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grotusque  asked:

How about a couple headcanons about Stefan, Whitebeard's dog that appeared in an SBS question? ; v ; I know Oda intended for him to be a gag, but I adore the idea of Whitebeard or one of his crew picking up this fluffy, mustachioed puppy that scampers across deck as well as helps comfort folks post-Marineford ;;

My weakness for cute animals keeps being struck and I couldn’t be happier. Hope these headcanons are as fluffy as Stefan himself.

Stefan Headcanons:

  • One of Whitebeard’s nurses spotted the dog when they made landfall. Stefan was running along the dock and Whitebeard got such a kick out of seeing his matching mustache that he immediately asked one of his crew to buy some puppy chow because that fluff ball was going to be his right away. Stefan had no complaints about the adoption and promptly attacked his new master with dog slobbery kisses.
  • When Ace first arrived on the ship and was still being a grumpy butt, Stefan loved to cuddle with him. Ace got frustrated, since he was trying to murder, but Stefan was determined to stay close to his new personal heater. Whenever Ace isn’t around, Stefan likes to sleep next to Marco, though he’s not as warm. 
  • Every morning, when the news coo arrives, Stefan fetches the paper and brings it to Whitebeard’s feet. It’s covered in drool and has teeth marks, but it’s the thought that counts.
  • Haruta, with all his energy, is Stefan’s favorite playmate. The two wrestle all the time and Stefan likes to play tug-of-war with Haruta’s puffy sleeves. The second Thatch walks by, though, Stefan stops playing long enough to chase after Thatch and beg for a treat (which Thatch always seems to have on hand). 
  • The crew have trained Stefan really well and have taught him how to help them out. Whenever one of the crew’s Devil Fruit users fall into the ocean, Stefan is the first the jump in after them. He’ll doggy paddle his way to them and swim them back to the side of the boat. The crew even have a little contraption they made that let’s them hoist Stefan and his rescue back up onto the deck.
  • Stefan also has learned how to sniff out different things on enemy ships. Once the crew has defeated someone, Stefan can show them the way to both the ship’s food storage and to any gunpowder they could use. Whitebeard’s particularly proud of the sake that Stefan has tracked for him.