving.

Soon enough, he comes onto your hands. You bring your hands to your face, and you lick them clean. Newt blushes at the sight as he rests his head on top of your chest.


“Newt? Is everything okay?”

“I’m so lucky…”

You were about to ask him what he meant until he position himself at your entrance. Before he enters you though, you swiftly reach to your bedside and pull out a condom, unwrapping it and placing it on his cock.

It tenses back when you touch it, and you know he is ready for what’s about to come. No pun intended.

“If this hurts… Tell me to stop, [Name]. I don’t want to hurt you,”

He slowly slides himself inside of you, his cock stretching you slowly, painfully. You cringe and whimper at the burning sensation, and you cling onto his shoulder for your dear life. He stops moving when your nails dig into his skin, worry flashes in his green eyes.

“I’m okay Newt, ah.. Give me some time to adjust..”

You try to move your hip so his cock goes deeper. Newt understands, and he slowly sinks himself fully inside of you.

As the burning sensation subsides, you begin to feel pleasure. The feeling of being full, it makes you go crazy. And you want more of him.

“Newt, you can move now,”

He starts thrusting in an out of you with a slow pace, still testing the waters. He wants to make sure that you are in your most comfortable position. With each thrust, his moan gets louder. And with each thrust, he picks up the pace.

You don’t know what to feel anymore. The sensation in your abdomen or the spinning in your head. Everything happen all at once, and you can’t contain it anymore. You beg for him to go faster, harder, and he does with every thrust.

Symphony of your love making fills the air, both voices complementing each other. Him calling your name, you moaning his name, him grunting and you whimpering at every thrust. You reach your peak when he hits that spot inside of you that builds up your release. You brace yourself on his shoulder, while kissing him before it happens.

“I love you [Name]… Ah… So much…”

“I love you too Newt…”

He comes first into the condom, you second after he finishes. It’s the most amazing thing to ever happen in your life, and even now, you’re still seeing stars. Your body feels like a jelly too. Both of your panting is the only sound you hear for a minute, until he breaks the silence and asks,

“So… How was it?”

“Really Newt?”

“Um… Am I not supposed to ask that…?”

“You did great Newt, I love every second of it,”

“Oh thank heavens, I thought you weren’t enjoying it as much as I did,”

“Trust me, I really did. And now, thanks to you, I don’t think I can concentrate on the test tomorrow”

He gives you a guilty toothy smile, and mutters a series of sorry to you.

“It’s alright baby, I’m sure I’ll nail that nest,”

“Are you really sure?”

“I am,”

“A hundred percent?”

“A hundred percent sure. Now come here and let’s sleep. I feel very tired,”

He scoots down next to you, pulling the cover over your and his naked body. You curl up next to him, and he wraps his arm around you.


“Yes, love?”

“Please don’t leave me,”

“That’s my line, sweetheart. Now, let us sleep,”

“Goodnight Mr.Scamander,” you smile.

“Goodnight too Ms.[Last Name].”

The last thing you feel before falling asleep was his lips on your forehead.

Damian x Batsis

Summary: Batsis takes Damian to the zoo.

Requested By: Anon

A/N: I apologize, I wrote this thinking I recalled the whole prompt, I reread the prompt again and realized you had requested it being the first time he goes. If you want me to rewrite it, I will! Other than that, I hope you enjoy it!


   "Sister, while I appreciate your efforts in ‘distracting me’ since Father won’t allow me on patrol, please answer me as to why you picked the zoo of all places?“

   (Y/N) glanced down at her little brother as they walked towards the Australian exhibits

   His right arm held tightly to his chest by a sling, with his deep blue cast peeking out slightly across his hand. A broken arm he had unfortunately sustained during patrol a week ago.

    “Well, maybe I wanted to come here because I haven’t been to a zoo in a long time. Maybe it’s not for your benefit, but for mine. And maybe dad asked me to bring you because all you did was nag him at home about joining him on patrol when he clearly told you no several times.” She replied, gently flicking the side of his head.

    Damian glared up at her and rubbed the spot she flicked with his free hand. “So Father made you bring me to the zoo?”

    “I told you, I wanted to go. Dad just asked in a very tired voice if I would be interested in bringing you along.” (Y/N) reached down and grabbed his hand. “Come on, Dami. We’re gonna have fun. You can tell me everything about the animals that the zookeepers don’t know.”

    He replied with a tt before wiggling his fingers in between hers. “Fine. I will only do this for you. At least you picked a zoo that has a good reputation for its humane habitats and fair care of the animals.”

    (Y/N) leaned down slightly to kiss his temple. “You’re a peach, Dami.”

    He glared at her once more. “Nobody says things such as that.”

    “And nobody talks in such a fancy way like you, kid. Come on, let’s go see the kangaroos and the wallabies.”


    (Y/N) stopped in front of the elephant exhibit, munching on the remaining bits of kettle corn she had bought earlier. One of the elephants had walked up close to the fence and seemed to being eyeing the zookeeper that was giving a presentation to the growing crowd and stationed nearby with a large bucket of apples.

    “Wow,” (Y/N) said softly, gazing up at the massive creature. It’s ears slowly waving back and forth in an attempt to cool itself off in the summer heat. “I always forget how big they actually are until you’re up close.”

    Damian took the empty bag of popcorn out of her hands and tossed it in the trash can, reaching a little further to place his empty water bottle in the recycling bin. 

   He looked up at the elephant who gently accepted an apple offered by the zookeeper. “She’s actually a rather average height for an elephant, they can grow up to about thirteen feet tall. Although, they only measure up to elephants’ shoulders, much like they do with horses.” He informed her, walking back over to stand beside his sister.

    “Huh. I didn’t know that.”

    “Hence the reason I decided to inform you.”


    The two of them watched as another elephant came over to join the first one.

    “Hey, Dames?” (Y/N) asked, looking down at her little brother and noting all the little things about him. The warm summer breeze ruffling his fluffy black hair, the bandaid on the right side of his jaw, his normally sharp green eyes softened as he watched the massive creatures in front of him.

    “Yes, (Y/L/N)?” His attention now on her.

   "Thanks for coming with me, even though you didn’t really want to.“

    He glanced down, contemplating whether or not he wanted to tell her that he actually did want to come and was glad she invited him. He glanced back up and gave her a nod. "You’re welcome. I actually am happy you invited me.”

   She raised her eyebrows in surprise and smiled. “I’m glad.”

   Damian turned back to watching the elephants, where yet another one had decided to join for free treats.

   "I have a great respect for elephants.“ He said, watching the massive creature lumber by a small gaggle of humans staring up in awe on its way to the food.

    (Y/N) stepped behind her brother and rested her forearms carefully on his shoulders, leaning down slightly to nuzzle the top of his head and place a gentle kiss. "Yeah, Dami. I love them too.”

Easter Goodness

It’s Easter and I have slept more than 6 hours!!! Let’s write a cutey one-shot. Easter fun and de-aged Tony, cause why not.

“Miss ‘Asha! Miss Asha!” Little tiny Tony waddled as quickly as he could into the kitchen were Natasha was making a simple breakfast of eggs for them while they waited for the boys to either wake up or come back from their morning run.

It was so adorable how Tony, barely even two, was the cutest thing in the world. The red room and her line of work trained her for a lot of things, but they never trained her for the absolute adorableness that is a toddler version of Tony Stark.

“Yes Antoshka, what is it?” At this point Tony had made it next to Natasha, one hand held out to balance himself or grab the nearest surface, the other clutching something to his chest.

“I find, look.” He carefully revealed the colorful egg that he had been holding onto for dear life. Using two hands to present his new found treasure. “Wha’ is?”

“It’s an Easter Egg.” Natasha watched as Tony tried to figure out what that meant, head tilt as he contemplated the egg in his hands.

“Eas’a Egg?”

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